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  1. Should try posting in the modern armour section, we may even have some members from the country of Taiwan that may help. Scalemates does not list any paints with that BSC code and Sea Green results are mostly dark examples.
  2. Another idea is to use a white primer underneath the yellow you want to come across as brighter. Something else to consider and try in your paint tests is the sheen of the paint in relation to a different sheen beside it.
  3. An orange looking yellow paint is no longer a primary colour. It is has red added to which creates the warm orange like hue. You need to add a pure yellow paint to decrease the orange.
  4. Special Hobby has the fuselage band illustrated in their instructions, unless you are looking to confirm from other sources the dimensions? You could measure the width on the rudder and use that - all the red squares in the below image are identical.
  5. JackG

    Crusader tracks

    There was some postings last July about Fruil closing due to the owner having health problems. Then in October there was announcement that they are still open for business but am not sure if they got better or if business was taken over. Cost wise they are the same or a bit a bit cheaper compared to the two 3D printed products https://friulmodel.hu/termek/atl-69-crusader/
  6. JackG

    Crusader tracks

    Usually Scalemates is pretty good at suggesting aftermarket items for any particular kit subject, but for some reason not this time. So looking specifically at Crusader track, and three brands are listed. Accurate Armour states only they are designed to replace ‘rubber band’ type tracks. Panzerwerk say they are recommended for all brands of kits. E.T. Model state their set is for the Border kit of the Crusader. https://accurate-armour.com/aa-products/trakpax-resin-track/t46 https://panzerwerkdesign.com.pl/en_GB/p/British-Crusader-tank-tracks/168 http://www.etmodeller.com/productinfo/1172772.html
  7. From behind can see four bolts that must be the attachment points. Top view can see a slender L shaped bracket utilized between the seat and armour plate but cannot say how said bracket is attached at the seat end?
  8. What do people think about 109 euros for 1/48 scale. In a way it make sense since everything is in the box and don't need to rely on after market. Basically only option is a premium kit.
  9. When viewed in b/w the red surround of the white checker portions disappears and becomes similar in grey to the aircraft finish. Conversely the white surrounds of the red checkers create an unbalance to the marking and seems to twist. Same thing occurs when viewing a model in grey tones. Compliments to @Katurbo and hope he does not mind using his posted photos.
  10. It might be a good idea to post the question and link it to this thread in relevant sub forums like aircraft and armour. Even this sub forum on figures has only 8 followers so not really getting the exposure it requires. Can also make an interactive poll and make it sticky to the top of this page. May get more participation this way as people don't mind applying a few quick clicks than typing out their specific interests? Some possible categories like nationality, year/conflict, and military branch. Figure attitude with choice options like in combat relaxed or doing maintenance? As far as the company goes no one can predict how much sales will increase if they make new figures. The nice thing about 3D printing is there is no need for physical overhead as products are just kept as a file that is printed when required.
  11. Found three Hasegawa reviews that do include the oxygen bottles/tanks https://www.internetmodeler.com/scalemodels/flaviation/Hasegawa-1-72-Nakajima-B5N1-2-Kate-Combo.php https://modelingmadness.com/scott/axis/j/kate.htm Profile Publications no 141 mentions on page 6 oxygen was usually not carried, though that is in the description of the B5N1 https://rclibrary.co.uk/files_titles/2569/Profile_141_Nakajima_B5N_Kate.pdf Another forum had this colour cutaway posted and does not appear to have tanks present It was from a publication entitled Mechanic of the World no 14 https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/detailed-cutaway-of-b5n2-kate-needed.33557/
  12. I see they already have a military figure section and looks promising though the WWII British soldiers look like they are wearing rubber boots. At 1/35 scale their pricing is on par with what other resin and 3D printed products from other entities. It would be good to see more crew figures for both armour and soft skin vehicles like jeeps and trucks. Sitting poses would be good to see for both driver and passenger though there may be some fit issues depending on seat height and leg room. Nationality wise wish they could concentrate more on British/Commonwealth, Italy, and maybe some lesser represented countries like Finland.
  13. The Kate could also carry bombs instead of a torpedo In either case it depends on the ceiling of the flight path to target if the crew would require tank supplied oxygen. As designed, the service ceiling was 27,100 ft. Online sources state generally that when 30 mins or more is spent at or above 14,000 ft is when supplemental oxygen is required.
  14. @spruecutter96 not quite, the bust was completed in 2017, so about a year before the Greta Thundberg name began hitting the news scene. The bust itself was a generic bald female with no clothes and was based/inspired on an actual period photo from WWII.
  15. @Casey well no the experiment was already taken care of in the link from 2016 where the reviewer stated depending on the paint colour, the amount of thinner added varied to what point separation occurred. All I was inquiring about was a definition/explanation of what paint separation is in general but I guess it is not that simple an answer ...
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