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  1. Thank you Tony, I wonder if that is the same cruiser that is seen sporting the Italian flag colours on it's turret sides... regards, Jack
  2. JackG

    Spitfire Stencilling I have not seen before

    No idea here either, but it looks more hand written or chalked in place rather than an actual stencil?
  3. Hello Giorgio, thanks for the welcome. I have not read any observations from the German point of view on the Valentine, but given the shortage situation in the desert, any vehicle in running condition was better than nothing. Certainly they must have appreciated the same qualities as the Russians did with their lend lease Valentines - small, reliable and well armoured. The Beutepanzer site has a good array of photos showing captured vehicles of this type: http://beutepanzer.ru/Beutepanzer/uk/A_valentine/valentine_1.html The particular Valentine I will be modelling here, the Germans must have specifically chosen it as the lead tank to act as a ruse while infiltrating enemy lines. This deception did work, and it was only when the tanks opened fire that the British infantry realized what was happening. regards, Jack
  4. The model for this subject will be AFV Club Valentine MK.III in 1/35 scale: The kit already has a metal barrel included and a small fret of PE, but will add some aftermarket workable tracks from Bronco. They should be easy as the links are single pieces that snap together. The history of this captured vehicle is quite interesting. It originally landed during Operation Torch with 17/21st Lancers, part of 26th Armoured Brigade. It was abandoned during the fighting around Tebourba in late 1942, whereupon the Germans acquired it. During the Kasserine Pass battles, it was used as the lead tank in a night attack on the British, where it was finally knocked out on the 24th of February 1943. The Bison motif was a symbol of the 7th Panzer Regiment of 10.Panzer Division - the latter marking can also faintly be seen to the left of the opened driver's visor in the form of an upright 'Y' and three vertical bars. regards, Jack
  5. JackG

    Fillercaps Spitfire

    Mike, no problem, but yeah should of mention tackling the fuel cap has to be done before joining the fuselage to the wings. regards, Jack
  6. JackG

    Fillercaps Spitfire

    My method requires some drilling and 2-part putty. After sanding the fuselage seams, drill out the fuel cap location. Then from underneath, push up a ball of putty. With the same size drill bit and it's flat end, you can then tamp down from atop to achieve a flat surface for the fuel cap. You can further detail the cap as the putty has about a 2 hour working time. regards, Jack
  7. JackG

    Icm 1/32 /I-153 chaika

    via Scalemates, looks like currently just two choices, water transfers from Techmod or actual masks from Maketar - latter only have the hakaristi: https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=All&q=finnish&fkSCALE[]="1:32"&fkGROUPS[]="Accessories" regards, Jack
  8. JackG

    My first biplane build help needed

    Something that hasn't been mentioned (maybe it doesn't have to), but I like to have all the sub assemblies and parts painted up before attaching the main wing and struts. A ruler and triangle are good to have handy to measure things up and make sure are square. Along with that, a decent scale line drawing to compare angles of the struts. As mentioned, a jig can be created from whatever is handy, books and paint bottles or whatever else has a straight edge. My preference is to attach the cabane struts first to the fuselage. Slow setting is ideal here, and have the top wing resting in place to make sure all lines up perfect. Once those are dry, everything else should be right on the money. regards, Jack
  9. JackG

    Question regarding Jagdpanzer iv sideskirts

    Here you go... Note my drawn diagram is upside down, the front skirt should have the angled section pointing towards the ground, as such: You mention zimmerit - yes this early type should have it to be historically accurate. I suppose it is possible a later machine (produced after zimmerit was discontinued) could have had it's barrel replaced in the field with the shorter one due to shortages, but then you are looking at hull changes.... Construction of my particular build can be found here: regards, Jack
  10. JackG

    Question regarding Jagdpanzer iv sideskirts

    Looking at the timeline on Scalemates, this looks like a rebox of the DML kit, of which I also built under the Cyber-hobby label (Orange Box). Usually vehicles left the factory with sideskirts, but travel over rough ground and combat would cause the skirts to be damaged or lost - they are not welded in place, but just hung on the rail supports. When I did mine, I used a PE set, and only a few: It's late for me right now, but if you are interested, I can post the skirt dimensions tomorrow, based on the PE set. The early versions of the Jagdpanzer did come equipped with the muzzle brake, but because the gun was so low to the ground, dust and debris would be thrown up when the gun was fired. This would give away the vehicle's position, and no doubt also obscured the crew's vision. So they were removed, and eventually on later versions would not even be fitted at the factory. regards, Jack
  11. JackG

    Italian Stuka decals - are there any?

    You will probably find them mixed in with regular Luftwaffe decal sets, but there are some stand alone Italian sets .... what scale? https://www.hannants.co.uk/search/index.php?adv=1&product_category_id=&product_division_id=&manufacturer_id=&product_type_id=all_decals&code=&scale_id=&keyword_search=stuka&setPerPage=25&sort=0&search_direction=0&save_search_name=&save_search= regards, Jack
  12. JackG

    nuts and bolts smaller than 0.5mm?

    The only thing I've seen smaller are the rivets from Masterclub, at 0.4mm - they have two types: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Not sure what size these are, but you probably looking at a PE fret like this from ABER: https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Bolts-and-Nuts.html regards, Jack
  13. JackG

    Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    If I remember correctly from reading the Buzz Beurling 'Hero' book written by Brian Nolan, a pair of cannon as well as one pair of .303's were also removed to conserve ammo - can anyone else confirm this? regards, Jack
  14. This is cool and is also what I had planned for this group build, with an eye towards the Austro-Hungarian car. regards, Jack
  15. JackG

    RLM Paint Chip Chart

    The only model paints I've seen mentioned that could be used for both Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht is the dark grey, ie. RLM 66 Schwarz Grau is interchangeable with RAL 7021 Dunkelgrau and vise versa. regards, Jack