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Found 7 results

  1. This is one of the later modified versions of the Type 1936A (known to the Allies as the Narvik class) destroyer. There were seven ships in the class, five of them surviving the war. One of those five has also been kitted by Heller, depicting her when she had been taken by the French Navy as a war prize and renamed as the Marceau. Oddly, that is the only other ship in my stash This is the Revell re-pop of the Matchbox kit, but I thought it would be OK to build it now as I have half a dozen other kits lined up for the Matchbox GB. Box: Sprues - there's not too many parts, so I'm not scared yet. Instructions and painting guide. Some of the schemes look wonderful but would take more than 24 hours just to paint. The one in step 23 only has 2 main colours though, so think I can manage that. I'm committed now, let's do the thing Andy
  2. A week into the GB and I've finished deliberating about which of my numerous fails will get another chance. What I really need is a KUTA of KUTA GB. I've dragged out the Matchbox Spitfire First started in the &5th anniversary GB and being in memory of my Dad it's a long overdue commemoration. AND it was a Christmas present from my children many years ago, so that should add up to KUTA enough and this time I'm really going to do it! Be that as it may, my resolve is flagging already; I'd forgotten just how much of a child of its time the moulds are- at least the sink marks on the bottom of the fuselage are symmetrical. So, it's going to be a very basic out of the box build as the many defects in this kit are listed elsewhere and there's better modellers than me spent a lot of time to correct those. Next is the inevitable head-scratching trying to work out what I'd done and why and just how much of it was necessary! As dad was a mechanic rather than a pilot I'll probably leave all the hatches etc open to show what he worked with plus it'll save the problem later of how many of those same hatches don't fit. Per ardu ad astra, I'm going to do it!!
  3. As my Stuka did not take long, I thought I would try a 7th and final build for this GB (assuming you count the trio of Emils as 3 not 1). I was considering my Italeri He-111 but it is an H-6 version which I believe did not enter service until 1941. Ok, I could probably convert it and I have decs for an H-2, but I decided to go with this instead. AFAIK this is the old Frog kit which I built shortly after it was released in 1971, a year ahead of the Airfix inline engined E/F version. It was released again by Revell from about 1977 onwards, but for some reason they also reboxed it as Matchbox for this 1992 version! I know it will not be anything like as detailed as the 2014 Airfix offering, though that is also said to have some accuracy issues but my old one did not look too bad. I will do a bit of work in the cockpit, probably roof in the wheel bays, and have a think about replacing some or all of the guns, but otherwise it should be a fairly quick OOB build as I am busy on another GB as well and the Heller Classic is getting ever closer! I was going to use the Xtradecal sheet for the markings but theirs in a Z-1 so I will have to think about that. The kit markings are for KG 2 in 1941 and KG3 in "1941/42" so there could be a bit of "mix and match" and perhaps some DIY decs as well. First bit of the history now. As you will probably know, after Hitler came to power the German aircraft industry was encouraged to start producing military aircraft again – discretely! Bombers were to be described as transports so the He 111 was built in 2 parallel versions, but the Do-17 was actually genuinely designed as a transport, or so we are led to believe, being a response to a Lufthansa request for a high speed mailplane carrying 6 passengers. Well, the Dornier response was certainly fast, and the passengers could be accommodated in two small compartments, one behind the cockpit for 2 persons, and another for 4 behind the wing, but as Green says “Unfortunately, the passengers virtually to perform acrobatics to enter these diminutive compartments” so although the first of 3 prototypes first flew in the autumn of 1934, Lufthansa turned them down, and they were left sitting in a hangar. However, fate took a hand, or so the story goes, and a former Dornier employee Flugkapitän Untucht, who was working as a senior pilot for Lufthansa and was their liaison with the RLM, happened to see them when paying a visit. He suggested that with some more keel area for stability the design could be turned into an effective fast bomber, and the Luftwaffe agreed. The V4 prototype emerged with twin fins and rudders instead of the original single central fin, provision for a radio operator's compartment and bomb bay and various portholes blanked off, and was the progenitor of a family of bombers