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  1. Yes, totally agree. Positioned the thrust nozzles slightly downward as I preferred the look of the intake aux intake doors being open on the upper half
  2. Its certainly been a while since I last posted on BM and the model building has taken a back seat due to work commitments however pushed through and finally managed to get this kit done, basically out of the box but the tail planes are from the Tamiya kit as they didn't sit as horizontal as the Kinetic ones. Moved from the shelf of doom and now hanging on the ceiling in the den Thanks for looking in... next kit, a 1:48 Gazelle in 705 sqdn colours :)
  3. Great model and read the book recently. Both well worth anyone's attention. Well done
  4. Thanks D ... I did get the light gull grey the kit said but it looked horrible and it stinks so I opted for Tamiya Royal light grey (XF-80) and preshaded prior to application over a decent dark grey primer. Thin coats. The white was also Tamiya but highly thinned. I also from time to time used some thinner and wiped back gently to give a worn look in a few areas ( eg tail plane ) then resprayed.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated Such an iconic aircraft and obviously a fantastic design, hence its longevity. The decals on this were brilliant except for those for the bombs, straight lines and round bombs don't work , so a DIY solution was used... (hope this link works ) https://flic.kr/p/2m28rN6 Hopefully my A6 will stay safe on its display shelf. Having to rotate the models on display due to lack of space and my preference for 1:48 scale minimum ( eyesight issues ). Not sure what is next, a Kinetic shar or one of my Lysanders... decisions, decisions!!
  6. Thanks folks, It is a big kit and an even bigger box. I obviously have a load of ordnance left as well as the undercarriage parts, including the metal main gear that is part of the kit. If this is of use to anyone, just pm me. Apologies if I don't get back to you straight away, I'm not online that much
  7. This one fought me all the way, from badly fitting parts to making the decision to have it wheels up and mounted on a plinth. The kit only has the option to have the wheels down so I had to adapt and add to the sprue parts supplied. Badly fitting canopy was an issue as well but its done and happy with it, especially the detail in the cockpit, which was all painted by hand ( no decals ) and to be honest, the most enjoyable part of the build. One of the mirrors inside the canopy has come loose and lodged in the front part of the canopy fairing, it is staying as there as absolutely no way I'm cracking that open again. Be careful of the wings if you decide to have them fully spread, as the join isn't that secure, I ended up using wooden dowels and gorilla glue and still, I get nervous when touching it. The crew are an homage to Jake Grafton and Virgil Cole from the movie and I appreciate that this wasn't their aircraft but it seemed like the thing to do. Anyway, enough twaddle .. here it is. and despite any inaccuracies on the moulding or my ability, it looks unmistakably like an Intruder. Cheers
  8. Fantastic thus far, also lots of paint effects I'd never thought of Thank you .. following this one with interest
  9. I sealed in the finished top coat then just built up the weathering slowly. Used Flory wash as if you don't like it then rub off. So far looking good but when you've finished and happy then seal with a matt coat varnish. Great looking mossie
  10. Worked better than I hoped. Going to use this idea for future in flight kits Enjoy your modelling during lockdown II
  11. No change to the model but wanted to change the stand for the Catalina, as I was currently using the metal base that came with my magnifying glass as I thought that it was the only thing sturdy enough to support the model. As I used an acrylic rod for another large model, I thought I'd give it a try and was pleasantly surprised !! The Cat is a big model but not that heavy and well balanced. This is how it was being displayed ... I sourced some 7" x 4" mdf plinths and cut off a piece of clear rod to mount onto it .... I then sourced an appropriate image online and found this, was free to download, so I did .. this has been printed on normal paper, just as a test piece .. It looks as if this will work, so I printed off another copy but used some matt finish decal paper, printed ok and thought result !! ... When I tried to clear coat the decal paper, to seal in the image, it smudged the image slightly, so it is back onto the internet and I'll order some photo paper. Whilst awaiting this, I've painted up the base but the last picture will give you an idea of how it will look. Just some ideas for future builds
  12. Got hold of an old Airfix stand ( thanks G ), primed the base and clear coat on the upright... was going to take some photos outside but weather says no !! Completed model now in the snug and makes a nice desk ornament Next up ... either a Shar FRS1 or A6 Intruder.
  13. Old kit built straight out of the box but with Prop Blur added. Just need to sort out a suitable stand as it is built for in flight... Not the best photos but you get the idea !! Make the best of the festive period folks, stay safe and hope Santa good to you all
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