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Found 91 results

  1. Just finished (apart from the pitot which has already broken off and will be replaced at some point) - Meteor F(TT).8 WE876 of 1574 flight, RAF Tengah, 1969 - Airfix 1/48, decals from Xtradecal Lovely kit, mostly built when I needed a mojo restorer (and it did the trick) part way through building the VC10s. Xtradecals worked pretty well - didn't bend immediately round the leading edges, but micro set and sol and a bit of gentle pressure did the trick - although I suspect the dayglo stripes on the nacelles might be too long. Nice, straightforward kit to build. There will be more Airfix Meteors in my future. Airfix 1/48 Meteor F.8 by Julian Griffiths, on Flickr Airfix 1/48 Meteor F.8 by Julian Griffiths, on Flickr Airfix 1/48 Meteor F.8 by Julian Griffiths, on Flickr Airfix 1/48 Meteor F.8 by Julian Griffiths, on Flickr
  2. Hi, I finished this one a couple of weeks back. Finally got her into the photo booth. Xtradecals leave a lot to be desired, with mis numbering, brittleness etc to deal with, but gentle coaxing with X-20A did the trick... 1:48 Airfix meteor F8 NEW TOOL Paints used: Gunze Light Aircraft Grey, Tamiya XF-3 Flat yellow, XF-69 NATO Black Extras: Pavla Mk 4 Seat, Albion Alloys telescopic Aluminium tube for Pitot Decals: Xtradecal X48160 Cheers Chris
  3. When did the RAF start using FOD covers? Were early ones simple canvas bags/covers? If they were originally canvas when did they change to solid boards such as used on the Javelin? Where they always red, or did they change from green canvas to red at some point? Any help would be appreciated
  4. Gloster Meteor U.16/U.21 Drone Conversion set 1:48 Red Roo Models The Meteor like many operational aircraft found a new lease of life following its retirement from front line operational duties as a drone aircraft. These acted as both manned and unmanned target for the military. In the UK these flew as the U.16 and in Australia the U.21 as conversions of the F.8. The wingtips were modified, the nose was changed and various aerial fits were made. The cannons were removed as the spaces were used for additional electronics. The conversion from Red Roo features a new nose cone, wingtip extensions and pods, plus various different lengths of wire for the aerials. While the conversion was originally for the Classic Airframes kit it will fit the new Airfix Meteor. The new nose fits the fuselage well but the modeller will have to thin the resin of the replacement nose in order to accommodate the front landing gear assembly. The modeller will also have to remove the kit wing tips, and the cannon fairings. Decals in the form of serial numbers are provided for WK797, WH460 & WE902 of the RAF. Also A77-884, A77-207 & A77-882 of the RAAF. Conclusion This is a great little conversion from Red Roo which enables one of these 6 Australian Drones to be built, or any other U.16/U.21 with the modeller's own decals. Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  5. Hi all. I desperately want to undertake the foolhardy task of building a revealed nose radar for a1:72 AW Meteor NF.14 I'm about to commence. I've scoured any literature I can lay my hands on as well as searching the web, but simply can't find any images of the correct radar, either on it's own or mounted in-situ. The correct radar for this variant of Meteor is I believe the AI MK.21 set (the modified US Westinghouse AN/APS-57). I've even looked for images of other aircraft using the same set with their radomes open but no joy. The closest I could find is a repro of a Meteor maintenance manual on p.79 of the SAM modellers datafile No.8 on the Meteor, but it only has visible an NF.11 radar installation and the Mk.21 was only introduced from the NF.12 variant onwards, so that's no help. Does anyone have any suggestions or pointers showing the nose open to reveal the radar on an NF.14? Thanks for reading, Tony
  6. There's a topic in another section concerning limited use of Meteor before the VE-day, so - instead of asking there - I'd rather go for a new topic here, as my question concerns limited combat use of RAF Meteor during the Cold War period. As all we know Meteor and Vampire were not only two first British jet fighters, but also two most numerous ones in whole history with Hunter and Venom (a Vampire half-brother BTW) far behind and all others still more exotic. Both (i.e. Meteor and Vampire) were widely exported and their final users didn't hesitate to use them in combat ranging from minor skirmishes up to the serious conflicts like Korea or Israeli-Arabian wars. AFAIK the RAF also used Vampires in combat against Malayan and Kenyan guerillas (No 45, 60 and 8 Sq.) and flown them operationally in other "hot" areas like Cyprus and Oman. So why wasn't Meteor F.8 combat-tested by RAF, while the contemporary FR.9 made combat sorties over Suez in 1956 and ex-RAF F.8s fought with RAAF No. 77 Sq. in Korea ? Cheers Michael
  7. Finished this one last weekend so I thought I would add to the shower of Meteor builds on BM lately (did you see what I did there...lol) This is the first of two I intend to build, sort of a trial run. Pretty much oob apart from Xtradecal sheet X48-043. 74 sqdn "as it may have looked after the introduction of sqdn markings" to quote the placement sheet! Paint is decanted Tamiya mixed with some other stuff broadly based on Jonners mix and thanks also for the hints and tips Jonners as I followed your build on BM. Next one is going to be camo scheme and will have detailed engine and gun bays and probably a resin seat (although the kit version aint half bad) All the best and thanks for looking in, Steve.
