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  1. JackG

    balkenkreuz sizes

    Thanks Mike, yes I've seen some sizes posted dependent on the type of aircraft being discussed, but no explanation as to how the sizes were officially arrived at. I found these masks, but it would interesting to know the why: regards, Jack
  2. JackG

    balkenkreuz sizes

    Has it ever been determined (or discovered) the formula used to determine the size of these markings found on the wings and fuselage? I can find diagrams that give a letter value of the base measurement as 'a' (or 'b' in the case of the upper wing), but nothing more. Code letter height is dependent on the the crosses, usually expressed as 6/10 or 60% or 0.6 X height/ width of the balkenkreuz. regards, Jack
  3. If you are looking to build a specific vehicle, you will have to rely on photos (if they exist). I say this because there is no hard line drawn where early ends and mid version begins. A list of changes in chart form can be found here: http://www.panther1944.de/index.php/en/sdkfz-171-pzkpfwg-panther/technik/technical-changes regards, Jack
  4. Hataka brand also do an Italian vehicle paint set, but don't think they sell those colours separately. A thread from August last year may be of interest too: Sovereign Colourcoats could be an option as well: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/esercito-italiano-italian-army regards, Jack
  5. oopps, sorry about the triple post, is there an echo in the thread room? Yeah my bad on the suggestion of the A2, for some reason my brain centered on the middle of the Sherman minutia site and did not look at the M4 column. As per TMD, I imagine the reason they made those 1/35 products was for the simple reason there were no boxings of the ALCO available at that time. They quote Asuka model no. 35-012, which was released 2008. There's a two year old thread here talking of kit bashing 'Hurricane' together, so that may indicate there still is no complete ALCO in kit form? https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/viewtopic.php?p=1522926#p1522926 Anyhow, found a larger image of the resin hull package: regards, Jack
  6. Other than a small hatch M4A2 kit, I would not know if there is something more specific in total kit form - hopefully other members can advise. I do know TMD did a lot of 1/35 Sherman resin conversions, and a search of ALCO resulted in 3 items that you might consider: https://tigermodeldesigns.com/?s=alco regards, Jack
  7. JackG

    Tiger interior colours

    Good 'primer' on the subject here: http://byrden.com/panzers/Colours/index.html regards, Jack
  8. Looks to be some kind of horizontal aerial, or possibly a variation of early ASV radar? regards, Jack
  9. Tamiya is notorious for having thick decals, so that may have contributed to the silvering. Could be all kinds of other culprits that contributed - uneven paint surface, not enough gloss, not enough cure time, gloss lost due too much decal handling, too much decal solvent compromised gloss coat ... Nice model nonetheless, and John's tip should help correct the offending areas. regards, Jack
  10. Probably old news, but I've never noticed until now, that the fuselage codes were repeated on both lower wing folds, and appear on coloured discs. I've looked at my Airfix Swordfish and this detail is not included on the decal sheet, so maybe wasn't standard protocol? regards. Jack
  11. JackG


    I think this is the same aircraft Nick Millman has illustrated in his book (p25). It is described as carrying a field applied camouflage scheme: Could be combination of both loosely applied camou and worn paint, otherwise, that zig-zag pattern behind the cowl sure is some funky weathering. regards, Jack
  12. Best I can find of BOMB, circa August 1944. It would go on to become one of few Shermans to survive the landing and still be in service at war's end. The vehicle though, is Fisher built. regards, Jack
  13. BOMB is one, if not the most well known Sherman from the Sherbrooke Fusiliers - would rear photo's be of any help? Not familiar with the Asuka kit, but wonder if the attachment of wading gear during Normandy landings would have any influence on the type of exhaust deflectors, or if any at all would have been present at that time? regards, Jack
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