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  1. Cheers for the encouragment chaps. Ill take the guts of this thread and put it into a new post in the WIP section. I think if id locked myself in the room for 2x12hr stints i would have got it done, but life as it so often does got in the way a bit! If i can get it done by this weekend ill be happy enough. In the meantime i found this rather interesting video on the SB-2. lots of little details and elements to take note of. I actually have another of these SB-2 kits and at some point would quite like to do this in a well worn winter camo with the 2 bladed props and skis..... but lets just finish this one first eh?
  2. Unfortunatley....ive run out of time! didnt quite use the allotted time as efficiently, spending the time fixing myself and the garden more than these parts together it seems! Oh well, heres some pics of where i managed to get up to.... Left wing assembled with exhausts, access panels, prop and uc, just needs undercarriage doors to be fitted. Plan was/is to have the other wing with aileron raised, somewhat simulating a pilot doing some on the ground checks before takeoff (yes i was inspired by my little run on war thunder earlier in the evening ) Not the most aligned of cockpit parts....... but at least the glazing went in without any hitches! And how she was at stop time - 2.15am I know i planned not to use too much filler but there is going to be some needed for these wing joins.....they are a bit too big to ignore. Both wings needed quite a significant bit of sanding to get the parts to blend together, it seemed the upper half mold maker never spoke to the lower half guy! Getting BritModeller on my phone is a must for the next one, because i have a very obscure route of making any posts at the moment that isnt suited to rapid fire updates, and i totally forgot to upload my delicious snacking to boot! Will try and get this model done in the week whilst my modelling drive is high. I think making the choice of an older poorly fitting kit + twin engines + turrets = a maths equation im not quite ready to solve during a Blitzbuild exam Cheers for stopping by everyone, sorry i couldnt get this one to the finish line!!
  3. From earlier this evening (6pm - 10pm) Lack of any dash had annoyed me......but it just so happened there was this conveniently shaped bit of flash left over from trimming the main wings......... Didnt turn out too bad! Interior pretty much done at this point Any clamp in use holding together the various rudder /elevator pieces A little inspiration from my beloved game War Thunder.... this is one of the earlier soviet planes that they actually have featured in-game pretty well, with about 5 different variant from the early 2 bladed right through to final AR-2 derivatives. Next up- wing assembly and fuselage halves...... might not make it to the end of this blitzbuild!
  4. Great work so far, im impressed how fast its coming together!
  5. im going to start back up in about half an hour, although im not quite sure what category of the blitzbuild this falls into now (the other option.....or the lockdown option??) I jinxed myself with my filler comment - dislodging a filling last night before going to bed! - had to spend this morning hunting round a few shops for an emergency repair kit as obviously corona-virus means i cant just quickly nip to the dentist. So spent lunchtime carefully applying filler to MYSELF So my plan over the next few hour is to break the job into little sub assemblies and then bring them all together at the end..... 1) Finish interior bits and seats, including at least some semblance of a joystick for the pilot 2) Props and spinners fixed to rad fronts 3)Wheel Subassemblies (painting as i go) 4) tiny bit of gun detailing 5)wheels into main wings and those complete 6) decide whether to try positioning the flaps in anything other than neutral Then its a case of following the rest of the instructions.......... May have not quite given myself enough time to get this one over the finish line but i will give it a good go!
  6. Very eye-catching scheme! Do like the 'Chunky Wedge' of the Javelin design. will be cool to see this once all the decals are on
  7. Neat choice and some nice display options! Look forwards to catching up on this tomorrow - good work so far!
  8. Oh and i know there are more sinkmarks all over the shop on this model, but to maintain my timings and sanity ive decided ill try and avoid using filler unless its absolutely necessary and that the hole/gap/groove would be large enough to fit a to scale chicken through. The landing gear flaps are just an utter abomination - dont expect to see many shots of this from underneath!
