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  1. It was somewhat frustrating. As you mentioned, vague instructions and no location points for the jacks. The CA did not like to play either, but that was not Airfix's fault! Thanks for the kind words. I did think about using the Tamiya stuff, but I remembered what it did to paintwork on another build. Thank you for your very kind comment, it is much appreciated. Oh, boy, that has put my mind to rest now, thanks for the confirmation and the kind comment. Thanks too to everyone else who has commented and 'liked', it means a lot to me! All the best everyone, Ray
  2. That is an excellent result from the Trumpeter kit, very nicely done. Ray
  3. Thanks Alpha Delta 210! Panel line highlighting is not a skill I have, sorry! Thanks for the kind words and the suggestion though. Me too, except Christmas trees! I am in total agreement with you there. The more I have looked at it, the more dangerous it looks. I will see what I can do about it. Thanks for the very kind comment. Thanks Sir, for those kind words. I saw your post about your Treble-One project on there and was very pleased that you knew about them, even if it meant a different path was to be followed for you. Thanks to everyone who has popped in and for the comments and likes, I am looking forward to doing an F.3 next, once the New Year has kicked in. Ray
  4. Hello all. I am a bit of a fan of the EE Lightning, and have been since 1970. I have built many of them since then, but it was only recently that I have been confident (ahem) enough to get natural metal finishes that I have even remotely liked. My ultimate goal was to produce a replica of a Lightning in 1/48 rather than in my more usual 1/72, but I could never pluck up the courage. I have now since 2014 built 11 1/72 Lightnings, and had a couple of the Airfix 1/48 F.1/F.1A/ F.2/ F.3's in my stash. The other month I decided that I would never know if I did not try, so I got one out and started it. I found the 1/48 kit a delight (mostly) and did not need much filler, but me and filler do not get on. There are a few things I think I would do differently next time when I build the other, but as a test, this was fine. The main paintwork was done with Tamiya rattlecans, a light grey primer first, then a white primer, the to-be-red areas were masked, then I sprayed Bare-Metal Silver, then masked various panels (oddly satisfying!) the sprayed Silver Leaf. The difference was subtle and visible at some angles and not others. The red was Humbrol 60 Scarlet followed by Humbrol 19 Gloss Red enamels, brush-painted and thinned with naphtha thinners. The transfers were the Airfix ones, and I was amazed that there were fewer stencils for this than on the Airfix 1/72 recent tooled kits. I had the devil's own job of attaching some of the final parts, I was using fresh CA and nothing would stick, and when it came to attaching the Firestreaks, I ended up adding the two of them at the cost of four other parts just falling off! Even the tailplanes caused me problems, but that is one area where I had my ideas for dealing with differently. Anyway, enough waffle, and this is what I ended up with: The nose ring by the way was Mr Metal Colour Chrome metallizer scrubbed onto the nose ring with an old brush, left for a minute then buffed with a cotton bud... ... as was the rectangular panel under the wing root. Some of the different panels show here Not sure about that pitot angle! I was concerned about the wing walkways. I had the old Airfix Magazine which had an article about the Airfix kit build (December 2015) which showed an odd (to me anyway) finish with the walkway, and was nothing like the box top illustration where the walkways followed their usual path and went over the red, but the builder (Chris Jones) showed them like I have here. I am a member of the EE Lightning Appreciation Group on FB, so I posed the question as to which was right, and the general opinion was that this way was, and that was backed up with photographs. I still think the Airfix/Adam Toobey way looks better. Next time, I will see if I can add the underside leading edges to the lower wing before fitting as there is a step underneath on my build. I will also add the nose ring before painting anything and masking it for the chrome as there is a small step around it and may benefit from clamping. I will remember