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  1. Man, its really odd that this is nowhere to be found on the BAE pages, they have nothing more than a single page PDF download for it. Over the past 6 years, i dont think i ever saw this demo vehicle firsthand, although i saw Taranis and Tempest demonstrators at a few exhibitions. One of the very few BAE systems images i could find. Doing reverse image searches, its almost like the original HQ images have been deleted from the BAE servers.
  2. @bil you are a star! I will give you a shout then! Many thanks @Graham Boak & @FinnAndersen - its not a case that its 'impossible' to build it without the instructions, but its more because of the methodical way i like to put my kits together, following the steps and building sub-assemblies before it all comes together in the end. Ive also been out of the game for a few years building, so its not all quite second nature yet! The transparencies confuse me a bit, as i cant tell what needs to go on/in before the crew pod is complete. There seems to be movable ailerons, flaps and rudder elements too, and i would like to not stuff them up either! I also am not 100% sure i have all the parts. i am pretty sure i have everything i need, but until you have instructions there always might be a bit that has gone rogue- nothing worse than getting 1/2 way through a build and your missing some mounting ring or connecting element! One piece i am missing for sure is one of the 2 bladed props for the engines. Luckily i do have the other one. so i have a question here - can milliput be used to create a 2 part mould of the original prop, and then once hard and the original prop has been removed be used again as the 'resin', pushed into the mold and let harden? watching the likes of Serkan and others on here making their own resin casts definitely is going to push me down that route at some point for some funky improvements and additions , but can i do a half passable job with the 'putt?
  3. You may be interested to see that they are doing a full length documentary on Galaxy Quest, looks to be really good. Also was a huge fan of it, and think it definitely is one of those lesser known sci-fi's that never got the recognition it deserved (same as Dark City, Gattaca, 13th Floor)
  4. Perhaps these articles may be of help? couldnt find one relating to converting a model into Korean conflict era standard unfortunately. https://wwiiafterwwii.wordpress.com/2016/05/30/tu-2-bat-post-wwii-service/ Google Book Link - Photos of Korean Era TU-2's
  5. Definitely think that there is a bit of overkill of late of just changing the chromosome of a main character and calling a retelling "Socially Relevant", even if it does butcher the original story. I was discussing this with a friend when i heard that both Mask of Zorro , Cliffhanger, and Dorian Grey are all being rebooted, with gender swapped main characters. Worst thing is there are a fair number of very good films with female leads, in original roles, and they almost seem to get ignored by those screaming for "More female lead driven stories" - Ripley (Aliens), Sarah Connor (Terminator), Broughton (Atomic Blonde), Leeloo (5th Element) Eberdeen Katniss (Hungergames) However i am sure that this isn't really the downfall of BBC's war of the worlds, but more of a lack of cohesive direction. Some parts/roles/scenes were done in such a way that you could have thought we were creating a several episode character arc etc, only to ignore/cut/off the character 5 mins later. Other elements could have been shot in quite a different way (In my opinion, the whole 'flashbacks to the invasion from point 8 years in the future' was a bit jarring. had it been a longer series, they could have just transitioned to this time/setting after the major invasion, but again i am sure a lack of direction was why this didnt 'feel' right to me) Another commented in this thread remarked on how disappointing they were with the alien beings themselves. I think this was again a case where either the writers/producers didn't quite know how to portray 'terrifying intelligence and cold, emotionless eyes' and so went the 'lets just make them scary' route. After re-watching some of the scenes with them, they look more in keeping with Starship Troopers than any loosely interpreted description of martians by Wells. Oh well, on to 2020. There looks to be a few good fantasy/scifi series on the horizon, with BBC America even working on a 8 part Discworld adaptation. Lets keep our hopes up for the next one eh!?
  6. One of the biggest problems for me was some of the editiing and pacing, which i must say comes from feeling like it was originally supposed to be some kind of 2 Part, Sat/Sun Night tale, roughly 70 mins a peice, but then someone decided to re-cut it as a 3 part 'mini series' , hashing it all about in the process. Could be totally wrong here, but there was a feel in the last 2 episodes that were trying to balance sfx/action/drama just enough to keep each one watchable. I am now onto the Fox/StudioCanal modern day retelling of WOTW, which whilst it has not been 'Edge of your seat', i find a lot more gripping and realistic (in terms of human behaviors) than the beebs offering. This one is about 8 episodes, so it remains to be seen if it can keep the pacing. Half of the problem i think was that HG wells original really showed how 'hopeless' the chances of victory were for the humans, and the savagery of the martians, which i think doesnt sail well in an 'independence day /marvel /superhero everyone wins' dominated sci-fi landscape.
  7. Unless a member can see more than a guest, it looks like whilst that site has a mass of instructions, and even some Aoshima aircraft kits (a rarity) it doesn't have that FW-189!! - The quest continues! https://www.scalenews.de/focke-wulf-fw-189-a-2-mg-81z-lafette-walkaround-55/ - just adding this as its a nice reference link in case i forget
  8. Looks almost like its made to go together! like the old 2 color matchbox kits!
  9. I think the Razerback had a normal colored tail, and the Bubble variant had a black tail - see image of Lifelike Decals set below.
  10. Afternoon all, Before i started my P-47, I had begun to paint some parts on the sprues of an old kit i had picked up in a bag from a car boot a couple of years ago. From the small clipping of the box, i can tell its an Aoshima 1/72 FW-189. However aside from some poor condition decals, there was no instructions at all. 'How hard can it be, its only a simple looking kit' i thought to myself............ optimistically. As soon as i started trying to put a build sequence together, i was stumped. Ebay came to my aid when i was able to fire an email to a nice old Spanish fellow who kindly offered to scan in his instructions - but silly me forgot most messages are deleted after 90 days - so when i came to look at them again, they were not there! So, if any of you would be so kind, i would greatly appreciate you having a quick glance at your stashes to see if one of these are about? Heres the cover art to jog memories! Unfortunately, ScaleMates has 17 different instructions for FW-189 kits, and from what i can tell, none are built like the Aoshima kits, so cant be used! if anyone is successful at finding them, i will upload them onto ScaleMates to avoid this pain for future modelers. Many thanks, Kushan_Farsight. (P.S - is this ok to go in this section of the forum? or would this technically have to go in the "Wanted" Section of the For Sale area? )
  11. Great work, and nice for you to show it alongside some (smaller) b2 variations. You really get a sense for how the shape of the Vulcan changed between the early and later revisions. That poor Vulcan stuck out in the elements. someone get it a hangar asap!
  12. There is more plumbing on that engine than i think i have in my entire house! I dont blame you! If you were going the kitbashing route, there was a 1/72 kit that came with J-58s, but what i can see on the sprue/boxart looks nothing like the actual engine http://modelstories.free.fr/histokits/SR71_P/SR71_WSN/index.html Will look forwards to the next update!
  13. Good progress so far Serkan! how much detail are you going to put into the engine nacelles? i saw a picture on the net of a nacelle 'hinged' open to allow access to the engine. This was for the SR-71, but was a similar method used on all variants? It would be pretty neat and i dont think ANY of the kits of the blackbird do this at the moment. Of course, it is piling on the extra workload, but could be neat!
  14. Always thought this was a most unusual design, probably closer to the first ducted fan plane than a true 'Jet'. Good work so far, looking forwards to the vacuum process! Will you plan to have the tail section removable on your scale model? This shot always looked good if you were going for a diorama recreation!
  15. Very nice build up, and quite fast work going from sprue to sitting pretty! Any idea if this is the same kit /molds as used in the most recent Revell boxing? I picked up a 1/48 A-26B in the Hobbycraft sales.
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