with a variety of engines, BMW inlines initially, then Hispano Suiza, and then BMW again in the production E bomber and F recce planes. The follow upto the F series were intended to have Daimler Benz engines but these were needed for fighters so instead the M had BMW-Bramo Fafnir 323 A-1 radials but the P had slight less powerful BMW 132N radials. These last two types were still in use at the start of WWII in relatively small numbers, principally with recce units. The M had a top speed of 255 mph at 13000ft and could carry a bomb load of 2200lb internally with a “tactical radius” of 310 miles according to Green and had an armament of 3x7.9mm MG 15. More as and when I start the build. All details from Warplanes of the Third Reich by William Green in around 1970. Cheers Pete
  4. After a popular vote - well who can resist requests by such esteemed BM'ers such as @JOCKNEY and @Enzo Matrix the A-10 will be the victim of this blitzbuild. Not sure of start time yet but there is a back-story to why this kit stayed in my stash. In June 1977 I set myself the challenge of walking across the North York's Moors - not by the more usual west-east route but north to south from Whitby to Pickering. Staying in Youth Hostels along the way it was only a two day walk. I think it was on the first day that I was at the top of hill looking for viewpoints to get my bearings when an A-10 came over my head at what felt like extremely low level. It is always those chance encounters with aircraft that remain in my memory rather than having seen them at air shows. This will be an OOB build
  5. For my entry in this group build, I'm building the 2nd kit I built as a kid in the late 70s. This kit popped up as a recommendation while I was looking on TradeMe (Kiwi auction site) for another kit I remember building way back when. My eyes opened a mile wide and I had a bid on it within seconds. A week later it was in my hands and I opened it up for a look. My, how things have changed, and memory plays trick on us. Searching for info and ideas was how I found this fine website, Scalemates, and Hannants. I didn't want to risk disappointment with the original decals so ordered an Xtradecal set with plenty of options. I'm still keen to do Op Granby scheme, so this will be built as XX892 - Glen Lossie. Obligatory sprue pic. Luckily I have plenty of filler as this thing is riddled with sink marks, but dry fitting has so far shown that the major bits all line up nicely enough for me. Thanks for looking, and best of luck with your own builds, Justin.
  6. Just finished this 1998 boxed Sepecat Jaguar T2 as EV of 6 Sqn RAF in 1997. I was well into the build before I found a post on another modelling site that was reviewing various Jaguar T2 model kits. The recommendation for this Matchbox kit was to give it a miss. Oh well I had already started. The injection moulding was quite poor with parts of the main undercarriage well structure missing and the nose cone distorted. The fit of the parts left a lot to be desired with large gaps requiring filler. More filler was required to reconstruct the nose, but I am not convinced that I have the profile right. There was no cockpit to talk about and the seats are very poor. When you scale up the kit seats the seat base would have been 52cm wide. I bought a couple of PJ Productions resin seats and scratched some side panels to fit out the cockpit. I also changed the main undercarriage doors to reflect what I found on reference images. Otherwise the build is OOB. The paint was Vallejo Model Air, Revell and Humbrol acrylics, mainly airbrushed, but with a few brush touch-ups. The decals showed their age with some silvering on a couple of the larger ones, hence the need for the paint touch-up with a brush. The kit was a bit of a struggle but I have something that looks vaguely like a Jaguar T2. The images Thanks for looking. Take care and stay safe. Graeme
  7. Jonathan Mock's article on the old Matchbox 1/72nd scale Messerschmitt Bf109E in the latest issue of MAI started last Friday a conversation between my father and I about the good old kits and how fun it would be to try building those kits again. Shortly thereafter we stood in the basement looking for old Matchbox kits. My father give me four kits for this nostalgia trip. The three Matchbox kits in the picture plus an older Airfix Gladiator in the original bag issue. I started the P-12E on Saturday. I had decided not to paint it because of the green and yellow plastic. Now it's finished. I only used my hobby knife, files, wet'n'dry and glue. It was great fun building this old kit. The other two Matchbox kits will be painted due to their aluminium finish. If just all kits took three days to finish... Then it would take me just 518 days to finish the stash I have. Perhaps I should go buy some more models. Jens
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