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Found 24 results

  1. Finished - basic base as I didn’t want to overwhelm the figure
  2. So my matchbox mystère build has got to the point where there is going to be lots of “waiting for things to dry” so I’ve decided to start this to fill the gaps was going well cleaning parts for the figure but went down hill on the bike with a dose of “ amazing jumping PE “ - need to scratch build replacements now Anyway that’s it for today will pick up again tomorrow evening
  3. German StuG III Crew, WWII Era (MB35208) ”Their Position is Behind that Forest” 1:35 Master Box Ltd via Creative Models This new figure set from Master Box is designed with the German StuG III in mind, although it will probably adapt very well to any similar WWII German AFV. It arrives in a figure-sized box with end-opening flaps, which is standard fare for figures, even though they’re a little easy to crush when stacked flat. Inside is a single sprue of grey styrene that contains parts for five figures plus some pistol holsters, helmets, magazine pouches and an MP40. Each figure is broken down into torso, separate legs and arms, plus head with flat top where a helmet or commander’s cap is fitted to allow extra detail around their brims. There is one German Wehrmacht soldier standing on the blocky front of the tank, pointing over to the forest that is described in the subtitle. The commander and one of his crew are fully out of the tank, while the other two are half out, or just poking their head out of the hatch, but all of these are full figures. Sculpting is first class as usual, with both seamlines and parts breakdown sensibly placed to improve or preserve detail during construction and seam-removal. Instructions are given on the rear of the box with part numbers on the right and a colour chart shoehorned into the centre giving colour codes in Vallejo, Lifecolor, Mr. Color and Tamiya shades, plus a colour swatch to help out further. Conclusion Figures give a model scale, and well-sculpted figures that are sympathetically painted are such a boon, especially when they’re so well sculpted. If you have a StuG III in 1:35, what are you waiting for? Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  4. Our Route Has been Changed Modern War Series kit No.1 1:24 Master Box Ltd Master Box have seen a market for some well-sculpted, modern mouldings of soldiers for a while now. This looks to be the first in a new 1:24 scale series. This set arrives in the de facto standard figure shaped box with a painting of the included figures on the front, and parts breakdown with pictorial instructions on the rear. On opening the end of the box, you're greeted by a re-sealable bag containing one large sprue and one smaller one containing all the parts you'll need to build the two figures on the box top. The weapons come as a sprue from the ICM Swat kits and as such feature a HK MP5 for the female figure not the weapon shown on the box art., though it is shown on the instructions at least. Torsos, legs, arms and heads are all separate parts, with webbing also separate for a more realistic in-scale feel, with helmets, weapons and load-out also separate, which gives the modeller some scope for individualising each figure without too much work. The sculpting is good, though not as good as some of the 1/35 sets I have from MB Conclusion The feel of this set is something generic, even though the figures have US Flags on their helmets they dont really say US armed forces to me, more maybe Private Military Contractors? The female figure does not really stand out as such. The inclusion of the SWAT weapons sprue again lends to being more generic as the HK MP5 is not something in normal use with certain armed forces. Overall not the best from MB but if you want some 1:24 figures for a project that will build up well then go for these. Review sample courtesy of
  5. Relatively new member been posting my latest build in aircraft, which is a subject i've only recently returned to after a 12 year break, but have been dabbeling with figures on and off for a while so thought I’d post some of my recent (ish) completed builds. Masterbox 1/32 French Hussar Airfix 1/32 French Infantryman Masterbox 1/35 "Die Skatspieler"
  6. As announced, I'm entering with something unusual to me as this thing used to crawl rather than fly
  7. Another one of those builds making it over from the the 11th Hour GB. From what I understand, these third series of cars where specifically built for Russia - though that does not aid in the matters of trying to determine what colour they were finished in. This particular build represents a vehicle captured by the Austro-Hungarians. Their plan was to utilize a mixed platoon of vehicles collected from both captured and their own designs, and to be utilized in the breakthrough created on the Italian front. Time ran out though for the chance to finally realize the potential of the armoured car. regards, Jack
