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Rejoining with this,  my final full VacForm kit.


The initial sheet, having outlined the parts with an HB pencil.

And after some removal from the backing sheet.


This kit cost me £10 from Hannants in 1997.

This kit had no decals, so I've acquired this decal-sheet.  Going for that Coral Sea option.


This build, in flight, no bumps and bulges.  As simple as possible.

The kit includes, but doesn't mention a blank canopy on the sheet, as well as two clear ones, so I'm thinking greyed-out.


Comparison build, I'm building a Hasegawa Skywarrior in UnarmedGB, planning to paint both together.

That's where you'll see an A-3 with undercarriage, cockpit, and all the bumps'n'bulges.



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5 hours ago, Tailspin Turtle said:

Note: my A3D canopies have yellowed, as did the one on my Rareplanes F3H (it’s more like brown now). I’m surprised to see that yours have not. I suggest that you use one of them to cast a mold so you can vacuform a replacement.

That solid canopy part already exists - bottom left of my parts photos.

Try posting in Wanted for VacFormed clear Skywarrior canopies - someone might have replacements and respond.


Slow start to sanding.  The amount of dust makes this an outdoor activity - which current weather isn't giving me much enthusiasm for.

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