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Found 172 results

  1. Howdy, looking for reference and possibly the correct markings for the Norwegian P-3 involved with the collision over the Barents Sea back in 1987. I already have the Su-27 markings in a Begemot sheet. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I am looking for anyone who would print a set of serials for me in white. I have struggled to get a good looking application using minute lettering sets but I just cant get alignment correct. What I need is a very small set. It is lettering and numbering in Amarillo font, in white, with the overall length of each full serial being 6mm. My very small and my old hands and eyes just cant hack it! Any ideas? Thank you. Martin I put a few names here in case these or others have any idea - @Giorgio N @Terry1954 @bentwaters81tfw @spaddad @Courageous ......
  3. I’m offering a service to BM members who want to recreate a specific model, but who can’t source the decals. If there’s a decal or a specific decal set that you want, and you can’t get them commercially, I’ll draw them for you. I’m thinking of images such as aircraft nose art, pilot’s personal insignia or regimental markings on military vehicles and so on. I can also redraw ones you might have with an old kit but which have yellowed or cracked or are otherwise unusable. I’ve been using Adobe illustrator and Photoshop for many years so I know my way around the programs reasonably well but I’ll be doing these in my ‘spare’ time (ha ha) so I won’t be able to offer an express 24-hour kind of service. I will get them done however! I’d like to keep this dead straightforward, so there are a few things to consider: I don’t intend charging for them. They’ll be free. Gratis. My purpose for offering this is to help fellow Britmodellers out. I might have to revisit that if I get swamped with requests but that’s likely to be a way down the line yet, if it ever happens. I can only draw something based on the reference I get. The better the reference, the better the end result will be. If all you can provide me with is a grainy 10mm square black and white photo, and you want a full colour image made of it I may not be able to do very much! After I’ve received the reference, and I think the job is doable, I’ll draw the decal(s) up and send you draft copies for approval. I’ll correct any errors I may have made, and will resubmit a corrected file. I suggest you print it out initially in black and white on a standard printer just to check the fit then, once you’ve approved it, I’ll finish it off and send you a final file in colour. You will have to arrange to print them. I will reserve the right to decline to do some things, especially if they’re particularly complicated, overly intricate or are likely to be otherwise extremely time-consuming. If someone wants me to recreate a miniature Michelangelo or something similar…forget it If I do a drawing, it will be done solely for the model in question. I’m not doing these so they can be sold on, used by anyone else or converted into commercial decal sets. I can recognise my own work and I’m not expecting to see them offered online or anywhere else, free or otherwise. If that happens we’re going to run into a problem with intellectual property rights which could get messy and unfriendly. No-one wants that. On the other hand, if I’m simply redrawing some from, say, an old Matchbox kit that are unusable due to age, that’s different. What I would ask is that when the model is finished I would like to see a photo of it please. If it’s entered into a competition I would ask to be credited with creating the decals. I think that’s about it. I can’t think of anything else at the moment. so let’s see how it goes. As stated above, I’ll be doing them in my spare time so I’ll fit them in and around other work. If I’m busy with something else, your job will have to join the queue but I’ll let you know what my workload is so you can decide whether you want to go ahead or not. The best thing is to give me plenty of notice! I’ve been in touch with Mike about this, and he’s fully aware of the offer. Any questions?
  4. So I recently bought Tamiyas’ X-35 semi-gloss clear , I applied decals onto my model and topped it off with mr mark softer , should I add a semi-gloss clear coat above the decals ? or are there any problems I might face? Are there any extended benefits?
  5. I am looking for some information and possibly recommendations. I have decided to undertake a task of large proportion whereby I will need a lot of bespoke, made to requirement decals. Having never done this before, I'm not conversant with what the capabilities are out there. Some of the questions I'm looking to have answered are below: Are there specialised decal companies that will produce mass orders to client requirements? Are there companies that will create 'nose art' decals from a rough black and white photo? If there are and can to the above - can anyone recommend places/companies or can do it themselves and interested in producing some simple and some very difficult work? To give an idea of what I am looking at having done - I am going to attempt to replicate an entire squadron from World War Two of which my grandfather was a pilot in. It will just cover the period that he was in the squadron for and this rings out at 52 aircraft, the lost and the survivors. Mac
  6. Hello I am experimenting with decal printing and I found a small hitch regarding this particular aircraft, basically the nose art is depicting a sort of comic Bull (most probably from Private Snafu comics) punching at something, this I managed to get after a lot of work on photo shop, yet still some parts of the depiction are not clear, any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. Seeing as the my last request got some brilliant replies that let me score what I wanted in hours, here's the latest : Do any 1/72 decals exist/are about to exist for this? Maybe my Google-fu is weak today but I couldn't easily spot any in usual places. Cheers Anil
  8. Hi all Print Scale do attractive decals for Mig-17 without mentioning the exact variant they are destined for. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PSL72008 Please any recommendations for a Mig-17 kit in 1/72 scale? In particular the Egyptian version? Are there any pics on the internet that will assist? Thanks in anticipation. M.M.
  9. Hello everyone. I`m looking to model USAF and IAF F-16 in 1/144 and have had no luck in finding a decal sheet of USAF tail codes. The ones I am after in particular are WA and AZ. Does anyone know if there is a sheet of generic letters available that could be used. I have had a good look but am having no luck. I am also looking for a scorpion tail decal in 1/144. Does anyone know of a place where I might find it, I can find a sheet of other SQN`s but not this particular one. Many thanks. https://cdn.jetphotos.com/full/6/70666_1541230267.jpg
  10. SA80A2AR

