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  1. Awesome, EJ! I can't stop saying that. Just another question: where did you find that ultra fine etched brass grating mesh? Or was it a mesh of your own craft, etched on your request? The finest I found on the web were from l'Arsenal, some years ago...
  2. Hey Reini, Your built is really beautiful! Well done. But you will hate me for the following remark: It's a pity you had a Mk.IV kit for starters, as you didn't have all the right parts for modelling a Mk.V. The wingtips and gunpack you have worked out fine, but you missed the tailplane: the Mk. V had its tailplane increased from 20 feet in the previous versions to 25 feet in the Mk. V. So a full 21 mm added in 1/72 scale - not to be overlooked! The HC CF-100 Mk.V kit has this longer tailplane. On the real aircraft you can easily spot it: these tailplane extensions didn't have the de-icing boots as the rest of the tailplane. But still: your end result looks terrific! If you decide to make the correction, it shouldn't be that difficult, even on e completed model. Getting the paint colours right to match the rest will be the biggest challenge...
  3. Did anyone notice: when the HC tail part is joined up with the major part of the fuselage, the rear part is angled down a degree or two? Looks like the camel's back is broken. This is definitely wrong, the entire fuselage should be rotationally symmetrical, or when you turn it around the longitudinal axis (put the nose and tail tips between two fingers and rotate it) you shouldn't notice any swaying. The cure is very simple: ad 0.5-0.7mm shim at the bottom of the fuselage joint before cementing the rear part to the front. Further, the bottom line of the fuselage is then somewhat too straight, so adding 0.5 mm in plastic/putty will also remedy the not circular frame shape of the joint. These two improvements enhance the side view tremendously. I would say this is the single most important improvement when building up the kit.
  4. Have you noticed the deck planking from your source Trumpeter kit is almost 1 mm wide? When you calculate that to 1:350 it means the planks are over ONE FOOT wide. The reality is that 6 inches (so half of that) would be much more realistic. Evergreen no. 2020 provides you with planks at .020 inch spacing, or just 0.5 mm. So that satisfies exactly what you would have needed. But of course you may stay as stubborn as you like...
  5. I didn't react to your email as you downright said I was wrong. I'm afraid you are the one in the wrong: only the US Army helo's in the tactical roles wear the IR suppresive matt Helo Drab FS 34031, which is indeed black green. Check for yourself with a colour card, but the Lakotas (A and B versions) are not in that color, but in the old FS 34087 Olive Drab, which is still pretty much the same as in the Vietnam years. It isn't matt, but semi matt finish, and obviously not IR suppressive either. As these helos are not supposed to operate outside the USA the need for that IR suppression isn't really felt to be required -- nor the added wear and hence maintenance needed for the IR finish. Please check your references thoroughly - again. Kind regards, Maarten
  6. Very well done! It encourages me to undertake the same conversion, thanks for showing the way!
  7. I didn't know you have built a 1:1 scale Hood model, Jamie! 😉
  8. Hi EJ, I only managed to do this for 1:200 scale boats. You take it much further by attempting to do this at 1:350!
  9. The IPMS Canada branch https://www.ipmscanada.com/ wrote an article in their magazine 'RT' Vol 15/3 1982, paying extensive attention to the CH-124 Sea King in RCN/RCAF service up to that date, including the -A version with the dorsal radome, similar to the UK HAS.2/HAR.3 versions. I suggest contacting the IPMS Canada branch, someone should be able to provide you a copy.
  10. Hi EJ, Maybe this is the right time to show (and discuss) the Hood's shell expansion plan, to a reduced size not to ruffle the RMG's feathers too much?
  11. Hi Hsr, Very nice build and thanks for the comparative analysis of the Revell and Heller kits! I already liked the Revell one pretty much, but finding that the Heller is too large in several dimensions will keep me from buying it. One note however: you mentioned the color of these helo's being FS 34031, but that's not correct. That color (being less IR reflective) is reserved for the ones in real tactical theatres, like the Apaches and the Blackhawks. In the non-tactical Air National Guard the old FS 34087 is still the current paint color, being more yellowish as you can see from may photos. I hate to mantion it, as yor model looks the part! Kind regards, Maarten
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