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  1. Nice subject! Will be following.
  2. @AaCee26 Thanks I can't wait to get started... I might need a pint. Or two.
  3. I did some painting atleast Slowly but surely this modelling bench is starting up again after the summer. Boy I had a lousy modelling summer - I have like one trillion unfinished builds. Intakes and exhausts received first layers of paint. As did the cokpit, including some decals. I still need to do some details and minor weathering and I can close the canopy. Probably some Tamiya tape belts too. Well, that was not much - but it's a start!
  4. A plane? Again? Why won't you build a truck for a change?
  5. Yeees! I have all except Pirate & Cutlass waiting in the stash
  6. I think Finnish would be the obvious choice.
  7. Well don't be - yet Last Nordic GB I built 7 planes but this time I would be happy to finish these four Its easy to make these threads, I still have to make the kits...
  8. Maybe we'll do diorama, I'll do four Fougas and you can make the five trucks. Oh, and the car on the background
  9. @Mjoo@Mjoo Thanks but I wouldn't be so sure, I'm sure I'll find problems that don't really exist
  10. Finland had some aircraft manufacturing during and after WW2. Myrsky was probably not the best of them, it was a product of war built out of necessity with very limited resources. As a plane, it was good to fly. But the compromises done in the materials and construction of the plane meant that it would not simply last very long and was prone to accidents. Name 'Myrsky' means Storm. I still need to source suitable decals for this kit. I want to build MY-28 after the war, which is not part of either of these decals. Short run kit but doesn't look too bad. One mistake the kit has though is that the control surfaces were actually plywood and not fabric as represented on the kit. Some resin parts came with the kit. Like I mentioned above, Myrsky had a troublesome life. Good portion of the construction was wood/plywood and it was discovered that it would simply not hold together very well in the harsh and wet finnish climate. Materials started to bend and come loose, causing flutters which led to unrecoverable spins or planes simply coming apart mid-air. This was the final of such accidents, 9.5.1947 plane flown by capt. K.Ikonen in Nakkila, near Pori during a training flight. At 1500m, something came loose from the plane and the eye witnesses said that the plane came down almost vertically onto a field. The plane had simply vanished into the soft and muddy ground, only some small debris left behind. And despite best efforts to dig up the plane and pilot, it was unsuccesful due to the soft clay ground constantly filling up what had been dug up. The site was declared as the final resting place of capt. K.Ikonen and what must be the smallest graveyard in Finland is located in the middle of a field in a small town called Nakkila, 20km south east of Pori. After this accident, all Myrsky's were grounded and apart from single transfer flight. Myrsky did not fly again, There is a project going on to build VL Myrsky II for museum. It's been going on for few years, construction is slow as many of the parts have to be made new as so little original parts exists. Here is a website of the project: https://www.vlmyrsky.fi/
  11. High pitched wail of Fouga's 'hairdryers' is quite familiar to me - restored Fouga Magister used to fly in the skies of Pori quite often. Contents of the box, with some aftermarket wheels. It's a fine looking kit, this Special Hobby Fouga. I will be doing my hometown planes for this GB. So this will be Fouga Magister, FM-5 (in the front of the pic) in the mid 1960's. So it will be all silver with no orange markings. Photo was taken after the parking area got new tarmac in mid 1960's. It was not too uncommon in th e 1950's and 1960's that the parking areas or taxiways were gravel and in many times the planes were pulled to the runways.
  12. Two-seater Vampire to be precise. Contents of the box. I have some aftermarket, such as resin intakes and interior PE. Decals are sourced from Galdecal sheet. This Airfix kit is looking real nice. Right, so I will be building my hometown planes. Vampires were the first jet planes Finland acquired (single seaters first, followed by double seaters) - and they were stationed in Pori. Why? Because Pori had the only tarmac field that was suitable for jet fighter operations in whole of Finland in 1955! Top photo is taken during the plane's arrival in 1955. I will be doing mine sometime during summer 1957.
  13. Right, Nordic GB is here again and it's a perfect excuse to build finnish planes for the rest of the year My summer has been real bad when it comes to modelling - I have tons of unfinished builds (and project logs ) but maybe I will get my mojo back during this GB. Now, this is probably not the mojo-build so maybe I won't start with this one, but I'm still planning to build it eventually. Here it is, Valmet Vihuri by Broplan in 1:72 Yes, I have been warned Inside of the box. It's looking bit rough Vacuform canopy. Second piece - just in case. Good. My plan for this GB is to build HävLv 13 planes (Fighter Squadron 31), It was located here in Pori after the WW2 - which just happens to be my home town. It says 'Tre Bröder' on the side. Plane was funded via donations of three brothers - Vilhelm, Gustav Adolf and Bogislaw Klingspor - hence the name 'Tre Bröder' - three brothers. Top photo is of the VH-9 just after it arrived in Pori brand new. Below photos after it's accident in 4th of july, 1955. While it would be interesting to do the brand new model, but I think I will model it bit later in life but sometime before the accident.