to add the missile rails (which between you and me I forgot!), and I will probably pin the tailplanes and not rely on the friction-less fit that they have. Finally, I will add the wing navigation lights before painting too, as they are fiddly and needed some help to fit. The final thing to deal with differently was to do with masking - when I masked the spine to paint the red, I used short lengths of tape. Where they overlapped, they left a white area where the paint did not get to, so I had to try re-touching with a very steady hand along the lower edge of the spine, it was nerve-wracking as I have the shakes a bit! This is not perfect and I made some boo-boos, but I am mighty pleased that I finally have a 1/48 EE Lightning in my collection, without resorting to Corgi, which would not, after all, be quite playing the game. Thanks for looking, all the best everyone. Ray
  5. I enjoyed building this kit a few years ago, right up to the point where I had painted the upper camo pattern using Humbrol enamels, didn't like it and re-coated with Tamiya spray. I then ended up with a Beverley which appeared to be made out of leather! I still have it, I could not bear to part with it because of the nostalgia of seeing them in Aden as a nipper. It does give me a good reason to get another, especially as I have now got Hannant's Beverley/Argosy transfer sheet. Oh, by the way, it need a LOT of weight up front, no need to ask how I found out... Good luck with this, it is a worthy subject. And thanks for saying about the Shelf Oddity etch, something else to remember. Ray
  6. Ray S

    Asia GB

    Yes please, count me in. I don't have anything in the stash (as far as I know!), but that would not stop me. Ray PS, Whoops, yes I have! An Aoshima 1/12 Honda CB400Four 1976 and the Tamiya 1/700 IJN Auxiliary Vessels set ( Sub Chaser No13; Minesweeper No19 and Mine Layer Hirashima) and I have just received from Jamie at Sovereign Hobbies some Sasebo Grey which would do nicely for the latter three items (even if those ships had not been painted at the Sasebo works). I will be good to go, as some say.
  7. That will be great, look forward to seeing how you do it. I want to do SS Politician (of Whisky Galore fame) sometime in the future so may just possibly steal borrow some ideas. That looks a mighty fine ship. Ray
  8. A great intro, and yet another reason to enjoy a Lightning. It was Singapore and Leuchars that got me 'into' Lightnings in a big way, as at Leuchars we lived near (relatively) the end of the runway, and it was a similar scenario to @Stew Dapple which really got me loving the Lightning, when they did the vertical climb right above our heads! When I locate a time machine, I want to go back to those times just for that experience again. I am sure you will do a fantastic job on this, I have loved the three Sword 1/72 Lightnings I have built, but always kept to what was in the box, except markings. Ray
  9. I am very glad this has got through. Sadly, I built all four of my DHC-6 Twin Otters, but I find I still have a bagged Airfix DH4 and a quaint, if scary, CMR DH9A which is calling me, if only to build it because of the KP one being issued now. If I do, it will be in Latvian markings. Ray
  10. 1/144th.co.uk do them, £7.00 I hope it is not too late for your ideas. Ray
  11. Yep, I will still be interested, I have a few things in the stash - the Airfix RMS Mauretania and the Airfix HP42, and they are still fairly fresh in my mind as I have built other boxings of them in this last year. Maybe a cue to visit Kingkit... Ray
  12. Please sign me up for this! An EE Lightning would be my choice, but I can easily be tempted to do two Ray PS, I do believe subjects other than EE Lightnings were produced in your time span, so I may be able to diversify too
  13. I will sign up please, I have a few kits in the stash that could do with being built. More details soon - (ie before the Bunfight anyway), Ray
  14. After the delightful friendliness and the show of getting your vote right first time and sticking with your choice during the annual Bunfight, I am very glad to see that this GB has got through, but I was mortified just now when I looked at the first post and found that my name was not on the list! Oh shucks, please forgive me and I will join in when the time comes. I have a couple of kits in the stash I could do (probably one only!) - the Airfix Fairey Swordfish (newer tooling) or the 1/72 Esoteric Fairey IIID vacform. I do have intentions of doing a Double Gotha build in the 'Not My Comfort Zone' GB, and as one of those will be a vacform, I will see if I still have the stamina for another. I am looking forward to this, half-and-a-bit of a year will go quickly! Ray
