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  1. Should not be any reason for hijack, the 'myth' issue was already addressed in the linked thread from almost four years ago. -------------------------------------------- Back to the subject at hand, kit manufactures have their own reason for doing what they do. For sure the artwork is based somewhat on photos, but details can get embellished to make it more appealing to the buyer. The Tunisian landscape, as witnessed in these latest photos, is much more varied and lush compared to the battlefields that raged in Libya and Egypt. Both sides made adjustmen
  2. Actually, when mention is made of Luftwaffe ground equipment painted in a tan colour, there never seems to be an associated RAL or RLM number. Sure would like to know the source of one particular statement by Brian J Tears that ìn early 1941 `... only African camo was in the luftwaffe at this time ...`` https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/viewtopic.php?p=75515#p75515 The initial tropical sand paint used on Luftwaffe aircraft that supposedly was of Italian origin, was apparently a myth perpetuated by the modelling community. Noted researcher Merrick had proposed the
  3. Could be just a rabbit hole, but here and there (on the missinlynx forums) can find mention that the Luftwaffe did have their own supply of desert tan paint, often described as golden yellow. At the same time, it seemed to most often be in short supply. So maybe not enough to repaint vehicles, but only helmets and personal gear? regards, Jack
  4. Just a question about the AoS marking containing 86, the statement was made that it represents the third regiment - is that just a peculiarity with 24AB? The chart laid out here has that number as the middle regiment, while 74 is the junior: https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/middle-east-armoured-divisions.html Illustrations in both The New Breed and Codename Swallow, also follow the above linked chart. regards, Jack
  5. Maybe this: https://attachment.tapatalk-cdn.com/48283/201811/3221311_aa996aab479b6e400bc7c9537af20345.pdf?Expires=1611275363&Signature=ePFyNS-eYSpRN3b9auiVN0v05gO~8ipu9SiLIAmYeDL--QPS84~POsq0E5s7-3So4KdbTwQ4SVqgImX-8PuXugYAiQZzT540IvRP2X26hWhrwTnTc5~gUMf8v7ci~OVXQV4QaL8Ig2SqppClsPAHR2c0iFHPFyfBEaiP96Y9rLxcJudwLZ38ytXdRgyogpFP5tdq8XQSWuN8fiL6eaZlR~GrANZ2fE9F1wI1vvuG1Ef8LiatuKmymYx~B65qKCSiNAu-jDpw5OCP0qGPxl1TcTHKi2diekMxKHHUWDc2nIrPF-UcK6I04l1LFkornxeOHuzAyvT6kN2efJdXgb27QA__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJS72YROXJYGYDADA regards, Jack
  6. A resin producer (TMD) located n the States, has made the same decision. His explanation is he is not paid by the British government to collect taxes for them. regards, Jack
  7. Looks very good, and reminds me a lot of the HR 1/72 kit I built only a few years ago. A bit amazed that Eduard did not add some detail to the floats like I had done. regards, Jack
  8. Resin figures are quite expensive, but Ultracast has very decent price compared to other brands. It's pretty nutz that three full figures in resin can cost more than an afv kit. regards, Jack
  9. Ah yes, if you need a figure wearing the helmet, Hornet would be the way to go. Ultracast also makes replacement heads with that style of helmet. regards, Jack
  10. As far as I can find, Ultracast is your best bet. The only other option would have been MiniArt's WW2 infantry set, and they don't include the helmet liners. regards, Jack
  11. The only holes I see on the shroud is at either end and on the top half - this out of view on the other gun because the person on the right is holding the gun such that the underside is facing the viewer? For the muzzles, looks like one has had it removed entirely, leaving just the barrel that runs the entire length back to the stock? regards, Jack
  12. JackG

    PAK 38/40

    Going by reviews of the Pak 40 from AFV Club, the opposite is true. The gun carriage first came out with pressed steel wheels, and later the spoke style. The latter was both a cost and weight saving measure. Rather than a time frame, I think the wheel style is more indicative of the unit type and it's transport. Horses could pull anything, the only limit being weight and surface conditions. Motorized transport required the wheels to have solid rubber tires. regards, Jack
  13. The armoured reinforcement strip was introduced at the factory possibly latter half (October?) of 1935. Panzer Tracts has no official documentation about this, and is going by photo evidence only. It is interesting this detail is not listed as a required modification once vehicles were acquired by the army. The horn too was changed from the long one to the smaller size in late 1935. So any sightings of these two details in 1941 mean they are very early panzers, possibly 1 and 2 series, but with modifications? regards, Jack
  14. Yes, Mr.Byrden explained it a bit better on another forum - under normal use, the flappers were pinned open so as to avoid the possibility of gas build up in the exhaust. regards, Jack
  15. I could be wrong but as I understand it, for uploading photos, you need a host because if you take a look at the image insert tab, it requests a URL. So if your photo file name does not begin with https://www, Britmodeller will not recognize it. Basically, your hard drive is not a web address. That said, there is some software out there that purportedly can do this. As stated, if your computer is not turned on, then photos would not be viewable by others. It would be like a image host site turning their server off when they go to bed. Who knows the safety issu
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