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Found 18 results

  1. While waiting for a replacement windscreen from Zvezda for my 1/72nd C-130, I built the Tamiya 1/48th P-47D Razorback. I've had this kit in the stash for many years but something else always pulled me away from building it. Since I am not sure how long it will take for Zvezda to get the part to me to continue the C-130 build, I wanted something that would be "quick". This one was fairly quick, for me, but painting took quite a while, even with the relatively simple color scheme. I painted on the stripes and tried a new metal finish (for me). I also had an Eduard color PE set for this one. Overall, I am happy with the result. Of course there are some things I think I could do better with. I used an aftermarket seat with molded on belts, Quickboost I think. Paint is the Vallejo Metal Color Aluminum with a few panels in a mix of Aluminum and "Silver". The paint set had 4 colors included, but the other 3 were quite a bit darker than the aluminum. The darker panels are a 60/40 mix of aluminum and silver. The white stripes are the undercoat of Tamiya spray can Fine White Primer. The black stripes are Testors flat back, and the forward antiglare panel is Model Master Olive Drab. Decals are a mix of kit stencils, Eagle Strike, and Superscale. I painted the cockpit in my version of Dull Dark Green, an ancient tin of Humbrol 88 (pushing 25+ years old and still working well.) However last week, on Hyperscale, a discussion erupted concerning P-47 cockpit colors. I don't think there was any confirmation on colors for various P-47 models (C, D, G, M, N). Interesting food for thought... Background on this one: While researching the 23rd Fighter Squadron, 36th Fighter Group, in WW2, I always thought that they started D-Day carrying bombs for close air support or battlefield interdiction. Most, if not all, USAAF fighter wings were tasked with air superiority for the first missions of the day. The 36th was no exception. In reading pilot accounts, most flew 3 or even 4 sorties on June 6, 1944. The first 2 sorties were air superiority, and following tasking was for air to ground. I wanted to show this aircraft ready for it's first mission that morning. I choose tail number 42-26043, a P-47D-22-RE. This ship was lost to flak near Mortain, France on 7 Aug 44. Pilot James "Mose" Cole was KIA. I wasn't sure of the in-squadron letter so I chose "J" because I had a J on the decal sheets and my wife's name starts with "J". It wasn't until after the 36th moved to the continent that colorful engine cowling and tailplanes appeared. Even though it's just silver, black, and white, mostly, it still has some color pops here and there. I kept weathering to a minimum since the aircraft were fairly new, having only been in operation for a few weeks before the invasion, and the stripes had been painted only hours before the first sorties on D-Day.
  2. I'd like to join in with this please; The Airfix P-47 is neither a new kit, nor an uncommon one, but this particular boxing took me a while to track down. I'm an Eighth Air Force nut (collecting diecast models, books, and trying to visit all of their former airfields), and when I saw that Airfix had chosen one of the Thunderbolt formation monitors as the subject, I had to have it. A random choice, especially for a starter set, but I like the look of it. Not as well known (or, indeed, as colourful) as the assembly ships, war weary P-47s were used by a number of bomb groups to help with the formation of the vast armadas of bombers in the very crowded (and often murky) skies of Norfolk and Suffolk, with the former fighters often painted in the same markings as the bombers they were assisting. Such is the case with this one, representing "Ginny", used by the 458th Bomb Group at Horsham St. Faith (now Norwich Airport). Here's the painting guide; And the kit itself. According to Scalemates, the kit originally dates from 1966, and the simplicity of it certainly suggests that. This particular boxing dates from 2009, so at least the decals are a bit newer! Not a huge amount of decals; A whole 6 steps of instructions. Not seen the space for modellers notes before. The painting guide is pretty good, but also got this as a help, which has a nice black and white photo of "Ginny"; Not sure exactly when I'll get started, as I'm currently also in two other group builds, but it's not a big kit, so I'm sure I can squeeze it onto the creation station!
  3. My possible final one, 1/48 Monogram P-47D Razorback [/url If theres time I may try to do one more, a the Superbolts sibling, the XP-47H . But I', still wrapping my head around doing that on. It's a Poor resin casting that will need ALOT of work before even attempting assembly. So I'll start with the "easy" ones first.
  4. Hi all! This is my first WWII build. OOB Tamiya, lovely kit. Aftermarket decals SuperScale Decal No. 72-811. Tamiya acrylic base coats with Tamiya enamel pin wash and some weathering with Abteilung 502 and Mig Oil Brushers. A very loud shout-out to Seamus whose P-47 inspired and served as the model for this build. Thanks for looking!
  5. After asking the BM community for painting suggestions about two years ago, this Razorback is now done. Probably could have improved it a bit more, but I'm calling this one finished. Cheers, Luka
  6. This is HB981, a Republic P-47D-22-RE Thunderbolt attached to 135 Sq. RAF in Burma during 1945. At 04:45 on 2nd May 1945 it was taking off from Akyab Main to provide "cab rank" support for the Operation Dracula landings at Rangoon, when it lost power and ground-looped off the end of the runway, tearing off both wings in the process. Its relevance to me is that the aircraft contained my father at the time it performed this unplanned evolution. After the aircraft had come to rest, he popped out of the cockpit unharmed, then popped back in again to retrieve his parachute, since it was a chargeable offence to lose a parachute. Then he jogged back to the end of the runway, sat on the parachute, and waited for a vehicle to come and get him. At which point he cadged a cigarette off the driver. Shortly after that, he had his photograph taken, posing on the wreckage. (The photograph, you'll see, also had a fairly hectic later life.) The story is retold amusingly in Roger Freeman's Thunderbolt: A Documentary History Of The Republic P-47. (The squadron number is wrong - 135 Sq. didn't renumber to 615 until slightly later in the war.) Paints are Tamiya, LifeColor and Alclad. The 150-gallon (US) drop tanks are filched from a Tamiya P-47M kit, but the Hamilton prop (and its decals) came with the Razorback kit, although it's not required for either of the aircraft detailed in that kit. SEAC roundels, flashes and the tail number come from an Xtradecal "Yanks with Roundels" sheet. Eduard photoetch detail and placards, Squadron wheels, and an HGW Sutton harness which I found almost unusable. Finally, a comparison of the Thunderbolt and Hurricane, showing what a brute the Jug was in comparison. (My father used to take great delight in relaying the old RAF joke about how the easiest way to avoid enemy fire in a Thunderbolt was to release your harness and run around in the cockpit.) Possibly the drabbest Jug ever modelled. Sorry about that.