  8. Take One More Grenade! (MB3564) 101st Airborne (Air Assault Division, Europe 1944-45 1:35 Masterbox via Creative Models The 101st were the elite light infantry of the US forces on D-Day, and were amongst the first in and last out, earning their reputation as "the tip of the spear", and their exploits were documented in the HBO series Band of Brothers in some detail. This figure set from Masterbox depicts four Screaming Eagles in an urban situation about to chuck a grenade into a building while stacked up outside it. Arriving in a de facto standard figure-sized box, there is one sprue of grey styrene inside, and the instructions are printed on the rear of the box along with a paint chart and sprue layout. Sculpting is fine as you would expect from Masterbox, and figure breakdown is intended to add as much realism to the set as possible, with separate heads, torso, legs and arms, plus the lower parts of their smocks, bags, pouches, weapons, and helmets all being individual parts to maximise customisation of the figures' look. One figure is holding open the door with his rifle in the other hand, but he can alternately be posed ready to smack someone with the butt of his rifle, which is poised high in both hands. The grenade thrower has legs planted apart for stability and the pineapple behind him ready to go, with a lightweight folding-stock M1 Carbine in his free hand. The other two are ready to pile in with a Thompson and BAR to one side. As well as the aforementioned bags and pouches, there are also pistols, water bottles, first-aid kits, entrenching tools, bayonets and even helmet straps with chin-cups for the mesh-netted helmets. The instructions on the rear of the box cover construction, but as the figures are printed in a sepia tone, they're not much use when it comes to painting, other than by the inclusion of the paint chart in Vallejo, LifeColor, Tamiya and Mastercolor. There is a QR code printed above the chart, but that's a generic URL to visit their site, and drilling down to information on this set doesn't yield any further information. It's a minor complaint on what is a good set, added to which is my perennial wish that figure sets in general would include decals for rank and unit badges more frequently. There are plenty of references out there for uniform colours however, and if you really want badges etc., they can be sourced from Archer, or other companies. Conclusion A dynamic set of four figures with all the gear that a paratrooper would carry once landed in France to begin the liberation of Europe. If included in a diorama they would give a human scale as well as a dynamic feel to any building they're assaulting. Add some straps from tape or foil and you're away! Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  9. Hi folk's,WWI is a subject I've been fascinated with for year's,recent delving into my families history has revealed how many member's served throughout it's five year's my Grandfather was an artilleryman,Great Grandfather served in the Canadian army as a tunneller then engineer and Great Uncle died in the mud of Passchendaele in November 1917 add in brother's we are into double figure;s as a family.I tried to be a bit different when it came to choose a subject aircraft would be the preffered object but decided on confronting my weakest modelling skill figure's. I then decided on a theme of Mons where the British army fired the first shot's of the great war in 1914 with a simple vignette using ICM's infantry and Masterbox's farm cart on a simple base and some scenic's. That's the plan I still need to order/buy the kit's but doubt I'll start till after the holidays in a few week's,now I then decided to bookend this build with another vignette Mons 1918,probably with ICM's later equipped British infantry on a matching sized base this time with some kind of building or structure to represent the last shot's of the great war which although many year;s apart happened in tha same area.As soon as I plan the kit's I'll update the thread.
  10. Hi all, This is my stab at the 1/35 Masterbox 'WW1 British Infantry before the attack' diorama set, fun to build, I hope i've done the kit and the men who went over the top justice. Ive now revised the trench with a simplified muddier terrain, seen new pics below. Cheers Simon PS: the title comes from a song by New Model Army :-)
  11. Found the construction of this kit a chore, but it really came to life for me during the weathering stage.
  12. Been working away at this one for a few weeks, I need to get most of the weathering effects done, and a few figures painted.
