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  1. Is the title recently updated to show 2020? The thread dates back to 2016 and not updated lately so I wondered if it was originally titled like this or is there some fresh news somewhere. Nothing new on FB etc...
  2. I did not miss it this time. One of the very few 1/144 kits I'm interested, maybe because there not one 1/72. But I'll go anyway, it's a nice airplane.
  3. The instrument panel looks very good SpeedyGonzales. I didn't start mine yet. But I know it is about 1.5x1.5 cm in all, so the dials look crisp great even in that size
  4. That's cool, I could do that one! Already great in NMF and a little touch of the splinter camo, great altogether...
  5. Hu-16B Albatross would be really great
  6. That's almost an urban legend. Resin material has hazard, true, but this is mostly when it is still liquid due to VOC and once it is solid it is harmless unless you eat it. You just need to avoid inhaling the dust and wear a mask when sanding etc. You would not even need that If you apply wet sanding. But no harm in taking all the precautions that would make you comfortable. I don't think building a resin kit maybe once or twice a year poses more of a threat to our health than the waves of our cell phones or the wireless stuff we use everyday.
  7. One of the slides on top of their homepage shows the Viggen.
  8. Number one candidate for "kit of the year 2021" AJ and SH versions offer better assortment of weapons and pods, but hey, this is a Viggen in 1/32nd and considering their Skystreak offering, of which I have one copy, this is now on the top of my list.
  9. I asked them about the release schedule and price. They replied no exact date and price set, also added that it is still scheduled for autumn 2020 and they are trying to keep the price under 200 USD. Assuming that this will be no less detailed than their Skystreak and having my Skystreak delivered a couple of days ago so knowing what I'm talking about, a resin kit of X-3 with that size and quality at around 200 USD sounds quite reasonble to me. Really looking forward to it...
  10. A little more than a blank paper to start with but certainly a bargain with the price tag. 1/18 scale is a nice one to improve one's scratch building capabilities.
  11. My kit arrived yesterday, absolutely made me happyI've read so far about all the positive comments about this production but hey, one has to see it live! The level of detail is very good, 3D printed parts are crazy and how they managed to print them with their tinier supports is even more crazy. And the foam is a very good idea too to keep them all intact. Great work on this quality product Jetmads, keep going!! Looking forward to the Skyrocket and Stiletto...
  12. Yes, definitely. Given the brand approach it will probably receive all the detail it deserves. I wonder if any fuselage details would be added, ie open panels etc. All the pressure tanks and test equipment under the hood would make a great display.
  13. Eyecather. And big. Panel lines might be a little.... accentuated... maybe?
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