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Found 184 results

  1. I recently purchased some sets of Peddinghaus 1/72 IDF Tank Markings decals , however they come with no instructions with positions on the vehicles, instructions on application but nothing on were they go ! I looked on the Peddinghaus site and they have no instructions either , thought it was strange to sell decal without positioning drawings . 72 1308 - M 48, M 48, M 51, Centurion, Centurion 72 2348 - M7, M4 A3, M 48, M 109, Merkava 1 EP 1309 - M 48, M 60 Thanks Syd
  2. Well obviously not the entire airline (I'll leave that to someone else), but some old aircraft models in 1/200 scale I came across going through some old stuff earlier today. They are all three showing signs of "fatigue" and a bit of wear and tear, but nothing that can't be fixed with some glue and a fresh layer of paint. Airbus A321 Boeing 767-300 DC 10-30 During my time with SAS is worked on all three aircraft types, so there is some degree of nostalgia involved. Luckily nothing seems to be missing (except for at small piece of the vertical stabilizer on the B767) but I'm struggling to find some decals for all three models. My plan would be to restore them back to the same liveries, by giving them a full respray and some new decals, if only I could find some. Unless I manage to find complete sets, I would be needing decals for both the SAS liveries and the cockpit and cabin windows/doors. So my humble request to you kind people here on BM would be, does any of you know of an online shop where I could possible find some quality decals for my old SAS aircraft models in scale 1/200? All three models are from an italian company named Fratelli Cesana. Have any of you heard of this company before, it appears as if they are no longer around? In forward many thanks for any help on the decals !! Cheers Johnny b
  3. Do you know what companies print silk screen decals?, I mean companies as Cartograph or Microscale that someone can send them that you can send them your designs with specifications and they can print them. I has been in contact with Cartograph and Microscale, but I'm looking for more options, because Cartograph is prettty good, but it takes a lot of time (and I mean months) before they finish with your project, and when I contacted Microscale, they send me a list of inks they use, and that's very limiting when one wants more colorful subjects as Asia or Africa, so I'm looking for more options.
  4. I'm after a bit of help please...... I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of the Silk Cut Jaguar XJRs the quite magnificent (unless you lent him money) Tom Wilkinshaw built. I have very vague memories of the 1988 Le Mans win and especially the 1990, I visited the motor show at the NEC with my dad and was lucky enough to see the 90 winner there. I have various books acquired in recent years and various die cast models of these wonderful machines but always fancied building a detailed kit. A couple of years ago I found the 1:24 kit from Tamiya BUT was over £60 and I was fearful I couldnt do such a well detailed kit justice, step in Hasegawa I managed to get the complete kit including proper Silk Cut decals for a mere £15, I thought it was going to be great and as such I bought the Spot Model PE kit for the Tamiya model in my plan to detail it a bit more. A few days later the kit arrived and the anticipation of opening it turned to disappointment as soon as the lid came off. Next to no detail, no ENGINE, no nice detailed interior and about 50 pieces to put it together, I was very unhappy, but it was £15!!! It sat in the box for a while but I decided that I should build it just to do it and then get the tamiya kit when I felt confident I could build one that detailed. I white glossed the shell and painted the interior as detailed as I could so this morning I thought I'd put the decals on it, complete it and stick it at the very back of the shelf as it isnt worthy of being close to the front. My problem is the decals were in a film wrapper and the decals over time have curled up and stuck to the film bag, I opened it up and left them to dry up a bit, all the edges have furred out and a horrible glazing all over them, I hoped they might lift and stick just not look very flat. WRONG They literally just disintegrated as soon as they hit the water and curled up cracking into about 40 pieces So in a long winded way........ Does anyone know where I can buy a complete set of Hasegawa Silk Cut decals for my XJR-8 ?????
  5. Hi I recently bought a Second hand Raf Bomber command which comes with A Lancaster and the resupply set. It came without the decal sheet and while I was looking for a new one for the Lancaster which came with the stencils and I saw this one by Kit world. I have never heard of them before and I was wondering if the where good quality decals. The last decal set I bought disintegrated, so I want to make sure that this one won’t do this. I was also wondering if there is a decal sheet for the resupply vehicles.
