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  1. Yep, I'd say this is sensible (which is why I didn't suggest it)
  2. In a nutshell (generally too small) sign me up and I'll make it fit
  3. What scale for railway/ building etc? 1:43 is.o gauge in railway speak or 1/32 is gauge 1 For buildings 1/12 is dolls house, but that IS big You know someone was going to ask
  4. Simultaneously (other spellings are available) inspired and intimidated by this article. Oh. My. Days! That a beauty, and a Revell, so eligible for this GB to boot! Thanks for sharing
  5. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I'll be giving it a go. Though I know it's not going to come close to the amazing work that you produce.
  6. Yep that was them. Think I got hold of a couple, probably the Hetzer and Tiger. Certainly weren't that kind of money back them. Thanks
  7. You're not kidding! Flushed with my success at outwitting the carpet monster, I've moved onto the engines and quite simply can't get.my head round them I'm not trying anything fancy, just straight oob yet the engine seems way to small for the nacelle and 'sits' a long way forward. Looking at photos the nacelle does seem a lot bigger and there is a pronounced dip, but even so🫣 Any tips from Viking/ Valetta experts, or decent photos of the engine area really appreciated
  8. As I continue to regress to my childhood, I've a memory of building tanks in the mid to late 70s by what seemed an obscure manufacturer but they were brilliant because they came with a full interior. I think they were Bandai and in either 1:35 or 1:48. Any pointers happily received TIA Michael
  9. All good points, I don't think 'neat teak' is the answer but I'll have to do something with the decks because it's literally monotonous at the moment. The deck area isn't so very big so probably go for a thinned wash of a random brown and hope it lifts the texture at the same time
  10. Royal Sovereign was a kit I dreamt of as a little boy- still want to fill a gap in my life. There were two in an auction recently as part of job lots. Lost my nerve and didn't bid, but with hindsight they were bargains and I could probably have sold on Cutty Sark etc and virtually covered my costs- cash flow and all that! I''m feeling it for some LNER Teak, I could probably use up any surplus on some project along the way! The liberating thing about Mayflower is that in truth there is no accuarate information, so you can get away with anything reasonable and nobody can prove you wrong!
  11. Certainly agree about the quality of Railmatch paints- there concrete is my favourite version. Not sure I'll be needing any of that on this build I'm sure Great Eastern Models will be more than happy to sell me both! How weathered/ bleached I'm going for is still not clear in my head. I'd go for downright dirty- it was an standard freighter that had just done an Atlantic crossing, but it's for my sister who would opt for pristine museum finish. Teak sounds the more likely. No prizes for guessing where I'm going on Wednesday!!
  12. It always comes as a huge surprise to me when one of my ideas actually works! In this case, how to fit snug fitting cabin windows back into an already closed up fuselage... As you can see, I fixed the cabin window to some masking tape, a dose of clearfix around the opening. The masking tape stopped it falling through if I pushed too hard. My only fear was, would clearfix also fix masking tape? After a nail-biting pause while it cured, it was time to take the tape off and lo, it worked! I was so impressed I poked at all the windows to see if anymore wanted to fall out. A couple did and were encouraged to exit through the cockpit front. And then I outfoxed the carpet monster; one cabin window had been lost, but as this shares the transparent sprue with the Valetta, there was a spare window just waiting to go in. Huzzah, take that carpet monster!!
  13. When your nearest LMS specialises in model railways, the paint choices can be left field out of necessity! In this case, the woodwork has been treated to Railmatch sleeper grime, seems to do the job, maybe a wash of underframe grime later, time will tell. The sails however are matt white with BR grey sprayed over the top which doesn't look too bad. The mojo is up, and aside from a weekend full of work there could be more progress soon.
  14. One of my local model shops (Model behaviour in Sudbury for East Anglian viewers) is taking pre-orders with an indicative price of 200GBP, which as they say is a big headline, but you're going to get a whole lot of kit (I'd call it fun) for your money!
  15. I'll admit that I was hoping for some good old phrases, maybe hot to trot turn and burn or gas and go
  16. As awesome as I expected. But is there something deep and meaningful about it being atop the stove
  17. No way could I do anything that good. Gorgeous!
  18. All good questions! Made it to LHS today and now have fresh stock of clearfix so optimistic of getting back on it very soon. Ok Friday realistically Be thinking a few things through ready for paint etc when the time comes
  19. And a browse of the Big H showed some interesting Soviet options and a Portuguese set; I've never done anything Portuguese (apart from support their viniculture ). Resisting the urge to do a second one because I'm increasingly led to do a condor as there isn't one yet 🫣
  20. I thick this is the earliest I've ever been into the gallery, I've lowered the standard when I look at the people who've posted already. Here though is the Bell Airacobra that so many of us build once upon a time First, build thread Now the pics Thanks for looking and all the encouraging comments along the way, not least from our hosts (who aren't really as old as a Revell kit- I think)
  21. In the end it became a case of, 'this workbench ain't big enough for the two of us', so this is now finished and in the gallery. Decals were the last straw being as fragile as straw (not sure straw is that fragile but it should be). Eagle eyed can enjoy working out which planes were used. The nose marking and cockpit logo were off a B-17, the underwing marking from a 1:48 Mustang which is why is it so generously sized and no chance of anything for the frame number! Some of the cracked decal originals are easy to spot. If I'd been quicker to think this through (I blame the heat), there's probably plenty of AM out there that would have solved it all in one go. Anyhow, thanks to the hosts, now back to the Mayflower!
  22. By hook or by crook, I'll be in the gallery tonight! As everyone else knows, you can't home print a white decal so it won't have Z-38 on the nose- I'll see if the spares wallet has anything, but I'm going in!!
  23. Thanks. My current thinking is to copy them, cunningly I'd not started on the American set and print them onto some blank waterslide paper that I have I don't think it's illegal because for private use on a kit that I completely own
  24. One step forward and all that. Decals are completely unusable so pondering my next step
  25. I'm sure that I'm not the only one with dodgy decals! fortunately my spider senses were tingling and I tested the soviet ones on a scrap fuselage and they are SOO brittle; this last little bit is going to be super exciting.
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