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  1. Due to the hugely popular thread below Is there an appetite for a 2nd Frog GB ? Cheers Pat List of Fame 1. @JOCKNEY 2. @vppelt68 3. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 4. @stevehnz 5. @Ray S 6. @Romeo Alpha Yankee 7. @CliffB 8. @rafalbert 9. @AdrianMF 10. @bigbadbadge 11. @Adam Poultney 12. @klr 13. @Rabbit Leader 14. @nimrod54 15. @Rob S 16. @Retired Bob 17. @theplasticsurgeon 18. @Grandboof 19. @Mjwomack 20. @DaveyGair 21. @Toryu 22. @Doccur 23. @Johnson 24. @TimJ 25. @zebra 26. @jean 27. @Jinxman 28. @John Masters 29. @feoffee2 30. @Marklo 31. @Mjwomack 32. @Richard Humm 33. @Adrian Hills 34. @heloman1 35. @Galligraphics 36. @CarLos 37. @heloman1 38. 39. 40.
  2. I got this kit from the Newark and Lincs show back in the Autumn for £6. As you can see it was original only 99p, but bearing mind inflation, I probably paid about the same! I think my father built the original back in the 1970s. I remember the V1. The kit is 'pristine' (if a bit cloudy bagged and unopened: The now opened bag: It will have to AP-D, which I think is an e wing, which is what the kit has. I have had a look a @AdrianMF 's build a year or so ago for some ideas and inspiration. - definitely a silk purse out of a sow's ear. After my disastrous Christmas Blitz build hopefully this should go better.
  3. Hello everyone! I'd like to present to the community a model of the first British jet fighter. Usually, I'm not into collecting the project aircrafts. But in this case it's rather an exception to the rule, when the desire to assemble a model similar to the NOVO one I used to have in childhood has overcome. Besides, this model perfectly demonstrates the development of jet aviation history in the world. This aircraft did not go into production and it turned out that only two such airplanes were built. I decided to assemble the one that made its maiden flight in May 1941 with the old British camouflage (Dark Earth/Dark Green) and the corresponding national markings. The model itself is very simple, but in some places the parts did not fit together very well. More details about the building can be found here. I've used all the aftermarket the manufacturer produces: a photo-etch kit, resin wheels, a pitot tube, a vacuum form canopy and masks for it. As a result, I can say that I've installed the instrument panel from the kit. And although I've used resin wheels, the ones in the kit are also very good. And the original plastic canopy from the kit is good too. But the vacuum one is very thing and transperant and it's much better to see the cockpit through it. Therefore it was worth to be installed. There is nothing much to say about the masks - they are of excellent quality and make life easier for us. For the first time I used ARCUS enamels on this model. This was my first experience working with enamels at all and I've made some mistakes: in particular, they need to be diluted thinner, as my colleagues actually had advised me. But I plan to continue working with these enamels on other models. I believe that I did not have enough experience as a modeler to reveal their properties fully. I would also like to note that the yellow trim on the fuselage national insignia (decal) is too pale and does not match the yellow paint for the experimental British aircraft. More demanding modellers will need to either match the paint to the decal, or look for another decal. And finally, to connect the times, I really wanted to have a pilot figure from the DFI/NOVO/FROG set on my shelf next to the model of this Pioneer. Although this figure is somewhat overscaled, I was able to make picture of it successfully (in my opinion) next to the plane. Enjoy watching and good luck to everyone in our hobby!
