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  1. Yeah mate i got the tracks together , my other two issues is the paint is coming off the tow ropes whenever the turret rotates around them , and the hull sides fit poorly
  2. Must be maybe mecha primers have a more resistant finish due to the complex construction of gundam kits , so much articulation the primer must be strong
  3. I hope everyone is doing well , I just finished trumpeters stug 3 , I washed the model with methyl salicylate or something like that , then it was primed with Vallejo black , the primer went on nice , but I noticed on wheel rims and rivets and edges the paint just comes off , back to bare plastic, is this normal? HELP!
  4. Deleted - Please read the pinned post
  5. Im not sure what it is but this kit has a serious design flaw , the link and length tracks dont work! it wants you to put the track horns over the rear idler but i doesnt fit!
  6. You guys have been a huge help , yeah the white primer has always been troublesome , so you think the little raised grain spots were scraped off showing the primer beneath?
  7. So the issue is the Vallejo model air paint is very fragile? , I should mention the small white specks seem to be the primer as the primer was white
  8. Good morning everyone , I had a simple question that has probably been answered hundreds of times , i finally completed my tamiya tiger 1 , it was first sprayed with vallejo white primer , and then vallejo model airs dk panzer grey , ok so bearing in mind this white primer gave a slight rough finish (because its white) i then painted the panzer dark grey , then it was finished off with 3 coats of gloss , the other day when it was on the shelf i desided to test how durable it was , so i gave it a medium scratch so not too much force , and i noticed tiny speckles of the white primer showing , incredibly small , does that mean my varnish is doing its job?
  9. Good morning everyone , I have a very small question regarding Vallejo model air and their other products like their primer , should they still smell after they have dried? It’s been a good few days and the model is still a bit wiffy after giving it a sniff I am also a noob at airbrushing so another question is once I have sprayed a coat do I leave it to dry like brushpainting or can I just go over it straight away
  10. Hello everyone I have solved the issue , problem was that dastardly tip dry apparently if you spray close (which I like to do) you can end up with a rough coarse texture on your model , hence I will get some flow aid
  11. I reckon my technique was wrong and I didn’t shake the bottle enough , it’s white primer so I would probably need a good shake , my technique was like when I paint but I thing it should have been long passes left and right
  12. So you are saying I need to pull the needle back more? again my technique is light coats as they advise to do , now can it be drying before it hits the surface? I’m spraying at the right distance (4inches)
  13. my technique is to spray it on in light coats if that helps only bringing the trigger back a little
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