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  1. Gave this a go last night and set it on the inside of the canopy .. couple of small blemishes & folds with decal backing but Microsol seems to have removed most. I'll give it another covering with solution overnight and then dip the whole thing in clear tomorrow.. but overall, quite pleased
  2. Just an update on the intakes. Masked, primed , black based and top coat applied. Used Mr Color 327 as it's a gloss and to my eye.. a good match . I'll be able to judge when it is applied to main fuselage. Internal part of intake painted. Exterior is the kit red plastic. Not a lot to show for a good few hours prep & paint. Question - the MDC decal... do you apply it externally or internally to the canopy ??
  3. Two steps forward and one back !! Filler was applied and after it had hardened, it was then sanded back. Took all evening but turned out pretty good. Top side seams given the same treatment, a combination of varying grit sanding sticks and trusty wet n dry fine sandpaper. Inboard section of the wings were filled and wiped with damp sponge so no sanding needed. Intakes still not permanently added as the inner sections required priming, masking and ready for the red to be applied. I think I'll try a light coat of black first though. Took a while to get the masking on both halfs of the intakes correctly lined up. Measured twice and mask once, then check the masking is symmetrical... it wasn't, so fiddle n fettle until spot on. Next stage, prime again and have a look at rescribing the panel lines. Cheers
  4. Coat of " Ultimate " grey primer added.. just so that I can see the areas that need attention. Underside shows that more work required around the centre seam and air brake area.. Upper half requires some work around the upper panel aft of the cockpit and again some seam work. Also now that it is primed I can see that a little bit of filler required ar the upper stbd wing / fuselage join... Inner cockpit separation glass also primed and the outer edge painted white. I'll wait until it completely dries and mask up and repaint the inboard sections black or dark grey , to match the cockpit as is. For now.. all being left to dry for a day or so. Still enjoying the lockdown build
  5. Thank you for the offer, miles away from that but I'll certainly get in touch when I'm there. You've now firmly planted the pilot option in my head ... I'll let you know Thank you
  6. Hard to tell at this stage, spent the night sanding away the step and calling it done for now, as my eyes have gone cross eyed . I think I'll prep for primer and see where I am after this had been applied. Boring picture but is shows the step as is .... Think the join also needs work but difficult to see with all the red plastic... more done by feel. I'm sure fellow BM member " muzz" has done a gloss black Hawk so if need be, I'll call for advice. Thanks for the heads up Spec7, I'll take my time
  7. ... I am giving it to my son as a wee gift, he never quite got over the red arrows flying over mums old house at Newbridge when he was a toddler. They flew over in formation and split ... he needed his nappy changed Will have a look. Thank you. Definitely need to scratch up a map case for the back.
  8. Doc, It would appear that the red arrow aircraft didn't have HUD fitted, going by the walk round photos... I'll keep your PE safe and return it to you once restrictions lifted ... Decals will be used though and very grateful. B
  9. ... Haven't decided on a pilot at this stage , I'm sure I could source a 1:32 scale pilot or maybe just a smaller pilot ie 1:48 scale !! Yeah, I think I've chosen the right one and thank you about the kit. The finish is what will make or break it . See above re pilot Mine is going to be slightly weathered, I'm planning on end of season look !! ... XX308 these days is very faded after years under cover at East Fortune. I suppose back in the day, joe public wouldn't notice tatty as they streaked past. Also seriously thinking about a 14MM clear acrylic rod shoved up the tail pipe after its been carefully heated and bent into a stand . Miles away from that yet though.
  10. The red plastic certainly is different and is quite flimsy in some areas but on the flip side, sanding is easier. It'll be interesting to see this in primer. I did read somewhere about the stakes being flat and I remembered that I should sand them .... then promptly forgot to do so !! Thanks for the heads up and reminder, I will add it to my to do list Thanks for this .. I did wonder why there were two parts in the kit, luckily I had checked my photos of XX308 and I've fitted the right one. Very shiny aircraft in your photos btw... Going to be a challenge to try and replicate this finish , I'll worry about that later though Thank you ... appreciated. It's a big model for a small aircraft
  11. Evening, Horizontal stabilisers on with no major issues, as is the rudder. Wings attached to the fuselage and mostly a really good fit. Cockpit glass just placed on for the photo . Internal glazing is masked with a liquid mask as I need to paint the lower half black and the upper " ring " white(ish). Tank for the dye is also ready to be fitted but can't decide pre or post paint & decals. Forgot to pre drill location holes, just as well as the fragile locating pins snapped off with my handling. Only issue with the underside is the slight gap on both sides where the wings meet the intakes, as shown by the pencil tip. Gaps in undercarriage doors filled and smoothed with damp sponge to clean up prior to setting. .. and as previously posted by others, this step just after of the intake cowling but only on the port side ?? Intakes are not glued as I will paint them up off the aircraft, if possible. They are a tight fit with the wings now on. That's it.. not a lot of progress but getting closer to primer. Cheerio
  12. I'll dig out the decal sheet and put up a pic ... standby Not the best photo but you're welcome to them and send back what you don't need
  13. I'm sure I have several decal sheets with just white letters and numbers in various scales. What are you after ??
  14. Apologies for tardy reply .. was watching "Midway" with bass box on !!! ... sensory overload I'll PM you now
  15. Was planning on spraying the white on as a base layer and applying my decals thereafter. Going to pm Dr Quack and take him up on his offer though . Generosity on the part of BM's is as always outstanding
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