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  1. Two of the Italeri suggested paints (mimetico - which just means camouflage) are aircraft colours, both of which are listed at the Stormo Magazine site. None of the four aircraft yellows match the FS 20260 quoted from Italian researcher Pignato. I'm thinking Italeri selected these two particular paints to promote their own brand, and it's closest they have in their 'paint chart'. Yes, all the suggestions fall under the umbrella of sand yellow, but when compared to one another there are differences, some more so than others. ------------------------------ About crew figures, yes resin is always more expensive than plastic injected. The cost of one could easily buy a set (or even two) containing 4 plastic figs. Checking Scalemates for Italian figures, really don't see anything in plastic crew figures: https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=Kits&q=italian&fkGROUPS[]="Figures"&fkSCALE[]="1:35" There is the Miniart Tank Crew set, but would have to replace tanker helmets with aftermarket heads (Hornet),and fix up the uniforms so they represent regular army. Dragon 6391 has an Infantry set, where you could possibly pose the two crouching figures outside the vehicle? regards, Jack
  2. There's a bit of an outline of Hellcat distribution/destination here (if it can be confirmed) about 3/4 down the web page: https://weaponsandwarfare.com/2019/06/29/hellcats-in-the-royal-navy/ - first batch and second batches of 188 F6F-5 Hellcat Mark IIs started to be delivered to the Royal Navy from May 1944, primarily to 1840 squadron - many Hellcats were being shipped to overseas FAA squadrons directly from Norfolk, Virginia, USA to HMS Thane 14 August 1944 and on to RNARY Wingfield, thence to 804 squadron in September 1944 - subsequent batch of 295 Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat Mk F.II was also shipped directly to RNARY Wingfield (eg JX670 to JX720) in HMS Ranee in September 1944, and on to RNARY Coimbatore - final 293 Hellcat II to be delivered to the Fleet Air Arm arrived between January and May 1945, the very last aircraft, KE265 being delivered on 11 May 1945 regards, Jack
  3. Inputting the suggested Revell sand 36116 into the Paint Coversion chart, it's approximate equivalent is FS 30266: https://www.paint4models.com/ Here it is on top compared to the Saharian Khaki from the Squadron publication (Pignato). As far as I can find, no model paint exists that matches FS 20260, so if that is the the colour to shoot for, some mixing will be required. regards, Jack
  4. Looking at my reference library, two publications on the subject (Squadron and Osprey): Your subject was introduced very late 1942, and if sent to North Africa, it was factory painted Saharian Khaki (approx.FS20260 per author Pignato). I don't know if any AS42 were stationed in Europe at this initial stage, but if they were, then their finish was in grey green. Text also refers to sand yellow, but not sure if this is the same as the offered FS value? By May 1943, most vehicle were leaving the factory in a three colour scheme. Previous vehicles may have been repainted to match. Now both Life Color and Sovereign offer a light and dark sand colour, but can't say what this means. Can only guess the darker shade was for the stand alone scheme, while lighter sand was utilized on multi-camou schemes? regards, Jack
  5. Thread from a couple years back, seems to be no doubt JX772 was finished in GSB. There is some uncertainty exactly where the serial was located? regards, Jack
  6. Steven Zaloga had a publication with Osprey, and his research indicates 424 Sextons produced in 1943, out of a total 2,150. Here's his chart based on quarterly production: If we add the first half of '44 production (423+425=848) that gives at most 1272 completed before switching to either Olive Drab or SCC 15. regards, Jack
  7. The base interior colour would be the same as the main exterior. What that is depends on the manufactured date, as production straddles the period when olive drab/SCC 15 was introduced in April 1944. Other details may be determined from interior shots, but can't vouch if the museum walk around did any altering: http://www.primeportal.net/artillery/paul_adamson/sexton/ Some b/w images here at least confirm black seats: http://panzerserra.blogspot.com/2019/04/sexton-mki-25-pounder-spg-case-report.html regards, Jack
