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  1. Spitfire handed over and new owner very happy .... as am I , as he has proudly displayed it along with some memorabilia which has been handed down to him from his great uncle. Always like to see the next generation salute their forefathers ( or uncles ) NB - The rounds are inert ( Health & Safety )
  2. Superb work and a very admirable display . My congratulations
  3. Evening folks, Built this 1:32 scale Revell Spitfire as a commission build for a mate who wanted a mk 1 or mk II Spitfire for his WW2 memorabilia collection. He wanted it to resemble "XTD" which is the fibreglass gate gaurd now on display at Edinburgh Airport. The replica its has " Blue Peter " written on the side and has a four blade prop and a bright red nose cone. The kit itself went together with no real issues and was build OOB with the only addition being harness straps made from tape placed into the cockpit. I just used the cockpit decals provided with the kit. As usual, I weathered the kit using the preshading method and masking tape to seperate the camouflage colours. For the first time I tried using the " maskol" method of replicating the paint as having been worn through on heavy traffic areas, around the cockpit and a couple of the acess panels. An easy method of spraying silver then applying the maskol and rubbing off after the top coat has been applied. Very easy and effective... Used Hannants "Xtracrylix" thinners on this build, so much better than my usual Tamiya thinners and would highly recommend. Unable to source the "XTD" decals or correct serial numbers " L1067" etc, but it looks like a Spitfire and the new owner is very pleased, as for payment ... a couple of nice bottles of red wine Always wanted to build a spitfire again and this way I don't have the headache of where to display it ... just the headache from consuming the wine !! A few pictures of the finished result .. Thanks for looking and all comments welcome. Best wishes
  4. MarkdipXV711

    RN Sea King Sponsons question.

    Apologies for tardy reply... been at work. In short .. MAD was to be fitted and some aircraft sponsons were adapted to house the mad bird/winch but it never came to fruition as standard front line. I was a maintainer on mk5 and never saw a mad sea king in my service and later as a mk6 aircrewman, my job was the operation and ( achem) interpretation of all Sonics equipment. I was never ever trained to even use mad kit and I never ever saw it fitted in mk6 cabs. The RAF nimrods who we worked With, did use MAD booms. I think it was thought to be a waste of money to change already modified mad stbd sponsons back to standard ones. My last flight was in August 1996 was in XV711... a mk6 with a mad sponson. As per my first wip 1/48 Sea King. Hope this helps. Ps- some sqdns did trial it, hence your previous pics, maybe 826 sqdn or an IFTU unit. ( In Flight Trials Unit) ... I think ( been a while)
  5. This aircraft would be " Damien " due to the 666 aircraft identifier number. Looking forward to the photos
  6. Gamekeeper turned poacher .. rag carried in right hand leg pocket
  7. As an ex grubber and aircrewman... I would never dream of it. Always carried a rag
  8. Yes ... quite agree but I had a 40 year old tin of Airfix bronze enamel and after deciding to do my own take on a paintscheme I saw on the 1:72 Airfix box art, I thought why not ? The model was used to try out new techniques in painting and weathering so more than happy. Also used the little glittery / sparkly bits from a birthday card to make the lens for the landing lamps on the leading edges. Required sanding to make them thin enough to fit ... another idea made to work
  9. Thought they would have been cleaner because of the use of water runways !! ... However after looking at period photos they were very weathered. I suppose maybe because they had such long ranges and spent extensive hours on airborne patrol. Much respect to the aircrews and maintenance personnel.
  10. Think that's how I did it ... Hopefully better size now, enjoy and thanks again
  11. MarkdipXV711

    A-4M Skyhawk, Hasegawa, 1:48

    Fantastic work and especially as it's only your 2nd 1:48 scale. Superb detail and weathering
  12. As requested .. Going to have a mate build me a metal plynth and leave it on the dining table ( that won't go down well !! )
  13. Just worked out how to resize the photos .. Thanks Flickr
  14. So big that it tried to lift of in the wind whilst taking the photos!!