  6. Hi, I'm building a 1/72 hasegawa/w special bomb A-1H also know as AD-6 skyraider and one of the decals have shreaded itself on application. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a replacement. This is the kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-bp104-a-1h-skyraider--138567
  7. I've just bought an Airfix Boeing 707 from Kingkit for the very reasonable price of £15 as I've wanted to make some classic airliners for a while now. What could be more classic than the 1960s Pan Am livery? However, what would be the best decals for this kit, and is the Airfix kit (old Skyking series with British Airways livery) suitable, or is it completely the wrong version of 707? I don't know much about airliners really so any help and info appreciated! Trying to get a TWA Constellation at some point too, having recently bought the Airfix Comet and Vanguard. Maybe need a DC-7 and DC-8 too, but I hadn't realised how expensive most of these airliner kits are! Especially Tridents and VC-10s.
  8. I’m offering a service to BM members who want to recreate a specific model, but who can’t source the decals. If there’s a decal or a specific decal set that you want, and you can’t get them commercially, I’ll draw them for you. I’m thinking of images such as aircraft nose art, pilot’s personal insignia or regimental markings on military vehicles and so on. I can also redraw ones you might have with an old kit but which have yellowed or cracked or are otherwise unusable. I’ve been using Adobe illustrator and Photoshop for many years so I know my way around the programs reasonably well but I’ll be doing these in my ‘spare’ time (ha ha) so I won’t be able to offer an express 24-hour kind of service. I will get them done however! I’d like to keep this dead straightforward, so there are a few things to consider: I don’t intend charging for them. They’ll be free. Gratis. My purpose for offering this is to help fellow Britmodellers out. I might have to revisit that if I get swamped with requests but that’s likely to be a way down the line yet, if it ever happens. I can only draw something based on the reference I get. The better the reference, the better the end result will be. If all you can provide me with is a grainy 10mm square black and white photo, and you want a full colour image made of it I may not be able to do very much! After I’ve received the reference, and I think the job is doable, I’ll draw the decal(s) up and send you draft copies for approval. I’ll correct any errors I may have made, and will resubmit a corrected file. I suggest you print it out initially in black and white on a standard printer just to check the fit then, once you’ve approved it, I’ll finish it off and send you a final file in colour. You will have to arrange to print them. I will reserve the right to decline to do some things, especially if they’re particularly complicated, overly intricate or are likely to be otherwise extremely time-consuming. If someone wants me to recreate a miniature Michelangelo or something similar…forget it If I do a drawing, it will be done solely for the model in question. I’m not doing these so they can be sold on, used by anyone else or converted into commercial decal sets. I can recognise my own work and I’m not expecting to see them offered online or anywhere else, free or otherwise. If that happens we’re going to run into a problem with intellectual property rights which could get messy and unfriendly. No-one wants that. On the other hand, if I’m simply redrawing some from, say, an old Matchbox kit that are unusable due to age, that’s different. What I would ask is that when the model is finished I would like to see a photo of it please. If it’s entered into a competition I would ask to be credited with creating the decals. I think that’s about it. I can’t think of anything else at the moment. so let’s see how it goes. As stated above, I’ll be doing them in my spare time so I’ll fit them in and around other work. If I’m busy with something else, your job will have to join the queue but I’ll let you know what my workload is so you can decide whether you want to go ahead or not. The best thing is to give me plenty of notice! I’ve been in touch with Mike about this, and he’s fully aware of the offer. Any questions?
