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  1. That's a pretty nifty Beaufighter you got there Dennis. Great Job!
  2. I don't know that I'm a resin "Master" I'm still working out trying to build a good model that was manufactured in resin.. Strake s and thin pieces do the same with me most are either chipped or broken off entirely. One thing I've noticed also with the Darker Tan/ochre resin kits, when you start sanding or grinding the resin down, the resin has the strong odor of Naphtha or more precisely Moth balls.
  3. Thanks Gene. Collect-Aires Models , are really good, well designed, modeling subjects, The Sea Dart making the 3rd one I've assembled . I have probably another 6 sitting in the stash. Although there are probably another 6-7 I wish I had but because of scarcity and cost, I doubt I'll never get. But, if I had any qualms about the kits it would be the amount of pin holes. But that is a minor beef really. I've built other resin subjects that were far more "Holey" What I probably should have done before starting was Primed everything to detect where all issues are and can be dealt with early on. Overall ,with a little bit of care, they come out really well.
  4. Something I might recommend is increasing the thickness of your supports when doing big heavy pieces. Chitubox defaults at 2mm thickness for supports. Big pieces I've done I ended up changing that to 3.5-4 mm. I didn't discover this problem until I got a bigger printer.
  5. You shouldn't have any problem making a vac buck out of resin. I've had to make several canopies and haven't had any bucks melt due to heat or distort for that matter.. I use just good old standard Anycubic gray
  6. While researching any information on the Westover(which is scant at best) I did get a little prep work done. I separated the forward cowl/cockpit section on both plastic and resin pieces. I don't need the rear half of the Lysander and I didn't like the Front half of the resin fuselage. Besides I needed to carve out some of the interior of the resin. It probably was hollow all the way back to the rear turret, but that won't be seen at all once its together. So I only went back as far as the area where the fuel tank would be located(assuming that the interior of the Westover is the same as the Lysander) In addition to carving back I thinned the walls of the fuselage as well. This will make the mating of the two kits easier and getting the interior to fit properly. [ The resin interior is rough at best Some hours later after grinding, sanding and a smoothing out Tomorrow I'll see what I can do about scratching together a reasonable facsimile of an interior. I know it won't be as fancy as Hendie's build was, but it should muster a good representation. The tubular frame will be plastic rod, the seat, Controls, fuel tank, and probably the instrument panel will be printed. Other areas as of right now that will probably be printed will be the Bristol Perseus Engine, the cowling /and exhaust, leading edge slats, and the inside of the rear turret. So Stay tuned for more. Myself it's time to start dinner.
  7. I'm spending a few quiet hours perusing your build. In between grinding down bits of resin. This will go along way answering many questions on the Lysander/Wendover. At present it looks like a 40/60 split original/resin-scratch built on this build. Can't afford the P/E,(if I could find it online anyways) SO I will have to print a few things out(naturally)
  8. Thanks Heather, Even though it didn't have a "real" turret, I must graft one on. in the interest of "what-if" history you know. Besides It's been a while since I built something from the British 1940 era. Thanks Pete, I'll see how that build went. Thanks Jason. I have a feeling this will be insanity laden walk in the park build.
  9. Sitting here waiting for Paint to cure on one project and rain prevents me from going to town sanding on another, I've managed to get myself all figity and bored (not a good combination) .So what's a model builder to do? Sit around longingly at the projects stalled? Never I say! Must bash bits of plastic even if its small bits. So rummaging around in the stash I happened upon a little gem of an idea for a build(definitely does not bode well). What do you get as an offspring if an Avro Lancaster and a Westland Lysander mate? druuuum rollll.... rim shot! The Westland Wendover! I have to ask... What were the British designers smoking when they cooked up this amalgamation of spare parts lying around? Thank god they weren't sharing. With out a doubt this is the Ugliest Aircraft ever flown. I actually blame @Heather Kay for this She started wo wonderful 1940 projects and that started my rusty mental gears creaking. That or I'm just well, you know, Totally Mental. But on the plus side it starts out with this nifty 2nd hand Hawk Westland Lysander kit in a most wonderful hideous brilliant green. And a resin conversion set, of dubious quality that I scarfed up for a mere pittance. I think it's a knockoff of a legit conversion, but for 20$ I won't complain. No instructions, but, ehhh, who needs 'structions. and I have a nifty set of gun barrels for the rear turret. At least I think that's a rear turret. But on the list of things to accomplish with this build 1. Needs an interior 2. Needs a decent Bristol Perseus II engine 3. Needs a Nash-Thompson 4 gun rear turret. 4 Need to keep Sane Should be a walk in the park....right? All Comments, suggestions, ideas, or ribald statements behind my back are always welcome.
