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  1. hmm. been told after waiting around 5 weeks for anything from anycubit they are not in stock of any more Photons for EU sale and they 'feel sorry'. However no idea when back in stock, or if im being refunded
  2. Hey all. Found this unusual story from WW2 on youtube this afternoon. could be quite the unusual diorama or kitbash for someone!
  3. interesting to see thermal levels affect resin printers so strongly. Almost appears as temperamental to temperature changes as printing in ABS! good to know.
  4. Have all of you who have placed your orders through the August sale got your machines? Ive still seen nothing. Definitley feel its worth shooting an email now as i know the boat from china isnt quick, but unless it took a detour via queensland i have no idea where my printer is right now
  5. Hmm very strange, i can see the image in the thread! i have changed the links to both pages so hopefully they work now. The PDF page i can assure you is not malicious, ive used it a ton (its like Photobucket / Imgbox but for PDFs) its probably that the link i first put in tries to auto download the pdf for you, which is scaring your browser a bit
  6. It amazes me how these algorithms and neural networks can do such smart recoloring and upscaling these days. I was watching some of the tank battles in Cologne last night and there is something truly remarkable watching this footage at 60fps in color, it suddenly becomes a lot more 'real' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhJGqL80cqA Sorry for derailing the thread a little your plane in question - picture at link below. Short Stirling III (EF369 MG-Z) på uppdrag till Hamburg den 1943-07-28 https://sv.backtonormandy.org/the-history/air-force-operations/airplanes-allies-and-axis-lost/stirling/27619-EF3691943-07-28.html Article PDF Link - https://docdro.id/rDtqldF This looks to be the original article your initial photo comes from (but unfortunately no more pics of that particular airframe, the article may be of use if you dont have already)
  7. This has a great look to it and doesnt even look that fanciful - i think you could have created a working coastal spotter plane from something like this! Particularly like the V tail and gunners arrangement. The floats and the dolly are a nice addition. It looks like you designed the floats as jettisonable in case of the need for a ground belly landing Thanks for the inspiration to get my old MC-72 racer off the shelf of doom and a few more steps along the build instructions!
  8. Just an enquiry as to wether any of you that did purchases during the anniversary sales have heard anything more from Anycubic? Aside from the confirmation of my order on the 25th and the money coming out of my PayPal, i haven't seen anything else from them. also i did spot when they released all the new models that a new Wash and Cure station was to come out with some improvements, but for some reason, its not showing on the 'New Arrivals' section. sold out or retracted from sale i wonder?
  9. The issue here may be the volume of the part combined with a dense infill, causing the price to rise. Does it need to be a 'cube'? - could it rather be almost a square 'cup' with 1mm thk sides and a 1mm thick base? This would be massively less voluminous and faster and cheaper to print.
  10. ah excellent i had missed that particular post in that thread, have seen it now and i think im looking at using a similar approach, on my software im using a 'Lighten' tool which is used to effectively cut elements out of a model. The approach of offsetting the surface is a neat one and ill have to give it a go, but can see that working well for some more complex bits. I think CAD+3D Printer opens up a whole realm of possibilities only limited by patience and build plate size!
  11. Looking very nice! Like the panel detailing too. are you achieving this by doing some kind of extrusion/cut of lines from a drawing created in plan view that acts as a 'pattern'? Think i may have to get a build thread started if nothing else to stop the 3D Makerspace becoming 'WellsProps Digital Aircraft Assembly Line'!
  12. @LostCosmonauts sounds good to me! - my comment regarding active projects and duplication was more because there is nothing worse than spending time on something to only see its been done before, especially when you embark on a project on the basis that your breaking new ground! However, when considering multiple scales, different printing methods and different levels of final model detail, there is probably plenty of wiggle room for multiple projects on the same design to exist simultaneously. what is @Hole in the ground 3d modelling in? those section views look CLEAN! That link for interesting aircraft to consider is as follows - probably already bookmarked by half the BM regulars! - http://www.aviastar.org/index2.html also http://www.airwar.ru/flybww1.html (this points to early era flying boats but theres so much more on this domain) - i use google translate and get about well enough! So for example this is the S-51 Flying Boat - beautiful looking craft but i think not even represented in kit form currently.
  13. an out there idea, but according to Companies House, FR Aviation Ltd still exists and is trading - could it be worth someone dropping them a line/email and seeing if they have any pics in the archives?
  14. i would say you would be best giving people a few options (say 10 designs youve found 3 views for) but also opening the floor up for other ideas. Perhaps using the Aircraft Discussion subsection (and the era) would be a good starting point. One thing you could do is create a 'Poll' as this would be a quick way to see which designs carry greater appeal. Any designs you think 'ooh, i wonder if that's been made before' you could run a search on ScaleMates - i think if its not been done in injection before and any resin kits are 15-20yrs+ old, you probably will have good grounds to consider designing. I will have to look for it again, but when looking for some data on the DO-26 model kit i picked up last year, i found a wonderful website with all manner of flying boats ive never seen available as kits, some really elegant designs, ill have to dig it out again but yeah, some of those 30's and 40s designs were really beautiful. May also be worth trying to find what other 'makers' are focusing on so you don't duplicate efforts - i think @LostCosmonauts is focusing on Cold war era British X-Planes and concepts, im doing some 60's soviet designs (will get my build thread up i promise ) and @Mig Eater seems to be doing some nice armored 'what if' designs too. - however there is so much out there waiting to be high detail modeled, you probably can find and an endless choice of potential candidates.
  15. Aside from the 120mm exhaust and fan swapout, have you needed to replace any other parts? Vats? LCD screen etc? its interesting to hear from someone whos been regularly using theirs for the past 2 years!
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