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  1. Thanks Dennis, I know what you mean. My over run quotient just got run over, backed up on then run over again for good measure.
  2. Thanks Pete. I might need you to scrounge up a pint or 10 of @corsaircorp's "rocket fuel" or the equivalent. If I don't need it during, I definitely will AFTER! Thanks Bill, Cross your fingers, toes and whatever other body part for luck. It never ceases to amaze me. Just when I swear think I'll not do something like this again,... I go and do something like this again. I thought next year was the 75th, plenty of time, don't get involved in too many GB's, have plenty of space on the bench(and the display area. Still working THAT one out) Nice calm no rush, no worry, and all the ducks in a row. Oops, rug being pulled out on that one. Oh well, C'est la guerre.
  3. Finishing Tom Wolfe's opening line quote to the Right Stuff.. "They said whoever challenged him would die. Their controls would freeze up, their planes would buffet wildly, and they would disintegrate. The demon lived at Mach 1 on the meter, 750 miles an hour, where the air could no longer move out of the way. He lived behind a barrier through which they said no man could ever pass. They called it: The sound barrier. Then, they built a small plane, the X-1, to try and break the sound barrier. And men came to the High Desert in California to ride it. They were called test pilots. And no one knew their names." Actually, if you drive the streets of Edwards Air Base home of the Dryden Flight Research Center you can remember the names of those test pilots at least the ones who never made it back. But in a little over 2 months the 75th Anniversary of Chuck Yeager's historic flight ,that pretty much spit in the eye of that ol' demon, October 14, 1947. Call me totally whacked, but In addition to trying to finish up numerous GB subjects and a really tight building space Im going to attempt to not only build the X-1 "Glamorous Glennis" but the B-29 Mothership. Oh yes, did I mention both in 1/48th? The B-29 will have to be heavily modified, i.e. gun turret removal, bomb bay modification, and the addition of the landing flaps and corrections to the engines, cowlings and whatever else I can et my grubby little mitts on. So this will have a little bi of everything, P/E, scratch building, 3D printed parts, and more than likely one or two nervous breakdowns Somebody call out the guys in the white suit and butterfly nets please? Anyway, here's what we gots to start with.. Part one Eduard's 1/48 X-1 won't need the landing gear so that will simplify things a little. And yes there will be a sawed off broom handle in the cockpit. then we have..... The Monster, I mean Mom.. there was one more parts tree but that is all the black parts, wheels, etc. I forgot to photograph them. As far as I can tell aside from a build long time ago on the ARC forum it hasn't been done much( probably a good reason why, which I'm about to find out) So if there's anyone brave enough, or crazy enough to follow me on this Fool's Parade welcome aboard! All comments suggestions, opinions,(even about my mental state) and even a joke or two to keep me sane are not only welcome but needed. I know I'm going to regret this, but Damn the Martini's, full speed ahead!
  4. Wow ! I'm the first to post here? So be it. Revell 1/48 F-15E Strike Eagle 335th FS "Chiefs" "F.D.N.Y- Let's Roll" The first of 2 Heritage builds. Pretty much OOB. Print Scale Never Forget Decal set and 3d printed ordinance. I'll have the 2nd part here shortly. Here's the build thread: Thanks for stopping in and having a looksee.
  5. Now to add the decals... and there are a lot of stencils in those decals. Which took me longer that I thought it would. then Mounted the ordinance. Not exactly thrilled that I had some silvering on come of the decals especially on the tail. I thought I had applied enough coats of gloss before getting the decals applied, but looks like not quite. Can't do anything about it now. after the decals set and dried I gave everything a couple of coats of matt varnish. Now that this is completed I can proceed onto the reason of this build that managed to get itself expanded by a factor of 2. As I make this post I have some of the decals setting up on the F-15C and with luck I'll have that finished and posted here later on today. So definitely in the final stages. More to come shortly!
  6. Finally have gotten to the final stages of the F-15E. I did have to redo the GBUs There were many errors that required fixing but once that was done and I got them all painted up they now will pass a breif inspection. The AIM-120's I modified from some AIM-7 Sparrows from my stash mostly around the fins. But before attaching those it would be prudent to add all the little bits.