  15. That is good work on this beauty! I loved seeing Gannets at Changi in Singapore in the late 1960's (if I remember correctly, but I know me...) When I got back into the kit-building lark back in 2008, one of the first models I did was this Revell Gannet, and I am sad to say it defeated me and it ended up in the bin. You are tempting me to have another go with all the, ahem, skills I may have gained since then! Looking forward to seeing your progress. Ray
  16. I have just had a look at my list of kits, and I will do two subjects after all. The Airfix 1/76 DUKW as it has a propeller and it floats, and also a 1/700 resin kit of the V161 Grosse Torpedoboot, by Choroszy Modelbud Ray
  17. I am very glad this GB got through, and will be first in the schedule. I have 6 weeks or so to sort something out. I have lots of ships, a DUKW and some aircraft that fit the bill so something will be done. And, just for Enzo, it will be a single build from that lot! Ray
  18. I am SO glad I was not the only one thinking along those lines - except I was thinking the crew were down in Davey Jones's Locker wrestling with octopi Ray
  19. Make sure they are not 'finger' nails embossed Bertie! That shiny bottom looks fab, I and I don't say that too often, at least not in public Ray
  20. A very interesting double build @billn53, I am looking forward to seeing how they go. The quality of this kit reminds me of the Hawk Javelin I built a few years ago. A part on that said 'SEAT' (if I remember correctly) too, and the 'bench' went completely through one intake to the other and through the cockpit opening, the epitome of detailing at the time! And the wheels fitted directly to the outside of the model too with the doors moulded closed. Ah, nostalgia, eh? It is great. All the best, Ray
  21. Hopefully things are looking good for this GB, at 51 votes on the last chart I saw and across the 'Go' line (but things might change!). In preparation, this ever-the-optimist checked out his stash yesterday and located and ogled the two Gotha WWI bomber kits, gained a few more grey hairs and thought, 'yep, this will be scary!'... Don't let the votes evaporate away please, this MUST be done, for all our sakes Ray
  22. Flyhawk have a 1/700 Iron Duke 1914 in the pipeline by the looks of it: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/8135179363?p_tk=6985Uq2GiTCh6o7XJSx45vVCIhC7DkmJp24AJ6psVg5vshYW4OkxKKkk3A6X11KI2RHfZecrYImP9GvFAoHSV4kFQ5JzyLqa0eJdF50Eth%2FGypi74S6AWT7toW%2FZrOkPr1lwMNNw%2B8p9BsqtaTTG716JNQ%3D%3D&p_timestamp=1668057579&p_sign=6f50800a19e46f344661c10a2aac3a2f&p_signature=6f50800a19e46f344661c10a2aac3a2f&__pc2ps_ab=6985Uq2GiTCh6o7XJSx45vVCIhC7DkmJp24AJ6psVg5vshYW4OkxKKkk3A6X11KI2RHfZecrYImP9GvFAoHSV4kFQ5JzyLqa0eJdF50Eth%2FGypi74S6AWT7toW%2FZrOkPr1lwMNNw%2B8p9BsqtaTTG716JNQ%3D%3D|1668057579|6f50800a19e46f344661c10a2aac3a2f|6f50800a19e46f344661c10a2aac3a2f&red_tag=1180746615 Ray
  23. Brilliant, thank you all for the replies and tips, they are all very greatly appreciated, and I can delve into the dark art of resin plane building with a little more confidence. Thanks again all, Ray @Pin, thank you for the link, the explanations were excellent. Ray
  24. Hello all. I have built a number of resin kits in the past, but all have been ships. For those, I have often used PVA to glue resin to resin, and found it to be okay as nothing was really 'load bearing'. However, I have a few aircraft resin kits, and they pose a different problem. I have read in magazines and online that CA is used, but I have never seen a 'how to' guide showing the technique. Can anyone give me a guide? My thoughts are to use a small spot of CA at one end of the fuselage and get the parts aligned, then use a thin applicator to run a bead along the joint line. Is that about right? I will drill and pin wing, tailplanes and fins when they get joined due to the CA being brittle, and I would be certain to knock them and break them off otherwise. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ray
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