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  1. Thought I'd start to share my completed builds from my inventory. To make it easier for myself, I'll also go in alphabetical order of manufacturer (so expect a fair few Airfix kits next ) so here begins with Academy's 1:144 B-1b Lancer. Lovely little kit with the exception of the top to bottom join along the front fuselage to nose section and the incredibly lacking detail on the afterburners. All finished in Hataka Orange Line paints. I do have another one of these kits in my stash in which I plan to get some 3D printed engine exhausts for it instead of the awful kit options. I built this kit with the ability to swing the wings to my liking so the wing sleeves were glued in the open option. Depicted as B-1b Lancer 86-0139 "Drifter" as she was the first B1 I had ever seen at the fence of RAF Fairford. A great and late friend printed the nose art decal for me from a photo from the original painter of the nose art. Thanks for looking and don't hesitate to ask any questions!
  2. Here is one of my latest builds from the Academy F-86F Sabre, the QF-86E drone aircraft. As one of the founding members of the IPMS Target facilities SIG, I thought I should set cracking and build some aircraft that were appropriate to this SIG. After all, we will have a table to fill at Telford going forward! Other BM members include @Martian, @corsaircorp, @Corsairfoxfouruncle and @general melchett. Others always welcome! Apart from the internet, one of the most useful reference sources for the build was the excellent book by Duncan Curtis , Naval Fighters No 58 on the QF-86E/F/H/Sabre. These aircraft were full scale aerial targets converted from numerous different marks and origins of Sabre. Thanks to @Sabrejet for an excellent reference publication. The Academy kit is an F with the later ‘6-3’ root chord extension wing which was also fitted to the RCAF Canadair Sabre 5, from which this conversion originally came, becoming the QF-86E. So this was a reasonable choice for this model. All QF-86E drones seem to have been acquired for US Army use, and the serial I chose 23215 was eventually to meet a gruesome end from a US Army Patriot missile, during 1979! The main driver for choosing this aircraft was that amongst my stash of Microscale decals, I had sheet 72-288 with markings for two F-86’s and a QF-86 23215. The Academy kit went together well and seems to be reasonably good on surface detail. I usually use Alclad for NMF finishes like this but I tried out the AK Extreme metallics for the first time, and they seem to be very good. After airbrushing their gloss black primer, a combination of various colour metallic shades were airbrushed onto various different panels to try and achieve a realistic pure metallic look. The orange tail and wing marking were applied using MRP’s excellent International Orange Lacquer, over a white undercoat. MRP’s gloss varnish was applied prior to decals, and after decals, followed by some very light oil washes. A final coat of MRP’s semi-gloss varnish sealed everything in. These MRP varnishes have become one of my favourite solutions for finishing coats. Some initial pictures during construction And onto the completed model I daresay there will be future builds of a US Naval QF-86F and a USAF QF-86H. Comments/questions welcome Thanks for looking. T
  3. Hi all, My third completion of the year so far is the Academy F86-30 Sabre of 39 FIS/51 FIW. This Is Capt. Charles McSwain’s machine based at Suwon (K13) in 1953 and was option one on the kit’s decal sheet. I wanted to build this one as it is just so colourful, with fantastic nose art on the port side. Also I thought it would be a good way to get over my fear of natural metal finishes. I’ve never built one before and I really want to build the B47 I have in my stash so I need some practice! This was mostly built from the box, the only additions being some PE which added cockpit details and replaced the seat. I used Vallejo Metal colours (steel, Alu, white alu, dark alu and silver) for various panels on the airframe then weathered with clay washes and oils to try to replicate the duller finish visible in the colour pictures in Ospreys Front Line Colour No2. All in it was a reasonably straight forward build with only a few small fit issues. The decals however were a different story. The carrier film was a bit resistant to Sol and Set needing work to settle down nicely. The yellow tactical bands were a total fail being brittle, poor fit and refusing to conform. I ended up masking and painting the yellow and black bands instead. I also painted the checker boards on the tail as well. Other than that you can judge the results for yourself. Feel free to comment and give tips, as I said this was my first nmf so it’s not perfect and next time I would spend a bit more time on the prep as there are a few areas where I can see some faint scratches. Happy modelling.
