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  1. Steady progress is being made on the build with the cammo now masked up and the dark green added to the wings and tail surfaces. Once the wing halves had been joined and allowed to dry, a semi gloss clear was brushed on . The clear darkens the finish a bit. Once dry, a bit of weathering with oils took place. The fuselage needed a bit of filler on a couple of dodgy seams and has had a coat or two of the base Humbrol 30. Once that is dry I'll start masking up for the dark green and add that. The canopy needed a bit of shaving on the edges to fit properly. That's been done and the canopy has had its framing added as well. I didn't mask it as the frame is quite proud of the glazing and is an easy job freehand. I'll own up to a bit of cocktail stick line straightening. I've also fettled the wing to fuselage joint surfaces to give the best fit I can get to try to minimise any filling there. I should get more done over the weekend.
  2. I tried a new to me product on the Corvette this morning, Flocking fibres. Jet black and about 1mm long, scattered over diluted white glue in all the carpet areas of the cars interior tub. Just about impossible to photograph, the stuff eats light. It looks good but pretty much disappears once the body is in place. It does give a very dense black. This comes under the heading 'It can't be seen, but I know it's there' I believe I also ordered some red flock for the other Corvette but it's more a wine colour and won't suit the blue car at all. I bought some other colours as well, they will get used on a few other builds once I get the hang of using the stuff. I think used as a light colour 'carpet' or in a convertible would be the best use of the product. At least it could be seen then.
  3. I'm blaming you for the pouring rain currently going on here Pat. Good job I got the clear coating done yesterday. No doubt it's bright and sunny at your end today.
  4. An early start this morning got a very thin second coat of Humbrol 65 on the undersides of the wings. A couple of hours later things were dry enough to try the decals. They went on without any problems at all. A bit of Sol and Set were added out of habit but neither were really necessary. This means the build is properly on now, and construction can start later today. A bit of dry fitting shows a very good fit to the various parts so things are looking good for the build. The Sol and Set in the picture have been stood in a plastic container and some clear resin poured in to hold them. It would take a very determined effort to knock them over now. The bottles as they were fell over at the slightest breeze or any contact, and the stuff is too expensive for that!
  5. No slight intended Adrian, you have duplicated the field applied cammo as it was. Any criticism would have to be for the overworked erk who did the paintjob on the real thing. Even then, the varied shades work well in it's intended use. I'm looking forward to seeing the plane on its desert base. The cammo will come into its own at that point.
  6. A bit late in the day to be starting yet more builds, but I have a bit of previous yer Honour. An Airfix SM79 got started and finished in the last knockings of the Airfix GB and I'm hoping to repeat that performance here. The build has come about thanks to a Model Club member bringing along a bit of stash clearance at the club night yesterday. I homed in on a pair of Matchbox kits. The same guy provided the kits that turned into my Wellington and Me410 builds. Thanks Andy. I doubt I'll get the Privateer done, but I'm optimistic with the Dornier. The kits have been stored in a shed for years. Once the mouse droppings and dead flies have been removed and the parts rinsed off things looked a whole lot better. My thinking is to get the great big underwing crosses on the model ASAP as if they don't work, the build stalls there. The sheet is filthy with a layer of dirt that might clear off. It all looks good other than that. A damp wipe over of part of the sheet saw clear colour show for the first time in many years. With that in mind I've given the parts a first coat of Humbrol enamel in the colours called out on the instruction sheet. Humbrol 30 and 91 for the greens, 65 for the blue. The same as the Me410 in fact. A Luftwaffe colour expert would be horrified, but I'm building this one just a level or two above the bare plastic Marauder that went together so smoothly recently. If it comes together, I'll have another Hobby Store window type build and I'll be plenty happy with that. Another coat of blue in the morning, then it's decal time around lunchtime. If the big crosses work OK, the rest should be fine as well. I don't want to clearcoat them as it would lock in any dirt I can't remove. With luck the dirt will float off when I wet the decals. Fingers crossed...
  7. More progress on the candy Corvette over the last day or two. Not the clearest picture in the world, but there's a beam axle with disc brakes in front of the car in this shot. The rear tires have been fitted on basic plastic stub axles, centred in the cuttaway rear arches. Fitting the beam curbside style, just glued where it needs to be, dials in the ride height as I want it although plastic stubs would have given the same effect. The discs are just about visible through the front spokes if you look closely enough. The weather at the moment is pretty much ideal for painting, being warm and sunny. I've taken advantage of that and fired a few coats of clear over the gold bodyshell. It's taking the rays as I type. The colour really pops in sunlight. Next up will be glazing and chrome trims all round, plus a bit of engine excess poking through the hood. A Monogram six pak Dodge with custom engine parts looks like it's going to be the donner for the bits needed here. More later.
  8. A fine looking model. The paintwork came out very well indeed. The sharpness and fidelity of the cockpit area contrast perfectly and show that the almost slapdash cammo is quite deliberate.
  9. The building is up, but not completed. That real world out there keeps getting in the way of dreams. I'm still plugging away at the big shed , even if it is currently a store for all kinds of other stuff. Summers here though and outside work is back on the agenda, and I'm cautiously optimistic regarding the model shed at this point. I'll let you know how things have panned out later in the year.
  10. I'm like a kid the week before Xmas here! I'll be leaning more towards the Monogram end of things, with car kits centre stage. Expect a few Muscle cars, with a sprinkling of Hot Rods. A Plymouth Superbird will definitely make an appearance. A Boss 429 Mustang that didn't get started in the Mustang GB would be nice to do as well. Monograms 1.48 scale sixties release planes should also get a look in. The GB hasn't started yet, and already I'm overextended. No change there then. Tony.
