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  1. Hi, Been a while since my last posting. Kind of lost my mojo after I threw the Tamiya Sea Harrier kit away because it just beat me !! .. will start saving for the Kinetic version. In the meantime , found this 1:48 F16 in Home bargains for about £5 but it was the "Thunderbird version " but with an Air National Gaurd option, so here it is. All OOB and the only change was to paint the canopy with a gold tint. Cheap kit and probably not accurate but it looks like a F-16. Main issue was the canopy fit, it was warped so had to use quite a bit of filler to make it fit. Painting the canopy was new and worked better than I thought. Also, got a new airbrush and well happy with it. So much so, I liked using it so much, I managed to cover up all the pre-shading.. Lots of techniques learned and re learned with this cheap kit. Now on the hunt for a decent Lysander Cheers Happy Modelling
  2. Jez chute was the best ashtray .... sooked all the tell tale ash out as well. If you were really talented it was an acceptable urinal. Even heard a story of a sar diver who used it after a ' sit down" but had to wash the exterior of the back end after landing on. The slipstream caused shall we say an aft bird strike. Brown boo boo !! ... true dit Also... no complaints from me SPLOT
  3. Superb work... stunning attention to detail and fantastic painting.
  4. My issue was the intakes having no dropped doors and the subsequent sanding to make the replacement part fit. It still looks like a sea harrier and so I will keep at it.
  5. Brilliant... thank you. I'll try to source some of this for future. Appreciated
  6. Semi-splitter if you please ... Last two builds were RAF so had to revert back to senior service for this one. Tried the Tamiya tape but I'm quite ham fisted and just kept slipping the blade. I've managed to source Dymo tape.. So just awaiting delivery . Ps - return of the King returning when ???
  7. Cheers Rob... you are right. Expectations are higher these days with the cost of some kits. It looks like a shar so it will be fine, whenever the end comes. Maybe I've been spoiled with previous kits. It would be interesting to have a look at some kits I built 40 years ago !!
  8. ... too late to sort that now. I'll just pretend you never told me .... absolutely loving this kit .
  9. Hi, Finding the rescribing very difficult and as such, progress is slow. Difficult to judge if I'm cutting too deep but I'm thinking that after the application of some more primer then the actual paint, it should look ok. Done as much as I can with the kit I have ... basically the Tamiya scribe tool and a couple of old photoetch sprues to use as straight edges. I'm trying to source some " DYMO" tape, that I have seen others using and wondering if the alternative brand from China is any good... has anybody used it ? Or does anyone else use a different method that works ? ... I'm having difficulty holding the photoetch down whilst trying to scribe round sloping fuselage sections. Anyway ... this is where I'm at just now I need to somehow, rescribe the intake inlets, as all my sanding to make them fit, has scrubbed away the details they had . Thanks for looking .. any comments welcome
  10. Will use it as scribe mule but will persivere Haha ... me too
  11. .... I thought of shelving it so many times .... plodding on now though !!
  12. Dug this out of the stash, with the intention of a fairly quick and easy winter build. How wrong I was, this is a pig of a kit and after reading all the various build threads, decided it was not going to beat me !! First of all, purchased the Pavla Sea Harrier intakes and nozzles ( £6) and although designed for the airfix kit, they just about fit but as you can see, took a lot of filler and sanding. No detail for the empty front wheel bay but this will be sorted later and the same goes for the rear however as someone pointed out, the main undercarraige doors can be shut on the real thing, when the wheels are down. This is a preffered option for me !!. I also elected to paint up the Pegasus, as the kit shows that you can have a removable panel, in order to display it. Fit of this panel was awful, so I closed it up and added yet more weight with some filler. The kit cockpit and seat are basic, so I just added bits n bobs from my spares box to give an impression of a Martin Baker seat. The pilot will be getting added at the end ( again after some serious cosmetic work ) Aden cannon fitted by eye, as there are no locating marks at all. Canopy tacked on meantime and masked and the sanding has begun before first coat of primer. First coat of primer added and shows up what work is required still, with regards any sort of detailing and or panel lines. As of today, this is where I am at. Spent ages sanding and still some small problem areas to work on but this model has given me the chance to try out a new tool. The Tamiya rescriber in the background has been used for the first time and is very sharp and cuts through the plastic easily ( sometimes too easily ). Getting the hang of it but this is not an easy model to scribe, for a beginer, due to my lack of experience and the complex curves of the model. It has been a case of mark carefully once, scribe once, muck it up and apply more filler and start again. Still ..... keeps me occupied The panel lines are not accurate but neither is this model. That's it for now, all the best and happy modelling ...
  13. Spitfire handed over and new owner very happy .... as am I , as he has proudly displayed it along with some memorabilia which has been handed down to him from his great uncle. Always like to see the next generation salute their forefathers ( or uncles ) NB - The rounds are inert ( Health & Safety )
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