    Setting fluid

    i may sound like a realy dumb question but how do you use setting fluid and what is the best one to get
  11. Long time reader... first time poster... HELP!!! Has anyone had this happen before? I finished a Testors 1/72 B-66 Destroyer on August 30th last year, and about a month ago I noticed the decals were turning black! Since then, I've seen it get progressively worse. I don't harbor any hope of salvaging the model, I just don't want to have it happen again. There were a few "firsts" for me on this build, so there are a lot of variables. But, here is the sequence of paint and decals: Tamiya spray gloss black (base) Alclad Polished aluminum + Alclad aluminum Alclad Aqua Gloss clear Decals (original kit decals purchased on e-bay) Testors metalizer sealer (pretty old bottle) Here is a photo of the decals under the cockpit on the day I finished it: Here is a photo taken tonight of the same decals: Here are a couple more examples of the decals that have turned black I've had decals turn brown before, but only after a couple of decades. But this has only been 6 months! The decals I bought were original, so they were 20 -25 years old, but in great condition (not yellow). I want to blame the decals, but I wonder if there was some reaction between the aqua gloss and the testors sealer that affected the decals sandwiched between? I'm just hoping to prevent this in the future, so I thought I'd throw it out to the community to see if anyone had any insight. Not to sound too melodramatic, but this is really heartbreaking; there is a long story behind this model, but in short it was the model I've been wanting to make since 1989 and I did it! Then this happened... Any help or insight would be appreciated -- I don't want to go through this again! For what it's worth, here's what it looked like in it's prime (5 months ago! Ha Ha!):
  12. NigelD

    HMS violet

    My aim is to build the revell 1/144 corvette as my late father in law's ship, or at least an approximation of it. Does anybody know where I can buy suitable decals for the Hull markings, K35? Nigel
  13. dogsbody

