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  1. Good progress Tim. All the best when it comes to the transfers! Ray
  2. Good going there! I have built a few of the Sword Lightnings and find they are a very enjoyable kit to do. I also agree about some of the etch being a bit small. It was a shame that they did not put belts into some of these kits but did with others! I am looking forward to seeing your progress. Ray
  3. Cheers for that link @Jeff J, it was a very interesting read! All the best, Ray (very much a Twotter fan!)
  4. Hello @spruecutter96, yes, I have! I used Mr Metal Colour, and ended up with this Lightning TMk4 There is a link to the RFI page: That gives (after the photographs) a guide as to what I did. I hope that helps, Ray
  5. Yep, as @TonyW says, no poll is really necessary as it is the fun element that is most important thing (along with nostalgia of course) and the camaraderie (that was difficult to spell!) that is involved with this type of GB. A huge THANK YOU to @JOCKNEY and @Rabbit Leader for this wonderful Group Build. I shudder to think what inspiration this has given you in all of your new-found free time at your respective benches. All the best, and thanks too for everyone who has been involved with this GB, Ray
  6. Thanks for the warning @Six97s! I did a rapid check of my kit and - be still my beating heart, it was okay! Phew. Here are the parts included in this Anniversary boxing (please note - wear sunglasses!) The parts are quite crisply moulded for 1959 and are wearing better than me. There is very little flash. I doubt if I will use the pilot and the navigator. There is plenty of gleaming chrome. I wonder what colour plastic is underneath! I may well do a first for me, and see if I can get rid of the plating and use paint instead. The four tyres (tires?) are rubber or vinyl and there are five sets of white walls. Glazing is very clear. The instructions are classic too. We even have a list of parts and there appropriate names for what they are! An education. All in all, I am really looking forward to this. I am very much a non-car type of person. To me, a car is what you use to get from A to B and the rest is inconsequential, but I will want to get this pretty close to being 'good' if you know what I mean. I will be having a look online to see if I can find some help in the engine department and for the cockpit, but if any of you see I am about to make a monumental 'oops', (or have made one!), please do not hesitate to point it out to me. This is the '64 Fairlane I did a few years ago (well, August to September 2012): Not long to go now before we can start! All the best with your builds, it looks to be off to a great start already. Ray
  7. Me too! Yep, if anything screams 'AMERICAN!' to me it is this one, probably due to my upbringing and that was the only American car I had as a toy. I will try and get the box contents photographed today, and I have also found the photo I took of the '64 Fairlane so must scan it. Ray
  8. Thanks for that, but I am not too sure about that but we will see. The cans I have got are Ford Meadow Green and Ford Diamond White. Whether they are right or not I am not sure but it is a combo that appeals to me. I had not thought about pink but you never know. Cheers, Ray
  9. Hello all, this will be my entry into this Group Build: The instructions say it was copyright Revell 1959, but there is a date stamp on the moulding which says 1988. This was a re-issue from about 2008/9 when Revell were celebrating 50 Years. I will post photographs of the box contents later, that will give you time to locate some sunglasses for the very bright green plastic most of it is moulded in! I bought this from Kingkit quite a long time ago as I was going through a bit of a nostalgia trip. A long time ago, I lived in Aden and as a youngster I had a lot of Corgi, Dinky and Matchbox cars. One of those was a Ford Fairlane and it was amazing, because if you pressed down on the front left or right on the bonnet, the wheels turned in that direction! It is incredible what pleases a 7-year-old mind! Anyway, back to the then present. At my local Model Club we had a member who was into his car models and was always bringing them along, and that prompted me to see if I could do a car too. I checked online and found two Fairlanes, one was a '64, and the other was this '59. I ended up buying both! The '64 got built quite some time ago (I will see if I have a picture) but this one was reduced to the stash. I had bought some Halfords sprays ready for this, I wonder if they will still work... I always find Group Builds to be a great inspiration, and nearly always leave my more important builds (or challenging ones) to the GB's as there is always that extra spur to get them done. This build could quite easily have gone into the 'Not My Comfort Zone' GB. Anyway, enough of that, I am really looking forward to the start of this. Al the best everyone with your builds, Ray
  10. What a fantastic Group Build this was! Thanks to @JOCKNEY and @Rabbit Leader for keeping us all in check and offering encouragement too. I managed to complete two builds (a mere bagatelle compared to some!) but they were projects I had had in mind for quite a long time, and both with very personal links. I always find being involved in a GB is a great inspiration and being backed up with a great deal of help and advice, I find they are the best places for 'involved' builds. Thanks again to everyone who took part in the GB, and I apologise to anyone where I have not been able to comment or like, my intentions were good! Ray (who is now committed to only 1 build in the Classic Revell/Monogram GB - subject to change!)
