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  1. This is a definite shift to green rather than being a blue green. The previous bottles I had, were probably 5 or 6 years old, and they finally gave up the ghost earlier this year. Those bottles were most definitely on the Blue side of the spectrum (and consistent in colour). I painted several F6F Hellcats (Eduard & Hobby Boss), Bearcats, F9F Panther, and a few others with the bottles, and they are most definitely blue with absolutely no hint of green. In fact, due to the fact that the majority are using a black primer, they are a very dark blue! I bought a couple from Hobbycraft (which is the nearest stockist to where I live) in about May time. These bottles heading into the green spectrum, with so little blue as to be invisible to the naked eye! Just to confirm, I am using the Tamiya Acrylic paints not enamel.
  2. I've been using Tamiya XF-17 Sea Blue for some time to represent GSB or Sea Blue for WW2 US Navy tricolour cam or the single colour GSB, and also post war GSB (I modulate using either Grey, matt black, or gloss black primer - using light coats of paints does actually have quite an effect on the outcome of the blueness of the upper coats!) Anyway, it would seem that in their infinite wisdom, Tamiya have seen fit to change the formulation of the paint and it now seems to have more of a green hue to it instead of a blueness about it. Has anyone else noticed this? I have just purchased replacement pots that seemed to be of the correct shade when opened in the shop, but when sprayed out, still has the green tinge to it instead of the blue! I cannot get access to any other brands in the local area, other than Revell or Tamiya, so am stuck with a useless "Sea Blue" that is not blue! The jar was thoroughly mixed beforehand and was a brand new jar - unopened before being used. (Please note - health reasons cannot use enamels or lacquers - acrylics only. Also on a very limited budget so cannot be placing any orders for paints at the, moment, I need to work with what I have!)
  3. BBC Reporting that John Challis who played Boycie in Only Fools and horses has passed away aged 79! No more shall we hear the nasely tones of Marleene! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58617114
  4. We get this in MK where I'm from. The main road system is laid out in a grid pattern, then you have the minor roads within the housing estates. The main roads, are (in the main) National Speed Limits, so for all the dual carriageways, 70mph, and standard roads, 60mph. We have them doing 40 or 50 on the dual carriage ways, and 40mph on the 60mph roads! At those speeds, the petrol engine is kicking in rather than the Electric motor of the Hybrid engine! (I know, because we have an Auris Hybrid and anything over 40mph, it's in petrol engine mode, at 50 the electric motor is only there to give it an acceleration boost, it's only running as a petrol engine, 40 or below is when you get the benefit of the electric motor and will run as an electric car)
  5. Stopped off in Andover on the way home earlier today from Plymouth - unplanned stop, but the traffic was bloody awful both on the motorway (40 minutes delay at one point!) and then again on the A30/A303. So we decided to do a driver swap at the Asda just outside the centre of Andover. As is my usual practice, checked BM "UK Model Shops" thread to see if there were any shops around, none listed, so I did a quick goggle search - Test Valley Models came up. Then I remembered that these guys had a traders forum on BM. Decided to pop over (less than a 10 min walk) to see what was what. Really glad I did. Nice selection of kits from Airfix, Revel, Trumpeter, Academy, and a few others, good selection of types as well, aviation, target things, ships, vehicles. and a really great selection of paints! Noticed Tamiya, Ammo-Mig, Citadel, quite full stands as well. Was a really worthwhile visit. Definitely worth stopping off again either on the way to Plymouth, or on the way down to Dorset for us as a stopping off point. Picked up a Revell C-54D "Thunderbirds" Platinum boxing and some paint. Nice price on the kit as well Would really recommend if in the area, stopping off and paying a visit! (if not in the area - website is https://testvalleymodels.com/)
  6. Called into Test Valley today on the way home from Plymouth. Was not a planned visit but definitely worth it! Great selection of kits - especially for this air head! And plenty of targets as well for the mud movers! Very pleasant atmosphere (even if run by a undersea person) . Huge selection of paints for all preferences! Well worth the visit and definitely worth coming back!
  7. Well that explains the apple usage then.... Never used a commie 64, stayed with Spectrum - went to PC!!!!
  8. Aye - sad to see another of the great innovators go! He was definitely the one responsible for getting me into computing back in the day. Started out with a ZX81, then the old rubber keypad ZX Spectrum. I even bought the add on (wobbly) memory pack, and even a printer attachment! Then came the Spectrum+ with a much better (almost proper) keyboard. Then he sold the Spectrum name to Amstrad. Then we had the Spectrum +2 (never bought it) with the attached tape player for loading games, then the Spectrum +3 with attached disk drives (which I did buy!) You know, the Spectrum (in its day) had one of the fastest micro-processors for a home computer in the Z-80! Then in the Plus series of spectrums, they had one of of the most powerful built in music chips for the day! He definitely got a lot of people in the computing world of today started out on his computers. (Also remember the competition of the day - you either had a ZX Spectrum or a Commodore 64 - bit like PC or Mac today!) (And yes I am a real computer geek knowing the stuff above!)