    Airfix Wellington

    I was down south in Edmonton over the weekend and picked up the new Wellington from Great Hobbies ( http://www.greathobbies.com/about/hours/#Edmonton ) I just opened the box, you know, to fondle the new styrene. The instructions are wider than the box and were at the bottom of the box, under everything else. In the middle of the booklet is where I found the decal sheet. Maybe Airfix could have done a better job of packing that sheet in the box. Hopefully they flatten down in time. I'm not impressed! Chris
  14. Decals for 1:144 Aircraft F-47D, F-16 & F-14 Shelf Oddity Shelf Oddity are emerging as a leader in decals and parts for 1.144 scale modelling. This set contains decals for the F-47D, F-16 and F-14. As with all Shelf Oddity products all instruction and documentation are available on-line at the website. F-16 Lizard Camo Euro 1 (SO314426) Decals for the short lived Euro 1 or Lizard Scheme applied to early F-16s IIAF F-47D Thunderbolts (SO314424) From this sheet you can decal one of three airframes purchased by Iran in the late 1940s F-47D-30-RA 44-33125, 2-85, 2nd Fighter Regiment IIAF based in Doshan Tappeh near Tehran, Iran 1949 F-47D-30-RA 44-33478, 2-109, 2nd Fighter Regiment IIAF, Iran 1949 F-47D-30-RA 44-33454, 2-54, 2nd Fighter Regiment IIAF, Tehran, Iran 05.1957 F-14A 70's Tophatters (VF-14) (SO314439) These decals are for VF-14 F-14s in the ealry grey over white scheme. Decals are for 4 aircraft; 159011, 159017, 159019, & 159427 Armee De L'Air F-47Ds (SO314433) More thunderbolt decals, this time for those used by the French Air Force. Decals for 4 aircraft; F-47D-30-RA 44-33663, AF-C, GC III/6 Roussillon, Trier, Germany, early 1946 F-47D-28-RE 44-20048, 10-SO, EMCE 3/10, Dijon, France 1951 F-47D-28-RE 44-19679, K, CERAA, Rabat-Salé, Morocco 1952 F-47D-30-RA 44-90024, 20-QA, EC 2/20 Ouarsenis, Boufarik, Algeria 1960 Conclusion Great news for 1:144 scale fans. Plenty of choices in addition to these as I write this, and it should hopefully please a lot of people with really good eyesight.available which should be welcome. Highly recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  15. Hello, Just wonder if there is any 1/144 scale decals for Sully's A 320 that he landed om the Delawere river? Cheers / André
  16. Hi guys and girls, I am looking into creating own decals and I'm looking for anyone who might be interested or might have information on WW2 British, American, German, Italian, French, Russian and Australian aircraft markings to start and others to follow. I am looking for dimensions and measurements of the 1:1 markings so I can create the most accurate product possible. Thanks guys.
  17. Hi there everyone, I'm new here and I would like to ask if anyone can help me identify a symbol or insignia from a 1 35 scale Academy kit of Tiger 1 tank called Operation Citadel. On the decal sheet it is labelled as " 5 " . It has a yellow box as a background and red lines I cannot describe within the yellow box. It is meant for the Totenkopf version of the Tiger 1 during operation citadel. I will try to upload a picture here, if not can someone tell me what the symbol means by looking it up on the Britmodeller review ? It is there in the pictures. Thanks!!
  18. I came across a Kits World decal sheet for 1/72 Hurricanes. It has a couple of schemes that have peaked my interest. In particular, the Romanian Air Force one stands out in my eyes: Can anyone comment on the accuracy of these decals and the schemes illustrated?
  19. Messerschmitt Bf.109G-6 Gustavs over The Balkans (ED48001) 1:72 and 1:48 Exito Decals Polish company Exito are new to us, and have launched their brand from their website where they also sell general modelling "stuff" such as kits, tools, books and so forth. They have sent us their first issues in both scales, which arrive in a slightly larger than A4 releasable foil bag that is stiffened by a large piece of card, a sheet of paper front and rear, with the decals hiding in the back, and a set of side profiles on the front advertising what's inside. Inside are the decals of course, plus a page devoted to each option, which is printed on heavy glossy stock on both sides, with three-view profiles, a photo of the aircraft in question, and other information that may be of use to the modeller. Decals are by Cartograf, which is a guarantee of good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin gloss carrier film cut close to the printed areas. There are sufficient national decals on the sheet to model each of the three options, with a dotted line encompassing each option, plus another annexing the corner that allows the vendor to cut off the the Swastikas, which are also included in two parts on the body of the sheet to comply with local regulations regarding this contentious symbol. From the sheet you can decal one of the following: Bf.109G-6 White 12, flown by Uffz. Anton Riemer of 7./JG77 Mizil, Romania , January 1944 Bf.109G-6 Black 5, 2./JG53, Borovo, Croatia, May 1944 Bf.109G-6 W.Nr.166133 flown by Capt. Constantin "Bâzu" Cantacuzino, San Giovanni near Foggia, Italy 27th Aug 1944 The most attractive option to this modeller is the stars and bars equipped aircraft that was crewed by an Romanian Prince desperate not to be shot down by his Allies over Italy late in the war when the Luftwaffe were a spent force, and Allied pilots were probably desperate for a kill. Conclusion What a professional and attractive package this makes. As well as some cracking decals, you get profiles of all the options that are of such high quality that they could be framed or incorporated in the display of your finished model. We expect great things of Exito if this is their first issue. Very highly recommended. 1:72 Scale ED72001 1:48 Scale ED48001 Review sample courtesy of