  4. Despite my rather dismal record at completing GBs (played 2, finished 0 ), I couldn't resist having a go at this one, especially as it is now slightly warmer outside meaning I can spend a bit more time in my workshop without freezing to death. This will be the Novo version of the Frog Spitfire Mk XIV - pics below. The horrible kit canopy sprue, and a view of the strange fuselage shape aft of the wing (oh, and I've just noticed one of several sink marks which will need attention): Not sure what happened to the original Novo decals but luckily I have a couple of spare sets of the Frog originals that I obtained years ago as part of a job lot from numerous different Frog kits. I first made the Frog version nearly 40 years ago, and at that time I refined the weird shape aft of the wing/fuselage join, and replaced the canopy - I think I even replaced the undercarriage. I was actually quite pleased with it at the time - and it has survived reasonably well: However, I didn't correct the wing (ailerons) or add the gull wing contours. And I rather enjoyed watching @AdrianMF produce his pair and promised myself that I'd have a go again myself. So - this one will be finished as AP-D; I will correct the wing and add the gull wing effect, either by resorting to a SIHRC file beloved of @perdu as I did with my two Pegasus Mk 22s, or try a different approach of replacing the Novo flat as a pancake flat bit with a resin copy of the appropriate area of a more correct model. Whilst replacing bits, I shall also try and replace the cowling and carburettor intake... oh, and the underwing radiators.. AND find a suitable replacement canopy from the spares box*. If I'm feeling keen, I shall also rub down the raised panel lines and rescribe them. I haven't yet decided whether to display this one in flight chasing the V1 or with undercart down. Of course, if I DO use the V1 I am painfully aware that the V1 model is inaccurate and will need correcting... now where I did I see that article...? 🤔 In an ideal world, not only will this build restore my modelling mojo enough to finish off the two Mk 22s which have languished on the SoD since last August, but maybe (MAYBE) if I finish this in good time I could even dig another Frog kit out of the stash - there's loads in there... Nige *Thinking about it, I've got the Falcon set of Spitfire vacformed canopies, so I'm considering using one of those for my Fujimi Mk XIV and then see if the Fujimi one fits the Novo kit...
  5. I'd like to introduce to the BM community one of my models, assembled several years ago. Donetsk toy factory plactic (ex-Frog) from old stocks of early 90s. I've chosen this twin-engine a/c to practice my artistic techniques that could later be applied to more valuable models and Ventura fulfilled this mission with honour. Since, in almost all my models, the artistic part prevails over the material one, this model is assembled “out of the box”. Therefore, there are no any aftermarket or additions (the exeptions are machine guns made of medical needles and an antenna - a bow thread). For the Pacific three-color camouflage AK Real Colors set was chosen (by the way, I really enjoyed to work with the paint). Vallejo chipping liquid (I liked it too), oil paints, and watercolor pencils were used for weathering. PrintScale decal from my stock was used for National insignia. I decided to experiment with the tail number and tried to make my own masks. It didn't turn out very well, but I gained some experience. Even though I had Kanga and PrintScale decals for Ventura, I decided to make my own original decal. Again, it’s far from being an ideal but makes the model quite unique I think. Besides, planes with pin-up are always in advantage on the shelf . Foxbot B-25 Mitchell decals were used for stencils, which turned out to be of excellent quality. Since different backgrounds sometimes produce different shades, I tried to give photoes with the same view on white and black backgrounds. I also showed some stages of assembling and painting. Although today there are a lot of high-quality contemporary kits, I still love my old models from childhood. And I want to breathe life into them. Hope you will enjoy it! The aircraft No 486 'Miss-Us-Flak' was based at Tarawa Island airfield, 1944 (historical photo in the end).
  6. Source: https://www.facebook.com/Sabrekits.cz/posts/pfbid0UCx2zLpSp5tPFnD6nYD39Ukg6HuZd1UhicFvzu9a6gnR2R53cS9nSUxDnzv8XDMul V.P.
  7. Here's a build that I finished last month, but have only just had the time to Photograph. This is the Novo 1/72 rendition of the Gloster Javelin. I built this very kit in the 80's straight from the box and painted it in gloss paint as per the instructions. I remember is being an ill fitting kit and once finished looked very toy like. Fast forward to last year and I came across the kit for an acceptable price on eBay. I was overcome by nostalgia and wondered if the current self could bring the kit up to date. For those who don't know, the box is quite weighty for its size. Once opened is apparent why. Flash is everywhere and the sprues are as thick as pencils. Also the mouldings themselves seem very thick. I treated myself to some metal antenna/pointy things for the wingtips and a replacement corrected nose. The kit has been fully rescribed with some pane lines added that were missing. The kit itself went together surprisingly well with the only real problem areas being where the wings connected to the fuselage. The decals were less than useless. Despite my best efforts they just basically turned to dust when soaked. I put a shout out for help and a huge thank you to @Navy Bird for coming to my rescue with the decals I needed to complete the build. I used Vajello model air on the upper surfaces, Alclad 2 for the natural metal underside and finished it all off with a Flory wash. To be honest I'm hugely pleased with the result and it looks magnificent in my display case. Many thanks to all for looking and enjoy the photos.