  11. Great result, Recover well and quickly, Ray
  12. @KingTiger435, you have noticed how once you build one Lightning it is difficult to stop there! I caught the bug many years ago when I lived at RAF Leuchars and Lightnings were based there (2 Squadrons) and they were already my fave plane. I have about 10 built at the moment from my current incursion into modelling, with 4 more in the stash at the same scale (1/72) and two bigger ones to start. And I still will not run out of schemes... You are doing a cracking job with the three you have (so far!). I find it usually takes me 4 days to deal with all the stencils, but find it strangely satisfying (couldn't spell therapeutic!) when they are all done. Recover soon, Ray
  13. There is some great information @canberra kid, thanks for taking the time to post them! Ray
  14. Great work on that one! I have it in my stash too so I now know it can turn out very well indeed. As for the rigging, in my opinion it looks spot on. All the best, Ray
  15. Thanks for that Duncan, I think I may well wait and see if they do issue one properly. I have to admit I do get rather confused with all the technical nomenclature that has been mentioned very kindly by everyone and, for me anyway, it would be simpler as a dedicated kit. Dear Sabrejet, please accept my humblest apologies for my absolutely shocking errors, that terrible first post has now been edited. Before I did edit it though, I re-read it through and I think I used just about every option of hyphen/space that I could (not) think of! Thanks for putting me on the one true road my friend! Links to the next quote @junglierating That is the one! I even still have the handwritten receipt from Modeltoys with that sheet - purchased 7th April 1986 for £1.95 with 25p postage! The sheet still looks in very good condition too. I used the 'G' codes on an Esci F-4J which cost me £3.50 and took between May 1986 and April 1987 to build. How sad is it that I know these things? Thanks for all the responses and help, and those photographs are brilliant! Ray
  16. Thanks @Hook for that link, it will give me some pointers, and there is another link in one of the replies too. Cheers again, Ray PS I had a closer look at my Modeldecal sheet and it has the slime lights for the aircraft on it. I will have a look at some online images and see what happens.
  17. Thanks all for the replies ( @Ben Hartmann, @Jabba and @stever219), it looks as though it will be good to go, I think I will go ahead next time I am in Antics. Cheers, Ray
  18. Hello all, this may well be some silly questions! I have read some very good reports about the Finemolds Phantom range. They do an F-4J version. I know 74Sqn from the RAF used F-4J's, so my question is: is there any reason I cannot use one to produce a 74Sqn aircraft? Were there any differences between them compared to other airforces F-4J's? Would the weapons fit be different - not that I am too worried as I rarely fit weapons unless it is a Lightning. I have the old Modeldecal sheet with the 74Sqn Phantoms which would finally get some use if the answers are affirmative. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Ray (I said the questions may be silly, but I am not an expert)
  19. Thanks jonny, even though I were a nipper when I built it, I did not realise just how big it was when I unboxed it this time! At the time, I was really interested in warplanes (thanks Airfix, Commando, War and Air Ace!) but this was something totally different, and, although it had no guns, it certainly made an impression on the young me! Thanks Pete, not sure about the 'skill' part but it was a clunky kit, but I was amazed at just how good the fit was for some things (well, many things really). Cheers Pete in Lincs, you must tag me in when you build or show it on here, all the best with it, it sounds interesting. Cheers Chris, too true about it being enjoyable, I loved every moment of building it. They must have been quite some sight seeing them fly, and I am surprised about how late they were flying. Thanks chopper61, I have to admit I do love building these old kits, sometimes I will try to 'improve' them, other times I will build them like I was a youngster again, either way it is very enjoyable. AMB, thanks for the comment, please show them when you do get around to building them, and all the best with them when the time comes. Thanks for that! I have seen better results (in the 'plastic' this still looks a bit iffy) but I am well pleased with it. Thanks Lord Riot, it is very much appreciated. Wulfman, thanks for that. As for ancient, it is two years younger than me, so it is really only in late youth! Thanks all for the views, comments and 'likes', Ray
