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  1. These two must have been close to production, they made it into one of the catalogues... ... no kits appeared as far as I know. Tony.
  2. I'll throw my hat in the ring here. Tony.
  3. That's just a hair in the paintwork, I'll be sorting that out during the refurb.
  4. I've been having a bit of a sort out with my built Heller kits, just to get me in the mood. Storage biffs and bashes need a bit of TLC here and there. Amongst the models is an Amiot 143, done in the one colour chocolate finish. Not one of my builds, it came to me as part of a collection. I've given it a bit of a makeover with some weathering, paint touch ups and polished cowls. There's still a bit more to do, the props and exhaust rings need more work yet. Now's the time to do these renovations and repairs, on the run up to the main event. Just the job to get me in the mood. I've also been working towards finishing a couple of builds I started what seems like ages ago, a SMER Bloch 200 and a Heller Potez 540. Both are coming along nicely. The Bloch cammo isn't exactly 100% accurate but I'm enjoying the weirdness of the whole thing quite a bit. These two are keeping me from caving in and starting one of my reserved GB kits! As luck would have it, I have another builder 540 that will hopefully be finished in the all white VIP transport scheme during the GB. To say that I'm looking forward to the GB starting is probably the understatement of the year so far! Tony.
  5. This will be good! A big, brute of a plane that has a certain grace to it at the same time. Apparently the RAF nearly ended up with a version during the fallout from the TSR2/F111 saga. That would have been interesting and a possible 'What If' subject.
  6. Thanks Chris, very informative pictures. Let the debate as to colours commence...
  7. Love it. All over black for stealth and invisibility, XXXXL white codes to really show up in the searchlights. Those guys marched to the beat of their own drum.
  8. Trainer Yellow on a Dragon Rapide, what's not to like? A beautiful aeroplane, especially in RAF markings.
  9. Nice choice. Brand new to me, along with about half the Heller range, it will be good to see it come together Dave. The box top painting looks interesting, I've only just noticed the other plane in the picture. Is there a 'dogfight' going on at near enough zero feet?
  10. A lovely little kit. It looks too delicate to be dangerous. The Grim Reaper markings must be a French in joke of some sort.
  11. Get me, going all French with the thread title! Auto translators have their uses. I think there's going to be a few of these beauties cropping up during the GB, so I had better get mine in early now that Pat has opened the batting, or should that be cast the first Boule? It's a SMER boxing of the Heller Classic Amiot 143 and everything inside the box looks good to go. I've got a couple of very useful references and I've raided both for my intended scheme. The French Bomber book is current and very useful indeed for all things bomber. The L'Aviation Francaise is in French, issued in 1973 and may be a bit difficult to find. It's got quite a few three view plans showing cammo patterns. How accurate these are is anyones guess but they are better than pure guesswork. It seems that French colour application was a bit freeform, so any pointers are useful. The cammo colours will make a change from the usual brown, the French Bomber book gives a side profile and a decent photo, the 1973 Aviation Francaise volume has a top view that will be handy for the cammo pattern. The two planes shown are from the same squadron. I like the look of the wavy demarcation line on No86, so will go with that one. So there we go, all set and ready to rock. Tony.
  12. Two builds declared already, looks like a popular choice. I'm more familiar with the old Monogram 1.48 kit. It will be nice to see Hellers take on it instead.
  13. That kit looks a fair bit more refined than the old Airfix offering, it will be a treat watching it come together.
  14. Heller certainly went to town on the decal sheet for this one!
  15. Nice one Pat. Any plane that has a downstairs lounge gets my vote. I get the feeling there's going to be a few of these appearing during the GB, I know I'll be doing another one.
  16. Thanks for the interest. I'll make a dedicated post of the job once it's done, piggybacking another thread would be rude. It's a backburner project so progress may well be slow. The intention is to straighten up the interior and add a pair of generic Penguin seats. That would stay true to the original build style and may even have been the original builders intention. Tony.