  8. Here's my place setter for this GB The Novo boxing of Frogs 1/72 Miles Master Fortunately I have alternative decals as the existing one are likely for display purposes only, not looking forward to doing all that yellow ! Cheers Pat
  9. A quick build 1/72 Novo Percival Proctor MkIV, NP249 / VS-O of 31 Sqn, RAF Hendon circa 1952. Built straight OOB with some decals from the spares box. 31 Sqn disbanded at the end of 1947 but reformed in July 1948 when the they took over the aircraft and role of the Metropolitan Communications Squadron at RAF Hendon before moving to RAF Laarbruch on 1 March 1955 to become a Canberra Squadron.
  10. Here's my Novo 1/72 Herald, just finished in the Frog Squad GB. More or less out of the box, ignoring any inaccuracies and the lack of detail (check out the 10cm scale thickness nose gear doors!), built as G-APWJ of Air UK (now preserved at Duxford). Decals were bodged together from the 26 sheets for a BIA Herald and Air UK F-27. Build thread is here thanks for looking Julian
  11. The Handley Page HP88 was built to test the radical crescent wing for the Victor, unfortunately it crashed after only a few weeks of test flying. This started off as a Novo Attacker for the fuselage, I added scratchbuilt wings & tail, home made decals. Steve
  12. As Obi Wan Kenobe (would no doubt have) described these refined and shapely planes “An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age.” A couple of lockdown builds. I had grander, more detailed plans for things to do with these kits but needed something to occupy a couple of days of low hassle, low stress. These geriatric Novo kits fit the bill nicely. Made out of the box with a little bit of tidying up cockpit innards, pilots from spares. As the kit decals were missing (Canberra) or beyond use (Sea Hawk) and to try and add a little colour variety to my collection I tried to come up with different from the norm schemes that I could achieve (or get somewhere close to) from spares (with some much appreciated help from @speedy where spares came up slightly short) I know there are loads of flaws with these builds but they made & make me happy so they’ve achieved their purpose
  13. My slightly late entrance to the party! My plans to start this first thing this morning utterly failed, so this will mostly be done tomorrow i think! Starting nice and late in the day with hopefully a bit more done in the early hours. Obligatory start time shot quite a bit of flash! will have to get rid of this before i give it all a quick prime in the sunshine! Current thinking is to do this in either a Czechoslovakian or Soviet livery, with 3 bladed props and wheels (i have sneaky plans for the 2 bladed props on another long stalled project) Will pretty much all be OOB although i may add some vague detailing into the non existant interior....time permitting! Bits all laid out on the table for a tidy up and then prime Any idea what this is? Cant see it numbered on the plans and it doesnt seem to correspond to anything on the plane........just a bit more free plastic in the box? Will add another update after some food and when more progress is made!
  14. So... blitzbuilding then. Am going to try and cobble together this beast Starting at 11:43 on Sat the 23rd fuelled with a coffee and a stroopwaffle for sustenance Am planning on a couple of very minor mods along the way as far as time will allow
  15. As per: Built as the ill fated WG236 using a donated 1/72 Novo FAW2 Sea Vixen revised by reshaping the cockpit, 3D printing a new nose, fuselage plug and parts of the booms. Few odds and sods of sanding, reshaping and scratching elsewhere. Decals cobbled together from spares
  16. When all is up in the air, concentrate on something familiar and re-assuring - like a quick build of a FROG Fairey Gannet model! The markings on this one come from Modeldecal (and were possibly the first after market set I ever bought - for a Sea Hawk IIRC, so at least 35 years old). The kit has seen some minor mods - the radar dustbin was removed and filled, some underwing tanks (or are they baggage carriers - not sure) were added along with the wire aerial arrangement. This is another kit that defies its age. OK so the pilots are moulded onto a flat panel, heads only, the exhausts ar enot the right shape and the undercarriage bays are not cut out (I didn't change any of these by the way), but it still looks like a Gannet, and the sharpness of the wing trailing edges would put many modern kits to shame And finally, with a "vanilla" FROG Gannet: Stay safe everyone..... FredT