  13. The Desert Fox I used the Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.L from Tamiya and a figures of Masterbox. The model is made for the customer. Thank you that have glanced. Best regards Martin
  14. No Soldier Left Behind – MWD Down 1:35 Master Box Master Box figure sets often tell a story, and this one tells it well on the boxtop. A Military Working Dog (MWD) has been injured in the course of duty, and is awaiting casevac while two handlers comfort him and two more provide covering fire should it be necessary. The Chinook is coming in hot in the background and the beginnings of a dust cloud are being kicked up. An excellent painting, and the inclusion of the name of the sculptor A Gagarin gives a clue as to the quality of the box content. Inside is a single sprue of grey styrene in a re-sealable clear foil bag, with parts for four soldiers and the hound, as pictured on the box. Each figure is confined to one section of the sprue with their accessories nearby, and the pooch has been moulded in four parts for maximum detail, using the natural breaks in his assault vest to hide most of the joints. Pity help the person that hurt him if my other half ever catches him! The only difference from the box top is that fido doesn't have moulded-in muzzle, so you'd have to fabricate your own if you wanted to. A lot of the dogs used in modern warfare are German Shepherds, but there are quite a few other breeds used, so choose your mutt's colour scheme according to your preference. The other figures are thoroughly modern and have modular US assault vests with MOLLE II loops for the attachment of pouches and packs. A variety of these are included to accessorise the figures, and each figure has some variation to break up the monotony, from dump bags to ammo pouches and comms. Weapons for each figure include a pair of M4 derivatives with ACOG sights, one of which has an Underslung Grenade Launcher (UGL), plus an M14 marksman's rifle, and an L249 light machine gun. Each soldier has a separate head with comms headsets moulded in, and is designed to fit inside the MICH helmets, some of which are fitted with fabric covers, and all having fittings for night vision goggles on the front. One of the kneeling soldiers can be depicted comforting the dog or wielding a side-arm by using an optional arm that is supplied with the kit. The sculpting is superb, and every pouch, MOLLE loop and accessory is crisply moulded, with little in the way of seams filling needed due to the clever placement of the joints. Using the Hobby Elements Molding Flash Sanders in your motor tool (e.g. Dremel) should leave the moulding seams nice and smooth in no time though. Conclusion Even though the idea is for the dog to be wounded, it is posed in such a way that it could be sitting in a more relaxed manner, so without adding any blood it could be used as an uninjured MWD for dioramas or even riding a vehicle. An excellent set for a very wallet friendly price. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  15. Hi Folks,just laying down a marker for later in the GB with another WW1 themed Vignette this time a very simple affair of standing figures as I've been so impressed by this companies figures and getting into detail painting for a change.I have a couple of ideas for the theme of the piece but must crack on with a couple of 1/72 Aircraft builds for other GB,s so mid-August start after the hols.
  16. Hi folk's,I was in the LMS yesterday and he had re-stocked the Masterbox section and among the plethora of superb but drab coloured subjects this fella stood out a mile so with the pot of NATO black which was all I went in for he came home too! So laying down a marker for later in the GB here he is,I have never modelled a horse before but Giemme's showing the way here in the GB so I have a great point of reference,first the box art. A nice choice of regiments and colours on offer. one single sprue covers all.
  17. Hi folk's same base kit as Darby's built for the Vignette GB we took different approaches to the time frame and Regiment, Here we see the Durham Light Infantry going over summer 1917.
  18. Hi folks,this is my proposal for this GB,it's Masterbox's newish release of WW1 British infantry climbing over the top of their trench.Here's the box. Inside there are four beautifully molded sprues two for the trench alone although some parts are duplicated. And here's the two sprue's relating to the trench That's the basics as the build progresses more of the detail will be revealed.The parts are beautifully molded and should be a good canvass for more detail,If built as per the box you get a nice but strange looking affair I'm thinking of boxing in the base out of balsa then deciding on a muddy wet scene or as per conditions on the Somme on 1st July 1916 dry with everything and everyone covered in chalky dust.I wont get a start for a couple of weeks till after the Holidays. Regards Steve.
