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  1. This is the cutaway at the cup
  2. I will try to find photos of the cutaway
  3. Summary: A good airbrush for its job but with some peculiarities that can be a deal breaker. Yesterday I had my first painting session with my new Badger Sotar 20/20 V, which I bought directly from Badger with the 2020 Birthday discount. The V has a 0.3 nozzle / needle and a larger cup (sort of - I will explain later). For reference, I have been an owner of an Olympos side-feed airbrush (0.3) for something like 20 years, and a Harder and Steenbeck Evolution (0.2 / 0.4) for one and a half year. The Olympos is a great airbrush but the side feed always bot
  4. I also have a Sparmax. 610. Once in a lifetime purchase and its quality guarantees that.
  5. Buy as many as you can to dive into your childhood nostalgia. Open them, smell them, cut the pieces, test fit them. Then go out and buy their modern equivalents and build those. You will have a much more decent and effortless build.
  6. Mostly for Luftwaffe and IJA / IJN mottling. Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately I cannot achieve it in this way. Yes Mission Models (if only they expanded their line - they would be my exlusive line). I will check it out. Thanks
  7. I spray Stynylrez with a 0.3 side feed Olympos and a 0.4 gravity feed HS. Working fine on both. I don't thin it and I never had problems.
  8. Never used Tamiya. Only this and it's fine. Quite forgiving.
  9. Hello fellow modellers (in the words of Plasmo) I have been trying for quite a while to achieve pencil-thick lines with Vallejo Model Air. Didn't manage so far. I have Harder Steenbeck and Olympos airbrushes. Always thinning with Vallejo Thinner with a couple of drops of Vallejo Flow Improver. I have thinned the paints in oh so many ratios, used all kinds of low pressure going PSI by PSI. I either get spider lines or thick atomization with chunks going all around. I am quite desperate. However, I am willing to continue my efforts as long as someo
  10. Hi guys, I am a newb in AFV that wants to build some tanks. One of my favs being Matilda, in my searches, I found the Red Army Matilda by Tamiya more or less 15 bucks more expensive than the original Matilda. Can somebody tell me why is that? Searched for it but couldn't find something. TIA
  11. Add also Mission Models Paints, MPR, Hataka, Akan. And also make it an app. Then you can make some money.
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