  17. Hi all This is my last product for the year. The model is an old Novo boxing of the Frog Hunter - Ground Attack Fighter dating from about 1979. While it is basically a OOB build, I have used Xtradecal sheet 72-063, International Hawker Hunter, to depict a Hawker Hunter FGA Mk 78 of the Qatar Emiri Air Force. In 1971 Qatar acquired a combat capability for the Qatar Public Security Forces Air Wing when it received 3 Hawker Hunter jet fighters. The Air Wing was renamed the Qatar Emiri Air Force in 1974. The Hunters were ex Royal Netherlands Air Force F6s built in 1957 by Fokker-Aviolanda at Amsterdam. After retirement from the RNLAF in 1968 the aircraft were purchased by Hawker-Siddeley Aviation for refurbishment and resale. The aircraft were upgraded to FGA.9 standard by Armstrong-Whitworth at Bitteswell, re-designated as FGA Mk 78 and delivered in December 1971 to the Gulf state of Qatar as QA10, QA11 and QA12. The QEAF also purchased an ex RAF two seat Hunter T79, QA13, at the same time. After retirement from QEAF service in 1981, QA10 and QA12 found their way back to the UK and can now be found at the Yorkshire Air Museum and the Newark Air Museum respectively. The T79 remains in Qatar and can be seen on Google Maps, at 25°14'28.9"N 51°34'56.0"E, where it is a 'gate guardian', although it is well within the military base and cannot be seen from the road. The other FGA Mk78, QA11, was involved in an incident in the 1970s sustaining damage, presumably beyond economic repair, that resulted in the aircraft being left as derelict close to the threshold of runway 33 at Doha International Airport. There is a discussion page at this Flickr link, where there are images taken from a commercial flight landing at Doha showing the derelict QA11. I used to see QA11 over the airport perimeter wall as I drove along Al Matar Street in Doha in the 2000's. At that time the aircraft appeared intact, but the canopy was cloudy from constant exposure to the sun and the camouflage was very faded. More recently, QA11 has been moved to make way for the construction of the Doha Metro; I do not know where it now resides. I have depicted this model as QA11, as it looked on delivery to Qatar, using mainly Vallejo and some Revell acrylics. As my guide I used this image of QA11 at Bitteswell before delivery. The kit showed its age and did need some fettling and filling. The canopy felt quite brittle so I didn't play about with it too much. The kit decals also were very brittle but the Xtradecal sheet was very good. So, on to the pics. Thanks for looking, any comments and guidance welcome. Merry Christmas to you all.
  18. I have split open the bag for my build and it sired some memories from a childhood build. I will build OOB as I need something to get the mojo back. The parts in a lovely brown plastic Instructions and washed out decals And the decals I will use for the build Not sure if I will build as a 816SQN Mk1 or an shore based 724SQN T Mk2
  19. Hi! So, I decided! The status of this kit can be seen in the photo in this my posting: Firstly, I have only "nude" mold without box, instructions & decal. With decal we will invent something! I am very grateful @PeterB for trying to help: but I'm afraid he will not be able to help me....as I think. About this model. I know its disadvantages: Naturally I will not correct these shortcomings. But something I still decided to do: What do I think to do next? Probably something must be done with the cockpit interior and nose radiator interior.... after then glue and painting... B.R. Serge
  20. FROG SPARE PARTS   As you know we currently have a "Spare Frog Decals" thread running, which has proved hugely successful in allowing many kits with missing or unusable decals to be included in this Group Build @Rob S suggested we could have an additional thread for Frog Spare Parts. Therefore if you have a Frog kit that is missing any parts or a "Spawn" kit that has brittle, warped, or malformed parts or conversely you have a kit that has extra parts or you have already relegated a kit to a "Spares" kit then here is the Thread to list what you want or what is available to complete those Frog kits out there and maybe take part in this Group Build.  So that it fits within the "No Trading in the Group Build Threads" Rule/s the Mods for this GB have obtained approval from @Enzo Matrix GB Mod Supremo, so long as Parts are not sold but Postage costs can be covered so that no Part Donor is out of pocket. We hope this proves just as popular with the participants of this GB as the decals thread and leads to many additional builds joining this every popular GB. Cheers Pat, Dave, V-P & Rob aka @JOCKNEY @Rabbit Leader @vppelt68 & @Rob S
  21. A warm and heartfelt welcome to yet another Classic kit Britmodeller Group Build. This time we are honouring one of histories true legends of Plastic kit construction - FROG (Flies Right Off the Ground). This Group build will be running for just over four months (01 June to 20 October), so there’s plenty of time to jump onboard and build that classic Frog kit thats been lurking in your stash for ages. Here’s a quick note on the GB rules, however as always - if in doubt, check with the GB hosts first! What is eligible: 1. Any kit that was originally designed and issued by ‘Frog’. 2. Any kit that was boxed by ‘Frog’, however designed by another manufacturer (these are mainly Hasegawa kits from the late 60’s). 