  10. Thanks Adrian! Believe me I sweated that drilling. I think had the rear been any thinner I don't think I could have done it without something cracking. Stay tuned for more. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!
  11. Not too much of an update but painting has now commenced. Having fixed all the little pin holes(I hope) First order of business a little bit yellow. This will have to cure for a day or so. I want it good and dry so no paint decides to peel off once masked before applying the blue. Ahh masking, what I live for.. If I thought masking red, white, and blue stripes and scallops on an F-4 was bad.... welll me boyos, this will probably give me the shivers in the pale moonlight just thinking about it. So until next time ... Model on!
  12. If Baldrick is the navigator, God knows where you'll end up. He'd miss that left turn at Albuquerque and you'll find yourself ending up in Timbuktu
  13. Thanks! They definitely have their uses and can save ones behind on occasion.
  14. A nice even coat of white primer. I'm using this instead of the usual gray because the next coat will be the yellow on the tail, wings and fuselage aft of the cockpit. Isn't it purdy? Unfortunately.... It's actually the pits! NO thats not dirt imbedded into the paint. but small, teenie, tiny little micro pits that I missed with the magnifying glass. I almost thought I was through sanding on this little project, unlike another BIG project taking up most of my workspace That I'm maybe a quarter of the way sanding and getting straight. But that's for another build thread That I must attend to, amongst other things. But I will let this dry a day and skin the pits One. More. Time. Good thing is all are on the keel. But I have started laying down paint! The FUN now begins! So until later guys, Stay safe, Stay Healthy, and Model ON!
  15. Adding the Cockpit exterior. Sometimes the fit leaves much to be desired. A little bit of shrinkage in the ensuing quarter century. But no matter I'll fill with some spare rod then slather and sand away. Speaking of slathering and sanding..... Finally got everything all smoothed out and uniform.... Or so I thought.
  16. Outstanding Martian !. Anyone gives you grief about accuracy, Just look straight at them, then spit in their eye., or have Baldrick do it.. This is probably the most accurate version made(aside from the real thing ,of course). I still think it looks like it should be named the CSS Pearly though.
  17. The fit though not absolutely spot on, is better than I expected. A few of the edges rounded on me but this I'll correct .Which I have to do anyway when I fill in around the wing joins. Masking tape around the wings ,tail, and fuselage to cut down on the mess and keep me from obliterating the panel lines. I'll let these dry then sand smooth then start adding parts and beginning the painting and masking process. I just got more 6mm masking tape in so I'm good to go.
  18. Couple hours later I have new parts The intakes are much better looking. And a better version of the white metal bang seat. Time and moving around has removed most of the detail from the cockpit side wall instruments. So new ones are the order of the day. [/url One of the instrument side panels didn't print right and will have to be redone. I reprint on the Mars , it will take a little bit longer but it does better with smaller parts. Probably due to the lift speed being smaller. The Exhaust is smaller than normal so I didn't need to add an enormous amount of detail. You can't see much anyways.
  19. I tried to open the by-pass ports on the intakes, but because the resin is super thin and translucent The openings wouldn't open without fracturing. So I'll just print new ones. Which isn't too bad, I can print them out when I do the After burner cans and the cockpit parts.
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