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  1. I finished my first tank with a heavy weathering of mainly oil washes. Can I use acrylic matte varnish on top of that?
  2. Earnest

    Harder & Steenbeck Evolution - First impressions

    I am using a small spray booth and a mask (good habit kept from the enamel days) so I cannot really say much. From what I smell when I sometimes unmask, MMP do not really have a strong smell. Vallejo have this vinegary / windex smell from their thinners and cleaners. However, as fas as I can say I prefer the MMP by far.
  3. Earnest

    Harder & Steenbeck Evolution - First impressions

    Vallejo mainly and lately Mission Models Paints. You should try MMP if they are available close to you. Thanks Paul. Probably I will.
  4. Earnest

    Harder & Steenbeck Evolution - First impressions

    Thanks. I will probably get the adjsutment piece also. I forgot to mention that I am a strictly acrylics user too. I will edit the post.
  5. Background I am a strictly acrylics user (Vallejo mainly and lately Mission Models paints). I have owned and used an Olympus Hp-23 (sidefeed, 0.3 needle) for many years (I am an on and off modeller for the last twenty years). Olympos are quite similar to Iwata airbrushes. I haven't had any experience with other airbrushes in actual use. I had some hands-on experience in various modelling events but without actually using air and paint. So, Santa Claus (using my wife as an informer) got me a Harder & Steenbeck Evolution 2 in 1 (0.2 and 0.4 needles and nozzles). After a lot of research (mainly youtube videos and the occasional handling), I decided that this brand and model would be the best for me and my needs. First impressions in the box and on the hand A beautiful piece of hardware. Very nice weight, not too light not too heavy. Before starting up my compressor, two things felt weird: One, the distance of the trigger from the nozzle opening compared to my other airbrush (my Olympos is more than a centimeter shorter in that respect). Two, the trigger gave me a little crunchy feeling. However, keep reading... Impressions in use (I used so far only the 0.4 needle nozzle combo. I have some models I am finishing and none of those need detailed work so far. I will probably edit this post for the 0.2 nozzle in the near future) So 0.4 combo! Wooow!!! This is like a fire hose. I almost flooded some areas but I quickly got control over it. Very good and fast coverage. Quite risky until you get used to it. The weird things I mentioned above disappeared. The distance didn't bother me anymore after two minutes of use (plus I found out that H&S sits perfectly on my cleaning station which was not the case with my "shorty" Olympos). The trigger had a fantastic response in both air and paint. However, having mentioned that I have to say that I found another weird thing (at least for me). The "only air / no paint" position of the trigger is a little too forward - for my habits at least. So every time I press the trigger thinking I am at the "only air / no paint" position, I am actually at the "minimum paint" position. Not a big problem and I expect to get used to that soon enough. Cleaning A Christmas miracle! Not having to use the special spanner to remove the miniscule nozzle which was hell to handle and even heller not to lose, is great, great, great!!! Plus not having to deal with all the peculiarities of the side feed as opposed to gravity feed was also a big plus. Conclusion I would definitely buy again. I would also consider the Silverline for the needle adjustment which would be quite helpful with the fire hose 0.4 combo. Questions? Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.
  6. Earnest

    using paper masks when airbrushing

    Try White tack https://goo.gl/images/RmY8Mg
  7. Earnest

    Compressor recommendations

    Silair is virtually silent. However, I think that it requires some maintenance (don't quote me on it). Sparmax makes some noise but barely audible outside a closed door. I even put it on a folded rug and that dampens it even more.
  8. Earnest

    Compressor recommendations

    I have the same. I would buy it again 100%.
  9. Earnest

    Would you pay a premium for ready-to-use resin?

    Yeah sorry I may have generalized. I am only familiar with the well known detail set manufacturers.
  10. Earnest

    Would you pay a premium for ready-to-use resin?

    There are other, easier ways to protect those pieces. In any case, the supporting sprues protect one side only. I am really curious, however, of the reasons why none of the resin detail manufacturers did/do not provide "clean" castings. I would think that labour intensity could be covered by a premium and I am sure demand would be much higher.
  11. Would you pay a premium for ready-to-use resin? Having had to clean a good number of blocks from some resin parts I purchased lately (add to that the precautions you have to take not to inhale the stuff), I was thinking that I would be ready to pay a premium for clean, ready-to-use resin parts. Would anyone else?
  12. Earnest

    Model shops in Corfu?

    No problem at all. Enjoy your stay. Corfu is an amazing place.
  13. Earnest

    Model shops in Corfu?

    For those interested, here is the link for the Greek hobby shops (in Greek however - Google translate may be your friend). https://www.modelclub.gr/forums/index.php?topic=3012.275
  14. Earnest

    Model shops in Corfu?

    I am afraid I could not find anything. I am not local, just searched Greek related websites in Greek. I would be happy to be proven wrong however. Corfu is quite a small place. But there is an RC hotel...!!!! http://www.rchotel.com/flying.html