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  1. Scalemates search "US Union Civil War" restricted to 1/35, 1/32, and 54mm: https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=All&q=us+union+civil+war**&fkGROUPS[]="Humans"&fkSCALENORMALISED[]="1:00032"&fkSCALENORMALISED[]="x:00054mm"&fkSCALENORMALISED[]="1:00035" regards, Jack
  2. Initially much of the equipment sent to North Africa was in European scheme, with appropriate paints applied at desert workshops. Carriers followed the same stipulations as armour, so a particular scheme is associated with a particular time frame. https://www.mafva.org/british-vehicle-camouflage-1939-45/?v=79cba1185463 regards, Jack
  3. Yeah, not much to chose from a listing found on Scalemates: https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=All&q=sopwith+camel+decals&fkSCALENORMALISED[]="1:00032" If you can find the Academy kit no. 12122, it has the Beardmore markings, and they don't get more colourful than that: regards, Jack
  4. That Skoda does look very similar, but these were Czech built, though heavily influenced by the Mercedes-Benz. There's some corrections you mentioned that I would not have realized, but one to add to the list is the distance between the front and back door. Note at the top the area between them comes to a point - can easily see this in one of the photos posted with the doors removed. The Skoda seems to have them set apart more like the 170 VK. Comparing some basic measurements provided by wiki, the Skoda is 245mm longer, 50mm less in width, and only 5mm less in height.
  5. I think it is fine to mention a specific paint brand and colour to match a particular war time paint, as Mike Starmer has. But making a blanket statement that RAL 7021 is the same as SCC14 is not helpful because not all hobby paints offer an acceptable Dunkelgrau. I don't possess RAL colour chart samples - and one has to be careful here as modern charts are not all direct equivalents to wartime. Hopefully when Historycolors is able to publish their research, that will all be explained. I do have Tomas Chory publication on Wehrmacht Colors and the appropriate Sta
  6. The Sherman Minutia site, I looked but can't find anything about an internal lock for the gun, just this diagram that shows a hand wheel is used to elevate the gun: http://the.shadock.free.fr/sherman_minutia/gun_mounts/gun_mounts.html This diagram shows a traverse lock, but specifies late model Shermans and for the 76: This example looks to be a standard gun angle when ready to transport: regards, Jack
  7. Thanks for the more specific reply. Referring back to Starmer's site, he has Revell #9 as a match, and this is labelled as Anthracite Grey. Revell #79 is Panzergrau - would have thought this was their version of RAL 7021? https://www.artitecshop.com/en/accessories/revell-paint/?limit=96 regards, Jack
  8. Maybe, depends which kit the turret is from? Try this, see if it matches what you have for a turret: http://the.shadock.free.fr/sherman_minutia/turret_types/75mm_turrets.html http://the.shadock.free.fr/sherman_minutia/gun_mounts/gun_mounts.html
  9. Based on a specific brand of paint, or historically? Not saying AK is bang on, but even they have separate paint bottles for these two colours, and their digital representations are not identical either (or is this just a sales gimmick?): https://ak-interactive.com/product/s-c-c-14-blue-black/ https://ak-interactive.com/product/schwarzgrau-black-grey-ral-7021/ Mike Starmer and his research suggests Tamiya's Nato Black XF-69, and describes it "A very noticeably blue-black, a slightly ‘light’ black in effect." Note no mention of green - (see Dunkelgrau descrip
  10. I'm thinking no in terms of using a Firefly hull to make an M4A2. The VC is based on the Sherman V (M4A4) and this is characterized by a longer hull. The other Firefly Type IC as provided by Tasca/Asuka, is the Sherman I with composite hull - so neither match the M4A2 design. On the other hand, some British units were equipped with these two types of 75mm Shermans in NWE. regards, Jack
  11. I have a feeling though, that Mig Jimenez products are not necessarily a consequence of a different colour perception, but more an influence of the Spanish school. Results are more about stunning the viewer, which isn't always about accuracy or the real world. regards, Jack
  12. Yes too early, S.C.C.15 was officially introduced April 1944. https://www.mafva.org/british-vehicle-camouflage-1939-45/?v=79cba1185463 1942 straddles the period when the base colour transitioned from Khaki Green G3 to S.C.C.2 brown due to shortages of green pigment. So depending on when the Crusader left the factory, you have a choice in paint. regards, Jack
  13. Sorry Merlin, I must have looked at it wrongly. Anyhow, found a couple more profile photos - should be a cool project. regards, Jack
  14. I use Imgur for free picture hosting, but if wanting to link an image already on the net, just right click and 'copy image location' and paste into here. Actually don't see a better curve on the Kfz.12 hood, but more corrective surgery - remove slats on top, and angle the grille at the front. I'd stick with the Mercedes 170 for the main body, as it more likely has the nuances of a Mercedes-Benz product. It is civilian built and procured by the military, while the Kfz.12 was specially designed and built for the Wehrmacht. Hera are some screenshots to compare dimensions
  15. I think the rear arches from the Kfz.13 look very similar, so as a donar kit, use both front and back? The Steyr Type 1500A would be only for the tire/wheels: Not sure if one aftermarket set is enough, depends if the ones in front that are concave just need to be flipped around to match the rear? Center hubs and number of nuts also a bit different than required, and the tires themselves might be a bit larger than the required size of 6.50-20 regards, Jack
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