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  1. Hello! Does Humbrol decalfix pick up the acrylic Vallejo gloss varnish? Thanks in advance for the answers!
  2. Good morning everyone , I had a simple question that has probably been answered hundreds of times , i finally completed my tamiya tiger 1 , it was first sprayed with vallejo white primer , and then vallejo model airs dk panzer grey , ok so bearing in mind this white primer gave a slight rough finish (because its white) i then painted the panzer dark grey , then it was finished off with 3 coats of gloss , the other day when it was on the shelf i desided to test how durable it was , so i gave it a medium scratch so not too much force , and i noticed tiny speckles of the white primer showing , i
  3. How well does Vallejo Model Air brush paint? I have it in my head that it is formulated for airbrushing but does that mean it is sort of pre-thinned and does that give it a consistency anything like their regular acrylic with a dollop of flow improver added?
  4. I am in the process of building my first (well, for about 46 years, so, same thing really) model aircraft and I have a couple of questions about spraying suitable acrylic paint. I have built some model railway wagons and have sprayed using Vallejo model air with some success, using a badger velocity airbrush. I had a look at the colour requirements for the model (Eduard Fokker Dr.1 1/48 weekend edition) and first of all the colour references seem to be for Gunze or Mission models. I set about looking up equivalent colours in Vallejo model air. To my dismay I find that n
  5. Recently got back into modelling after 20 years or so.... Decided I'd do 1:700 and 1:600 ships - because why start with the 'easy' stuff when you can start with the tiny stuff eh. Anywho, tried using vallejo gloss varnish after painting but got a weird and undesired splotchy effect all over... Makes it look like it recently rained. I am using vallejo acrylic model color, and the rattle can is also vallejo acrylic. I tried brushing Humbrol Clear satin over it and the splotchiness was considerably lessened. Anyone have any ideas how I can avoid this problem in the future?
  6. Good morning everyone , I have a very small question regarding Vallejo model air and their other products like their primer , should they still smell after they have dried? It’s been a good few days and the model is still a bit wiffy after giving it a sniff I am also a noob at airbrushing so another question is once I have sprayed a coat do I leave it to dry like brushpainting or can I just go over it straight away
  7. I usually use Vallejo model air so im Not to experienced with thinners for airbrush I have thinned tamiya x-10 with Vallejo colours before and had good results but does anyone now if it works on their other paints?
  8. Hi guys! I've recently joined the airbrush club! But I do have an awful lot of hataka blue line and vallejo model color paints, and I figure rather than replacing them I'd use them! Just wondering if anyone has experience using these paints in an airbrush and how they thinned them for use? Thanks guys!
  9. As I’ve recently returned to modelling after an extended break techniques have changed. Currently building the Airfix 1/72 Lancaster BIII Dambuster. After having completed the painting using Vallejo acrylics I then moved to the gloss coat prior to adding decals. At this stage disaster struck. My first attempt airbrushing a mix of 75% varnish to 25% water coat of Vallejo Gloss. The coat pooled and run and dried milky even though I thought I had misted it. I then had to rub down and decided to try brushing. I used a good quality 1” acrylic brush but after 2 coats there was brush streaks all over
  10. Hello fellow modellers (in the words of Plasmo) I have been trying for quite a while to achieve pencil-thick lines with Vallejo Model Air. Didn't manage so far. I have Harder Steenbeck and Olympos airbrushes. Always thinning with Vallejo Thinner with a couple of drops of Vallejo Flow Improver. I have thinned the paints in oh so many ratios, used all kinds of low pressure going PSI by PSI. I either get spider lines or thick atomization with chunks going all around. I am quite desperate. However, I am willing to continue my efforts as long as someo
  11. BIG X

    Primer peeling off

    Good morning folks, Today's problem for the wise patrons of Britmodeller is - I have been priming with stynlrez through my airbrush & then over painting with vallejo model air. It looks great - until I mask it & spray a second colour. When the masking tape is removed or the whitetac on occasions - it is taking the paint & primer off - right down to clean plastic. new airifix kit (Bedford mwd) thoroughly washed & dried silverline 2 in 1 brush / 20psi / 4mm needle / 2 moisture traps / littlejet pump primed in 2 thin coats - stynlrez
  12. We've just gone through our Hataka Red Line 6 and 8 colour paint sets and we've made some reductions on some of the paint sets. We won't be restocking on these paint sets, so it's a chance to get some and save some £'s. We've also got many Vallejo Paint sets on offer, including some of the recently released Model Air Soviet/Russian aircraft paint sets. Please click on the link https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ and scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Hataka reduced sets and go on to the 2nd page for the Vallejo offers. thanks Mike
  13. Diorama bases for modeling projects 1:35 AV Vallejo Scenics via Creative Models It would seem that along with other products vallejo are now making bases for modellers to sit their models on. These are in 1:35 and are aimed (presently) at the armour modeller. The bases are made from some form of resin material and arrive in s sturdy card box unpainted. Cobblestone Street Section (SC103) This is 31cm x 21cm and features a cobblestone street section typical of Europe. Not sure why they have not kept this square along the front edge?
  14. I’ve built this over the last couple of days. It has storage for 150 Vallejo paints as well as some other odds and ends. The shelves are angled back so help the paints remain in place. I’m thinking of making a few of them to sell, so have a look and give me your feedback. And this is what it looks like with my paints in place. Manynthanks for looking. Mark
  15. jannie

    What is this?