  20. Hello all, this is another in the series of old model kits that have crossed my workbench recently. I had one of these in 1966 or '67 and built it as an 8 - 9 year-old would (which I was at the time!), in the amazing Silver City Airways scheme. I even painted it with Airfix paints from their funny shaped bottles. A few years ago I got another one from our friends at KingKit and, as usual, it went straight into the stash. A few months ago, I was looking through 26Decals' website and found that they did a set for the Silver City aircraft, so ordered it in despite the fact that they were laser-printed. I knew enough by then to know that some accurate masking would be needed, and after doing a Twin Otter that also needed accuracy in the masking stakes, I felt I had enough experience. I put out a request for help on this fine Forum in the Classic Civil Aircraft - up to 1968 section for colours for this aircraft, and was rewarded with an amazing amount of help, so a big THANK YOU to all those who chipped in for me there. I did very little to the kit itself, I just added some seatbelts, replaced the 'working' clamshell door hinges, sanded off most of the rivets (what surface detail that was left looked like 'oil-canning' so that was good). I re-scribed some panel lines (and got one at least skew-whiff!), and added card to the ends of the control surfaces to get them to fit a bit better. I photocopied the transfer sheet and used that for the demarcation between the white and silver, with the intention of putting the transfers down over the white area. All went well, except for the nose door curved transfers - I got them horribly wrong and had to do a little 'artistic licence' (or a a vague sort of 'what-if'). That is why the doors do not have a thin white cheatline whereas the main markings do. The explanation for this is simple - Silver City Airways changed their schemes a few times, and one of the schemes seems to show no white cheatline, just pure blue. So, in this case, this aircraft had a problem with its clamshell doors, and they were replaced with a pair from another Superfreighter that was u/s, but it had the other scheme on, hence the mis-match. Well, I suppose it is possible. Anyway, here is what I ended up with: Most of the paintwork was from rattle cans - Tamiya Light Grey Primer and White Primer, and Halfords Audi Aluminium Silver. The blue retouching for the nose and other small areas where the transfers needed adjusting was two coats of Revell matt Blue followed by two coats of Revell Gloss Blue acrylics, brush-painted. The wing and tailplane joints were pretty good, but in an ideal world I would have fitted them before painting (they were all done separately for ease of masking), so don't look too closely. The transfers behaved very well, but were translucent, and I was very please that my masking, with the exception of the nose transfers , was pretty much as good as I could have got. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip down memory lane, another is in the pipeline now as I am about to start the Airfix HM Bark Endeavour, which I had at the same time as my original 'freighter, but I had to get my Dad to build that one for me. That is that, thanks for looking and getting through the waffle. All the best, Ray
  21. A 1/144th.co.uk Gloster Javelin Mk4 (pen nib rear) dropped into my mitts today - what great service! Ordered it Wednesday last week, and despite the two Bank Holidays and the weekend, it arrived today, Monday. I am looking forward to building it. If it goes as well as it looks in the box, it will be a beaut! Ray
  22. I had to google this one! Classic indeed - it looks very interesting to say the least! Ray
  23. A nice result from here Rob! I was wondering last night whether your printer's page feed would be accurate enough to 'double print' on the same sheet to increase the ink density, possibly helping prevent the darkening that was suggested and the metallic look you saw. Anyway, it looks like you cracked it well. Ray
  24. I only have three words to say about this: IN BLOOMIN CREDIBLE! Ray (who now sees Twin Otters in a different light)
  25. Thanks @rob Lyttle, I will check them out when I get back from work. I really appreciate you taking your time to dig those out for me. Ray
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