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Belgian 'Clunk'!


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Decals are on. They gave me bit of a hard time, did not want to settle. I seem to have problems with decals more than often. They just keep on silvering on me :( I know my bit of a rough paint surface is probably to blame but oh well, they are all on now.








Then I added bit of a wear and tear with some pencils. They will probably be hidden by the washes and what else but it seemed like a decent way of doing weathering. Real easy to wipe off excess with a moist brush if you don't like it.





Also did the landing gear. We are getting real close to a finished Clunk :) 

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Clear coat on.







Wash and matt coat applied, gears down.







Not my best work but the candy cane pitot tube is done. §











Just need a final round of weathering and we are done :) 

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On 22/11/2020 at 00:30, philp said:

Hobbycraft actually released it twice with the later version correcting some of the faults of the initial release.  Still not a perfect kit but a lot nicer.


I've got one of those in my pile.  And a long winged CF-100 by HC too.   Might do them for the Canadian GB..

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Thanks guys :) 


10 hours ago, Paul J said:

I've got one of those in my pile.  And a long winged CF-100 by HC too.   Might do them for the Canadian GB..


(Avro Arrow) have to see that! Have to look up your build threads when that happen :)


- - - - - 


Clunk, I think it's done!








I quite enjoyed this one, the conversion work went smoothly - even though I'm sure I have missed some details. The belly (the gun pack) would have probably needed some more reshaping but atleast I filled the gun holes. The kit was great - even if bit on the simplistic side, especially the cockpit and wheel wells, but other than that the details are pretty decent.


Thanks for following this build. RFI is also up (https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235088752-belgian-air-force-cf-100-mk-5-canuck/) for more photos, also posted in the Interceptors gallery.


I will be moving onto my next build, which is the Yak-25:



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Hey Reini,


Your built is really beautiful! Well done. But you will hate me for the following remark:


It's a pity you had a Mk.IV kit for starters, as you didn't have all the right parts for modelling a Mk.V. The wingtips and gunpack you have worked out fine, but you missed the tailplane: the Mk. V had its tailplane increased from 20 feet in the previous versions to 25 feet in the Mk. V. So a full 21 mm added in 1/72 scale - not to be overlooked! The HC CF-100 Mk.V kit has this longer tailplane. 


On the real aircraft you can easily spot it: these tailplane extensions didn't have the de-icing boots as the rest of the tailplane. 


But still: your end result looks terrific! If you decide to make the correction, it shouldn't be that difficult, even on e completed model. Getting the paint colours right to match the rest will be the biggest challenge...

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@maarten.schonfeld Thanks Maarten! Good point and I noticed the same thing after the model was done. I will probably fix it eventually, as you said it's not too bad as it's basically just adding to the model. It would be nice to do as I tried to make an authentic Belgian CF-100. And good thing that I have made such a thread where I can check out which paints I used :D 


Always happy to receive such information. Sometimes it's hard to notice all and find information on these less known planes. :thumbsup:

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