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  1. I sealed in the finished top coat then just built up the weathering slowly. Used Flory wash as if you don't like it then rub off. So far looking good but when you've finished and happy then seal with a matt coat varnish. Great looking mossie
  2. Worked better than I hoped. Going to use this idea for future in flight kits Enjoy your modelling during lockdown II
  3. No change to the model but wanted to change the stand for the Catalina, as I was currently using the metal base that came with my magnifying glass as I thought that it was the only thing sturdy enough to support the model. As I used an acrylic rod for another large model, I thought I'd give it a try and was pleasantly surprised !! The Cat is a big model but not that heavy and well balanced. This is how it was being displayed ... I sourced some 7" x 4" mdf plinths and cut off a piece of clear rod to mount onto it .... I then sourced an a
  4. Got hold of an old Airfix stand ( thanks G ), primed the base and clear coat on the upright... was going to take some photos outside but weather says no !! Completed model now in the snug and makes a nice desk ornament Next up ... either a Shar FRS1 or A6 Intruder.
  5. Old kit built straight out of the box but with Prop Blur added. Just need to sort out a suitable stand as it is built for in flight... Not the best photos but you get the idea !! Make the best of the festive period folks, stay safe and hope Santa good to you all
  6. Very smart Muzz... especially like the weathering and the tail must have taken a load of patience
  7. Cheers Chris, I like adding the crews but very rare that any kit has them included. I'd suggest holding onto any you have, for when the fancy takes you. Easy enough to paint up for whatever service you require.
  8. Cheers Chris ... just a wee preview since you asked , the aircraft jacks are definitely not standard ..... I like Prop Blur !!
  9. A few pics of where I'm currently at. Decals applied and "Micro Sol " used. Old decals and not as crisp as latest generation with some overlap showing due to the printing process. Not a major issue as I'd already decided on a heavily weathered aircraft. So without further ado ... the pictures... The next four pictures are after the Mossie has been made dirty. Sprayed a combination of water/pastel chalk & " Flory" dark wash. Slowly and lightly to build up the desired effect. Thereafter sealed in with flat vallejo c
  10. The gloss is just due to the Humbrol gloss that has been sprayed on, in preparation for the decals. Once they are applied, I'll re cover with matt varnish
  11. Afternoon !! .... before the clear coat went on, I wanted to apply some staining around the engine exhausts so I used some wash and with the tip of the airbrush, I blew the mixture through the front of the exhaust manifold cover and quite please with the effect of the " dark dirt " blown out of the back .. Next was a quick coat of " Klear " to seal the paint then after it had dried , I applied some high gloss for the decal stage .. The prop blur were then painted yellow at the end, after discovering that my jar of Vallejo yellow had dried up. A rummage
  12. Ok .. turned out just fine. Not much else to add, will just leave it all to dry properly over the next few days then high gloss ready for decals etc.. Pictures taken under artificial light but the variations and subtle tones do stand out under natural light.
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