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  1. Hi mark Thank you & I agree, the only place that is lacking in quality is the ejection seat included with the kit. But hey you can't have it all! Brandon
  2. Brandon Hennessy 04/09/2016. Hey guys. Started a 1/32 hunter the other month and having a steady pace with it so thought i would throw it up and see how it goes ! enjoy i've sprayed the camo and the wing tips along with the black nose cone. the canopy also received a good dipping with some AK Gauzy which I'm loving at the moment Thanks for looking Brandon
  3. Really ? thats pretty good news, i remember googling H&S quick release and the hose and coupling was £25 i can't find the exact webpage from the other day but i found the same hose on eBay for £22 so that confused me with the pricing haha Thanks Paul Brandon http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/380473717624?lpid=122&chn=ps&adgroupid=27378760866&rlsatarget=pla-181484357826&adtype=pla&poi=&googleloc=9045930&device=c&campaignid=620865095&crdt=0
  4. looking good the small sandbag fortification really shows the scale for the crusader Brandon
  5. That's incredible it's going to look amazing when it's all finished and done. The mirror idea is also ingenious
  6. That's great thank you Colin that should save me another £25 on top of the £200 for the brush, Well saved a bit of time i guess before i want to utilise the quick release feature . Thanks for the help you guys that's pretty much covered everything i needed to know ! Brandon
  7. That's great news thanks for the help guys. One last question though, Would i need to buy a new hose i saw the H&S airbrush has a quick release valve attached which is different to my MAX4 which has a threaded attachment. If i need a new hose and attachment how would i go about getting my hands on them? Many thanks Brandon
  8. looking good never seen this aircraft before!
  9. Looking good, Keen to see more Good Luck! Brandon
  10. Perfect thanks for the help i've recently discovered Mr Hobby's RLM line which has made my life a million times easier than mixing tamiya paints haha! Brandon
  11. Have you seen the Radio bay they have done for the G6 ? Eduard's resin is amazing.
  12. I have a Sparmax ARISM compressor which cost me £116 a couple of months ago so it's relatively cheap for a compressor but its pretty small and sturdy but i am thinking of upgrading my brush to a more expensive type instead of this Sparmax max4 that came with the compressor. i read online that some airbrushes won't work with this compressor and I'm wondering does anybody know if a H&S infinity 2 in 1 would work with this compressor or if not what brush would work and would also be a upgrade from the MAX4 I'm using, Many thanks Brandon
  13. Looks great , Good job Mustang. May i ask what colours they are for the exterior ? i have a D9 on the shelf but I'm not sure what vallejo colours i will need. Brandon
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