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  1. Absolutely stunning... enjoy your down time, you certainly earned it
  2. Decals on , the hobbyboss decals are quite stubborn to leave their backing paper. They required a couple of soaks in warm water and plenty of micro set. A couple of them broke due to rough handling but salvageable. Quite a few small " no step " decals so crossed off each decal as I applied it, so I wouldn't miss any. All the decals have been given a good wash with micro sol and will leave overnight for them to settle. More will be applied where necessary, then it will be a coat of clear to seal them in. So far.. so good
  3. Residual liquid mask fluid finally removed with the aid of my magnifying lense and patience .. and of course and dental tool thingy. Next time, I'll definitely not fit undercarriage and use the doors as the masks . Happy enough to call this stage complete and decided as I had time and the space to do so .. clear coat of varnish applied. Used Humbrol clear varnish and it sprayed neat just fine as I used an 0.4 nozzle & needle upgrade for my H&S evolution airbrush. That's all for now, will leave this alone for a few days.. next stage are the decals
  4. Superb work thus far, love the detail. Will follow with interest. Thank you
  5. ... making your own intake ducting ?? , looking forward to this. Always like seeing something different. Good luck
  6. Second colour on ... easy to use Mr Color paints and they spray very easy but they do smell a bit !! ... mask required but nothing ventured etc.. Couple of areas need touching up, however I'll try a bit of panel shading on a few random panels first and see how it looks. The preshading is quite noticable at the demarcation between the two shades of grey. One problem I've encountered is that I think I've left the liquid mask on too long ... Apart from using the cocktail stick and perseverance... anyone have any good tips to remove old sticky liquid mask ?? Cheers
  7. Masking night .. part ii A tedious job and it took longer than I thought it would. Now ready for the second colour .. maybe tomorrow. .. if not , see you all in 2020. Have a great New Year all
  8. ... just in from Christmas dinner ... its volume 23 issue 8 ( August 2017) ... hic
  9. 1st coat on of the lighter grey.. mixed with the correct thinners this time !! Went on a treat but in places, I sprayed too thick a coat or multiple passes. I'll let it dry overnight and have a look in natural daylight. When I'm happy, I will mask up for the darker shade of the cammo and keep the feathered edges to a minimum, not a fan and not skilled enough at freehand. Not much progress I'll admit but started nonetheless.
  10. Ready for main colours ... there is a reason you should leave off the undercarriage struts and temporarily close & fix the doors... saves on the masking !! Especially with the inside being white. It's done now though and looking at references, the colour schemes varied slightly from state to state . Some have black canopy surrounds and some camouflaged and some again have a black nose cone, some not. Used the doors on the avionics bay as a mask and I'll see how it turns out. Some residual liquid mask used to hopefully expose some wear around the crew steps. That's enough for now .. sourced the Mr Color thinners so main colour scheme planned for later in the week. Thanks for dropping by
  11. Lesson learned .. thought I'd purchased the correct paints for this model. I thought we had two choices... acrylic or enamel based paints !! Turned out Mr Color are lacquer based acrylics and I didn't realise. I've never used them before. They immediately went all gungy when mixed with Tamiya or xtracrylix thinners. Just as well they reacted in my paint cup and I never got anywhere near my model. I've now been advised to source Gunze/Mr Color thinners. Doh !! Whilst waiting on my airbrush cleaner to do its thing , I used MRP pre mixed extra flat black on the nose cone and upper tail section. Great stuff, if a little pungent ... again RTFL ... they too are lacquer based. Liquid mask applied to the wheels and will be left overnight to set.
  12. Replacement 0.15 nozzle arrived from www.air-craft.net Ordered Sunday and arrived today. Brilliant service. Airbrush up and running again and as it was so miserable outside, I got on with spraying all the white areas ie undercarriage & bays. Also mixed up an appropriate colour for the port avionics bay and the horizontal stabiliser swash plate ( I'm calling it that ) at the rear. Some other areas given a small splash of colour and I will try a chipping/ weathering effect on some small areas, including the nose dome. That's it for now.. cheers
  13. Pre-shading done apart from the horizontal stabilisers.. .. it was all going so smoothly when I noted that my airbrush was starting to bubble and splatter the paint out of the paint cup. I stopped and gave the airbrush a quick clean out, thinking I had a residual paint blockage. Nope .. still getting splattered so a bit more cleaning and using an old needle I got loads of crap out from the needle tip nozzle. After I put it back together, I did notice the needle protrudes a bit further than normal. My airbrush is a Harder Steenbeck evolution and it didn't look or work right Then, under the magnifying lens, I saw this ... obviously been a bit ham fisted .. Split metal. Time to get on tinternet and source a replacement part. Lesson learned, apart from this all good, some progress at least. Happy modelling
  14. Getting the right tools for the right job ... took the advice and spent my birthday money on this bad boy !! Badger 1100 compressor with a 3 litre air tank. What a difference it makes, not only with the increased air pressure but so quiet and efficient. Ultimate primer was also recommended as it is already mixed and ready to go but it does require a bit higher pressure to spray correctly. The A-7 is now fully primed and set aside for a few days to go off properly. Next up will be painting the undercarriage and wheel bays white, then onto detailing the port avionics bay. After that ... preshading, so I'll see how the controllable air pressure feature works on the compressor. Thanks for looking in
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