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  1. Did you have much luck sorting this issue? i had seen somewhere that for some obscure reason people who had problems with USB stick reading had some success when using a USB>SD card reader and then actually put the program on the SD card. Not sure why or how that impacts. There seems to be quite a few devices that are coming onto the market in the sphere of large format resin printers. But i think that many of them will be updated to use monochrome screens and next time round i think ill look for one of those machines. Ive not had much printing this month at all, in resin or FDM! In fact i probably should decant the vat at this point!
  2. Welcome to the site! youll find a wealth of banter, knowledge, and tips on this forum! Was doing some site surveys up on the North Yorkshire Moors last week! Quite beautiful up there, but also surprisingly desolate! Stick a Yurt on the horizon and you could be fooled for thinking your on the Mongolian steppes!
  3. From the opposite end of the spectrum, how about going 'New School' - you can always learn to do modelling in 3D on the computer! There is lots of free software out there, vast swathes of tutorials and support groups, and you could even have them 3d printed and ready to go as one piece designs! just a thought! Staying in the physical realm, paper modelling is honestly incredible. i always am blown away by the quality achieved with the most basic of building materials. @Stephen W has done some amazing designs on this site! ( https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235078630-y-wing-paper-model/ )
  4. @Tony C no chance of that happening, there is a scary level of logic and reason used in your decision making process. One thing that i think is almost a great feature a lot of these museums seem to miss is just how the VARIETY of former aircraft is what makes them so unique. if we avoid kit and single engine civil aircraft, we probably only see a handful of 'new designs' come out per decade now. In the past, you seemed to get 20 or 30 new aircraft designs in a SINGLE YEAR. Prototypes, one offs, bizzare sub variants, they can be some of the most interesting exhibits at a museum, and whilst its nice seeing some of the 'iconic' vehicles, if all you do is fill all the museums with the 'top 10' planes, then whats the point of visiting multiple places, its all the same stuff just rearranged in different places. I think the importance of Air Shows is certainly one to not be understated. I love jets and anything with wings and im down cosford every couple of months. But im a minority among friends. However, come the annual airshow, i will get nearly a dozen friends along at times to set up a few deck chairs and beers for the afternoon. Half the time they will see something flying that they haven't seen before, and within the week or so, will be back at the air museum having a look around with renewed interest. I hope only that Health & Safety restrictions, insurance , and aging air-frames, does not make this a thing of the past.
  5. Just caught wind of this thread and cant believe the number of airframes that may potentially be lost, particularly at Cosford. I do however see the issue. Reduced funding, limited space, and an ever deteriorating collection and less and less skilled workers/engineers to keep them in good condition. I think if anything does look to be moving, its worth taking a trip down there to get as many 4k walkarounds and footage as possible. At least we can provide a digital alternative after the physical shoots off. What i have noticed is that there seems to be quite a number of airframes about 'in storage' or out of public view that would be interesting in their own right. i wonder if you could make a whole museum out of the ones that others have had in storage and under tarps! (funding for said museum is a different matter!) One can hope, without getting political in any way, with recent Brexit completion, that there would be an increased interest to preserve some of these air frames, especially the experimental British designs, to reflect our engineering and aviation heritage and history. I think theres a whole generation out there that think that the UKs contribution to aviation was the Spitfire, Lancaster, Vulcan and Tornado, and bought american stuff for everything else!
  6. Hope everyones supply issues have been resolved, but i had noticed an issue with something i was getting delivered and thought i may chime in if anyone is still waiting. It seems that with the latest covid restrictions that have gone into effect in Germany, they are currently not dispatching any goods in or out of the UK, my sellers official comment was : "Germany’s post advises that several European countries have imposed transport and travel bans on the United Kingdom due to COVID-19. The post has stopped accepting transit mail to the UK and Ireland." Now im actually waiting for something that was coming from Texas, via UPS by way of Germany. that was purchased Dec 6th, so honestly may be still another few weeks/months before it hits the UK shores. Seeing as it looks like my Resin came from a germany warehouse, i wonder if these restrictions may be causing additional delays.