  17. My favourite B17 scheme by a country mile. It's coming together really well. Part of me wants to see purple tail and wing bands ala' early Airfix but there's another part that looks forward to a bit of OD appearing. Either way, watching things happen is a real treat.
  18. HMS Spitfire looks the business to me! A very refreshing, fun build.
  19. There's some seriously impressive work going on here. The interior shots are really inspiring. I hope I'm not butting in here, but looking at the standard of the scratch building going on, I thought a glimpse back to the birth of the hobby might entertain. It certainly won't compete! One of my ongoing restoration projects is a FROG Penguin Hampden in 1.72 scale. These things curve and distort all over the place due to the early plastic used. I usually need to straighten things out in every plane, so to speak. This involves taking the things apart and straightening as best I can. The bit that's relevant to this thread is what I found inside my model once I opened it up. Pretty much invisible from the outside was a full, state of the art circa 1940, bit of interior detailing. Made from a postcard, it's quite involved. Here's the opened up original model, from 1940 or so. Ignore the Blenheim, it's just attention seeking. Here's the interior as found. It got a bit torn at the glued points and it looks terrible here. It had distorted quite badly over the years to the point I wondered what on earth it was when I opened the fuselage halves. Having a bit of a basic straighten up and a bit of satin black added shows what the original builder was attempting. The builder stopped at this point which is odd. Maybe the builder tried the fuselage halves together and though he had done enough. Who knows? It couldn't be further from the standard of the work going on in this thread, but it shows that modellers were pushing the boundaries right from the beginnings, using whatever was to hand. Anyway, enough of the dim and distant past, I'm waiting on the next instalment of the Hampden twins saga! Tony.
  20. That is beautiful. The clear parts are the highlight for me, they look perfect.
  21. With the Heller Group Build rapidly approaching it might be a good time to add the brand to the thread. I'm only just getting to grips with Heller, I don't remember seeing the brand in any of the model shops I used over the years. That's a pity as the company have released some crackers and I'm sure I would have dived in had I been aware. Importers like RiKo and BMW advertised the kits in the UK modelling press but the prices were on the high side compared to Airfix, Revell and FROG. Here's some of the early Museum (Mvsee) series kits. Beautiful artwork and certainly something different to the regular Spitfire/109/P51 fodder, although they covered them as well. The range was very French overall but other countries got a look in now and then... Building some of the big bombers, you wonder if you have just finished a plane or an AFV but that's part of the charm to me. Adverts in the French aviation press for stylists evidently went unanswered. The Amiot 143 will never be confused with anything else... The company also released the Arc En Ceil in the slightly odd scale of 1.75. It is a stunning looking plane though. I'll be building one in the Heller GB and can't wait to get started. Heller also did the Cadet range of smaller scale models. mainly aircraft in 1.100, but a few ship kits appeared, similar to the small Airfix bagged ones. There were quite a few different models in the range and the artwork was every bit as good as the bigger boxes. Check out the box top for the big Mirage bomber... Point of sale stuff was of a high standard, the display racks looked stunning. A paint and glue range was produced and the calalogues were beautiful... Getting involved with the brand after all these years is quite exciting for me, just about everything is new and fresh to my eyes. The Builder and Collector in me will be having a blast once the Group Build gets under way. Fancy joining in? there's plenty of time to dig through the stash or order up a contender... Tony.
  22. Superb in every way. The sit, finish and detailing are all spot on. Tony.
  23. An astonishing level of detail! I'll be following the build for sure. What colour, or color, will it be wearing? A big part of me wants it one of the high impact ones, along with period slot mags. Whichever way it goes, it's going to be a looker. Tony.
  24. . A very well made model and a first class backstory. A forum I frequent had a Group Build for the Interceptor years ago. My contribution was the first Prototype, complete with tail mounted cannon. That feature was abandoned quite early on in the programme.
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