  9. Cheers for the encouragement everyone After a bit of tidying up and fettling got the main parts looking less flashy Then before the sun set was able to get out and get a coat of primer over everything - Which made most of the parts not look too bad in fairness (we will see how they actually fit together in due time!)........although on closer inspection it does seem like those radiators look like they have been pre-molded with baked on grime and dirt! Fuselage sides before - After (and yes i flipped the camera round ) dark green interior with some little additions to give a bit of variation (totally non accurate) All the shiny bits painted in silver and insides done. Rationale is that now i can get the big bits all together, most of the silver parts stuck together and move onto the outer color scheme quite quickly. You can see the pilots stuffed up in the top corner - they i think will not be going in this model just to speed up the interior painting and detail (which shall be sparse ) And thats me off for the night! I will have check to see how the rules work on when i start back up tomorrow - its either 2pm or 5pm, but either way theres going to be lots of modelling going on tomorrow evening!
  10. My slightly late entrance to the party! My plans to start this first thing this morning utterly failed, so this will mostly be done tomorrow i think! Starting nice and late in the day with hopefully a bit more done in the early hours. Obligatory start time shot quite a bit of flash! will have to get rid of this before i give it all a quick prime in the sunshine! Current thinking is to do this in either a Czechoslovakian or Soviet livery, with 3 bladed props and wheels (i have sneaky plans for the 2 bladed props on another long stalled project) Will pretty much all be OOB although i may add some vague detailing into the non existant interior....time permitting! Bits all laid out on the table for a tidy up and then prime Any idea what this is? Cant see it numbered on the plans and it doesnt seem to correspond to anything on the plane........just a bit more free plastic in the box? Will add another update after some food and when more progress is made!
  11. Nearly halfway through the year already?! This Blitzbuild seemed miles away back around Xmas! Count me in. Got a few kits that might work for this, will leave final decision on what to build until the start date (if thats allowed?) Planning on doing 2x12hr stints over Sun-Mon. Should be fun!
  12. Beautiful build of one hell of an imposing aircraft! love it!
  13. These four links you have provided @Aardvark have been an invaluable source of documents, references and images to work from. Thankyou. Whats-more, the online game i play (War Thunder) which has suddenly out of the blue decided to add in the Su-7b in its latest update (along with the Mirage and F-104) . So i can also use this to get a full 3D walk-around of the outside and a detailed model of the cockpit. It will be interesting to see how these match and differ from the references and images in the links you provided. Ive now made a start on my kit and will get a WIP thread up soon
  14. shame to see this company potentially existing no longer. At Telford last year they still seemed to be displaying a range of kits, no sign of any troubled waters, and i always thought they looked exceptionally well detailed. There was however always the niggling thought............ how big a market can they be selling to? Obviously Jacksons own personal preferences pushed them towards WW1 stuff but i was surprised they didn't go towards some of the smaller WW2 craft and jumped straight to the 4 engined Lanc - especially with HK models going down the same path and being further in development. I couldnt see how you would ever sell enough of those to recoup the large tooling and design costs. Then there was always the scale issue. 1/32 isnt the most common of scales, and i think most of the 'wartime' modellers on here probably stick to or jump between mainly 1/72 and 1/48. creating an entire lineup that doesnt sit in scale with other builds is fine when your working on virgin territory (WW1 high quality models) but means that your going to be a bit of an outlier when you look at taking on more 'traditional' subjects. I was surprised they never went for any Interwar designs. They could have still appealed to the 'fabrics and biplane' groups, with things like the Hawker Hart, but also shown the transition to single wings, closed cockpits and the like....... but then again we never really got a feel for a product roadmap/company direction. There are still a wide range of designs and aircraft variants that have yet to be done in high quality injection moulding, so they could have still carved out that 'only available from us' unique selling point. Hopefully, in the wake of this Coronavirus pandemic, there may be extra financial assistance to businesses in NZ and that might be the lifeline they need to get up and running, but it seems clear that whats needed if they do get going again is a bit more cross communication (within the business) but also with their target market, to make sure they are actually creating kits that will sell well.
  15. How did i miss this!!! definitley will be putting that on to print on one of the idle machines this afternoon Got my eye on a few already depending on how a couple of speculative bids do, it may move from my 'Watch list' to my purchase history!
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