  11. You could always shoot for a third build? I'll get me flying jacket...
  12. That's a very smart looking Beaufighter. I like the overload underneath, just the same as I did with the Airfix version way back when.
  13. Very nice indeed. The story is told with the first glace. Matchbox AFV kits seem to lend themselves to small set pieces like this.
  14. Here's a Matchbox Marauder, built with only a tube of glue to complete it, just as a cash strapped youngster might have done back in the seventies. Bare bones Matchbox plastic, in nearly right colours, and kit decals. The decals behaved perfectly after all these years. A fun build.
  15. There's only a couple of weeks left before the Matchbox Group Build winds up, best get a move on if you fancy a build or two.... I've been in multi coloured plastic heaven since the first day of the GB, and the build rate has been very satisfying so far. There should be one or two more before the close of play.
  16. It's addictive. If the closing date wasn't so close I would be looking to build a Coastal Command Wellington and an all black Skyknight to go with the choices I went with.
  17. My second Halifax for the GB was finished this afternoon. Built straight out the box, using the Coastal Command version parts provided by Matchbox. Yet another basic build, but it displays nicely, even if the paintjob relegates it to the back of the cabinet. Matt white is a very unforgiving finish. Lesson learned. Here's the finished model. And the build thread is here...
  18. The Halifax was finished an hour or so ago, just in time to catch the afternoon sunlight from the shed roof window. The paintjob isn't the greatest, with the white areas giving me problems with weathering. It doesn't look too bad in the pictures, but the plane sat in front of me looks a bit dirty rather than weathered. A good learning experience though. Here's the finished model... And here's the Halifax twins, sat in the soft afternoon sunlight. Thoughts of making a purpose built base for the pair to sit on got nixed once the size of the required base became apparent.
  19. The idea of building up the wings and fuselage separately fell at the first. The undercarriage on this kit isn't the easiest in the world to get lined up and the possibility of having two wheels at differing angles was not to be ignored. Fixing the wings in place and then fitting the undercarriage nice and square was the way to go. Before that though, there was some work on the tail joints needed. The camera revealed some poorly fitting areas that got sorted and repainted. The nose glazing got fitted and the rear turret had some framing re done as I got the demarcation between the DSG and white a bit out. The white finish on the plane is not one of my finest modelling moments and it looks like I have another three footer on my hands here. I'm not complaining, the build will function as intended, as part of a larger Matchbox window type display. Moving towards the bigger display, I've built a couple of bases today. One for the Halifax and another for the Wellington to go with the Bomber Command Halifax base already done. Here's the three together as of an hour or so ago. Things are starting to slot into place now. A few more days and the Coastal Command Halifax should be done.
  20. Who in their right mind would attempt more than one build of the same kit in a GB? Good luck, the first one turned out beautifully.
  21. Yet another one from me. This time it's the trainer version of the Matchbox Hunter. Built as a filler while other builds were stalled, it went together smoothly and enjoyably. It's a basic build, using the stuff in the box. A couple of replacement decals were the only straying from the path. Thoughts of adding better undercarriage doors, drop tank sway braces and a bit more in the cockpit were considered, then dismissed. I wanted a quick build and I got one. Here's the finished model... And here it is keeping my previous F4 build company... Build thread here:
  22. Two days worth of catching up to do, and there's a fair bit to report. Sanding down the undercoat I added in the last post showed things all ship shape and Bristol fashion. I anticipated filler, but it appears it's not needed. A slight shadow where the front fuselage butts up to the main body of the jet could probably have done with a tiny smear of filler but I let it go. A start was made on the top coats. This morning started with a big clean up in the shed as it was getting a bit out of hand in there. All the current project builds got sorted out and the benches cleared. The Hunter got moved to the sit down bench and the final finish was added. Xtracolour DSG and Revell Aquacolour dark green. I tried Tamiya dark green initially but it lifted the Extracolour grey! Once I sorted out the damage I finished with the Revell colour. The cockpit got the pilot figures added as the basic seats were a bit poor, even by my forgiving standards. It's six of one, half a dozen of the other though, as the crew are a bit on the small side. I initially fitted the Matchbox cockpit instrument decal but it was rather indistinct. It got replaced with one from an Airfix Seaking sheet. Nothing like accurate, but it does the job in busying up the cockpit. Things are simple in there, but in balance with the rest of the build. The canopy got a polish and was attached with Glue 'n Glaze. Decals were added and the plane came to life. I used aftermarket Extradecal roundels as the Matchbox ones had a slight misprint that showed a white edge. Later this afternoon, once the undercarriage glue had set, it was done. I nearly made new undercarriage doors as the kit ones are rather thick. I left things as Matchbox intended though as this was just a fun build. Here it is on the base I built for the Halifax, alongside my Phantom build. Two pretty much out the box builds that make me smile.
  23. Go on, just one leetle waffair thin mint...
  24. This GB has got to take place, I'm already gathering stuff up for it. Number one on the build list has got to be the infamous Silver Bullet. I've wanted to do one for ages and this GB is the perfect place to see the build finally happen. https://mystarcollectorcar.com/silver-bullet-the-beast-of-woodward-avenue/
  25. Round 2 issued a '70 Superbee a couple of years back. I have one here, it's a really nice kit.
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