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  1. Hi all, Thought it was about time that I joined in with the group build. I was initially planning on doing either a 1/72 Blenheim or Typhoon but then thought I'd try something a bit different. I've always liked the look of the British Pacific Fleet aircraft so I thought I'd go with a Corsair Mk II and a Avenger Mk II. I've gone with the tried and tested Tamiya F4U-1a kit for the Corsair Mk II. In order to make sure it is all good for the group build I will be adding some 500lb bombs with some British styled bomb racks under wing. For the Avenger Mk II I'll be using the Hasegawa kit, I've been looking for said kit for quite awhile and it's been nigh impossible in NZ. I was able to find this Hobby 2000 boxing at one of my local stores which was quite the find. As with the Corsair, I'll be adding British styled 500lb bombs and bomb racks in the bomb bay. I'm not 100% whether the BPF utilised British or American pattern bombs but I prefer the look of the British ones. For the decals I'll be using ones from Xtradecals. I'll also be using bombs from the Airfix RAF Bomber Resupply Set and some spare British styled bomb racks from an Airfix Swordfish. Hopefully I'll be able to make a start on these soon. - Cam
  2. Hi all, Finally got time to lay down some paint on the interior bits. Usually for British Interior Green I use XF-71 but for a change I decided to try the AK Interactive Real Colours RAF Cockpit Grey Green. Seemed to spray pretty well so might be a contender for my go to paint range. After the cockpit interior bits were all base coated I add some additional PE details such as the seatbelts and the instrument panel. I then went on to paint some detail bits with some vallejo acrylics, not 100% how accurate it is but it breaks up the monotony of the cockpit and adds some visual interest. Everything was then coated in a gloss coat in preparation for a wash and some additional weathering. Thanks for checking by. - Cam
  3. Hi all, I had a bit of time after work today so I made a start, I wasn't able to do too much but I made a solid start of the interior bits. So far all the bits seemed to fit well, as mentioned previously, I could not find the instructions for the PE parts so I focused on the most obvious bits (i.e. the seat, headrest armour). Here's a comparison between the styrene seat and the PE seat. Personally I prefer the thinner, more in scale PE version so I'll be going with that. The instrument panel was also sanded smooth in preparation for the PE alternative. And here's all the bits ready for priming and then a bit of cockpit interior green. Hopefully I will be able to crack on with the painting soon and then get underway with the detailing. - Cam
  4. Hi all, Been awhile since I've posted a WiP on here but I thought I'd get back into. After a few headaches with a FAA Hellcat Mk. II I've been working one I decided to take a break and start on a kit that I've had lying around for awhile, the Special Hobby 1/72 Spitfire Mk.22 Here are the obligatory sprue shots. Everything looks good, quite looking forward to adding the resin and PE detail bits although I can't seem to find the instructions for the later. Hopefully I will be able to make a start on her after work tomorrow. Should be nice quick OOB build to restore a bit of mojo after the hellcat fiasco. - Cam
  5. I've got an Airfix Typhoon that has been languishing in my pile of shame for quite a while as well as a Blenheim which I've also been meaning to start.
  6. Count me in (if it's not too late). I've got a few kits I've been meaning to start and this group build finally gives me the motivation to make a start
  7. Thanks Thank you for the kind words Thanks very much
  8. Hi all, After a bit of hiatus I thought it was the right time to get back into modelling. To get back into the swing of things I decided to go with the relatively newish Airfix 1/72 Mosquito B.XVI. Kit was a joy to build with no major issues with fit. Painted in the usual way with Vallejo Model air and Tamiya acrylics. Wasn't 100% sure on how to weather the bird but I did my best and took some creative liberties. Constructive criticism is very much welcome!
  9. Hi all, I've just done a quick google search of TE456 and this image comes up, I believe these were the colours prior to Auckland Museum's repaint I'm quite glad now that I haven't yet started the kit as this is a very helpful and interesting discussion. - Cam
  10. Hi all, I'm in the process of building an Academy 1/72 F4U-1 modified to a Fleet Air Arm Corsair Mk.II operating in the Pacific theater and I was wondering about the colour of the wheel wells. Was it the regular US interior green colour or was it Sky like the underside? - Cam
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