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  1. I am by no means a good modeller of figures , but now and then I like to try to paint a figure. Here's my latest atempt: Feline Female ( Catwoman) I was inspired by The Golden Age Catwoman of the 40'es. The figure is a slight conversion of the Masterbox 1/24 Francoise figure. I made the 'mask' of Greenstuff and painted it with acrylics. Cheers Hans J
  2. I thought that I would kick off the GB with this pair of Masterbox figures from their US Civil War Series. Since returning to the hobby I have had a few attempts at painting figures with mixed results and not really feeling satisfied with my achievements at the end - let's see if I can create a nice vignette with this group of figures. by John L, on Flickr A large frame holds most of the parts for this group wth a smaller section accoutrements for the Scout. by John L, on Flickr Here are a few of my previous efforts. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr And this poor chap ended up looking like he had a bad skin condition. by John L, on Flickr But the Spaniel looked OK. by John L, on Flickr John
  3. Thought I would go with something a bit different for this GB. My figures painting skills aren’t up to much, so no idea how I will cope with a horse. A couple of sprues and all the instructions printed on the back of the box.
  4. This has been on and off the workbench for around 6 months but finally finished today 😁 Its been challenging at times but I’m happy with the final result . Masterbox 1/35
  5. Hope this works! A small diorama which contains models from several companies - Masterbox, Miniart, Tamiya and more. The story is that i a postapocalyptic world our heroine Hanna is scouting the lands for new supplies when she stumbles upon a deserted town - why it is deserted? She is about to find out. Hope you like it! Cheers Hans J
  6. Hello Folks, I finshed my Indian Diorama and wanna show you the result. Materials: Vallejo Modell Colour Vallejo Model Air Tamiya Quick Setting Vallejo Putty Clay Vallejo Water Effects Aftermarket Gras Kit: Thanks for watching!
  7. Part of an ongoing diorama, these 3 paras are Masterbox bodies, 2 with Hornet heads and the officer with a resin head that I'm not sure of the origin. Arms and hands have been swapped around from other kits to get the positions I wanted. painted with Lifecolour Acrylics. And a few Germans from the same diorama. Mixture of Masterbox and Dragon figures with resin heads and arms from various kits.
  8. Take One More Grenade! (MB3564) 101st Airborne (Air Assault Division, Europe 1944-45 1:35 Masterbox via Creative Models The 101st were the elite light infantry of the US forces on D-Day, and were amongst the first in and last out, earning their reputation as "the tip of the spear", and their exploits were documented in the HBO series Band of Brothers in some detail. This figure set from Masterbox depicts four Screaming Eagles in an urban situation about to chuck a grenade into a building while stacked up outside it. Arriving in a de facto standard figure-sized box, there is one sprue of grey styrene inside, and the instructions are printed on the rear of the box along with a paint chart and sprue layout. Sculpting is fine as you would expect from Masterbox, and figure breakdown is intended to add as much realism to the set as possible, with separate heads, torso, legs and arms, plus the lower parts of their smocks, bags, pouches, weapons, and helmets all being individual parts to maximise customisation of the figures' look. One figure is holding open the door with his rifle in the other hand, but he can alternately be posed ready to smack someone with the butt of his rifle, which is poised high in both hands. The grenade thrower has legs planted apart for stability and the pineapple behind him ready to go, with a lightweight folding-stock M1 Carbine in his free hand. The other two are ready to pile in with a Thompson and BAR to one side. As well as the aforementioned bags and pouches, there are also pistols, water bottles, first-aid kits, entrenching tools, bayonets and even helmet straps with chin-cups for the mesh-netted helmets. The instructions on the rear of the box cover construction, but as the figures are printed in a sepia tone, they're not much use when it comes to painting, other than by the inclusion of the paint chart in Vallejo, LifeColor, Tamiya and Mastercolor. There is a QR code printed above the chart, but that's a generic URL to visit their site, and drilling down to information on this set doesn't yield any further information. It's a minor complaint on what is a good set, added to which is my perennial wish that figure sets in general would include decals for rank and unit badges more frequently. There are plenty of references out there for uniform colours however, and if you really want badges etc., they can be sourced from Archer, or other companies. Conclusion A dynamic set of four figures with all the gear that a paratrooper would carry once landed in France to begin the liberation of Europe. If included in a diorama they would give a human scale as well as a dynamic feel to any building they're assaulting. Add some straps from tape or foil and you're away! Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  9. Picked this one up a few weeks ago after the fun I had with Masterboxes Austin Armoured Car. A pretty straight forward build (except for the very small piece at the front which ended up being eaten by the carpet monster). Painted to represent HMLS Kia-Ora which was involved in the Second Battle of Gaza in April 1917. More information on this action can be found here: https://tank100.com/training-combat/tanks-palestine-first-world-war/ The main colour scheme is brush painted Tamiya Acrylic (XF49 Khaki) with various oil and acrylic washes and some light dry brushing. The headlights are dots of Humbrol Clearfix. Thanks for looking.