  8. This is a cement statue my friend brought to me to have refurbished. Originally was owned by his grandfather, then his parents until it fell into disarray. He stored it for a few years until now. It was in pretty bad shape, not just the paint but the surface was pitted and chipped throughout. The larger areas were cemented over, particularly the base. Together we poured a new one over the old utilizing a simple mould constructed from plywood. This doubled the original thickness as well as adding a good inch or two around it. The local hardware store could not suggest anything for the surface repairs. So relied on some hobby supplies. Two types of epoxy putty (Tamiya and Green Stuff) and DAS modeling clay. The latter is the orange areas seen in the above photo. Hope it stands up to the elements as it can rejuvenate if exposed to water. Above is the initial primer sprayed black and forest green, products from Rust-Oleum brand. The rest is painted in acrylics sourced from left over house paint and artist's paint in tube form. Several coats of satin clear spray for protection. regards, Jack
  9. Not a 'powers that be' myself, but if you follow the outline in the rules section, I don't see why you can't do what you propose. Your Blitz Build kit choice becomes part of your build log in the D-Day GB. You must add something to it in order to qualify in the D-Day gallery. The rule examples given as to what that extra "something" seems to be in the form of an additional aircraft or vehicle? regards, Jack
  10. Simon, no problems - very thankful you brought up this decal maker. Even at $25 USD as the starting price for a full sheet is still considered a good deal. regards, Jack
  11. Ray, thanks for the correction, I must have misunderstood when Canada was mentioned in post #2. regards, Jack
  12. JackG

    Sd.Kfz 9 Famo camo

    There's a compiled list of prime movers and what weapon types they were intended to tow here; https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/what-vehicle-pulled-the-2cm-flakvierling-t19065.html For a mobile Luftwaffe unit, the heaviest flak gun would be the 8.8cm, and on paper, the SdKfz. 7 would be assigned to tow this. Now if the Luftwaffe unit has armoured vehicles like Herman Goering for example, then yes, it's likely to have the Famo. Limiting the setting to Africa, it's possible HG had the famo since this unit did deploy a few companies of self-propelled guns, but cannot say for certain. Photo proof is likely rare, as I'm sure model companies and book publications would have been all over this. regards, Jack
  13. Have exchanged a few emails with Greg from DrawDecal, and he informs that the digital silk printer does not rely on dots to replicate colours - now that has me excited. Artwork has to be created in CMYK form, with white as a separate layer. Client must do the prep work for the artwork, and 'pricing starts at $25 for an 8 x 12' page plus shipping.' Am assuming those are Canadian dollars. regards, Jack
  14. Indeed, seek out aftermarket sheets for the roundels/national markings. This allows you to concentrate on specifics like nose art, and makes it easier to fit all what you really need on one custom sheet. Same with fuselage codes, these are already available as sets based on letter height and colour. For serials, yea I can see why you would want that custom created because I wouldn't want to cobble together individual decal numbers for 52 models either. regards, Jack
  15. Just curious, but what scale and type of aircraft are you looking at? Unless you plan on marketing the printed decals to sell, I would not opt for a mass order. Even if you did one aircraft per sheet, 52 would not be considered high enough as a small order. Mass order just means printing out repetitive copies of the same sheet. Even if you just needed 10 sheets, they would still charge you like it was a low end order (min. 200 sheets?). Unfortunately these type of printing outfits are the same ones that would offer the best print quality. --------------------------------------------------- Your next best bet are those independent decal makers, that tend to be modellers themselves, and own an Alps type printer that is capable of printing white. They can have decent prices, and usually charge by sheet size. Their drawback is limited colours. From my experience, their colour sample is limited to something like this: Now of course, if you want a colour that requires 'mixing' at their end, they can screen print, but it won't look good. The dots will be noticeable, even more so when dealing with lighter colours. -------------------------------------------------------------- I'm certain some will do the art work for you, but expect your costs to rise. I can easily see four hours spent on a medium detailed piece of nose art, if not more, and am certain their hourly rate is more than minimum wage. -------------------------------------------------------------- I've not tried Draw Decal, but I wished their site had some info about custom decals, or at least I don't see any? https://www.drawdecal.com/ regards, Jack
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