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  1. That has turned out very well indeed. Lovely markings.
  2. I had to go back to check that it really was 1:144. Excellent job on such a small kit.
  3. So, I was overly optimistic about my paint masks. The canopy doesn't really fit that well, which means the masks aren't really close enough to the canopy frame inside, so they needed a little supplementation to fit the larger canopy area. But it came out OK: I added the little stub aerial on top of the cockpit, the two lights on the front, and a couple of blobs of acrylic to reproduce the bulge of the door hinges. The lights should really be recessed, but in the bottom view you can see how bad a fit the canopy was in that region, and I really didn't fancy mauling it around any further to countersink the lights. In the top view you can see my little semitransparent screen, simulating the cargo net, which turned out looking better than I'd anticipated. The basic paint job and panel lines are on the rest of the aircraft. The wheels have acquired brake cables, and the front wheel has a little stone guard made out of epoxy and some strip styrene. So I'm now at the stage where I need to seriously get down to designing the decals. Basically, the wings and upper nacelle need to be covered in large feathers. Wish me luck.
  4. The canopy is now on, and ready for masking. Difficult to photography a dark grey cockpit inside a polished bubble, sorry: It wasn't a great fit, particularly under the "chin" at the front, where there were some nasty creases in the vacuform that forced me to trim it pretty tightly along its front edge. I also needed to slit and overlap it at the front, to get a tight fit. I managed to confine the slit and overlap to the area of canopy frame that will house the two front spotlights, so it will hopefully be lost behind that detail. Before I closed off the interior I added one more detail to the cockpit. In the real thing there was an elastic "cargo net" behind the seats, strung with bungee cords. I faked this up with a bit of stretched sprue and a fragment of polythene, though it's now very difficult to discern through the shiny canopy.
  5. The cockpit frame is now assembled, and used as a template to cut paint masks before the vacuform goes on.
  6. Thanks, but it's actually plastic--the photo was taken after a light coat of white primer. I do like the idea of modding a standing figure, though. I'm just trying to think if I can stand him behind the wing and turn him into a "rear leg" to stop the thing tipping backwards!
  7. Gad, I'd love to have a Bella Shadow to go with it. I fear the paint job and solar panels would be a bit of a challenge to reproduce, though.
  8. That's a good one. Too late for me, and besides beyond my skill, but I like the idea anyway.
  9. You can't see it in the photo, but the pilot is already missing his buttocks--I find it easier to remove the bit that sticks out of the pilot, rather than try to chisel a dent in the cushion. Despite that, his head is fouling one of the overhead strut. So he's about a head too high to match the appearance of actual pilots flying one of these things.
  10. I've finished adding detail to the kit's very sparse cockpit--rudder pedals, control columns and the controls between the seats, as well as widening the instrument panel to match the later model I'm building. I've also added the overhead control panel (seen in the image above) to the cockpit frame. Annoyingly, after spending quite a lot of time endowing the pilot with the necessary long coat and high collar, I've just discovered that PJ Productions' 1/72 pilot doesn't fit into Sharkit's 1/72 cockpit--he's too tall. Part of it is the thick cockpit canopy supports, but there's a definite scale mismatch there too, which I was slow to pick up.
  11. Some modifications required to the basic kit, which is intended to depict one of the prototypes, G-BGMW. I'm building a later version, so I've extended the fan nacelle at the rear, extended the elevator trim tab beyond the trailing edge, created a couple of little fairings for the undercarriage, and added a pair of flow directors to the upper wings. I've also removed a long bulge on the underside of the nacelle, which is apparently absent from later models. This seem to depict a little stowable stand under the back of the nacelle in G-BGMW, which is worth knowing about for anyone building that version, because it would solve the "tail sitting" problem if modelled in the "down" position. Reference image of that here. Several more bits and pieces will be added in due course (pitot tube, flap control levers, aerials), but I've kind of committed myself to covering both wings and the upper nacelle with decals, so those mods will wait till later. I've also drilled locating holes for the undercarriage, and have started adding some detail to the extremely sparse cockpit provided in the kit. Here are the mods to the main part of the aircraft: The pilot figure is built from two PJ Productions pilots--the head of a transport pilot and the body of a WWI pilot, with a little bit of polythene to give him a long coat. The reason for this odd arrangement is that I'm aiming to build this version of the Optica: Which is also why I've ended up needing to design and apply my own decals. I'm sure the particular aircraft will be familiar to many Optica fans. It's certainly the first time I ever caught sight of one.
  12. That's a brutal looking thing. And I mean that as a compliment. Great build!
  13. Thanks. It always unnerves me when people call me "brave".
  14. That's nice. I've been trying to generate one in low Earth orbit, with the Earth gleaming through the open girderwork. Possibly beyond my Photoshop-fu.
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