  4. Hi folks Now that the M3/4 GB is finished, I would like to continue with my work here. As you can read in the title, it's about the M12 GMC from Academy, which I finished building after a lot of work, but I couldn't paint it in time. As usual, I had also planned a vignette, so I still have a long way to go. Some of you already know my model from the GB, for all those interested I would like to present a few pictures with the most important milestones of the project. In the coming months I will be painting figures, pouring water, creating decals and weathering the M12. I would be happy if you join me in this process. MD The figures were more expensive than the kit The wall to the engine compartment was revised The bogies have been reworked to show the weight The drive housing has been improved The air filters were redesigned and printed The spade was also redesigned and printed The details of the bogies have been improved The gun socket was improved... also the fuel filler caps The complete rear section was rebuilt... and provided with missing rivets and weld seams Missing details of the gun were attached The drive for the height adjustment was added The trackguards were ground thinner The front trackguards were rebuilt Adding new details to the hatches The gun support revised and made movable The ammunition rack newly created Missing weld seams and holes added Casting markings applied The protective shield improved The drive wheels modified... for new AFV Club tracks (here you can see the weight distribution well) new seats The complete new winch is a model in itself The finished model with some accessories is ready for the last steps before painting When I look at the pictures again, I realise why I didn't finish them completely See you!
  5. Hello everyone. Sneaking this model in by stealth.
  6. After the 2021 programme/newsletters (link) Here's the Academy 2022 - newsletter 1 http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00002&pCode=12365&pCategory=NEWS2 In the aircraft pages for Q1/2022: 1/48 - ref. 12345 - Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless - plastic Accurate Miniatures 1/72 - ref. 12573 - Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina 1/48 - ref. 12346 - Dassault Rafale C - Nato Tiger Meet 2012 - plastic Revell (yes 1/48th and not 1/72nd as wrongly indicated in the folder) 1/72 - ref. 12575 - Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion - plastic Fujimi 1/144 - ref. 12627 - McDD F/A-18C+ Hornet 1/144 - ref. 12??? - McDD F/A-18D Hornet V.P.
  7. Hi all - this is Academy's 1/48 Bf109K-4 kit, finished in the colours of '265' - a machine discovered at Amberg at the end of the war and carrying no unit markings - just the last three digits of the werk nummer roughly sprayed onto the fuselage sides. Several b/w pics of this plane (unusually of both sides) are in circulation, so the markings and camo pattern are easy enough to identify. The actual colours, not so much. I did build this a/c a couple of years ago from a Hasegawa kit, but it got trodden on recently during some redecoration work at home (the less said about that, the better). So a couple of years on and this is a chance to 're-imagine' some Luftwaffe late-war camo colours, and un-painted (but not necessarily 'bare metal') undersides and put a replacement '265' back on the shelf. Anyway, enough chat, here's the pics..
  8. It´s a long way to Mukumbura..... My dad´s next project, soon to be started DSC_0010 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr gonna do the lower scheme DSC_0011 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  9. I started this build back in July but only completed it a couple of days ago, as my first finished build for 2021. This is from Academy's Silverplate boxing of their 1/72 B-29 kit. The subject is built up in the colors of the infamous "Enola Gay". Painted with Alclad Airframe Aluminum, Aqua Gloss, Tamiya acrylic and lacquer paints and primers from Gunze. To be honest, this was by no means an easy or smooth build. I hadn't attempted an NMF finish on this scale before, and in this case it turned out to look a little more dull than I wanted to as a result of the overcoat of gloss to seal the paint. Some of the parts look more sloppily painted or weathered than I'd have liked, and I ran into a lot of problems during the build especially with assembly and fit. Some of the decals also silvered on me, which was something I wasn't expecting from Cartograf of all decal makers. The kit itself leaves a lot to be desired compared to what we have today, which to me is surprising given how well it scored in reviews. To be frank, building the kit felt like building something that Academy didn't try all that hard with. The kit goes together in a way that doesn't seem to be thought out very well which results in a lot of fiddling and build problems that in themselves don't ruin the kit but make it feel sloppy. This combined with parts that only vaguely fit and ejector pin marks and seams on very prominent parts among others make building kit a bit of a slog in my opinion. I know some modelers like this challenge which is perfectly fine, but I wasn't all that prepared to experience these build issues and it really took away from the overall experience. Since this kit is the only good option for a 72nd B-29, I suppose it's all about knowing what you might be in for. It does build up to look like a massive shiny display piece in the end. Thanks for viewing!
  10. In 2022, Academy is to release a new tool 1/48 Mitsubishi A6M2b Type 21 Zeke/"Zero" - Battle of Midway - kit - ref. ? Despite rumours It won't be a rebox from the recent Eduard kit (thread) dixit words from M. Vladimir Šulc, boss from Eduard–Model Accesorries ltd., as from M. Gustav Jung, boss from Wolfpack Design, who's close ties with Academy Hobby Model Kits - see here: link Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=4666693050091873&set=pcb.4666695563424955 V.P.