  9. Sorry dude wrong section. You should be posting this in the correct period of the aviation section. As you don't identify which fury - could be inter-war biplane, or Hawker Sea Fury you refer to!
  10. Popped into Antics in Plymouth earlier today and decided to treat myself. (The wife has a birthday celebration that lasts a week usually - so I think celebrating ones birthday lasting 3 or 4 days is acceptable!!!!) Got myself a Zouika-Mura SWS F-4S Phantom II (outside of the Eduard Royal Class kits, and the Airfix 1/24 kits, it's definitely the most expensive I've bought at £75!) And also an Academy re-box of a P-51B that was originally by Accurate Miniatures - USAAF P-51B "Blue Nose" (I must now stop until Telford!!!)
  11. Nothing to do with Modelling - But bagged the following due to a certain date in the calendar..... CD's - Solo - A Star Wars Story Soundtrack Rogue One - Soundtrack Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol1 Soundtrack Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol 2 Soundtrack Star Trek Beyond Blade Runner (original) James Martin - Great British Adventure Cook Book (signed) 6 piece pro cook knife set Pro Cook Knife Block Dr Who Blu Ray Series 1 (Christopher Ecclestone) Dr Who Blu Ray Series 2 (David Tennent) Star Wars - The Unseen Queen AVRO - Pictorial story of A V Roe Spare Battery & Charger for Camera (and a couple of other minor bits & pieces)
  12. Most businesses use the financial year for planning therefore quoting Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 2021 is different to what would be a calendar year. Thus there is a different definition of Quarter depending on usage - Financial reporting or yearly. So ICM are stating Q4 2021 (for example, they could be stating in financial terms for Jan to March 2022 as this would fall in the financial reporting period for the fourth quarter of the financial/tax year for 2021/2022 which runs 1th April 2021 to 31st March 2022 (well at least in the UK - may be different in some other countries
  13. Depends on definition of quarters. Financial year, q4 would be Jan to mar 2022 ( q1 Apr to Jun 2021, q2, jul to SEP, q3 Oct to Dec). On that basis, we are only entering q3 2021!
  14. Turns out the Dutch link is abit of a red herring I think. This morning we received a text from Netflix advising the that regular payment had been set up (erm I don't think so) and that it was for a regular NGN6300! We had no clue what this currency was so did a quick google search. Turns out it's the abbreviation for the Nigerian national currency. The Dutch connection comes in as Netflix have their European HQ in Amsterdam. So Nigerian payment goes to Amsterdam - converted to Euros. Transferred to our bank converted to Pounds Sterling. Appears to us as if it originates in The Netherlands.
  15. The banks in the UK will (most of the time) refund if you are a victim of fraud. Our bank has already started the ball rolling to get the refund sorted. As I said, it was literally a piddly little amount £6.38, but because they knew straight away with the transaction being in The Netherlands, and us being resident in the UK, that it was dodgy. Not only that, the wife had just been to the local shop 5 mins prior. So get from our address to Holland in 5 minutes that would be some speed record!
  16. Day before we go on holiday for 9 days with extended family, we have a phone call/txt advising of a fraudulent transaction on the wifes debit card! Turns out that in the last few days, the wifes card has somehow been cloned, and they decided to avail themselves of Netflix! Might have gone un-noticed if it was not for the fact that we now get our Netflix through our Sky account and thus no longer pay a separate monthly fee, nor the fact that (according to our bank) we don't live in The Netherlands, which is where the transaction originated from! Sadly her debit card has now been cancelled (and shredded) and a new one has to be issued. Due to the amount of scam texts that come through, I managed to stop her ringing the number that was on the text and just (and I mean just...) before she gave out any personal information as they asked her for her bank account information! She decided to hang up, and re-dial using the number on the back of her bank card instead! Turns out the text was legit as the bank confirmed they sent the text, but in my book - better to be safe than sorry! Just an absolute pain in the posterior that we now have to rely on my debit card for the whole week (we have separate bank accounts not joint thankfully!) due to this. I have a feeling that this was a "fishing" exercise to see if they got away with it, and if they had we would have been stung with a much larger purchase. Thank goodness for the bank being on the ball with their online security!
  17. I believe so. They were available for the June & July issues last time I looked, which is when I was buying my copies of the 4 magazines I was outstanding at the time. But as I prefer physical copies to read, that's why I didn't go for the digital.
  18. So why have you not gone down the path of organising or requesting a refund? https://www.thinkmoney.co.uk/blog/whats-the-difference-between-section-75-and-chargeback/ As I did when no magazines were forthcoming, instead of ranting and raving, and making libellous allegations of theft I just contacted my bank and got them to sort it out. You have options available to you.
  19. @Whofan Keep an eye on the time scale. They quoted me 5 to 7 working days. The refund didn't appear in my account and I had to go via my bank and raise it as a chargeback/Visa Dispute. They got the refund back for me that way.