  19. We have had in the New Releases from Masterbox. These include the following kits. MAS35164 - Masterbox 1:35 - The 101st light company. US Paratroopers & British Tankman, MAS24007 - Masterbox 1:24 - World of Fantasy - Graggeron & Halseya MAS24008 - Masterbox 1:24 - World of Fantasy - Kit No. 2 Follow us on Facebook for all the latest news https://www.facebook...eativeModelsLtd Click on the link to got to our website www.creativemodels.co.uk Thank you Creative Models Ltd
  20. New Figures Sets (Various) 1:35 Masterbox Four new releases from Masterbox that span almost 100 years of combat on the ground between various foes. As usual with masterbox, the standard sized end-opening figure box is the delivery method, and some superbly rendered painting show the modeller what to expect in the box. On the rear is a breakdown of construction and painting using actual painted figures, and including sprue layouts showing where all the parts are. The colour call-outs are Vallejo paints, which are a big favourite with figure painters, and are easy to convert to other brands at your preference. German Elite Infantry Eastern Front, WWII Containing two sprues, one with all the figure parts, the other covering a host of weapons, ammunition, packs and helmets, this set permits the modeller to build five figures in later camouflaged field jackets and helmets, seen on the Eastern Front. The figures are at rest, ambling together after picking up some goodies for the evening meal, including chickens, eggs (in a helmet), and a cabbage, which is confusingly depicted on the box top as a melon! The figures are of the latest standards, with separate heads, arms, hands and legs. One figure must be built without helmet, and an optional second figure can also be bare headed due to an additional head being included in the box. Straps for the helmets are moulded into the heads, which are sized to fit within the helmets to give a more realistic finished appearance. The choice of weapons on the second sprue is superb, including rifles, sniper rifles, MP40s, STG44 (the grandfather of the AK47), MG34, MG42 as well as captured Russian PPSHs, complete with their dinner-plate style magazines. Water bottles, gas-mask cannisters, entrenching tools and ammo pouches are also supplied in plenty, so you can personalise your figures at your whim. A very nice set indeed. German Tankmen WWII One sprue of light grey styrene is sufficient to build five figures depicting German tankers at rest whilst refuelling. Two of the crew are active with a drum and pump at one end, and a hose at the other, while another seated crew member directs their work. The other two crew members are sat with one foot on something smoking cigarettes, which isn't the brightest move whilst refuelling! The figures are well sculpted, but not quite of the most modern standard, and there are no accessories to add other than the hose and drum, mainly because in a tank you daren't wear anything that could get hung up on the scenery in an emergency. British & German Soldiers Somme Battle 1916, WWI Just in time to ride the wave of interest that is building in the WWI era, this set includes six figures in suitable attire, four German and two British infantrymen. The Brits are walking with their rifles shouldered, while of the Germans one is walking dejectedly while two others carry a comrade that is unable to walk for some reason. The intention is to show four captive Germans in the care of two Tommies, but that's entirely up to you whether you use them all together, or mix it up a little. Separate arms, legs and heads are the order of the day for all but the wounded man, who is shirtless and has his head and upper arms moulded into the torso. Sculpting is excellent, and the British soldiers have exceptionally well sculpted covers on their helmets, replete with tiny wrinkles where the material is pulled taut. It's a sign of the growing interest in WWI that at time of writing this set was out of stock already at Creative. Highly useful for dioramas after the battle. Somewhere in the Middle East Present Day Based upon an actual picture that is reproduced on the back of the box, thisa set depicts modern Special Forces operatives, some of whom are almost indistinguishable from their foes. It includes five SF operatives, plus one captive, who is restrained and on his knees with a bag over his head to restrict his view of proceedings. Sculpting is superb on the figures, and hanging clothing is well rendered using clever moulding techniques, which will result in some realistic looking figures. One weak point is the weapons that are included on the sprues, which are a little soft and lacking a certain crispness that is present on the figures. Various AK47s and M4 derivatives are on the sprues, as well as a Light Support Weapon with bipod and ammunition box. The leader of the group wears a baseball cap, and is holding a mobile/cell phone up to his head as if he is communication with his superiors for instructions on what to do with the prisoner. Some great poses and attention to detail on show. Conclusion Masterbox make some great and unusual figure sets, and these are no exception. I have no hesitation in recommending them all, although do look at sourcing some better weapons for the modern set, as it will pay dividends. Review sample courtesy of