  9. I don't really know which section to put this under, so I'm just going to put it in WIP Aircraft. They are decals for aircraft so this kinda makes sense? So...... Recently I've been building a 1/144 Trumpeter Vulcan and a 1/200 Cyberhobby/Dragon Vulcan and have come across a bit of a problem with decals for these. I wanted to do an anti flash white Vulcan with the trumpeter one, it doesn't come with decals for that scheme so off I went to browse around to find a nice aftermarket set and well.... No sets of pale roundels or fin flashes in that scale. There are decal sets with a lot more in that I don't need which have them, but I just want those bits as I have the rest. So I asked on here if I missed anything and it seems I didn't.... Someone suggested printing my own. Although this won't be much use for my Trumpeter one because I want to get that off the desk soon to make room for other projects, I decided hey why not give it a shot.I have a suitable inkjet printer, no one does a set in 1/144 of just the roundels, fin flashes and serials, so why not..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Air_Force_roundels <-- this is useful I can't print white but have got a thing somewhere that can cut all sorts of shapes in various sizes, so if I can get it cutting circles and rectangles of the right size I can make masks to paint a white background with when I do full shade roundels (obviously this won't be needed with pale shade which goes on white anyway). First thing is to know the sizes of the roundels. Vulcans had 84" roundels on the wings and 54" roundels on the fuselage. The ratio of the diameter of each band of colour was 3:2:1, so that made the wing ones 84", 56" and 28" bands, the fuselage ones are therefore 54", 36" and 18". Bit of simple maths to convert, plugged it into a spreadsheet and I had the correct sizes which I can hopefully print accurately. Not long later I had some roundels made and printed on normal paper as a proof of concept that my printer can print the colour right and I can get the size accurate. They look perfect size and the colour looks right to me. Can't exactly measure with digital calipers but they look right. These ones in 1/144 scale should be 1.482cm(3dp) which converts to 84" This is pretty much what the design process looks like.... Shapes, recolour, resize. Things with curves in other than basic circles are harder but I should be able to manage. Fin flashes are 36" wide and 24" tall, with colour bands in a 1:1:1 ratio. Each band is 12" across, this was simply rescaled and I had the fin flashes done. So far I've got roundels in both sizes, fin flashes and the X, H, L, 0 and 1 done in the correct font. Resizing these is easy, I printed them in 1/72 scale as well so I could compare to decals in my folder full of V force spares (yes I have a folder for all my V Force stuff). If I get to printing I will certainly be doing a set in 1/72, 1/144 and 1/200 for each scale plastic Vulcan kits are available in, and also doing them in full shade colours, which very early examples of seemed to be more bright and vivid than later ones (particularly on white and silver painted Vulcan B1s). It's an excuse to build lots of Vulcans! So here it is so far: Here you can see my size roundels are pretty much in agreement with the Xtradecal ones for a Victor (also 84" and 56"), and Airfix's ones seem to be too small (I measured them when I built my second 1/72 Airfix Victor and I think they are about 5 scale inches short iirc) Fin flashes look about the right size compared to the Fündekal set. The wing roundels are the same size, but my fuselage roundels are bigger. I think the Fündekal ones are 48", 6 scale inches small so that makes my ones approximately correct. Now the question is where do I get good decal paper from, and how do I print half decent decals?
  10. Hi all Print Scale do attractive decals for Mig-17 without mentioning the exact variant they are destined for. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PSL72008 Please any recommendations for a Mig-17 kit in 1/72 scale? In particular the Egyptian version? Are there any pics on the internet that will assist? Thanks in anticipation. M.M.
  11. I have the old Airfix Canberra B.2 and their newer B(I)6 in the stash in 1/48, I would like to build one from Wyton circa 1987. Ideally the TT18 with black and yellow stripes would look good in such a large scale, but I can't find the target pods in aftermarket, nor, perhaps surprisingly any 100 sqn tailfin markings. Are there any available, or is it relatively easy to scratch build the Rushton pods? Which of the Airfix Canberra kits would be best to convert to a TT18? If the pods/conversion prove difficult perhaps I could just do a 100 Sqn B2 instead, I believe they operated some in the 80s, albeit grey underneath not yellow & black. Perhaps a question for @canberra kid?
  12. Hi Guys Here is a bumper set of new releases all in one go, available for ordering and shipping right now (well over the next few days) Basically a few stand alone decal sheets, to be used in conjunction with the kit decals, early F6F-5 fuselage windows, and a few F6F-5N conversion sets with decals. Before you all ask, yes I am working on the F6F-3 conversion, this will also be done with a few decal sheet options. Release date for the -3 ???????? next few months. Best to visit here to get all the information. https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/category/1-24th A few pictures for colour (or color for US friends)
  13. The old 1/72 Academy P-51B has decals for Fred Glover's Rebel Queen. The girl on the fuselage has a red swimsuit, The name 'Rebel Queen' is in Olive Drab (which seems unlikely). This is how she is portrayed on my 1972 Scale Models plans, possibly where Academy got their info. But the much more recent Kits World decals give her a blue swimsuit. with 'Rebel Queen' in Red. Can anyone help with which one is right? I'm very tempted to buy the decals which look very nice, but they cost more than I paid for the kit, so it would be nice to know if they're correct! Many thanks,
  14. hi all! Would anyone know who to contact regarding custom decals? I’m planing on building Virgin’s Maiden Voyager 747-287B and I can’t seem to find any decals I could use or modify. Any advice would be grand! Thank you
  15. As the title says Im Looking for generic codes to do a Hurricane IIc from 336 squadron of the D.A.F. They look like this. As an alternative does anyone make decals for this IIc from a South African AF squadron ? Trying to find options for current Hurricane build. Thanks in advance ? Dennis
  16. Howdy, looking for reference and possibly the correct markings for the Norwegian P-3 involved with the collision over the Barents Sea back in 1987. I already have the Su-27 markings in a Begemot sheet. Thanks
  17. Hi all, I am looking for anyone who would print a set of serials for me in white. I have struggled to get a good looking application using minute lettering sets but I just cant get alignment correct. What I need is a very small set. It is lettering and numbering in Amarillo font, in white, with the overall length of each full serial being 6mm. My very small and my old hands and eyes just cant hack it! Any ideas? Thank you. Martin I put a few names here in case these or others have any idea - @Giorgio N @Terry1954 @bentwaters81tfw @spaddad @Courageous ......