  10. An inexpensive impulse buy a few weeks ago and a delight to build. Brush painted with Tamiya acrylics, with weathering from various oil and acrylic washes. Tried a bit of dry brushing with oils for the first time - happy with how it worked out. Markings from the box for a vehicle in France 1918. From my reading around it was likely with the 17th (Armoured Car) Battalion of the Tank Corps, although markings may be spurious. Thanks for looking.
  11. Desert Battle Series Kit No.1 (MB35214) Skull Clan – Long-Distance Raid. An Old Raider. Vadim 1:35 Master Box Ltd via Creative Models Ltd Master box have various series of figures that have themes unrelated to history, film or TV series. The Desert Battle series is a dystopian future (aren’t they all?) that’s not too far away, and based more than a little on the facts of today. A climate crisis happens in 2023 and throws the world into disarray on a global basis. Better get stocking up on toilet rolls then, folks! No really, don’t. Not for the third time. If you check Master Box’s website, there are four individual figures being released, plus a few boxed sets to fuel your fevered dreams and fill your dioramas. They’d look equally at home in any slightly futuristic, slightly dystopian setting, so if you read the back-story on the back of the box, which you should be able to below, and it doesn’t suit you, stare at the figure instead and judge for yourself whether you can use him. The figure arrives in a slightly-too-large end-opening figure box, with a single narrow sprue inside, and instructions plus back-story on the rear of the box. He’s a big lad at 6’4” if I’ve done my measurements correctly, so while he’s a fine figure of a man, it’s entirely feasible he’d be that height. As usual, the sculpting is first rate and the recent nature of the tool shows in the detail, with the figure broken down into head, torso, arms, legs, and with separate open flaps to his jacket, a two-part hood, additional chest and thigh pouches, backpack with moulded-in bedroll, a long rope bundle, and a slightly futuristic weapon that’s a cross between a Galil and an MP5, with all the attachments. Painting of the figure is entirely up to you, as in the dystopian future you can wear what you want (who's going to stop you?). The box art gives you some useful clues however, and you don’t get the rat on his shoulder in case you were wondering. A strange inclusion or omission, depending on whether you’re a rat lover or not. Conclusion An interesting and well-sculpted figure for you to use and abuse as you see fit. Build him as a stand-alone model or as part of a diorama with or without others of the series. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  12. Finished - basic base as I didn’t want to overwhelm the figure
  13. No! Not the Bowie album 🎼 Six 1940s American young ladies Beryl Monica Sandy Kate Nora Jane
  14. The armoured cuirassiers were the 'shock troops' of their day, ready to smash through any weaknesses in the enemy line and win the victory. None were more famous than the French, with the image of thousands of them pouring over the field of Waterloo as one of the most instantly recognisable in military history. 6e Régiment de Cuirassiers 285 men The regiment nominally consisted of four squadrons each of two companies, each company having 100 men. Blue short-tailed coatee. Facings of orange collar, blue cuffs, orange cuff flaps, lapels and turnbacks for 6th regiment. Pewter buttons, silver for officers. Turnbacks had blue grenades. Shoulder straps were blue, piped in the facing colour, replaced by red epaulettes. The helmet was polished steel with brass comb, black mane, black cowhide turban, black visor edged with brass. Red plume on the right, brass chin scales. Senior officers had white plumes. Polished steel cuirass, leather straps, brass scales. Red lining edged white for all regiments. White waistcoat. Buff breeches. Small black cartridge box on white belt over the cuirass. Long black boots with bronzed steel spurs. White gauntlet gloves, black cravat, white cloak, blue housings laced white. Cuirassiers were mounted on blacks or dark bays. White sheepskin edged red, white grenades on the housings and regimental number on the valise. Masterbox kits are usually clearly detailed and defined and this is no exception. I do feel that the instructions leave something to be desired as they lack an assembly order. I used filler to smooth the joints of the horse. Vallejo Model Color 70846 139 Mahogany Brown = horse’s coat Vallejo Model Color 70993 151 White Grey = shirt Vallejo Model Color 70864 178 Natural Steel = helmet, stirrups, cuirass Vallejo Model Color 70847 123 Dark Sand / 70976 120 Buff = breeches It looks as though the mounted figure must be assembled on the horse. Vallejo Model Color 70985 146 Hull Red = horse’s mane and tail, dry brush over horse’s coat
  15. So my matchbox mystère build has got to the point where there is going to be lots of “waiting for things to dry” so I’ve decided to start this to fill the gaps was going well cleaning parts for the figure but went down hill on the bike with a dose of “ amazing jumping PE “ - need to scratch build replacements now ☹️ Anyway that’s it for today will pick up again tomorrow evening
