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  1. So nice to see these companies are producing kits that the mainstreamers would never bother to touch.
  2. I was sent the same mail too, most probably like all who have placed preorders. I'm quite willing to put my hands of my order asap but no problem... I can wait another 2-3 weeks for a 1/32 Skystreak. I understand these guys are producing all 500 kits, which should not be an easy task. Their statement in the email that they are mass producing the kit to cut the costs seem reasonable, so delivery schedule change in such an endeavour is not a surprise to me.
  3. How could one ever not call this a "beauty". Great model and thanks for sharing it.
  4. Hey, that's great, thank you coneheadff. I had no idea either this model of the Gina or such manufacturer existed. I'll check if they still produce and have one, thank you again...
  5. Wow, for two: One, for seeing a Skyrocket in 1/32 scale, which is amazing. And two, for Jetmads moving over to their next announced release which is very promising given their future release list.
  6. Pity that the Gina is a neglected aircraft from the manufacturers' point of view. It would build into very nice Italian and German schemes, including Frecce Tricolori. A 1/32nd would be too much to dream of maybe, but I'd settle for a 1/48th. Is that too much to ask for??
  7. Impressive presentation indeed. I never liked resin kits being sold in pizza-box like containers with all those parts in nylon bags and moving all around. This is a really good way of keeping parts and also for me an indication that these guys both respect the work they do and the modelers as well. The price seems reasonable and when would we have a 1/32 Sksyteak?? So I will not miss this one.
  8. Just WOW! Such masking and paint job would make me feel I'm the king modeller, which is nowhere near the truth Great model indeed.
  9. Great Rafale model! One of the most handsome modern jets...
  10. Not that I'm against a 1/144 scale one, but an aircraft model does not have to be underdetailed in that scale... Especially if it is a big plane like the Vulcan. Just add some more details, raise the price 10% and people will still buy it, maybe even more... With that level of detail, I won't...
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