  14. Hi there! My choice of model for this GB: The fuselage. Hellcat is there for size comparison. Masks are the only aftermarket item I'll be using. Decals. Huuuge walkway decals for the wings. I think I will paint them instead. Not sure yet on my choice - but it will be either the ROKAF one with green/grey camo or the Japanese grey/blue camo. Both look really nice. I was so excited that already made a start, but I just realised that the GB has not started yet! Oh well, I think I'm still safe below the 25% mark - I'll just wait up few days until I continue It is looking really sweet model and excited to build something BIG for a change.
  15. Hi there! I'll building a Kamov helicopter for this GB: This is the box. And the price I paid, found it on a flea market. Not a bad price.... ... even if the model inside was not as advertised 1/72 A-model Kamov Ka-18. The plastic is real nasty looking with some yellow residue. I think I have to wash the parts first. My idea is to build a mini-diorama of a long forgotten and weathered Kamov on the side of the runway.
  16. There is a seat with belts and all. So I guess it was for second crewman operating the winch and targets. You can see the inside details in my WIP thread here:
  17. Boulton Paul Defiant TT Mk.I target tug, Middle-East 1945 Kit: MPM Boulton Paul Defiant TT Mk.I/III (#72552) Scale: 1/72 Paints: Vallejo Model Air, Vallejo Metal Colour, Hataka Red Line Aftermarket: Antenna wires (Ammo by Mig Rigging) Weathering: Flory Models wash, Tamiya weathering products, Ammo by Mig weathering products, WIP:
  18. Not gonna lie, this was quire rewarding build! It's nice to see it finished after quite a bit of effort I put on it Thank you for following this build, if you want to see more pics, you can find them here:
  19. Boulton Paul Defiant TT Mk.I target tug, Middle-East 1945 Kit: MPM Boulton Paul Defiant TT Mk.I/III (#72552) Scale: 1/72 Paints: Vallejo Model Air, Vallejo Metal Colour, Hataka Red Line Aftermarket: Antenna wires (Ammo by Mig Rigging) Weathering: Flory Models wash, Tamiya weathering products, Ammo by Mig weathering products, Plastic parts of this kit - quite nice! No fit issues with them and nice details. Resin parts on the other hand - most notably the spine behind the cockpit, was way too small and required lot of modification to make it fit nicely. It certainly was fun to paint something else than camo - and I had lot's of fun with the weathering! I tried to concentrate on few chosen spots instead of being too much all over the place. Built for Unarmed GB: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/727-unarmed-gb/ WIP thread for the build here:
  20. You know what? I feel like giving up - but then again it's not what I want to do. I let you decide. This GB is for South Asia - if you rather build for India vs Pakistani GB, you can do so by signing up here: If you want your name switched over to the other GB or removed, that's fine - just let me know. Sorry for all the hassle.
  21. Yes, deja vu. The original GB idea got derailed - solely due to my lack of discipline to stay true to the original idea. I feel like a fresh start is in order. This GB is for India vs Pakistan. I took the liberty to add the 'first pagers' from the original thread to this one, if you feel like you won't want to be part of it, just let me know. If you rather join the similar, but bit more wider subject matters with the South Asia GB (that originated as India vs Pakistan, just to make things more confusing), you can do so here: India vs Pakistan GB From wikipedia: Since the Partition of British India in 1947 and subsequent creation of the dominions of India and Pakistan, the two countries have been involved in a number of wars, conflicts, and military standoffs. A long-running dispute over Kashmir and cross-border terrorism have been the predominant cause of conflict between the two states, with the exception of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, which occurred as a direct result of hostilities stemming from the Bangladesh Liberation War in erstwhile East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). What can I build in this GB Any model of any scale that is either Indian, Pakistani or Bangladesh subject from 1947 to modern day. Interested? I'll put your name down until we reach 30. 1. @reini (host) 2. @stalal 3. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 4. @exdraken 5. @Tim R-T-C 6. @RidgeRunner 7. @Wez 8. @Terry1954 9. @David2703 10. @tomthounaojam 11. @zebra 12. @Troy Smith 13. @Bobby No Mac 14. @arfa1983 15. Your name here?
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