  8. Gloster Meteor FR.9 VZ608, aircraft at Newark Air Museum, pics mine. VZ608 was delivered to the RAF as a standard PR.9 but was later returned to Glosters for test use. After then going to Rolls Royce it was modified to test the RB108 lift jet engine for the Short SC.1 programme. The RB108 was installed behind the cockpit, replacing the main fuel tank, and trials began in 1955. Although the aircraft had underwing fuel tanks, it was limited to 30 minutes flying. The orientation of the engine could be altered in flight to simulate vertical flight, with a replica of the Short SC.1 air scoop fitted, to accurately simulate the SC.1 aerodynamics. After the successful trials, VZ608 was put on the fire dump at Hucknall, but was rescued in February 1970 and moved to the Newark Air Museum.
  9. Heritage Aviation is to release a 1/32nd Gloster Meteor F.Mk.3 resin conversion set for the HK Meteor F.Mk.4 kit. Source: http://www.kitsforcash.com/latest-news-2-w.asp V.P.
  10. After the F.Mk.8 & FR.Mk.9 conversion sets ( http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234928052-132-gloster-meteor-fmk4-by-hk-models-released-fishers-fmk8-conversion-set-released/?p=1609350 & http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234983243-132-meteor-fr9-conversion-from-fisher/?hl=meteor ), Fisher Model & Pattern is working on a 1/32nd Gloster Meteor T.Mk.7 conversion set for the HK Models kit (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234928052-132-gloster-meteor-fmk4-by-hk-models-released-fishers-fmk8-conversion-set-released/?hl=meteor). Source: https://www.facebook.com/DutchDecal/photos/a.319071761559888.1073741826.319066551560409/722135631253497/?type=3&theater V.P.
  11. We've got three great new Airfix Aircraft Model Kits including one great Starter Set that's ideal for those new to scale model building! First up we have the Newly Tooled 1/48 Scale Gloster Meteor F8 Kit, next the 1/72 RAF Red Arrows Hawk Kit and last but not least, the 1/72 Westland Sea King HAR.3 Starter Set! Stocks of these kits may be limited, so order soon to avoid disappointment! For full details, please see our newsletter.
  12. This is the build I was really hoping to do back when I proposed this build a year ago! The HK Models Meteor F Mk 4 converted to an F Mk 8 using Paul Fisher's excellent set and the Zotz Decals sheet with IAF markings. I wasn't sure I'd be able to get the money together but I had a good month just after the updated conversion and the decal sheet were released, so I'm set and ready to go! This is going to be great! Michael
  13. After the F.Mk.8, FR.Mk.9 & T.Mk.7 conversion sets ( http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234928052-132-gloster-meteor-fmk4-by-hk-models-released-fishers-fmk8-conversion-set-released/?p=1609350 ; http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234983243-132-meteor-fr9-conversion-from-fisher/?hl=meteor ; http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234989951-132-gloster-meteor-tmk7-conversion-set-by-fisher-model-pattern-on-pre-order-release-february-2016), Fisher Model & Pattern is working on a 1/32nd Gloster Meteor NF.Mk.11 conversion set for the HK Models kit ( http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234928052-132-gloster-meteor-fmk4-by-hk-models-released-fishers-fmk8-conversion-set-released/?hl=meteor). Source: https://www.facebook.com/DutchDecal/photos/a.319071761559888.1073741826.319066551560409/758368820963511/?type=3&theater V.P.
  14. My first build will be MPM F.8 Prone. Ever since I saw it at RAF Cosford I have want to build one, as I like odd looking experimental planes. Will post the sprue shots when I start, as they are still sealed in the plastic bag.