  20. I signed up (well, the date my card payment was taken from my bank at any rate) was 27/06/2020. I believe I was one of the early ones as I also got the Airfix Collectors bookazine that was only sent to the early signatories, "The Complete Airfix Artist & Kit List - 6th Ed. 1949-2020 - 70 Years of Airfix Models"
  21. Email came through today from Airfix. New club special kit will be the Airfix Hawk T1 in a special scheme - XX154 - The first and last. XX154 Hawk T1 the firs as rolled out in 1974 as the first of the many Hawk produced in its red, white and Light grey scheme, and then XX154 as flown by ETPS up to August 2019 when retired and delivered to BDAC. They advise availability by Jan 2022, with the kit being sent with Club renewals from Feb 2022. In addition to this the 3rd magazine is also on its way. (I also forgot to mention that it states that for Club members that you get a 10% discount which will be automatically applied to your order, provided you are logged in and your membership is linked)
  22. As you are in The Netherlands, have you any experience of the UK housing market? Or of UK house purchases? I certainly do not have any experience of buying a house on the Continental Europe, so would not like to suggest the rights or wrongs of buying in NL from developers. However, when we bought our house here in the UK, we had several thousand pounds worth of options, from the types of showers, to radiators, to tiles, to fitted appliances, to fitted wardrobes that we could have opted for. On top of that, we could specify what type of flooring we wanted in the main areas of the house, from carpets, to tiles, to laminates. All of which had to be paid for as part of the purchase price. These are the things these people started to rip out as soon as they moved in. Why pay twice for the items. If you did not want the developers to provide, you could state this, and have your own items fitted. Again, why have stuff fitted and then rip it out to pay again for the same stuff, when you could have paid a tradesperson to fit the items you want, to the specification you wanted, which would probably have saved you money on your purchase price. This debate was not about this in the first place, it was about the amount of noise being generated by the amount of drilling, sawing, and power tools being used incessantly by the three households concerned, and not being able to open windows in my house over the last few years. It is this aspect that is making me annoyed with these people. They have been spoken to by other neighbours, and they have seemingly ignored it and just carried on anyway. They are of the sort who don't care about the others around them.
  23. Airfix have just announced the Club Kit for next year - It will be a dual boxing of the Hawk T1 as XX154 First & Last. So XX154 in it's appearance when first shown off in 1974, and then as it was retired with ETPS in 2019 (as it is currently painted at BDAC). Airfix are suggesting availabilty of the club kit from Jan 2022, with club renewals from 1st Feb 2022 receiving this kit. Not too sure if this will be on the website yet, I have literally just received the info by email.
  24. @Mike Seems part of the problem I'm having on saving replies, is if there is an emoji in the text. I've just replied to a thread, put an emoji in and tried to save. Nope. Wouldn't have it. Copied the text, removed the emoji. Closed the browser, re-opened, cleared the editor text, copied from clipboard (without the emoji) and it saved no problem. Edited the text, and re-inserted the emoji I wanted to use, re-saved and no problem. I've noticed this a couple of times, and I'm beginning to wonder if there is a background problem when trying to save text with emojis inserted into text (Version 4 emoticons). Does not seem to be related to the save taking a long time to process, it's just hanging and doing nothing. I've left it 30 or 40 seconds and it's done nothing on previous attempts, and I've given up trying to reply.
  25. The bloody mindedness of some people! Sadly where we live on a new(ish) estate we have a few people who have decided that living in a new build house is grounds for a total refurbishment! At one side we have a (seemingly retired couple, where the husband is continuously building, drilling, using power tools of one type or another on a self build shed / out building that is larger than permitted development, and a lot closer to the fence-line than is allowed (council have done nothing about it!). This has taken 4 years of building ever since they moved in and he is still bloody building or tinkering with it! Directly behind us, is another couple (who have a 3(ish) year old), and a new born, who have just built a shed (smaller though), and the husband is forever building or tinkering with it at all hours. Next to them is a couple who as soon as they moved in started ripping out the bathroom, re-tiling etc. Now they seem to be re-doing all the floors in a 5 or 6 year old house! All three have been know to do stuff at 8 or 9 in the morning and still be doing stuff at 8 or 9pm! We have not been able to enjoy a single nice summers day for several years. We cannot open any windows without one of the three doing some work with bloody noisy power tools. The annoying thing is, when most people where cooped up during lockdown, they did nothing at all. Nada, zip, squat-all. Nope, they wait until we have nice weather and lockdowns have been lifted. The wife is wanting to move, and at the moment I don't blame her, the only problem I have is we have work that needs doing on the house, Painting etc to get it looking okay, work on the back garden, fence needs doing. I am not the sort of person that is able to do this stuff, I just do not have the aptitude to do it. And not only that we have Fibre broadband so have great internet access speeds. Something that we have struggled to find in a lot of other places (unless provided by Virgin Media - and I'm not a fan of them!). We have up-to 1GB download available if we wanted it, and at the moment use 500megabit speeds. There are time I just want to throttle the damn idiots!
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