    Hi guys A year or so ago I asked my local hobby shop owner if he can recommend a "better" decal softener than the average solution you can find - something more like the old Polly Scale decal softener (not available for years now but was extremely potent stuff, somebody on an American model forum jokingly said that it would probably destroy vinyl flooring if you spilled it on the floor). Anyway, the owner proudly told me about the new Vallejo line he now carries and then sold me a bottle of Vallejo 73.212 "Decal Medium" (smaller print underneath says "Decal softener"). Whatever thi
  16. Hello guys I am Building jas 39 c gripen in 1/72 scale from revell. Time is for painting but i am in trouble. I used vallejo medium sea grey and vallejo light grey. Vallejo medium sea grey was ment to be for upper surface color and light grey for bottom. In FS it is 36270 (medium sea grey) and FS 36375 (light grey). I done like 3 or 4 thin layers with a brush both surfaces but i can bearly see and difference at paint . I will post some pictures but when i am looking on Google photos it is huge contrast betwen upper and bottom surface. So please can anyone tell me if there are any
  17. Airbrush Flow Improver Vallejo Model Air 32ml If you have ever suffered from paint drying on the tip of your needle when airbrushing - particuarly when temperatures are higher than the usual cool winters we suffer here in Blighty, you may well be interested in this clear liquid that Vallejo sell as a complement to their paint system. Adding a few drops of the paint before mixing will slow-down the drying of the paint in such a way as to make it less likely that it will dry on the tip, or on the way to the model, so you can use it to reduce stoppages, and the lik
  18. Up to recently I have been using Tamiya fine primer rattle cans for priming - sadly with asthma and a heavy cold this is proving problematic (plus all the over-spray and fine particulates that they leave behind!) I am trying to move over to acrylic primers such as the ultimate primers or the Vallejo primers. Sadly I was unable to pick up any ultimate primers at Cosford yesterday, but I do have in my possession some Vallejo primer. Now I have tried using these previously but didn't get on with them following the recommended instructions (clogging etc). Now would anyone recommend thi
  19. Hi all, I was wondering if I could get some help concerning the colours for some RAAF aircraft? I mainly use Vallejo Model Air paints with my airbrush because of how well they flow so it would be nice to find equivalents for the foliage green, the dark earth they used and what ever colour the underside was. If your are wondering the aircraft I'm looking to get is a Beaufighter, Wirraway and a Boomerang Thanks in advance, Cam
  20. A couple of years ago, after I started airbrushing, I picked up a few Alclad 2 metallic paints. They took a bit of trial and error to get used to, and seemed to need careful surface preparation, but the results looked nice. However, they need good ventilation - I normally use an extractor hood, but advice is to wear a decent facemask as well. I also saw advice to be especially thorough in cleaning your airbrush after use. Then a few months ago I was at a show and saw Vallejo's Metal Colour acrylic range being demonstrated. They looked good, so I bought a couple and tried them out.
  21. Dear friends of glued plastics… I know there are some threads concerning this topic, but I don't find my question answered in a way I'm able to understand. I've got a Wesex HAS-3 and a HU.5 in my bench but can't figure out the correct acrylic colors. Otherwise I could buy from the xtracolor range, but I can't stand the smell of enamels. It would be great to find the matching cold-numbers from Tamiya, Vallejo or Revell. The HU.5 shall be painted this way: http://www.airliners.net/photo/UK---Navy/Westland-Wessex-HU5/1505911/L/&sid=d3a39fc457656ba9b24c11f6802e2926 It's t
  22. It's been a quite busy week for us here @ MJW Models, with lots of new things and whatnot and I'm still not finished for the day! Price Rises - I'm sure most of you will have realised that following Brexit (no comments on it please!) and the uncertainty around it, the pound has nose dived some what which means anything imported to the UK will go up in price. It's not just Airfix that have increased prices, it looks like restocks of all the lovely stuff made in the Czech Republic has gone up to, we've certainly noticed it when restocking on the likes of Eduard, AZ Models, Special Ho
  23. Hi guys i bave recently got into airbrushing so i am getting to grips with priming my models i was just wondering do i need to thin the vallejo primer or should i spray from the bottle ? and if so what PSI should i be spraying ? thanks brandon
  24. NEW FROM VALLEJO NOW IN STOCK Model Air Paint Sets. VAL71144 - RAF Colours Special Battle Of Britain This set has been developed for painting the RAF fighter aircraft which participated in the major air battle of all times, “The Battle of Britain”, from the beginning in July 1940 to the final phase or “Night Blitz” in May 1941. Model Air set with 8 colours developed on the basis of intensive research and precise colour matching with the Federal Standard 595 and British Standard Colours BS381C colour specifications. The sets include the colours for the air plane profiles
  25. NEW FROM VALLEJO COMING SOON Weathering Effects range All of them formulated with permanent pigments and water based acrylic resins, have been developed to represent the effects of time and weather on models and dioramas, so that they will look as once their originals in the field. This range of effects includes the spilled fuel runnels, the splashed mud, the lichen and moss on wood, the crushed grass stuck to the metal links of the chains of a tank, all the traces of wear and destruction on vehicles in harsh and hostile climate.
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