  15. Hello everybody, Better late than never - and as there aren't too many participants in this GB and surprisingly no one is building the Cyber-Hobby kit, I have a go at it and with a bit of time off work over Christmas, I may even finishing it. I like to build Q EE239 from 616 Squadron in the temporary white colours equipped with Welland engines (one of four repainted). By the way, are there any pictures of these white Meteors showing the serial numbers? Well, still a bit to go, but I have to start somewhere. Cheers, Peter
  16. When jets started to go fast thoughts turned to ways of helping the pilot to withstand the more extreme ‘g’ loads when manoeuvring. One suggestion was to have the pilot lying down in a prone position and to this end, in 1955, a Meteor F8 was converted to have a cockpit with a prone pilot section grafted on to the nose. Some 55 hours and 99 flights later the idea was abandoned after it was found that whilst the position was very effective in reducing the effects of ‘g’ on the pilot every other aspect of piloting was much worse. The main problem was the pilot’s inability to see behind and also forward when in a steep turn. Other problems concerned the cockpit ergonomics. Quite why it needed an actual aircraft to find this out is not clear. One feels that the same information could have been derived from a mock-up. Even my wife, a renowned technophobe, commented 'How could he see behind?' when first told about it. This was built for the Meteor GB. WIP here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234993470-meteor-prone-pilot/ It seems to be MPM's F8 kit with added parts. The nose and tail sections have to be sawn off and replaced. The replacement sections don't quite fit, the nose being a trifle narrow and the tail cone a bit wide. The wings needed some thinning to fit the fuselage and could have done with a some more on the outer panels, Nose and tail parts of the nacelles are undersize and had to have filler to fair thenm in. The wing root fairings needed some sanding to fit neatly. I did this before glueing the wing in position, something I had not tried before, and found it much easier. Finish is Alclad aluminium for the main airframe, semi matt aluminium for the prone pilot section and dark aluminium for the nose. The decals separate from the backing sheet almost as soon as it is damp. Great care needs to be taken with them as they are very thin and are prone to wrapping themselves around the backing sheet as they are transferred to the model. A Meteor shower! A final thought. I was amazed to find recently that the Americans had an equivalent - a modified Shooting Star John
  17. I've decided I would like to join this Group build as I love the Meteor. I have build a Tamiya Meteor F.3 and have several 1:72 Meteors of various marks and a couple of Classic Airframes kits but I have decided to build HK Models 1:32 Meteor F.4. I've been excited about this kit since it came out and have been itching to start it. Here is a box shot along with the contents. I have some Fisher Models air intakes and have ordered some HGW Seat belts and an interior set from Eduard. Markings wise I have yet to decide between a 56 squadron Meteor using Pheon decals or a trainer one using the Kit World decals. After removing the parts from the sprue the first job will be the surgery required to cut out the intakes..... Thanks for looking. Mark
  18. Ok I had sort of forgotten about this GB as I had a few other projects on the go. But even though I have started two new big builds I have finished another GB project I was doing. So as usual for me I wanted to do something a bit different, plus something that would fit into my collection, so a nightfighter it would be! In this case an Israeli Meteor NF.13. The basis for this build will be a Classic Airframes NF. 11/13, which I must say was really hard to find at the time and took ages to get one until I ended up managing to get one from South Africa! The decals have been really painful to find as well and I will have to patch together some from various different sources. I know Isradecal did a special one just on the NF’s, but the proverbial “rocking house $#@&” would be easier to get! So this part of the build will be extra fun! The only extras at this moment will be some Barracuda Large Bore Intakes to replace the kit ones. Having checked out the kit one to the AM one it’s easy to see why you would replace them!!! I am actually looking forward to this GB as this build will fill two areas I am interested in, Nightfighters and Israeli aircraft. So let the fun begin! Oh and if anyone has some 1/48th Israeli NF.13 decals…….just PM me!
  19. WF643 F.8, later F(TT).8 At Flixton, pics are mine
  20. Putting my marker down, this will be a build of the Xtrakit 1/72nd scale Gloster Meteor T.7 to match this photo believed taken 23rd October 1951 at RAF North Luffenham. My dad flew Meteor 7 serial WG946 with 102 FRS that day with one Sgt Biggs, one hour twenty minutes 'Aeros, QCH, Rollers' according to his log book. Not above a bit of posing either! This will be a Christmas present for my sister in Australia who has a small display case with memorabilia to remember him by and I know she will like to add this model to it. Kit and decals ordered from MJW Models today so should be able to get started next week. Michael
  21. Gloster Meteor NF.12. WS692 at The Newark Air Museum, pics mine.
  22. Special Hobby is to release a 1/72nd Gloster Meteor T.Mk.7 1/2 (T.Mk.7 with a F.Mk.8 tail) kit - ref.SH72317. Source: http://www.mpmkits.eu/2014/11/sh72317-gloster-meteor-t-mk7-12-t-mk75.html Box art V.P.