3. Any kit that can trace it’s original history to a ‘Frog’ mould (commonly called “Frog Spawn”) - these are mainly Novo, Novo Export, Chematic, Revell, Modelcraft, Eastern Express, Donetsk Factory, Gomix, ZTS Plastyk, Ark Models, AMT etc. 4. Any kit that has been reworked by a new manufacturer, however has clear evidence that it was ‘copied’ from an original ‘Frog’ mould - some Academy kits fall into this category. 5. In summary, any kit that at one point or another carried a FROG ‘F’ number - Scalemates can help you here. 6. Your kits can be built straight OOB or you can go to town with as many After Market products you so desire. 7. Modifications to the basic kit is allowed, however please use the majority of the kits main parts during the construction phase. 8. A WIP thread must accompany each build and once complete you can showcase your efforts by placing up to five photos in the GB Gallery. 9. Due to the vast volume of entries anticipated, an end of GB vote to determine an overall winner is unlikely to occur. In the hosts eyes, all GB entrants are winners so we should all be happy with that. 10. Feel free to encourage your fellow FROG modellers along the way by leaving as many nice comments and hitting the ‘Like’ emoji frequently! Special Addendum: Given the age / antiquity of the very earliest kits produced by FROG and the fact that there may be no available examples still below 25% assembly, a refurbishment build involving some of the constituent parts will be considered acceptable.  The intention of the Classic Group Build is to stroll down memory lane and perhaps take a second look at some of these pioneering plastic kits from yesteryear. Although we certainly have a preference to showcase original Frog produced kits, we have opened the eligible criteria just enough to encourage as many modellers to join in as possible. These Classic GB’s are always great, so please stay within the rules, don’t take things too seriously and (as always) have a lot of FUN. Please feel free to ask any questions to @JOCKNEY, @Rabbit Leader or @vppelt68 should further clarification be required. I would like to use the Group Build banner below please feel free, it's now regulation size, and if you can read it without glasses you are either telling fibs or very lucky ! Cheers and happy FROG modelling, Pat, Dave & V-P.
  22. I have decided, possibly against my better judgement, or my incipient madness, after seeing the comments of @Rabbit Leader and @Redstaff to have a go at this one. According to Scalemates the Novo boxing is from 1977 but Frog originally released the Sea. Hawk in 1955. That makes it exactly the same age as me. Looking at the box contents, despite 50 years of playing rugby and associated celebrations and commiserations, I have worn considerably better than this kit. There are 22 parts in the box and one transparency, along with a fair amount of flash, no undercarriage wells, the main undercarriage legs and doors as a single part which look like their built of six inch armour plate, no cockpit but a pilot's head in two halves, transfer positions engraved on the wings and a goodly bundle of flash. But little in the way of ejector pins or moulding flaws. And a reasonably well shaped Sea Hawk, albeit without cannon. The box contents. and the entire airframe, two fuselage halves and two solid wings. You can see the roundel position clearly. The box also contained this little container with a solid piece of something in it. I suspect it may have been a tub of glue. I have cleaned up most up most of the parts and will put some weight into the nose before glueing everything up.
  23. This Attacker was part of the HMS Eagle air wing in the early 1950s. The type had a fairly brief career with the Royal Navy, withdrawing from front line units in 1954, however RN Reserve squadrons continued to fly it until 1957. The Attacker was unique among British jet fighters in having a tail wheel, which made it difficult to operate from carriers. Huge thanks to @perdu for the canopy and decals. I also used some extra decals and added a few aerials, etc, and scooped out the cockpit and wheel wells. Other than that, pretty much oob!
  24. So, before the CMR Wapiti was released the only way to build the Wapiti, The Indian Air forces first mount was to modify the Frog/Novo Wallace or the merlin models plastic and White metal Wapiti. The less said about both the better!! I used the Merlin fuselage and undercarriage, Wallace wings and empennage, Aeroclub white metal Jupiter engine, a paper clip for the Lewis mount and a small brass Russian cottage lewis gun. Vallejo paints and sprue rigging with spare decals. A basic no-nonsense build with no bells and whistles that ill keep for the CMR kit!! The aircraft is from the IAF's No 1 Sqn the Tigers at Miranshah when operating against Afridi tribesmen on the NWFP circa 1933. . .
  25. An old Novo 1/72 Beaufighter with aftermarket decals finished as a Coastal Command Torpedo and rocket armed aircraft. the panel lines are pencil and chalk. All hand painted with Tamiya acrylics. Figure and jeep are Airfix, the truck is an old unnamed metal kit. The grass is some Czhek ready made mat and hangar printed off the net!! the base is mine!!
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