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  1. That is just beautiful! I love the colour scheme, Cheers Viv
  2. Gorgeous! They both look fantastic but the Omani Hunter is something else! Nice one, Cheers Viv
  3. Fantastic looking plane Ced, I think I want to build one! Cheers Viv
  4. Hi Witold, this really is amazing work, incredible attention to detail. I for one have absolutely no issue with this being a virtual model, it is still a model even if it is not one you can hold in your hands. Excellent work sir, Cheers Viv
  5. Hi Peter, amazing as usual! It just looks real! Cheers Viv
  6. Phwoar, what a stunner! There is no such thing as an ugly Hunter, and yours is fab Devo, Cheers Viv
  7. H Debs, That last photo is fab! Ive never seen Snoopy from that angle and had no idea the torpedo shaped thingy above the cockpit was off centre. Its looking really good, Cheers Viv
  8. Lovely work Polo, that aircraft looks very sharp indeed! Cheers Viv
  9. Thank you Dean! Your Starfighter is amazing! Cheers Viv
  10. Hi everyone, I've just procured a Revell 1/32 Locked F104c/g Starfighter and am thinking of building it as a USAF C in a natural metallic finish using foil. Having never done this before, I am looking for any pointers to get me started, any help would be greatly appreciated. The kit, sadly has raised panel lines so I may have to sand them off and scribe some panel lines, something I've not done before... Cheers Viv
  11. Hi Wally, Absolutely gorgeous Connie sir, and in a very eye catching livery. Very nice indeed, Cheers Viv
  12. Thanks for the tip Col, I'll pay extra attention to that bit! Cheers Viv
  13. Its the 32nd scale hunter Col, but Imay hunt down one of the 1/72 ones and pay the bucket loads people want for it as it is a nice little kit! Cheers Viv
  14. Hi everyone, Thanks for co-hosting this Col., it is much appreciated! I'm going to do an Indian Air Force Thunderbolts Hunter, I saw one at Telford in November and it looked fantastic. I may just crack one out of the stash as I now have three and consider a practice run... Cheers all, Viv
  15. Nice one! I have a dodgy Mirage 3 in the same scale in my stash that will be built purely as an oob fun build! Yous looks fab!
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