  7. iI looked at it in a paint program. Sure looks like a steering wheel like from a late 30's Packard. Or Johnson has the funkiest shirt I've ever seen.
  8. Excellent endeavor as always Herr General. I wish there was a version of this in1/48. I know someone will say Collect-Aire, but the last time I saw one available, I got a nosebleed form the height of the price. I suppose if I want to finish out my Century series collection I'll have to build one from scratch, or print as it were. Your build will go along way in making that a reality.
  9. Thanks Tim. As the old saying goes, Invention is a Mother.... when it's a necessity
  10. I actually checked the colour callouts on the decal sheet. I figured it was the standard Olive Drab/Dk Green /Neutral Gray WWII colours. Looking at that, it didn't look right, but the FS numbers didn't look right either, so I started looking at actual photos of the F-15 and what I've come up with is far more accurate. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9906179 https://www.facebook.com/Scramblemagazine/photos/pcb.3321547934538384/3321544984538679/
  11. I actually checked the colour callouts on the decal sheet. I figured it was the standard Olive drab/Dk Green /Neutral Gray WWII colours. but the FS numbers didn't look right so I started looking at actual photos of the F-15 and what I've come up with is far more accurate.
  12. Tomorrow I begin the process of adding the decals. The "E" won't be too hateful. The "C" on the other hand will be tricky and involved so it may be a few days before I get those posted. then there won't be much left. add the final little bits and the ordinance and these 2 will be ready for the hangar. So there we have for this round. Until next time, Sy cool, and stay safe. but don't forget to MODEL ON!
  13. Painting done.... Check. Ordinance done.... Check Now the engines. the "C"'s kit engines I never really liked so I substituted for an Aries set which are really close to the set that comes with the "E". Adding those I gave the "E" a panel line wash top and bottom and attached the landing gear to both along with the bang seats.
  14. In between all the sitting around waiting for paint to dry I crafted my ordinance for the Strike Eagle. I'm going with a common load out for an Afghanistan Ops. circa early oughts, 2 Aim-9 Sidewinders, 2 AIM-120 Sparrows, 2 GBU-12 and 4 GBU-10 guided bombs. the GBU-10 and 12's I printed out , the Sidewinders I have in the kit and the Sparrows will come from the spares box. It is surprising that the kit only gives you the Sidewinders. all kinds of bomb racks, just no bombs. At least now I have something to put on the racks.
  15. On the F-15E I masked off for the high temp metal areas of the lower and upper engine sections. For this I used AK Titanium, Alclad Gold Titanium, and a little bit of magnesium for good measure.
  16. Thanks Dennis. Now I have another update. After reflection I realized the lighter olive color for the F-15C was incorrect. What I had was too brown. The FS number was pretty much SAC tan, That didn't look right either. So I searched on line for the actual aircraft and the colour was more of a very faded Olive Drab. That colour I got. So while I was at it I also re-did the green to a more complimentary camo green. I let everything dry for a few days then covered with a couple of light coats o clear gloss. then masked all that off to paint the invasion stripes.(The one set of decals, not included. )
  17. Thanks Steve, Glad you liked it. I have one more I want to do, but I have to clear several models off the bench first. it's a little big.(there's an oxymoron if I ever heard one.)
  18. Deleted - copyrighted material scanned from a publication compromises BM.
  19. In for a penny, in for a pound Steve. I say go for it!
  20. I haven't noticed any shrinkages on anything I've used resin as a gap filler. But I use disposable 3ml pipettes as an applicator. gives me better control. Nice thing is after curing it's a lot easier to sand than CA after its cured.
  21. S Steve I don't know if this will help I did find his in one of my Squadron books. This is for a CF-104 though. they call it an ECM pod
  22. I found it tacky as well, but I used a cotton bud dipped in alcohol , wiped it down and it didn't seem as bad. I chalked it up to leftover residue. Paint adhered without a problem. I did let it set 24 hrs before painting.
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