  21. German Motorcyclists WWII Era 1:35 Master Box A new figure set in injection moulded styrene from figure specialists Master Box. Arriving in a standard figure-sized box with a stylish painting of three of the figures pushing a bogged down motorbike & sidecar through thick mud. The first item of note is that you're not getting a motorbike into the bargain, but no-one would seriously expect one for the price they're asking! The set consists of four figures in total, three of which are designed to be pushing one bike, the other leaning on another bike with his foot on the kickstarter pedal. Inside the box are two sprues, one of which contains the parts for the figures in a mid-grey styrene, while the other in a darker grey holds all the weapons, kit bags and other accessories. My accessories sprue had taken a knock at the factory, and has a few broken parts, but as there are duplicates aplenty, that shouldn't be an issue, even if yours has too. The three figures pushing one bike are each grabbing a different part for purchase. One is pushing the handlebar, another the back of the bike and the rear of the sidecar, while the final chap is pushing the rear of the sidecar, with one hand on the welded-on machine gun mount. Figure four has one foot on the kickstarter, bracing himself with his hands on the bike's frame. Each one is wearing a winter greatcoat that flows naturally around the legs by having separate parts that attach to the figure's waist at belt height. The legs, arms, torsos and heads are individual parts, the latter having balaclavas sculpted in, leaving just their faces visible. Helmets are separate, and the riders also have separate goggles. The usual complement of MP40s, KAR98s, plus one eacxh of MG34 and MG42 are provided on the accessory sprue, plus a pair of STG44s, gasmask canisters, water bottles, pistols with holsters, entrenching tools, ammo pouches and boxes, potato-masher grenades and some other weapons I can't remember the names of right now. Painting As usual with most figure sets, there is a painting guide on the rear of the box, which shows part numbers and suitable colours from the Vallejo and Lifecolor ranges. Conclusion Sculpting is up to Master Box's usual standards, and was done by a Mr. A. Gagarin. With sympathetic painting, a suitable motorcycle combo and lots of mud, it should result in a dynamic diorama. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  22. Pre-Order The New Masterbox Model Kits Due In This Month. MAS35114 - Masterbox 1:35 - British Infantry, Before the attack, WWI era £14.99 MAS35122 - Masterbox 1:35 - Skull Clan - Death Angels, Desert Battle Series £9.99 MAS35173 - Masterbox 1:35 - French Soldier, WWII era £9.99 MAS35178 - Masterbox 1:35 - German Motorcyclists, WWII era £10.99 Or Visit The Website For All New Releases www.creativemodels.co.uk
  23. Hi folks, my first armour foray for last years D-Day GB was a real joy so I thought as my two aircraft builds coming to an end I would do another with a bit of difference.I got Airfix,s old Bill bus for Christmas thanks to my eldest and made a start yesterday and while tidying the top of the cupboard found the house corner(Italeri) that was going to be a part of the D-Day build and I have a box of WW1 British figures somewhere upstairs so I thought a little diorama might be possible.I popped into my LMS for a couple pots of paint and in the model railway section found a pack of wood plank effect sheeting to replace the cardboard sheets in the kit that board up the windows.So I will have the Base and house corner,bus and a couple of Tommies greeting each other near the bus,the imaginary meeting of my Grandad Bob(RA) and Great Uncle Jim(Welch Rgt) Bob married Jim,s neice and came home safe Jim was killed in action in 1917.First pics tomorrow,
  24. HI all this will be my first build on here but hopefully not my last. iv always got half a dozen models n figures on the go at once. (26 at the moment actually) so il try not to flood the forum with stuff. in the meantime here is one i started a couple of weeks ago that i will complete on here over the next month hopefully. firtsly these ara some german prisoners iv converted from Master Box set3517 German captives. there are 2 boxes worth but i ditched the russians so just the crouts here. The idea came from a picture i have in a book ov german POWs following a carrier while a jeep with monty in drives past This carrier iv had on the go for a few years but iv finally decided to finish it. the brits are from Verlinden n are almost finished now im looking for a driver figure for the carrier as over the years friends have begged all mine away. sods law ah iv also got 3 brits to go in n on the carrier from the MINIART british tank riders (nw europe) set 35118. thats all for now but as arnie as so fond of saying "IL BE BACK"
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