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  1. Hope this is the correct forum. I am looking for a guide to masking off the division between the upper and lower wing surfaces for airbrushing, initially on a 1/72 Spit. Should I just put masking tape on "sideways" around the wing edges, or would that bleed? Also, sometimes the upper surface colour "wraps around" the wing edge to the underside, so how to tackle that? Any other tips I should be aware of? Regards Tony
  2. Thanks, that's really useful
  3. Thanks Black Knight, I am building 1/48th scale and sadly it appears that the tents are only available in 1/72nd.
  4. Thanks Black Knight, I would have acknowledged your response earlier but I don't seem to get notifications of replies for some reason. Period will be 1917-1918 so your info is in the right time-frame. Thanks Tony
  5. Hi all, Quick plea for info; I would like to build a little diorama on which to place some 1/48th British aircraft. I have been searching on the 'net for some pictures shewing hangers, pilot accommodation (tents) etc, but all I seem to be able to find is pictures of aircraft. Any suggestions, please?
  6. Thanks Bill, sorry I didn't acknowledge your posts earlier, for some reason I didn't receive any notifications. Anyway, the models look great, and the info is really useful, thanks
  7. I've been looking to convert the recommended colours to either Vallejo or Tamiya paints. The recommended Gunze colour red, H3, is listed as a gloss paint. Am I reading that correctly, would there have been a gloss finish on the aircraft? Thanks
  8. I remember kits like that when I was very young. I always thought of Airfix as being the "gold standard" back then. Things have changed and I am surprised that kits with markings moulded on are still being sold. I suppose if the particular aircraft isn't represented in any other manufacturers range it might be worth buying one though. Thanks for the warning.
  9. I am in the process of building my first (well, for about 46 years, so, same thing really) model aircraft and I have a couple of questions about spraying suitable acrylic paint. I have built some model railway wagons and have sprayed using Vallejo model air with some success, using a badger velocity airbrush. I had a look at the colour requirements for the model (Eduard Fokker Dr.1 1/48 weekend edition) and first of all the colour references seem to be for Gunze or Mission models. I set about looking up equivalent colours in Vallejo model air. To my dismay I find that none of the colours I have in stock are the ones I need to use now, so I went to a local shop to buy some and they only had Humbrol enamels or Vallejo model colours, so I came home empty handed. I will obviously need to buy all the paints on the list so that got me wondering if it would be better to buy the paints as listed on the instructions sheet, but I wanted to get some input first. I know we all have our favourite brands, but I have been happy with Vallejo model air thus far, it sprays nicely, it doesn't really smell, and is reasonably cheap. But, I am aware that others may know better so, is it a case of "stick with what you know", or, "No, there are far better makes of paint out there which would suit far better" Another question, is it better to brush paint metallics? Thanks Tony
  10. I've always liked the Fokker D Vii, I'm quite tempted to buy one now.
  11. Bit late replying but, yes, I do use it. I find it a bit hit and miss though.
  12. I will be rigging the aircraft, as you say, it is part of the “character” of aircraft and, I believe, better to have some rigging than none. I am planning to use fishing line for the initial build and see how I get on.
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