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  1. Very nice work
  2. @exdrakenCan You give me your e-mail address, I will send you all I have on those Syrian dispensers. Don't just use these Su-24 dispensers as they are now. They are not so complicated to build.
  3. OK, this time something different. 1/144 Dragon A-6E with Retro Wings cockpit set and PaulusVictor decals. This kit is a nasty dog. In the box - it looks like 3.6 ...not great, not terrible. Unfortunately it is more terrible than great when you start it. Fit is very bad, and there is a lot of details missing. I tried to add some that are really visible. The most important is small hump behind the canopy... Some small intakes too. There is a lot of sink marks in the plastic, and many missing panel lines that needs to be rescribed. I will try to make decent wing fold. I used Tamiya Epoxy Putty for all these stuff so far. I made FOD covers because the intakes have wrong shape, and I will scratch pilot steps to make things more interesting. For now - I have two coats of primer and some polishing done - but there are still some surface imperfections... There will be more to show soon I hope. This A-6 is TRAM Intruder, but with old type metal wings and late type air brakes - real Frankenstein
  4. These flare dispensers are in fact modules. They come in different calibre of cartriges. They are the same for MiG-23 versions, and Su-22. But 23's can carry 2 of these modules, while Su-22 carries 3. Here you can see that some modules were painted in MiG-23 colors - obviously taken from another planes.
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