  11. Thanks Stephen ! Rumour: there's a new tooling 1/48th Fairchild Republic A-10C Thunderbolt II in the pipe line. Candidates: Wolfpack Design (too big kit for such a small producer IMO), Academy (dubious as not mentionned in the catalogue 2021, but in 2022 as the rumour source is M. Gustav Jung from Wolfpack Design who has close ties with Academy), Great Wall Hobby (is supposed working on a new tool 1/48th F-14 family, but considering the numerous new tool kits from the Tomcat... So why not a A-10), AFV-Club (after the 1/48th U-2...), Meng (after the 1/48th F/A-18E...), Kinetic (a surprise kit like the 1/48th (T)F-104, Wolfpack Design - so M. Jung - being the Kinetic distributor in Korea). All bets are off. Source: Reid Air Publications Facebook page. If you go to the link about the new A-10C decal sheet, there's a comment from Gustav Jung (aka Mr. Wolfpack Design - link) about a new tool 1/48th Thunderbolt II kit - see herebelow. https://www.facebook.com/177633712268219/posts/4024256017605950/ V.P.
  12. Hi all I finally finished a build Not great but just happy to finish something Finished very much OOB with Tamiya acrylics and a model master flat clear I would have liked more colour separation on the camo but live and learn The kit is basic but went together okay Decals were terrible Out of registration and absolutely like leather so plenty of Micro Sol and Micro Set to try and settle them down as best as possible but many still silvered up Just a few photos Cheers Thanks for looking
  13. Hi folks, Hope everyone is keeping safe and well. It seems like ages ago that I signed up to join this GB and yet at the same time it seems to have come around so quickly This will be my first GB for this year and I'm really looking forward to it. For my entry - I've decided to incorporate the subject of the GB with another particular interest of mine - the IDF. I thought, what can be better than being able to represent a Sherman - how about an IDF Sherman - or specifically the M-51 Super Sherman from the 1/35 Academy kit. To whet your appetites - here's the obligatory box art shot as well as some pics of the sprues etc: I can't wait to get started!! This will be an OOB build and having had a good look at the sprues etc it seems to be a very nice kit and has some excellent details. So here's to next weekend - good look with your builds everyone - can't wait to see all the end results in the gallery. Take care and best wishes Kris
  14. 80 years past, the momentum shift in the pacific war known as Midway was fought and this obsolete, yet valiant machine helped to turn the tide, or at least it tried. After building a Japanese subject for the Pearl Harbor anniversary I figured I'd switch sides for Midway. This was Academy's rebox of the Accurate Miniatures kit and although the detail was nice, it didn't seem to go together that well in places, plus the instructions weren't 100 percent clear at all times. Nevertheless it's done, I can finally relax and re-stress myself again with the next build. https://youtu.be/JlDyq231ZMk
  15. I thought that I would jump in with Academy's kit of the A-37B Dragonfly for this group build. The box has three sprues of parts (2 for the airframe, 1 for munitions), a clear sprue for the canopy parts and decal options for USAF or ROKAF aircraft. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  16. A second RFI from Tweener in under a month? Today I've got the 1/72 Academy P-47 Bubbletop in the markings of "OH JOHNNIE", as flown by Lt. Raymond Knight in some of the last days of the war, before the final action that cost Knight his life. During a strike on a German airfield in the Po Valley. Knight's aircraft took heavy damage during several strafing runs that brought about the destruction of a large number of enemy aircraft and supplies. Knight was known to fly the first run over enemy airfields alone in order to put together the most accurate plan of attack, and to ensure his fellow pilots had the highest chance of avoiding dangers while making effective runs of their own. On his last flight, Knight repeated this process and managed to escape safely. His aircraft, struck multiple times, seemed unlikely to make it back to base on the far side of the Apennine mountains. Despite this, Knight was aware that his unit was keenly short of replacement parts and aircraft, and so declined to bail out over friendly territory. Knight was killed when his aircraft slammed into a mountain on the return flight - only 2 weeks before the end of the War in Europe. More here - https://www.thisdayinaviation.com/tag/oh-johnnie/ I decided to build this P-47 after obtaining the DK Decals 350FG decal sheet, which contains markings for assorted P-39s and 47s flown by that group and their compatriot Brazilians, as well as decals for a Hurricane squadron hack, captured BF-109G, and a Brazilian Cub. I'm currently working on one of the 39s, as well as the 109, and I have the Cub in the stash too. For now, here is the P-47 Note that the Neutral grey is undoubtedly too dark - I don't understand how Vallejo got this so wrong in their model color range, and fairly spot on in their Air range, but in any case, I painted this before I had the latter paint or the knowledge to do better, and I don't think it looks too bad. Wings were sprayed with TS-17, and the OD is Model Masters. I believe it's Vietnam Era land vehicle OD, but I like the look of it and miss MM dearly. The build itself was entirely pain free, though I expect my next Jug will be the Tamiya kit. I've got about 10 options for markings and 100 other projects first, so don't hold your breath for that one. A Hurricane, Skycar, and JU-52 next. I'll leave you with a shot of the business end - Best, Tweener
  17. Academy is to re-release its 1/72nd Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor kit with ref. 12527 Sources: http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00002&pCode=9035&pCategory=NEWS1 https://www.facebook.com/academytoy/photos/pb.1450541581840342.-2207520000.1442819447./1718872271673937/?type=3&permPage=1 F-22A Raptor "94th FS, Langley AFB" V.P.
