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  1. It's so nice to see people producing what big players do not and feed hungry modellers. Resin of course needs some extra labor to build and is more expensive but this way at least there is a product available on the market for those willing to pay to build their long desired subjects.
  2. The assortment of announced kits clues a bit about their path of subject selection. Quite a number of early jets including experimental aircraft and they mention of some surprises so why not a Fairey Delta FD.2? Would be priceless indeed. Fingers crossed !
  3. That's phenomenal. Such work on a big model as this one... Amazing work Speedy
  4. Canberra is a great aircraft. Sorry British fellows, I do not wish to spark any discussions but B-57 versions with the tandem seat and canopy look better than British versions, in my opinion... Gives the aircraft a more stylish look... And this is one great B-57B Canberra model. Very good, sir !
  5. Thanks Speedy. The kit build is quite satisfactory, no major problems at all, air intakes need some attention though... It took about a month to finish. Do not wait to start, if you haven't already in these almost three weeks
  6. That'a resurrection ! Great job you've done. Tinted canopy looks great, live proof that one doesn't have to invest million dollars to make a kit good-looking
  7. Yes, it is really big but if you're an aviation enthusiast (like me, you and everybody here) no scale is big enough unless it is a 1/1 scale Thank you so much for your nice comments. Best regards, John
  8. Thanks so much. 32nd scale is sometimes hard to work with, especially on these modern jets. Handling a big model about 60cm in length proves to be troublesome from time time but I think the results are equally rewarding compared to smaller scales. Kind Regards, John
  9. Being a "McDonnell" myself, I have a different heart when it comes to McDonnell Douglas aircraft. I had started this with the Jolly Rogers Phantom and have just finished it. Some riveting with a riveter and PE cockpit sets are the extras. Thanks for looking and your comments. John
  10. That model is truly inspiring, I've got to build one with that scheme. Great work indeed, also black background is a very good idea to show it better.
  11. Thank you so much for your kind comments gentlemen.
  12. You really must be a very patient man, to do all that riveting stuff ! The lines look quite good and rivets almost equally spaced, considering you say you didn't use any spacing guide. I hope the finish reflects all this heavy work.
  13. Really cool model. You have gold-tinted the canopies if I'm not mistaken and that's really a
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