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  1. According to various internet sources, Per Aspera Ad Astra is the motto for the SAAF, most of the other Commonwealth Air Forces that are still styled Royal (insert country) Air Force still use Per Ardua Ad Astra (and a few others that aren't), with the exception of Canada which uses sic itur ad astra, which translates as "Such is the pathway to the stars". So it is quite possible that Eduard may be referring to a boxing made up entirely of South African Air Force Spitfires
  2. I have a feeling that RM have received quite a lot of complaints over the last few days, as they have finally delivered normal mail today! In all my days I have never encountered Royal Mail deliveries (maybe Parcel Force) on a Sunday. I think that just shows how much of a problem there is in the local sorting office in that they are having to do deliveries on a Sunday now! I finally have in my mitts my Airfix magazine, my IPMS magazine, and my Hannants order (which was posted last Monday on a 48 hour tracked service!) - only took 144 hours instead!
  3. https://www.spielwarenmesse.de/en/ According to the info above - the physical toy fair has been cancelled - but apparently they are holding a digital event "As an alternative, exhibitors, specialist retailers and media representatives can meet up on the Spielwarenmesse Digital platform"
  4. I'm sort of medically retired - so have NO income at all except for a very small allowance that my very generous wife gives me each month. If there is something that I wish to get for myself, I have to save for it. Simple as that. I come from a northern working class background, not particularly rich or well off, but comfortable, and lived in a council house, on a council estate. Not only that, I'm no5 of 6 kids, so a little had to go a long way in our family. So that kind of taught me the need to save if I wanted something. Food is on the increase. Gas & Electric to heat our homes, to cook our food is on the increase. Petrol & diesel is on the increase (mind you that does seem to be coming down a little bit now, thankfully) Interest rates are rising. Trouble is, wages are not increasing to match, so we have to tighten our belts that little bit more to eke it out a little more. So many things are increasing at the moment, it's causing all of us problems - something somewhere is going to have to give at some point. More companies are probably going to go under, and we'll be back into another recession. I seriously hope not, and that things turn around.
  5. Same today - saw the post van driving off from one of the side streets - have had nothing yet delivered, and yet on a Saturday we would normally get our post delivered by about 10am. So I have a feeling we are not going to absolutely squat for the foreseeable future! I have a inkling to go down to the sorting office an request all the post for my address, I'll also suggest to all my neighbours to do the same. I wonder how long it will take the sorting office to resume deliveries to over 1500 properties when they have all the residents pitching up to collect their mail! (currently outstanding at least the Airfix Magazine, IPMS magazine and Hannants order)
  6. I think that's what's happening based on what I was told earlier today by the RM customer service "help line". We have had no post all week, except for today when we received a small parcel that the wife was expecting. We also have a community facebook page, and I've asked around, and the general consensus is the same - parcels and special delivery items only - NO general mail items at all. Problem is what happens if that mail that is being held contains important documents that would not be flagged as special delivery - DVLA reminders, Hospital appointments, test results etc. It could well have a massive affect on peoples lives and wellbeing! My wife has an ongoing health condition, thankfully she can just call the team at the local hospital that manages her condition to discuss things with them, but there are regular occasions when they will send stuff to her in the post that has an impact on her ongoing care - thankfully, not anything like Cancer, but she still needs regular blood tests and hospital appointments. I dread to think what could happen to someone if stuff like this gets missed is the RM have failed to deliver it on time due to them failing to meet their required targets!
  7. Ditto. Have been informed that our local office is only delivering parcels and special delivery items. Standard mail is being held as they are experiencing high levels of sickness. Well if they are delivering those, why can't they deliver the post to the same addresses? It's also a concern if important letters are being held up. Hospital appointment, test results etc. This can have a serious impact on people's lives.
