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  1. Hi all, I've just done a quick google search of TE456 and this image comes up, I believe these were the colours prior to Auckland Museum's repaint I'm quite glad now that I haven't yet started the kit as this is a very helpful and interesting discussion. - Cam
  2. Hi all, I'm in the process of building an Academy 1/72 F4U-1 modified to a Fleet Air Arm Corsair Mk.II operating in the Pacific theater and I was wondering about the colour of the wheel wells. Was it the regular US interior green colour or was it Sky like the underside? - Cam
  3. Hi all, I completed this kit around the beginning of the year and along got round to photographing it now. I found the kit to be rather enjoyable as I did not have major problems with it. As for the painting this was the first that I attempted pre-shading and post-shading. I used my usual Vallejo model air colours with weathering done with a dark brown oil wash as well as some chalk pastel smoke stains. Constructive criticism is very much welcome!
  4. Hi all, Here's my Academy 1/72 Tempest Mk V done OOB painted with Vallejo Model Air paints from the late RAF fighters paint set
  5. Hi all, Sorry for not posting for a while. Over the long weekend I was able to get a lot done First I prepared the model for decals and then applied them I was really impressed by Steve's technique for academy decals and it worked a treat After that was dry I started the weathering, I used one of the MiG oil brusher for the wash and I think it turned out fine In this photo the right wing has had its wash and the left wing hasn't. It was at this point I got a little to carried away and forgot to take photos but to sum it up, I masked the canopy, added some chi
  6. Hi all, I apologise for not posting recently but I've quite a bit of progress since the last post. First of all I got the underside painted up and attempted some post shading as well, I'm sure how well it turned out but I kinda like it. After masking up the underside the next thing to do is the upper surface, first up is the ocean grey After that had dried I applied the masking for the dark green as well as respraying some pre shading lines I also went out based on @stevehnz's very helpful comments and got some Pascoes floor polish for the gloss varnish Next up is
  7. Hi Guys, Got some progress done yesterday. I did some preshading, not my best but it'll do -Cam
  8. Thanks very much Steve, this is all very helpful Made some progress today, I applied the primer coat (Which is just Tamiya Neutral Grey) -Cam
  9. Hi Guys, Just a quick update today, I got the fuselage all buttoned up as well as the wings. Next up primer -Cam
  10. Thanks very much Steve, this is all very helpful for me I'm going to go out get some Pascoes stuff when I can. I was also wondering if it's good for dipping canopies into to make them nice and clear? I made some progress yesterday, I got the internals painted up and prepared them for brown wash Thanks for checking in -Cam
  11. Unfortunately I have not been able to find Klear where I live Do you know of any alternatives in NZ?
  12. Thanks everyone for the nice comments I'm contemplating getting the Xtradecal sheet because I've never had any good experiences with academy decals. The other day the airbrush nozzle finally turned up so I'll be carrying on with this build tomorrow -Cam
  13. Welcome aboard! Thanks I'll most likely be doing one of the box schemes however if that turns pear shaped I might get some aftermarket decals More progress today although not that much. I assembled the cockpit stuff but can't paint it yet due to broken airbrush nozzle Thanks for checking in -Cam
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