  20. Dear Colleagues I haven't built a biplane in decades but have now acquired a 1/72 Roden Gotha. Given their infamous decal reputation, is their an aftermarket company who do large German Maltese crosses that might fit this kit? Thanks Andrew
  21. Fiat G.50 in Finnish Service (D48032) 1:48 SBS Model The Finns purchased and acquired military equipment from all over the world during World War II, including from Italy, whom they ordered 35 Fiat G.50 fighters from, although two were destroyed on their way to Finland (I wonder who paid for them?), so only 33 saw service with 26 Squadron. As is common with many decal sets, the sheet arrives in a ziplok bag with the multi-page colour A5 instructions doubling as the header-card/protection, and a long sheet of decals protected by a sheet of translucent paper. From the sheet you can build any and all of the following, as there are enough of the roundels to complete them all if you have enough models to apply them to. FA-11 of 3/LLv 26, Lunkula in Autumn 1941 FA-21 of 1/LeLv 26, Kilpasilta in Spring 1943 FA-22 of 2/LLv 26 Joroinen in Summer 1941 FA-26 of 1/LeLv 26 Kilpasilta in Winter 1942/43 Most of the options retain some vestiges of the original Italian scheme, and there is evidence of overpainting in places. Yellow lower wingtips and tail bands are present on all options, with some having yellow cowlings, and a mixture of finishes on option B. Decals are printed with the SBS logo, and have good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin semi-matt carrier film cut close to the printed areas. On my sample there were a few tiny areas of black printing that showed signs of spreading, although this was only really visible under magnification, so of little issue. Conclusion It's good to see some unusual decal options for the G.50, away from the standard Italian schemes that are usually seen. The Finnish aspect of WWII is less-frequently depicted in the West, so it's nice to see these available. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  22. Evening all. I'm currently working on a commission build for a friend of mine. He used to own the German air force F-104 that was static at Lasham airfield, Hampshire before being transferred by road to bruntingthorpe. He had a new in box 1/48 diecast in the Belgian tiger scheme that he asked me to rebuild into the aircraft he owned. Now all the paint work is pretty much complete, I'm struggling to find decals. I know hannants do a huge German selection on 3 sheets, but this seems like overkill as I'll probably never build another German aircraft. I'm looking for 22+35 and all of the stencils to go with. Is there anyone on the forum who prints decals or knows of another place to find some to work with? I'm a complete novice when it comes to aftermarket. Thanks all in advance Kindest regards Pete
  23. Hi Chaps. Firstly, just wanted to say hi, I'm new to the forum and just back in the modelling game after a rather lengthy break of 35 years, one build in and loving it. So here is my question, I pushed the boat out and purchased the Airfix 1/24 Mosquito in the black friday sales. Really looking forward to getting started. Doing a little research on schemes and I have fixed upon The dark grey scheme with yellow spinners from the original 1/24 release (sorry I can't find a reference to which squadron etc) Does anyone know where I can purchase decals for this? Looking forward to your responses. Thanks again Simon
  24. Arriving too late to be used on my Trumpeter Su-34 - this latest set from Begemot covers all variants of the 'Fullback' - from the second prototype (Bort 43), through the early production machines and right up to date with the types deployment to Syria. Colour schemes range from the early Flanker-style camo, through the recently abandoned 'Eggplant/Aubergine' single colour uppers, right up to latest green/blue colours - FS Numbers are provided for all the colour schemes.. A full stencil sheet is included - and there are hundreds of them - plus a host of stencils for the weapons. This latter set alone is worth the asking price as it gives the correct designation and colours for the variety of ordinance used by the Su-34 A new feature is the printing of the instruction 'booklet' in colour - which is very welcome.... Note the inclusion of a decal for the underside Chaff/Flare dispenser. Stencils More stencils - including weapons. Addendum sheet including black outlines for the Bort numbers - note the new 'VKS Russia' titles. The decals are superbly printed and, from past experience, they go on to the model with the minimum of fuss and give excellent results. It looks like I will have to purchase some more Trumpeter kits to make use of this new set! Ken PS - The sheet is also available in 1/48 scale for the Kittyhawk and Hobbyboss kits.
  25. Ahoy folks, I have a question. My uncle has had a motorcycle kit for years and asked me if I'd put it together for him, but I've run into a potential snag. The decals for the kit, on the artwork and real pictures, are white. Mine have a cream tint, but its not on the carrier film, rather the actual text. However, the dial needles and markings still appear to be pure white. Has anyone else owned this kit to know whether they're supposed to be this colour, or weather I should try out the 'tape to window and let the sun fix them' technique I've just looked up? Cheers in advance. Gaz
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