  8. Do you mean the catalogue? As a calendar was sent with the December 2021 issue for free!
  9. Exactly why they are doing those. The starter sets are very simplified sets - For the Bugatti it's only 39 parts! Includes paints, glue & a brush. Not exactly taxing to put together that few bits of plastic! For the Spitfire it's even les - 26 parts! But it's based on the more complex 1/72, just extremely cut down (it was featured on the recent Hornby - A model World series on Yesterday channel). The Bugatti is £14.99, and the Spitfire is £11.99. Whilst I don't have kids, from what I understand of the pocket money that a lot of our friends give their kids, believe it or not, they could well afford to get these (maybe not both, but they could get them!) Which of course get's them hooked, and leads them onto the harder stuff to which we are all much more addicted to
  10. Sadly, Royal Mail seem to be decidedly AWOL round where I live at the moment! Not only am I expecting my subscription copy of AMW, but I have a few bits of masking & decals due from Hannants. Posted out on Monday, with a tracking ref that is only used by the RM when they attempt to deliver said item (so about as much use as a chocolate fireguard!) Seems that they are even more useless as a quick message on our local area FB page, and the response so far, yes they have been seen, but post supposedly for my road, was delivered to another road instead! So goodness knows what's happening with our letters and parcels! (update: @16:09 just spoke to Key Publishing regarding another matter, and asked about the magazine. Due to the embargo surrounding the 2022 announcement, they couldn't send out the magazines as normal. They were only handed to the Royal Mail on Tuesday 11/01/2022 @ 16:30. So should start landing over the next few days.)
  11. Still made in the UK - and can still be purchased in multiple places. They've stopped in the US, but still available here in the UK where they were invented (apparently in Slough!)
  12. They have said on the website that there are two sizes of intakes included in the kit.
  13. They would only be able to do the 1/72 at the moment. If they wanted to do 1/48 they would have to wait for the RAF version to be released (unless they did their own resin extended bomb bay and what ever other alterations are needed)
  14. I've just posted a comment very similar in the thread on the Buccaneer. At the end of the day costs are going up continually across the board. 2 years ago, a shipping container cost in the region of £3-5000 each, those same containers today are costing upward of £15-20,000 each, add into that the manufacturing increases, tooling increases, fuel costs, etc. Airfix (and indeed any kit maker) still need to pay staff, heat and light their offices, (and we all know what's happening to those bills!), pay for marketing, etc. Some costs seem to be spiralling beyond anyone's ability to control them. Is it any wonder that kit prices seem to be going up so much when the basic costs to manufacture and transport them are so astronomically high at the moment? Those costs have to be passed on, they are just too high to be absorbed by any company. @JohnT Yes I agree, it will impact the hobby, and sadly may not have much choice in the matter if we wish to continue with our past-time! Sadly price rises in all walks of life are a fact and are here to stay for quite some time. In my household we have a weekly shopping budget. In the time we have been married (15 years) this has doubled in cost from £40 per week to £80 per week. Some weeks we spend less, some more - all evens out. But even now, we may have to adjust that again. I don't work, so have to rely solely on the wife salary. That is just about keeping pace. But at some point it's not going to - probably when the electric & gas charges increase later this year! But we'll adapt and adjust as needed. Fuel for cars has risen sharply - it's getting more and more difficult to run both cars - again, we manage. The point is that there are costs and increases that we cannot avoid, same as with companies. Sadly, most companies have to pass on those cost increases to their customers, they may absorb some costs, but they will not be able to absorb all those increases. If they consistently absorbed costs, and didn't pass them on, there would very quickly be no more company! For all the kits I'll be wanting this year (most of Airfix 1/48 releases, the 1/24 Spitfire, a couple of Revells releases, quite a few of Eduard's, and from Academy etc) I'll be saving up to afford the purchases I want (some of them direct from Airfix, offset by 10% club members discount ). Well that's my tuppence worth of comment on the matter - but as far as I'm concerned the 2022 releases announced so far are most definitely a major hit from my perspective!
  15. Great price - as an overseas buyer you don't get hit with the 20% VAT (Value Added Tax)- I'll be getting a 10% discount being an Airfix club member so that will soften the blow for me somewhat!