  16. German StuG III Crew, WWII Era (MB35208) ”Their Position is Behind that Forest” 1:35 Master Box Ltd via Creative Models This new figure set from Master Box is designed with the German StuG III in mind, although it will probably adapt very well to any similar WWII German AFV. It arrives in a figure-sized box with end-opening flaps, which is standard fare for figures, even though they’re a little easy to crush when stacked flat. Inside is a single sprue of grey styrene that contains parts for five figures plus some pistol holsters, helmets, magazine pouches and an MP40. Each figure is broken down into torso, separate legs and arms, plus head with flat top where a helmet or commander’s cap is fitted to allow extra detail around their brims. There is one German Wehrmacht soldier standing on the blocky front of the tank, pointing over to the forest that is described in the subtitle. The commander and one of his crew are fully out of the tank, while the other two are half out, or just poking their head out of the hatch, but all of these are full figures. Sculpting is first class as usual, with both seamlines and parts breakdown sensibly placed to improve or preserve detail during construction and seam-removal. Instructions are given on the rear of the box with part numbers on the right and a colour chart shoehorned into the centre giving colour codes in Vallejo, Lifecolor, Mr. Color and Tamiya shades, plus a colour swatch to help out further. Conclusion Figures give a model scale, and well-sculpted figures that are sympathetically painted are such a boon, especially when they’re so well sculpted. If you have a StuG III in 1:35, what are you waiting for? Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  17. Our Route Has been Changed Modern War Series kit No.1 1:24 Master Box Ltd Master Box have seen a market for some well-sculpted, modern mouldings of soldiers for a while now. This looks to be the first in a new 1:24 scale series. This set arrives in the de facto standard figure shaped box with a painting of the included figures on the front, and parts breakdown with pictorial instructions on the rear. On opening the end of the box, you're greeted by a re-sealable bag containing one large sprue and one smaller one containing all the parts you'll need to build the two figures on the box top. The weapons come as a sprue from the ICM Swat kits and as such feature a HK MP5 for the female figure not the weapon shown on the box art., though it is shown on the instructions at least. Torsos, legs, arms and heads are all separate parts, with webbing also separate for a more realistic in-scale feel, with helmets, weapons and load-out also separate, which gives the modeller some scope for individualising each figure without too much work. The sculpting is good, though not as good as some of the 1/35 sets I have from MB Conclusion The feel of this set is something generic, even though the figures have US Flags on their helmets they dont really say US armed forces to me, more maybe Private Military Contractors? The female figure does not really stand out as such. The inclusion of the SWAT weapons sprue again lends to being more generic as the HK MP5 is not something in normal use with certain armed forces. Overall not the best from MB but if you want some 1:24 figures for a project that will build up well then go for these. Review sample courtesy of
  18. Relatively new member been posting my latest build in aircraft, which is a subject i've only recently returned to after a 12 year break, but have been dabbeling with figures on and off for a while so thought I’d post some of my recent (ish) completed builds. Masterbox 1/32 French Hussar Airfix 1/32 French Infantryman Masterbox 1/35 "Die Skatspieler"
  19. As announced, I'm entering with something unusual to me as this thing used to crawl rather than fly
  20. Another one of those builds making it over from the the 11th Hour GB. From what I understand, these third series of cars where specifically built for Russia - though that does not aid in the matters of trying to determine what colour they were finished in. This particular build represents a vehicle captured by the Austro-Hungarians. Their plan was to utilize a mixed platoon of vehicles collected from both captured and their own designs, and to be utilized in the breakthrough created on the Italian front. Time ran out though for the chance to finally realize the potential of the armoured car. regards, Jack
  21. Hi folk's,WWI is a subject I've been fascinated with for year's,recent delving into my families history has revealed how many member's served throughout it's five year's my Grandfather was an artilleryman,Great Grandfather served in the Canadian army as a tunneller then engineer and Great Uncle died in the mud of Passchendaele in November 1917 add in brother's we are into double figure;s as a family.I tried to be a bit different when it came to choose a subject aircraft would be the preffered object but decided on confronting my weakest modelling skill figure's. I then decided on a theme of Mons where the British army fired the first shot's of the great war in 1914 with a simple vignette using ICM's infantry and Masterbox's farm cart on a simple base and some scenic's. That's the plan I still need to order/buy the kit's but doubt I'll start till after the holidays in a few week's,now I then decided to bookend this build with another vignette Mons 1918,probably with ICM's later equipped British infantry on a matching sized base this time with some kind of building or structure to represent the last shot's of the great war which although many year;s apart happened in tha same area.As soon as I plan the kit's I'll update the thread.
  22. Hi all, This is my stab at the 1/35 Masterbox 'WW1 British Infantry before the attack' diorama set, fun to build, I hope i've done the kit and the men who went over the top justice. Ive now revised the trench with a simplified muddier terrain, seen new pics below. Cheers Simon PS: the title comes from a song by New Model Army :-)
  23. Found the construction of this kit a chore, but it really came to life for me during the weathering stage.
  24. Been working away at this one for a few weeks, I need to get most of the weathering effects done, and a few figures painted.
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