  18. So I recently bought Tamiyas’ X-35 semi-gloss clear , I applied decals onto my model and topped it off with mr mark softer , should I add a semi-gloss clear coat above the decals ? or are there any problems I might face? Are there any extended benefits?
  19. I am looking for some information and possibly recommendations. I have decided to undertake a task of large proportion whereby I will need a lot of bespoke, made to requirement decals. Having never done this before, I'm not conversant with what the capabilities are out there. Some of the questions I'm looking to have answered are below: Are there specialised decal companies that will produce mass orders to client requirements? Are there companies that will create 'nose art' decals from a rough black and white photo? If there are and can to the above - can anyone recommend places/companies or can do it themselves and interested in producing some simple and some very difficult work? To give an idea of what I am looking at having done - I am going to attempt to replicate an entire squadron from World War Two of which my grandfather was a pilot in. It will just cover the period that he was in the squadron for and this rings out at 52 aircraft, the lost and the survivors. Mac
  20. Hello I am experimenting with decal printing and I found a small hitch regarding this particular aircraft, basically the nose art is depicting a sort of comic Bull (most probably from Private Snafu comics) punching at something, this I managed to get after a lot of work on photo shop, yet still some parts of the depiction are not clear, any help would be greatly appreciated
  21. Seeing as the my last request got some brilliant replies that let me score what I wanted in hours, here's the latest : Do any 1/72 decals exist/are about to exist for this? Maybe my Google-fu is weak today but I couldn't easily spot any in usual places. Cheers Anil
  22. Hello everyone. I`m looking to model USAF and IAF F-16 in 1/144 and have had no luck in finding a decal sheet of USAF tail codes. The ones I am after in particular are WA and AZ. Does anyone know if there is a sheet of generic letters available that could be used. I have had a good look but am having no luck. I am also looking for a scorpion tail decal in 1/144. Does anyone know of a place where I might find it, I can find a sheet of other SQN`s but not this particular one. Many thanks. https://cdn.jetphotos.com/full/6/70666_1541230267.jpg
  23. SA80A2AR

    Setting fluid

    i may sound like a realy dumb question but how do you use setting fluid and what is the best one to get
  24. Long time reader... first time poster... HELP!!! Has anyone had this happen before? I finished a Testors 1/72 B-66 Destroyer on August 30th last year, and about a month ago I noticed the decals were turning black! Since then, I've seen it get progressively worse. I don't harbor any hope of salvaging the model, I just don't want to have it happen again. There were a few "firsts" for me on this build, so there are a lot of variables. But, here is the sequence of paint and decals: Tamiya spray gloss black (base) Alclad Polished aluminum + Alclad aluminum Alclad Aqua Gloss clear Decals (original kit decals purchased on e-bay) Testors metalizer sealer (pretty old bottle) Here is a photo of the decals under the cockpit on the day I finished it: Here is a photo taken tonight of the same decals: Here are a couple more examples of the decals that have turned black I've had decals turn brown before, but only after a couple of decades. But this has only been 6 months! The decals I bought were original, so they were 20 -25 years old, but in great condition (not yellow). I want to blame the decals, but I wonder if there was some reaction between the aqua gloss and the testors sealer that affected the decals sandwiched between? I'm just hoping to prevent this in the future, so I thought I'd throw it out to the community to see if anyone had any insight. Not to sound too melodramatic, but this is really heartbreaking; there is a long story behind this model, but in short it was the model I've been wanting to make since 1989 and I did it! Then this happened... Any help or insight would be appreciated -- I don't want to go through this again! For what it's worth, here's what it looked like in it's prime (5 months ago! Ha Ha!):
  25. NigelD

    HMS violet

    My aim is to build the revell 1/144 corvette as my late father in law's ship, or at least an approximation of it. Does anybody know where I can buy suitable decals for the Hull markings, K35? Nigel
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