  16. I've been debating with myself for a couple of days now over whether I say something about all the posts moaning about the prices, or the renderings, or the multiple other little gripes that people have had about the various things on the thread directly or indirectly related to the fact that Airfix have decided this year to bring us a 1/48 Buccaneer. I for one am glad that they have decided to do so. Back in 2007 when I got married, I was fortunate enough to be able to buy and build one of the original mould Buccs, which was used in the centre of the table for our guests, and to represent a time in my life when I was stationed at RAF Lossiemouth. It went together without any problems. No resort to any aftermarket products, no resin cockpit, no resin engines, nothing. Sadly, It didn't last for very long as the kids attending got their hands on it....... But that's not the point. It was built to a reasonable standard, at a fairly reasonable cost at the time. Fast forward 15 years, and multiple things have changed. Cost of living has increased dramatically, fuel, transport, RPI, CPI, wages, etc, etc. Containers that would have cost £5000 to get from India, or China 2 years ago, now cost upwards of £15 to £20 Thousand EACH and you may have to have 3 or 4 at a time to fulfil an order. That's no small increase on your base line. Those costs need to be recovered somehow. That's just one increase. Tooling costs, manufacturing costs, everything has gone up. Airfix/Hornby still need to pay their staff, pay their bills, pay their suppliers, keep the lights on, heat their offices (and we all know those bills have gone up substantially even in the last 6 months, and will be going up further in to the near future). They cannot afford to keep prices stagnant. Prices need to go up for multiple reasons. And sadly all the extra costs that they incur have to be passed on, it's a reality we have to face in ALL facets of our lives. I know that for myself I will have to save to enable me to afford this years releases from the various model companies (Airfix, Revell, etc) that I wish to buy. But I I want them, that's what I will have to do. I won't moan about it, because I know that is what I will do. I am looking forward to all these great kits that Airfix are releasing this year. Especially the Bucc. I'll leave you with one final image. This is one I built last year in tribute to a Lossiemouth Aircrew that lost their lives whilst I was stationed there. Only 1 was lost in the time I was there, and had to do some digging to find it. this was my 1/72 tribute to that a/c and crew. I had was on the funeral party that provided a full military funeral for the Navigator, I was actually a member of the Honour guard that provided a firing party/gun salute at the funeral.
  17. @wadeocu this comment from SniperUK advises the breakdown will be similar to that of the 1/72 kit. (i was literally typing this as you posted!)
  18. I received one of these for Christmas via the in-laws. Just opened it to make a start, and sadly I have parts missing and broken! The part representing the foot-pedals is missing off the sprues (and not in the plastic bag or box), one of the exhaust ring is snapped, and one of the (very delicate) engine mounts is also damaged. I have contacted Dora Wings to see if I can organise replacements. As it was a gift, I have no idea who the retailer was so cannot go back to them to sort it it, so not much option but to go direct on this occasion. Other than that little issue, the kit looks absolutely gorgeous, with a lot of delicate details, and some really fine panel lines. I was looking forward to getting stuck into getting this little gem built up!
  19. How long has this been asked for? And now they give us one!
  20. @Harry_the_Spider According to Hobby Colour Converter app - Humbrol 123 (which incidentally is EDSG), XF-91 IJN (Yokosuka Arsenal) Gray is a 99% match to Humbrol 123.
  21. Looking at those sprue shots, as some have already said, really does open open up opportunities for multiple versions. Change the wing sprues for different wing types, change the fuselage for cut down fuselage versions, not having a "full length" fuselage may help to have griffon engined spits etc. Not being a spitfire expert I appreciate other things may need to be changed to accommodate some other versions but the basics are there. I can see multiple 1/24 spits in the future from this initial Mk IX.
  22. From the email I received last year, the Hawk kit is the 2022 club kit. I'll be renewing mine at the end of this month, so I'll be asking the question at that point in time.
  23. @tomprobertWhen are you not in trouble with the wife for the size of kits you build (Isn't that the definition of "husband" ... - constantly being in a state of trouble with the wife? Or is that just me?) ? Your Sunderland looks fantastic by the way. And the Shackleton was huge...... What happened to that by the way?
  24. Sadly my wife is now working from home on a permanent basis, with an agreement that she goes into the office on a "as needed" basis, with an agreed 2 days a week requirement though. So I have absolutely no chance of sneaking any kits into the house!
  25. Different marks & scales. Kotare is 1/32 scale and they are producing a Mk 1a Spitfire.
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