  7. Unfortunately we got an aborted takeoff on this latest Blitzbuild contestant. Got the model complete but ran out of time for paint decals and finishing. Deciding to go the single seat option was definitley my downfall,as this left large gaps where the hinged 2 seater canopy would have been, and required totally scratchbuilding the rear bulkhead behind the pilot. On the other hand, i learned how to do bulkheads and also fill and sand large gaps to a degree i haven't before, so it was a generally positive experience overall. I think next time i will attempt to do a blitzbuild with a Lidl/Aldi Airfix Starter Kit Special - choosing these 3 or 4 decade old builds for blitzes might be a bit of a tall order for my skills (and project planning)! Hope to get this completed in the next couple of weeks.
  8. So after a few hours we got here Christmas cake and primer coat Cockpit with IP decal..... this had problems (more to follow!) So thats where i got to by around 8pm! currently having a bit of a supper break - now that instrument panel decal did not work out well. Little did i realise when removing it, that it had a giant transparent border 2-3mm thk in each direction. in the process of trimming that back, as its dried its come loose, torn, and generally taken a bit of a beating! so only around half the decal survives, the rest is silver and black dots to try and guide the eye away from the area. No need to bother even making the engine i think, let alone fiddling about with detail. it wont be visible through the intakes or exhaust, so could have saved myself some time there. Now sure it will likely cause fit issues in future! Also note to self - dont change from a 2yr old bottle of superglue to some brand new stuff mid build - the difference in thickness and speed of setting has kept me fixed a little firmer than i would like to half the parts im gluing together!
  9. Ok, bit of a late start! got started at 3.18pm and first thing was a light coat of grey primer on everything. once that dries ill see how things look and begin painting and cockpit assembly. not sure if i might need to quickly fashion some kind of firewall behind the pilots seat to blank out the rear or if there will be a gaping maw left...
  10. Looking good! Always tempted to get me one of these Bat kits to go along with a 'what if' of the full sized version planned!
  11. Hello All! Ok for this year i am going to attempt the following kit, slightly scaling my ambitions back from the twin engined SB-2 of this summers blitzbuild. Thought i would stick with a single engine, and avoid the issues of a prop by going into the jet era! So with that in mind, this is the kit i will be working on today! Well, parts already look lightyears ahead of the Novo SB-2 i worked on earlier in the year, so lets hope less filling is needed! From the looks of it, the instructions make this appear quite a simple build. The hope is to do this over the 2 day/12hrs per day option, and its my intention to get most of the body and interior complete today, primer sprayed this evening, and then camo and decals and stores tomorrow..... lets just see how well i stick to that. Will be staying completely stock, with some very slight additions here and there where the kit leaves areas looking a bit sparse. There is some details that im told are 'signatures' of this airframe, such as the aerodynamic fairings for the control rod horns (is this the right name, im not sure - poor res pic below, triangular shapes above and below wing at hardpoint area) No pilot because he looks like he fell out the mold head first, and im probably going to try and raid a kit or 2 for some instrument panel dial decals (found decal sheet, has IP decals!). Gear down config, with a bit of noseweight. All things being well hoping to kick this off at 2.30pm once ive cleared a bit more of the desk away and wrestled with the wrapping paper monster that has been created in the wake of xmas day into the recycling bin! I love the cover art, and the slightly disproportionate appearance of the single seat ground attack variant, and think that is what i plan to produce! Because of blitzbuild ruling, that means ill have a little LESS than 24hrs to get this done, by my estimates, around 22hrs. But fingers crossed this looks like a simple kit with few steps....what can go wrong!?! Lets see how this one progresses!
  12. look like reproductions, but possibly suitable? http://jt-graphics.com/D_48.html
  13. Not sure whether to add this as a comment or create its own topic, but it seems that on the main page ( https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/) and all the various subsections, a lot of user profile picture thumbnails seem to be not loading, with around 50% showing the generic 'dead/broken image link' thumbnail. I can add a pic if needed and not sure if this is specific just to my machine /internet connection
  14. Try Here - https://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/weapons/bulletsmissiles/ Its not an exhaustive list, and misses a lot of 3 views, but its a good starting point. I now inextricably find myself modelling an AKS Burlak launch vehicle concept.......
  15. Any 'Test Shots' of the model in resin form available yet? Looks Great!
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