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  1. Master Zen


    Oh and to make a final point about the hypocrisy of your heavy handed approach to swearing (I noticed that you deleted my response to you which you clearly found inconvenient), here's some really family-friendly smilies on this site: Bouncy boobs, yeah I want my kids to see that all the time. A Hitler icon. Really politically correct. And finally: OH YOU CAN SAY THE "F" WORD ON BRITMODELLER AFTER ALL!!!: (Just as long as it's represented as an icon!) I rest my case. P.S. Homer was an epic poet, not a drama guy. #RespectTheGreeks
  2. Oh dear, I just noticed another major ommission: the air brakes are molded closed. Why Hobby Boss, why? Why waste such beautiful molding and leave it so incomplete???
  3. I just got my hands on one of these, fortunately only paid half price on eBay. I'm rather disappointed at the fact that there's only an option for a closed canopy. Additionally there's no cockpit panel detail: only decals, and HB were such skints that they didn't even provide for the side panels! The pros: surface detail is outstanding, miles ahead of the much older Hasegawa. There's also a collosal amount of French armament, practically a weapons set. You get two of the electronic warfare pods so you can actually use the stores in this kit to build it AND a Hasegawa if you have one in the stash. Armament is: 2 x BGL-1000 LGB 1 x AJ-168 2 x Altist II targeting pods 2 x BLG-66 2 x Matra Magic II 1 x BAT-120 set (12 each) 2 x Matra BR.250 sets (3 bombs each) 2 x Barracuda ECM pods 2 x Phimat dispensers 2 x French style fuel tanks
  4. Master Zen


    Well, why do you want to swear... period? Be it this site or anywhere else? But that's beside my point. My issue is not that swearing is prohibited on this site but that a) the punishment is in complete disproportion to the offense and is not made public and b ) the reasons given for this prohibition are inconsistent with moderator actions. a) the whole purpose of having a punishment (particularly a severe one) is to prevent people from doing something. However, if people aren't aware that such a punishment exists then they'll do the offense anyway. This is pretty common sense, and I'm a but surprised that some of you as parents don't seem to get it. b ) as I said above, if the reason such a rule exists is to prevent children from seeing certain words, then I'm flabbergasted why that post still has not been edited. Yes, mods are human and they "miss things or forget" but Greg B clearly had enough time to slap a ban and quote that post in the warning message. You being a global moderator presumably can also edit it and despite me mentioning it, the big horrible F word is still there! If mods have time to ban people, surely mods have time to address whatever it was that got them banned in the first place. I just find it hard to take this attitude against swearing seriously in light of the above.
  5. Master Zen


    So, having just received a one week ban for using an asterisk-ed "F" word, perhaps the people running this site should make it patently clear in the rules that this is an Indonesia-style mandatory sentence even for a first offence. Quite frankly a warning would have been more than enough as some of us are actually reasoning adults; as a former forum admin myself a week-long ban is not something I would do until after more than one repeated offense. Especially for those of us who rarely post in the chat section and therefore haven't read all the stickys and also those of us who aren't locals and perhaps would not have deduced that a "one way ticket to Coventry" (seen only until the 3rd page of this thread) is Brit-speak for getting automatically banned. On that note, if the reason for prohibiting all forms of swearing is so as to avoid defiling the innocent eyes of our youth, I really wonder why that "F" word in my post has not been edited out more than a week later... And lastly, also find it slightly ironic that there's a thread called "how do I log into this damned place" in the FAQs forum which includes a word that is considered a profanity on nearly every profanity list around and yet such a draconian policy on swearing (I should also mention someone in this thread asked for a list and none was given). End rant. I hope despite the hints of sarcasm this is taken as constructive criticism of admin policy and that I get a more intelligent reply than "this is a private site and if you don't like the rules bugger off" which is typically the reply in 99% of forums when the rules are questioned.
  6. The Mod Eagle scheme is quite tricky in acrylics because there's no equivalents in most lines. Xtracrylix has both colors but they are very dark. Lifecolor also has them and I think they are pretty accurate. The gray-blue doesn't look the part in the bottle but sprays beautifully and accurate (to my eyes). Can't speak for enamel...
  7. When's this coming out? WHEN'S THIS COMING OUT? WHEN'S THIS COMING OOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! (MiG-29 is my favorite jet ever)
  8. I suspected they would simply add extra bits to their -64A kit but no, a whole new mold. And Cartograph decals. I do suspect it'll be £15-20 though... (Time to sell the Hase in my stash on eBay)...
  9. I've always lamented that that scheme has not (to my knowledge) been available in after-market so I could do a newer mold Hase F-4E with it. That and the 6-kill mark F-4D from the KA5 kit.
  10. I'm surprised you mention it was a straightforward build: my experience with Italeri's 2000s is that they are dogs to build yet somehow end up looking half decent in the end. In this case it's an excellent model and the decals really give it extra punch.
  11. No, I'm not talking about their re-pops, I'm talking about their own molds. There seems to be such different consistencies that it almost looks like two separate companies are doing them. Take a look at their Tornado, or Luft '46 kits, all have very fine panel lines, a good amount of rivets. Now look at their WW2 heavies, or the recent Gripen. Thicker panel lines, no rivets. Then there's monsters like their F-14 that make Italieri's panel lines look fine in comparison. If you look at most other kitmakers there's a general consistency in their molding quality which can indeed vary over the years/decades but at any given point in time is roughly similar.
  12. *Sigh* multi-colored spures... why lord, why.
  13. P-47: Better plane with worse weapons Typhoon: Worse plane with better weapons Can we call it a draw? P.S. Typhoon was the better looking of the two P.S.2. Personally prefer the bigger and badder Il-2
  14. Agree that the Luftwaffe boxings are a bit sparse with the German-only goodies (surprising coming from Revell since the RAF boxing is quite well endowed). You can get the MW-1 munitions dispenser or the Kormoran anti-ship missile from the old Italieri boxings quite cheap on eBay. The Kormoran is also available from the US/NATO weapons set which also occasionaly pops up on eBay.
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