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  1. There is but one Wonderland models sub forum on this forum - I posted my comment in the correct area - therefore I can only be making my comments about the physical store and location in Edinburgh about Wonderland Models. I cannot magically make another sub-forum up out of thin air. All the devices I have to access this forum - phone, tablet, PC, laptop clearly show that this is the correct area. No other topic within this area mentions Wonderland models by name, they don't reference Wonderland by name because they are all in the Wonderland models sub forum! I personally do not see any reason to amend the subject title - It was a visit on 15-014-17 - and it is in the correct area of the forum to which it relates.
  2. Yes Wonderland Models, why? I know exactly what I was saying when I made my post, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the actual store, not enough money and too much choice. Would have bought more if I could, only issue I had was that I was visiting by train and not in the car so I could only buy what I could carry and not any more. If I had more funds available, I would certainly have bought more than I did.
  3. Whilst on a Easter break to Edinburgh, I was allowed to call into the store by SWMBO. What a treasure trove! It was a delight to find such a wonderful selection of kits and such a wide variety of manufacturers along with a wide selection of ancillary items from paint to filler to varnish and everything in between (or so it seemed!) I was thoroughly spoilt for choice. In the end I decided to get the Airfix 1/48 Meteor (which I had been after for a while), the new revel 1/32 Mk IX Spitfire, and an Airfix 1/72 Martlet. Anyone visiting Edinburgh - GO AND VISIT THE STORE!!!!!!!! You won't be disappointed! Even SWMBO enjoyed going in! Edit - Forgot to mention this - the better half turned round to me and asked "do these guys go to Telford - I recognise the signage above the door?".... Seems my little trips to telford are starting to rub off on her - sadly no sign of her picking up pieces of plastic or tubes of glue yet.......
  4. No limits. I've had masks on for a few months, when I've had to leave a kit and then come back to it to finish off. They are designed to be low tack and leave no residue behind. You can do the whole canopy in one go and you shouldn't have any problems.
  5. Over 5 years later - I've still got the majority of the lead flashing left! I think I was right back in 2012 when I said that this was the most cost effective solution, £26.00 over 5 years (so far) £5.20 per year, probably in excess of 30kits that needed the lead so far. I think the lead flashing purchased back in 2012 was a very good bargain! (ps way to go with thread resurrection I thought this one had ceased long ago )
  6. I believe that Ultimate products primer is repackaged Stynylrez primer - and believe me I would like to get hold of some but low funds at the moment mean that I have to work with what I have available. I was trying to get hold of some at the Cosford show yesterday, but there were no traders selling the stuff so came away without it. Sadly cost of ordering online and shipping at the moment is beyond my funds so I work with what I have. But that is what I want to get at some point (I have a small bottle of the black and works great but as it is such a small bottle, I need to conserve what I have until I have more of it.)
  7. I have, and as I stated I followed the recommended instructions. Sadly it still clogged my brush hence the question about thinning it.
  8. Up to recently I have been using Tamiya fine primer rattle cans for priming - sadly with asthma and a heavy cold this is proving problematic (plus all the over-spray and fine particulates that they leave behind!) I am trying to move over to acrylic primers such as the ultimate primers or the Vallejo primers. Sadly I was unable to pick up any ultimate primers at Cosford yesterday, but I do have in my possession some Vallejo primer. Now I have tried using these previously but didn't get on with them following the recommended instructions (clogging etc). Now would anyone recommend thinning these primers at all? At the moment all I have is some ultimate thinner, but there is a place locally I can get some Vallejo thinner (not much else from there but at least I can get the thinner and cleaner!) At what ratio would most people generally thin at? I have found when using my airbrush, and what acrylic paint I'm using (Tamiya, xtracrylic, humbrol) my starting point is a 50/50 mix, but have no idea with the primers so any help would be appreciated. Thanks john.
  9. yep me too. 80 (Bolton) Sqn, East Lancs Wing. Joined when I was 15, stayed till I was 20. Then went in for real. Managed to get a summer camp every year, so joined in sept 85, first camp in 1986 and managed to get on one every year after that including one to RAFG - Laarbruch! Some of the best times of my life, taught things that have stayed with me ever since.
  10. They usually have an overflow carpark as well. And car park attendants to direct you. Sadly, no real alternatives nearby due to the design of the school location and the grid pattern of Milton Keynes
  11. Eduard

    Just had a quick look on the Eduard website - these are the wrong fuselage sprues! Here's a copy of the picture straight from the Eduard site : This ties in with the description that Mike has also given in the text. Regards John
  12. Anyone know of any in Norwich ? Might be having a daytrip coming up to escort the Mrs to a training day for work?
  13. Thanks for the comments guys. The base was purchased from Coastal Kits. I was initially going for a bomber base dispersal point, but then thought the WWII RAF roundel worked so much better. I managed to find a company that made vinyl stickers of the 106 sqn crest, so that was another no brainer for me to get (besides it was only £1 inc postage....!) I have to say that this build was probably the most nerve wracking ever! at times my hands were shaking so much with nerves cause I just wanted to get it "just right" that I had to stop and come back to it. But over a period of about 3.5 weeks and getting on for a good 50+ man hours, I didn't ignore the inside either, but whilst it's not detailed, I did not skimp out on masking up and painting the detail where I could. Partly because, I know it's done!
  14. Hi all! Just wanted to share these pics of a build that I have recently completed. This was a rather unusual build for myself as it wasn't for me; it was sort of a commission build for a friend of mine who was retiring. She was the Office Manager of the church that my wife and I attend, and where I volunteer in the office one day a week. Last year, during a conversation that we had about my RAF service, she happened to tell me about her uncle that had served in the RAF during the 2nd World War. Sadly she had never met him as he was lost on ops on 27/28 July 1943 during Operation Gomorrah, the bombing of Hamburg. With the information she was able to give me, and with a little more research, a plan started to form as to how I would be able to say thank you to this lady for the 12 years of service she had given the church. So fast forward to the beginning of January this year, I acquire all the bits and bobs I need - including the latest Airfix 1/72 BI(FE)/BIII Lancaster and make a start. My target date - 5th Feb which is her last official date as a member of staff of our church. I took my time (a little too much I think) and it was finished on the Thursday before hand! so here you go. I am aware there maybe a couple of flaws, but then again, who isn't critical of their own builds! So here you are: Well I hope you like the pictures - I dont have this in my possession any more but the lady who it was built for, and her husband adore it, and as a representation of the aircraft that her uncle was aboard when he was lost I think I works very well. In this case, it doesn't need heavy weathering, or for it to look like it has been on dozens of ops. It is a memorial and a thank you. Regards John B
  15. I bought a strip of lead flashing from the local builders merchants about 5 years ago. I just cut a strip off when I need it. It's still going strong and will probably last for several years yet. Just use CA to stick it in where I can, as far forward as possible.