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Revell 1:48 F-16 ( cheap Thunderbird kit )

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Hi, Been a while since my last posting. Kind of lost my mojo after I threw the Tamiya Sea Harrier kit away because it just beat me !! .. will start saving for the Kinetic version.


In the meantime , found this 1:48 F16 in Home bargains for about £5 but it was the "Thunderbird version " but with an Air National Gaurd option,  so here it is. All OOB and the only change was to paint the canopy with a gold tint. Cheap kit and probably not accurate but it looks like a F-16. Main issue was the canopy fit, it was warped so had to use quite a bit of filler to make it fit. Painting the canopy was new and worked better than I thought.




Also, got a new airbrush and well happy with it. So much so, I liked using it so much, I managed to cover up all the pre-shading..


20190609_164604 F16 August 2019










Lots of techniques learned and re learned with this cheap kit. Now on the hunt for a decent Lysander :)




Happy Modelling

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49 minutes ago, JohnMcDonnell said:

That'a resurrection ! Great job you've done. Tinted canopy looks great, live proof that one doesn't have to invest million dollars to make a kit good-looking :goodjob::goodjob:

Hi John,

Could not help but notice you're from Chicago. I'm on the South side..Evergreen Park to be exact. 


All the Best!



Love it when older kits are made to this standard. Very well done.


All the Best!


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