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  1. That's a good idea, I'll try that next time. I don't know how much will be visible - plan is to open the canopy, but even then what you can see is minimal, but I wanted to try the techniques for an ongoing improvement effort. I think the detail adds more interest.
  2. Thanks chaps! Hoping for a full day of scale modelling tomorrow. Had to work today. Bummer, but a better day ahead. I picked up some metaslic and grey shade pencils - looking to see if I can vary things a little more.
  3. That's going to be a beautiful bird too. Looking forward to the finished article.
  4. Oh I hear you on that. It's the main reason for taking close up pics - just to at least record the effort.
  5. Looking at some cockpit pics, I saw a few knobs and switches in different colours - but actually not very many. So what I have done is not really accurate - but on the other hand doesn't look terrible, so I'll go with it. I think I basically wanted to just try and make it interesting. The colours stand out a heck of a lot more than I expected.
  6. Spent a little time on the cockpit. Reasonably pleased with it. Having trouble taking pictures though - need to learn more about this macro focus lens, and get more in focus in one go. In lieu of that, here is a bunch of pictures to try and give you the idea. And then there's filling sink holes.
  7. OK, well I've had enough of filling, sanding and scribing, so I'm going with it as is at this stage. Seats in, canopy front on. Finished repair of the intake ring as well, although it didn't show too well in the pic.
  8. Trudging slowly along............ I tend to put off masking and procrastinate about it for fear of messing it up. But I got on with it and at least got the black stripes on. Next weekend I hope to have another big masking session and get the upper surfaces done. I don't like to leave masking tape on for too long, so I'll want to mask up saturday, and then press on and get all the upper camo done.
  9. Nice. Saw this on the cold war models page. Looks excellent - something different!
  10. In my decal bank I have the Model Alliance set and a Cutting Edge set that have decals for this version. I thought the same as you - the MA set doesn't look right. I think the Cutting Edge set is printed better, but I'll basically pick from the two sheets when I get to that point. One slightly maddening thing - I haven't found anyone that makes aftermarket early style Lightning wheels, as used on P1B and F1. I wish there were some. Although happily I found a photo of this bird with the later wheels on, so that's cool, but I'd love to get some of those wheels for this and a couple of other builds. Thanks for the tip on the weathering, I'll try that.
  11. That’s where I’m at. I want one of these fir sure.
  12. One of the facebook groups I'm in is having a group build, and finally a theme that I can sneak a Lightning in to (Early Cold War 1947 to 1960). So in my Decal stash I found markings for an Air Fighting Development Squadron Lightning F1, which I found references to for September 1960, so I'm doing that. I've never done a group build, and usually it takes me forever to complete something, but this Lightning scheme is overall bare metal, so not too much masking on the paint scheme to worry about, so maybe I can knock this out in time. Thought I'd try anyway, and post the progress here. So anyhoo, some starting pics. I'm using the Airfix kit of course, and augmenting it with a True Details cockpit set (wrong instrument panel for an F1, but a) bite me and b) no one will see it anyway, other than on here). Decent seat Dry fitting the tub I like to glue the rear bulkhead in, without the jet pipes. I use the jet pipes to get the bulkhead aligned right, but this means I can slide the jet pipes in right at the end of the build, after all the paintwork and decaling is complete. Makes painting the jet pipes easy peasy! Just stuff. Fitting cockpit bits and bobs. And priming............ Got a bit of a dry brushing and weathering session coming up. Early mark Lightnings had black cockpits, which I find jolly difficult to make look interesting. Thanks for stopping in.
  13. Absolutely spectacular. Great weathering and a few critical scratch built additional details goes to show that with careful attention to detail, a superb build can result out of the box. Inspirational in my opinion.
  14. YES! Off to a good start - England for the Grand Slam this year I reckon. Whoops - hope I'm not stirring anything up there. Thanks for your kind words. These seats are the kit ones. Decent resin seats. I think there are better ones avaiable, but these came up OK. I'd like to see your aeroclub T conversion. I have a couple of the Omega Resin conversions and a CMK twin seat conversion too. I'll be interested to compare them all. Cheers!
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