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  1. Revell 5" Star Destroyer kit (as you can see from the markings, which are accurately measured out!) Silliness aside, this was my first experiment at DIY decals, which worked OK although the transparent area is still just about visible.
  2. I recently got given some GM Warhammer 40K kits to build and paint. Apart from a general request on the colour scheme (black with yellow highlights, to go with the donor's other 40K models) I was given free rein to weather them to my heart's content. I don't normally do armour but it's something I want to give a try, so this was a chance to have a go on a kit where real-life accuracy wasn't so much of a concern. GM kits are certainly a bit odd if you're used to more conventional models. There's only detail where you can see it (the underside is plain and the track wheels are just m
  3. Pictures here - including inside Valiant XD818's crew compartment (after queuing for 75 minutes - well worth it!) https://www.flickr.com/photos/sjbradshaw/albums/72157678518697980
  4. A couple of years ago, after I started airbrushing, I picked up a few Alclad 2 metallic paints. They took a bit of trial and error to get used to, and seemed to need careful surface preparation, but the results looked nice. However, they need good ventilation - I normally use an extractor hood, but advice is to wear a decent facemask as well. I also saw advice to be especially thorough in cleaning your airbrush after use. Then a few months ago I was at a show and saw Vallejo's Metal Colour acrylic range being demonstrated. They looked good, so I bought a couple and tried them out.
  5. "On Tuesday 7 February 2017 the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford will be marking the 10th anniversary of the award-winning National Cold War Exhibition with a special event for aviation fans." "To celebrate the 10th anniversary, visitors are invited to join Museum staff and volunteers for a special event that will see a number of Cold War aircraft opened for exclusive close up access, including the Vickers Valiant B1 and the Handley Page Victor K2." "In addition to the Victor and Valiant, other Cold War aircraft and vehicles being opened to the public for the anniversary event will inc
  6. Very nice! (Also, your post looks fine on my Mac running Safari.)
  7. Revell's 130mm Level 3 kit of the Imperial Star Destroyer, with a slightly off-the-wall paint job. (Wikipedia: Dazzle Camouflage) Humbrol gloss white from can, then Lifecolor black airbrushed over a lot of fiddly masking, finished with light grey wash to bring out panel lines and surface shapes a bit.
  8. And today, the first flight of Long March 5, China's new heavy booster. Which, to my considerable surprise, was being shown live on Chinese TV, which someone was streaming online. Even more surprising, there was live rocket camera footage showing events all the way up to the separation of the payload / final stage.
  9. One of my friends has asked if I'll be doing a Luftwaffe Tie Fighter next. It's a thought...
  10. This is what happens when I have a free weekend for the first time in ages, a Revell Snowspeeder kit that I picked up for £6 with the aim of practising some airbrush and weathering techniques, and a pile of surplus decal sheets I'd recently sorted through. Decals are mainly from 1/48 Gnat and 1/72 Vulcan. Yes, you can probably nitpick the realism of this scheme or the appropriateness of the serial, but given the subject matter I think we can probably suspend our collective disbelief a little! The kit claims to be 1/52, apparently on the basis that the full-size filming prop was about
  11. Fancy having your own Canberra front fuselage? Double Mamba or Gyron Junior engine? How about a Firestreak missile, or a Martin-Baker Mk 6 ejection seat? BBC: World War Two fanatic puts Worcestershire hoard up for auction Full auction details here, with searchable catalogue. Perhaps of more interest to many, the auction includes a large pile of aircraft kits as a single lot.
  12. Some model shops in the UK have them - Ian Allen books and models in Birmingham (next to New Street station) had them in stock the other day.
  13. I am trying to imagine the decision-making process at Dragon that led to this. Perhaps it went something like the following: BOSS: Good news! We got the Star Wars model licence. We can start planning our new range. MINION: Excellent news, boss. So what do you have in mind? B: Well, we do a lot of 1/35 scale stuff, people love nice big detailed models, so at least one must be at that scale. M: I couldn't agree more! Obviously that should be one of the smaller items, say a snow-speeder or X-wing or... B: The AT-AT! M: .... B: Our customers would love a 1/35 Imperial Walker! M: Um, boss, won't
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