  18. Hello all, This is Academy's 1/72 P-47D Razorback painted in the markings of Lt. Donovan Smith's aircraft "Ole Cock". There were a few corrections made to the kit, most notably changing wingsides for the pitot tube from right to left; but other than that the kit is pretty good and the detail is very sharp. The kit was painted with gunze and real colors acrilycs, chipping fluid was used to weather the model. The aftermarket products used are PE for the interior, True Details wheels and a Master pitot tube, I also used a spare Tamiya P-47D propeller. The decals used are Hussar, part of their book Fighting units in color 56th Fighter Group part 1. Hope you enjoy!
  19. Hello Fellow Modelers! Here is the second aircraft of my Blackbirds series: The Academy F-117A. When I started this project long time ago, finding an accurate kit of this strange beast was challenging, as all models available on the market were wrong to extra wrong! Finally, I chose the Academy kit, which has the advantage to have an opened bomb bay. However, I did a lot of modifications on the kit and spent some money in PE parts. The big challenges were to raise all the panels lines to have a correct faceted aspect, using thin Evergreen strip styrene and to cut the fake air intakes grils and to replace them by very fine mesh. I decided to represent the vertical stabilizers in the rest position but their complex geometry and inner profile doesn't t help. Flaps down was easier. Basically the kit has wrong undercarriage and wheels, poor cockpit, the wheel wells are not deep enough, poor representation of the sensors and the shape of the intakes is questionable to my opinion. For this, nothing to do but for the rest, I took wheels from an F-15C kit (they are similar) cockpit was entirely redone, a resin ACEII seat and a complete reshaping of the false wheel wells and bomb bay. A lot of work for a disappointing result; Painting and markings: "Normal" challenge with the black tint, I used the same technique as for my SR-71, several layers of brownish, blueish etc blacks. To remember the "good old days when I served in the FAF (I was on duty the night it happened in CAOC Vicenza), my model represents the famous "Vega 31" which was shot down by the Serbian Air Defense. Decals come from the excellent "Two Bobs" sheet. The photos: and the little dio: the Dodge RAM pick up comes from F4 Model, not easy to build, the transparent parts are too thick and the kit is basic for the price... As a conclusion, very disappointing, I will definitively build another Nighthawk, may be the new Hasegawa kit (THE model of this strange aircraft at that scale???).
  20. Manufacturer: Academy. Aftermarket: Woodland Scenics foliage, wooden base from Hobbycraft and some lead wire for detailing. Paints: Tamiya, Mr Hobby, AK, Flory Models wash and pigments. Weathering: AK and Flory Models products. Link to build thread: Hi all, I am calling this Easter build done. I originally had no plans to build anything for Easter; however, on looking through my stash l thought I would give this 1995 Academy kit a go. It was very nicely detailed, the only grumbles were vague instruction diagrams and the front wind shield was a poor fit. But overall, it was a great build, maybe a bit too ambitious for a quick build, but I pushed on and got there in the end. I hope the photos do it justice, with all of the wire cutters and antenna all over the fuselage it was a bit of a porcupine to handle, that's why I decided a small base would be a safer way to display it. Thanks for looking in on this build and happy modelling.
  21. Hi guys, thought I'd build this old Academy kit that I have dragged from my stash earlier today. This should be a fun and quick project, wish me luck!
