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  1. Misalignment would mean that at the other side the step is opposite with the back fuselage part protruding: Unfortunately it is the same, meaning that the back part is narrower that the nose part. This is such a let down, considering that it is at such an obvious position. If my second one is ok, I will ask them to replace the part. But I doubt this
  2. ,,, Same problem, although slightly less, on the other side...
  3. I still feel love and affection for the old Hasegawa F-4E... By the way, still waiting for a good replacement (yes, I know I keep whinging like an old goat)
  4. It depends on what is "the best" for you. Regardless of the details, an error in the basic structure - form (it is the fuselage we are talking about) for me is a no-go issue. I wouldn't really enjoy the situation where after spending a year to super detail something, I end up with a model that is having such an obvious shortcoming. But this is just me...
  5. Not fair to quote such an old post. But you do have a point. I am 48. Running out of time lol.
  6. I expected it would have been fixed. Apparently it didn't. How am I to blame for?
  7. Many thanks! The good thing is that there are so many after market decal sets for the MPM kit. Should fit this one too....
  8. I guess this one has the corrected fuselage cross section, right?
  9. Can you please give some more detail on what is wrong with the decal sheet? Thanks
  10. Test fitting parts and devices on the right side of the fuselage. All looking good so far. The EA-6B and A-6 forum members feedback has been proved invaluable!
  11. Exactly what I thought! And in correct English too lol!!!
  12. Me no inglish! (no it is not hahahahahahaaa.... but nice try!!!)
  13. Not everyone an English native speaker. How r your Greek by the way
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