  23. Only one photo, "published elsewhere" as they say, prior. There's not a lot of natural light here in Chicago right now. SO: 5 Squadron Lightning F.6 painted in 74 Squadron colours, 74 Squadron Phantom FGR.2, 74 Squadron Lightning F.3, Red Arrows Gnat T.2, 4. Escadrille GCII/7 D.520, 77 Squadron (RAAF) F-51D Mustang, 2 Squadron (SAAF) F-51D Mustang, 19 Squadron Mustang IV, 1 Squadron Nieuport 17, 74 Squadron SE5a/J I T "Taffy" Jones, 4 Wing (RNAS) Nieuport 10, II/JG26 Fw190A-4 (shot down by Spitfire MH434), 318 (Polish) Squadron Spitfire LF.IXe, 91 (Nigeria) Squadron Spitfire F.21, 222 (Natal) Squadron Spitfire IXb, 222 (Natal) Squadron Spitfire IXb (yes, same squadron, same codes, even, but different aircraft), 2 Squadron (SAAF) F-86F Sabre, 800 NAS Seafire FR.47, 609 (West Riding) Squadron Typhoon Ib/Paul Ritchey, 145 Squadron Spitfire VIII/Neville Duke, 77 Squadron (RAAF) Meteor F.8/George Hale, 77 Squadron Meteor F.8/ Bruce Gogerly, 39 Squadron Meteor NF.13, 92 Squadron Meteor F.4, 1 Squadron Hunter FGA.9, II(AC) Squadron Swift FR.5, 20® Squadron Harrier GR.7, IV (AC) [???] Harrier GR.7. WHEW!
  24. Hi, all Here is a model that I've finished a year ago. It's MPM's Meteor assembled as FR.9 Major modifications to the original kit included - addition of resin cockpit, wheel bays and wheels - extension of nose part. MPM provides transparent parts to replace original F.8 nose. However these transparencies have the same length as F.8 nose while in reality FR.9 nose was longer. This also confirmed by comparison to photos. FR.9 nose is visibly longer and pointier - so I decided for some surgery. I cut transparencies between camera windows and front edge and inserted ~1.5mm of plastic. Another 1mm was added where transparencies join fuselage. - resin cockpit supplied by CMK has solid nose which is fine for F.8 but in FR.9 there should be a camera! Solid nose was removed and some bits of wire and resin F.24 camera (from a set for Spit PR.19) were put in place Meteor bears marking of 8 Squadron during service in Oman in late 50s. And together with its Swedish contemporary Kind regards, Dennis
  25. Gloster Meteor F.4 Decals 1:32 Pheon Decals Pheon Decals are probably best known for their superb range of decals for World War 1 aircraft in the three major scales. But with the release of the HK Models 1:32 Gloster Meteor F.4, Rowan has branched out and released two fabulous sets of decals for this kit. The two sets each provide markings for two aircraft along with enough stencils for one model. Presentation of the sets is beautifully done too, with a colour profile of the two options printed on one sheet of glossy printer paper along with two further sheets depicting the top and bottom views respectively. These are so good the modeller could easily mount them in a frame on completion of the build and would look resplendent on the man cave wall. Two other sheets, printed on standard paper, one double sided is provided to give clear and accurate locations for all the stencils on each side, top and bottom of the fuselage along with the upper and lower wings. A small A5 booklet completes the set with a brief history of each squadron, a note on the paintwork of the Meteors, some information on details the HK kit is missing, notably certain panels and instructions on the best method for applying the decals. The research taken is self evident and the decals are beautifully printed, with excellent colour density and opacity, whilst keeping the carrier film to a minimum. The large areas of carrier film usually seen on the underwing codes have been reduced to the minimum. There is just a thin strip of film at the top and bottom of each code, just enough to keep them together at the correct distance, yet dramatically reducing the possibility of silvering. Volume 1, (32054). Contains markings for the following:- VT219 C 63 Squadron, RAF Thorney Island, Hampshire, 1950 VZ420 1 Squadron, RAF Tangmere, Sussex, 1950. Whilst Volume 2, (32055). Contains markings for:- VT413 W 56 Squadron, RAF Waterbeach, Cambridge, 1951. VZ240 263 Squadron, RAF Acklington, Northumberland, 1950. Conclusion Rowan has kept the quality of these sets well up to his usual, may I say fastidious standard. All in all a superb package, well thought out and printed, especially with those glossy colour profiles. For once Im running out of superlatives, but if you have one or more copies of the kit then you need these decals. Very highly recommended Review sample courtesy of Pheon Decals
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