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  1. Thankfully mines turned out fine, I only used the one set and with the weathering and gloss coat the red under the white decal didn't bleed through. They do look thin whilst wet but to my eye, dried crisp and white. Looking forward to the rest of your build mate.
  2. Just finished mine ... one tip, don't fit the inboard two triangular fin things under each wing UNTIL you gave applied the large white decal underneath. Lots of discussion on BM re this kit. It is enjoyable though , so have fun
  3. Kit decals Muzz ... Dr Quack provided a spare set just in case but only one set required. MDC is the kit decal as well
  4. Enjoyable kit. Straight OOB but added a few details to the cockpit and added my own stand using a wine cork, acrylic rod and MDF base. Full build here Enjoy ...
  5. Thank you. Sourced it from ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272045611749
  6. What do you do when the family go out and leave you in peace for a while ??... turn on her good oven, 160 degrees C, heat up and bend your acrylic rod to shape !! Sorry no pictures as my hands were full. Also take a wine cork, drill a 8mm hole and then shave it down using this method .. Insert the other end into the hole ( 8mm) in the base and voila !! ... my home made stand . Just need to paint the base and lacquer it but overall, pretty pleased Cork up the tailpipe .. who'd have thought !!
  7. Evening... calling this done. I'll post some better pictures in RFI when I have built a suitable mount and stand for it but for now, this is how XX308 looks tonight. A couple of small areas to tidy up and the dye nozzles to be fitted but this will be after I insert a clear acrylic rod up the tail pipe . Thanks for the support and comments, appreciated as always. Stay safe
  8. Thank you.. it is a big kit and certainly is a great kit for those who have the skill & patience for all the extra detail. Me ? .. I liked this, cos with my eyesight these days, it is easier to work on !!
  9. ... no pilot as I couldn't locate one at the time and needed to press on.
  10. Thanks Q .. Spare decals saved my bacon, not because of white needing double application but because they were essential when it came to rectifying my mistake of having to remove parts and re attach . Just the nose probe and dye nozzles to finish and fit but I need to think about how to attach a clear perspective rod up the tail pipe and also how bend it into shape. I'm thinking a wine cork or similar ?? and use of a heat gun or oven for the rod.
  11. Almost there ... Flory wash and Vallejo wash added .. ... and cleaned off where not required. Masters probe arrived and prepped for paint. She is not pristine appearance wise but I prefer my models with a fair amount of weathering. I'm sure many ( especially ex or current red arrow maintainers ) will balk at the grimy look. It looks extreme under artificial lights so I'll see how it looks under sunlight and after a good buff and final high gloss coat. Thanks for looking it ..
  12. Quite a bit of progress today with all the decals applied and various small parts applied..or re applied. I did manage to drop it and chip the paint on the underside.. just aft of the nose wheel bay and in front of the port intake. It's been rubbed back and ready for repair. I'll have a think about how to do this, either spray or brush ? ... frustrating at this stage I'll leave it a few days as I'm awaiting delivery of a metal pitot tube for the front. Thanks for looking in ... cheers
  13. Doh .. knew there had to be something I'd forgotten...shouldn't have glued the under wing actuators on as it made the decal setting nigh on impossible. Luckily they were removed without too much damage and the large white arrow decals now in place. Just some micro sol needed to soften them down. Whilst that's doing its thing, I'll use the spare white decals ( thanks Doc ) to cover the actuators where required... that's the plan anyway . Cheers
  14. Evening, I have to say ... these decals ( thus far) are an absolute delight to work with. They take quite a bit of soaking to release them from the backing paper but they are strong enough to work with and reposition where needed. Using micro set coupled with the high gloss clear " Humbrol" varnish, has so far resulted in a good strong white ... fingers crossed that I wont need to apply a second decal on top . I'm happy with the white ... no " pinking " even under a bright led work light.
  15. Cheers Q .. it's a big model with not much on show externally so the joints are very visible and as such it took several goes and re attempts to get them presentable. A lot of sanding. The patio certainly took a while and provides much more space ... one advantage of the lockdown I suppose Looking forward to the decals going on.
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