  22. Hi there The Mustang is waiting for its 3D printed MLG's, following an attack by the carpet monster. The 2 X P-400 are drying up from an enamel paint layer - will take some time. I found myself with some bench time (the wife is down with Covid-19 in the bedroom ) So... I did not want to start a new kit - as this is just a temporary halt. It's not that I do not know which kit is next, but I try not to have too many kits in progress. I could have spend some time arranging stuff around the bench - boring After a while I decided to deal with this B-29 - as it is a big build with lots of parts, so I can sneak some progress here and there. This kit has a story - so let me share it. As you know - my dad was an a/c mechanic with the IAF. You can find one of his stories here. He was also a modeler and got me into the hobby when I was a kid. The story goes that at the night I was born he completed a big B-29, and with the family growing and the salary not, it was the last model he built for a long time. Later on he introduced me to modeling and we build together. These building sessions are some of the happier memories of my childhood. The B-29, along with a couple other kits (B-17, Anson, F-4) were hung up in our family room and later on moved to a shelf in my room. They were the basis for my model collection. I fondly remember the silver monster. I can't recall if it was a 1/48 or a 1/72. I will have to look up some old photos. I remember it was big but back then I was way smaller myself. When I got back to the hobby, my Dad was interested in all the updates and in my builds. We talked for a while about building another kit together, 'for old times sake'. When I moved to our current home, and got myself a decent bench, we talked some more and I suggested we build a B-29 - as kind of a 'getting back to modelling' build. It took us a long time to finally find the time. My parents live an hour from our home but most of the time they get here on family occasions. After a long time, we arranged for them to come early on some family gathering and we sat together. Even in 1-72, the B-29 is a BIG kit, with a decent number of parts. We started with airbrushing the bombs (all 32 of them) - and it was a new experience for dad. When I was a kid we could not afford an airbrush and all painting was done with Enamels and a brush. We followed up with some silver painting of some parts and then time ran out. Dad was happy but it was clear that sitting down with me and building was hard for him - his eye sight is not what it used to be. The kit being a 1-72 did not help either. Since then, the huge box is kind of a fixture in the back part of the bench. Last month, my dad turned 80, and it dawned on me that if I want to celebrate the completion of this kit with my Dad, I need to push forward on my own and find other ways to make it a shared and meaningful experience. With this idea racing in the back of my mind, my eyes fell on the 'fixture' and I decided that this will the 'micro project' I will spend some time on, and keep doing little steps with this kit in hope to get it to the paint booth and then finish it up. I opened the box, took some pictures of the things we started, spent some time arranging the setup - opening a new build folder on my drive, opening a new project and album on Scalemates, Opening a new album on Imgur and writing this up. A lot of setup for one build So, here we go: Kit sprues, box, instruction and two after market items - a decal sheet and a PE set: I decided to start with the cockpit, as per the instruction. This was a short sitting so I just cut and cleaned all the parts, glued some parts - those that make sense to glue before paint, reviewed the PE instructions to see I'm not building something I will have to remove. Then I sorted the parts to the 'green pile' - those will get a Z-C coat, and to the 'black pile' - those will get ..... a flat black coat. Green pile: Black pile: Stuff: That's it for tonight, and probably for a while. Ran
  23. In July of 1943 JG 2's second staffel was reassigned from day fighter duties to a crash course in night fighting to hopefully stem the tide of RAF night bombing. None of the unit's Fw 190s were equipped with radar, as a set small enough wouldn't debut for several more months. Pilots were given a quick course in flying with only instruments and direction from ground controllers. Initially, the new Nachtjaeger were refinished in overall black, however it was quickly found out that it was nearly impossible and dangerous to fly in formation at night in such a dress. After a few unsuccessful missions, the Fw. 190s were refinished in an overall RLM 76 gray. In this scheme the aircraft flew for the next few months before actual radar equipped Focke Wulfs were assigned to nachtjaeger groups later that fall. IMG_5247 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr A quick little few-night build of the venerable old Academy kit that has been floating around in the attic for almost two decades. It was built with the help of an Eduard PE cockpit and a few other bobbles; brake lines from fine wire, antenna wire from EZ Line, et al. Finishes are mostly Vallejo Air Acrylics and the decals were provided by Owl, representing Lt. Detlef Grossfuss' charge. IMG_5253 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr IMG_5249 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr IMG_5240 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr IMG_5251 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr IMG_5243 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr IMG_5244 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr IMG_5237 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr
  24. This Academy boxing of the F-18 will be the first of my entries for the group build and will be finished with the Blue Angels decals supplied in the box. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
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