  7. Hi All; Here's my recently completed P-47. I was quite happy with how it turned out though I did bugger up a couple of things, and to be honest I lost my nerve in the end on going all out on the weathering. Critiques are always welcome, cheers; Mark.
  8. Hi all just finished this one today, this is my take on a Gulf racing version of the Razorback from the TV show the expanse. Thanks to @xvtonker for the decals. Cheers Brian.
  9. Hello all; Here's my finished Jug for your perusal. I made about as many mistakes and miscalculations as it's possible to make in painting and marking this one. The full story and many more pictures of the debacle(!) can be found within the build article on my website. It's build as a workhorse of the 365th Fighter Bomber Group and was intended to be weathered as such. Overall I think it turned out ok as a reasonable representation of my subject and my ability. Some of it I'm really happy with and some of it I just decided I would have live with because I couldn't face the third, fourth, fifth [seventh!] touch-up or re-paint. Among a lot of things, the eagle-eye among you will spot the missing pitot tube - it has been installed, just not before I took the pics! Anyway, I did start (but failed to keep up with) a WIP thread, so here's the result.
  10. Dear All, Having just bought this kit and read the glowing review from a while back can anyone confirm which version(s) it represents as the P47D had so many. I've just bought the Squadron Signal book on the subject plus perused the internet and now even more confused given that some of the changes between variants were either internal or quite subtle externally. I see that the kit offers a choice of propellers but again I think there were more than two types used at various stages, plus the excellent instructions don't actually say which variant they apply to only the A or B build options. Kind Regards Colin.
  11. I was wanting to try some 3D weathering and opted to try Vallejo's Chipping Medium as the method. The subject is a 1/48 scale 1967 tool P47 Razorback from Revell. Although, this build was really just something of a 'test-bed' for my weathering self-tuition. I liked the end result and thought I'd share it with the forum.
  12. Hello everyone Just a quick question: was the P-47D wing the same on both the earlier 'razorback' the later 'bubble' canopy variants of the P-47D? Ta! Simon
  13. Hi guys This will be my offering from the Tamiya 1/48 kit, I've gone for the steed of Lt. Paul Conger 61st FS-56th FG out of Halesworth Dec '43 Any tips or links to ref pics welcome
  14. This is the 1/48th scale Tamiya P47-D Thunderbolt Razorback. The model was painted with Aeromaster acrylics with the exception of the canopy frame, which was painted with Xtracolor enamel. Artist gouache was used for weathering and to highlight the panel lines. The seat belts are from Eduard. The decals are Eagle Strike set number 48054. American Jabos. The markings are for Yankee Tarheel. Flown by Lt. H. I. Price. 510 F.S. 405 F.G. Thanks for looking, Joe
  15. Hi all, These are some pictures of my new OOB (or not so OOB) project: Thanks for coming by :-)
  16. Hello all. This will be my contribution to this group build. Republic P-47D-15-RA Thunderbolt of 58FG, 69FS serial 42-23224 - "A23" in 1944, flown by Lt. Herbert B. Emrich The kit: The subject: I'm planning to do it OOB at this point. Cheers Jimmy
  17. Hi all I haven't felt motivated to build anything since my Hasegawa P-47D Nose Art Collection Set in August 2014. However, I recently bought the Academy D-day set from those wonderful people at Creative Models and decided to add to my occasional RAF Boxted/USAAF Station 150 (here and here) collection by completing the Razorback in the set as "Spirit of Crawford Missouri", using the included decals. I found a colour photo of the subject taken on September 21st 1944 at Boxted, which was the day that this machine was lost near Arnhem, killing pilot 2nd Lt. Oscar L. Cagle Jr. This model was built last weekend as a "duck-breaker" straight from the box with ANA (Absolutely Nothing Added - not even tape seat belts!) The model was ideal to rekindle my enthusiasm, as it was a delight to build, with no and I mean NO filler used anywhere! The kit decals were intended to depict the aircraft on D-Day, but I wanted to show it roughly as it would have looked in September 1944, which meant not applying the wing stripes and cutting out the fuselage "Stars and Bars", as the invasion markings around the upper part of the fuselage had been removed by then. ‚ÄčI used LifeColor Olive Drab and Neutral Gray applied in a deliberately blotchy manner, as this machine would have been relatively well-used by then, but a study of all the photos in the Roger Freeman/Osprey book "56th Fighter Group" shows that the airframes were clean and well-maintained at Boxted. I applied some minor chipping with a silver pen and gave the whole model a light Raw Umber wash, which was dragged in the direction of airflow. I used a tiny amount of Mig Black Smoke Pigment on the wing surrounding the .50 cal with the shortest barrel protrusion and a small streak to simulate exhaust staining on each side of the lower fuselage. All in all, this was great fun weekend build and the only criticism I would make of the kit is that the main gear legs seem too long, but I haven't measured them and made any comparisons with plans. Thanks for looking (please excuse the dust and the unattached windscreen as well as the poor quality images!) And here she is with the Hobbyboss kit on the left of the images and the Hasegawa kit on the right:
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