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  1. Foxbat

    Horch Type 1a

    Thank you Thom, seats really seem to suit my painting style I've been doing more bits and bobs while I wait for paint. Got one door on, then mithered about having the driver's door open because Icould. After taking the picture, decided not to bother as I'd then need figures to give context. Went round and tidies up some paint where the glue was obviously showing. You can see at the top of this shot that it'll need another grey wash to blend it in but that's no hardship. Painted the tail lights while I was on. Tamiya say red for everything but I watched a Youtube
  2. Foxbat

    Horch Type 1a

    While I'm waiting for the paint I've continued with the bits I can do. Bodywork is all on: Bit of matt varnish on the daashboard and you can see the instruments now. Looks quite good for a decal I think. I lost the horn to the carpet monster but it's buried at the base of the mudgaurd behind that huge bumper so I hope it won't be too obvious. Might try and make something anyway, just to fill the gap. Andy
  3. Foxbat

    Horch Type 1a

    Oh bum!! For my last few open top German vehicles I've been using shades of brown for seats and folded soft tops as Tamiya specify Khaki and I don't have theirs. Just looking at something else and discovered Tamiya's idea of khaki is a grey green not a million miles from field grey, wich makes sense when I stop and think about it. Too late for the seats on this one, but I can get the right colour and at least do the roof properly. There will now be a short intermission... Andy
  4. Foxbat

    Horch Type 1a

    Hans came to visit the paint shop last night. He described the progress as 'adequate'. Cheeky blighter!! Hans is no great shakes himself. Detail on the hands and face could generously be described as 'soft', so I'll use him for scale during the build but probably won't paint him or his mates. So I'd done some painting and basic shading, the glue was standing open and this happened More later. That's how time works Andy
  5. Foxbat

    Horch Type 1a

    Thanks Thom, but part of the reason I'm addicted to this range is that Tamiya make everything as simple as possible so a good result takes less effort. I added the seats to the floor pan and built the bulkhead/dashboard. You can't see it yet, but there's a canvas cover on the other side, between the windscreen and bonnet. No idea what it's for and hadn't noticed it in the photos I've been looking at. Dashboard has a big decal for the instruments which I'm very happy about as there are a LOT of dials and stuff. I'll matt varnish it and takeanother pic before it is mounted in place a
  6. I'd almost given up hope, and was ready to write the money off as I couldn't remember which Far Eastern company I'd bought from, but after three and a bit months this just got delivered: There's a LOT of plastic in that box. A rummage through just the top two layers of sprues found 4 different mantlets for example. You get the decals from both standard issues of the kit (Lucky Chinese and Tiki) plus some PE Can't wait to have a proper rummage then clear all the GB builds off the bench so I can get started. Andy
  7. Foxbat

    Horch Type 1a

    A little more progress. Wheels are painted and attached. I've done a little weathering on them but given where and when I plan to depict the finished model I haven't gone overboard. Getting my penny shot in early for this build garden furniture is also assembled, painted and weathered. One front seat needs a little repaint where I wiped away a smear of glue and it took the paint with it. Don't know what's the matter at the minute - I'm having glue related mishaps left, right and centre - it's like being 8 again Andy
  8. It was re-released by Hasegawa. Found an online review which includes a scan of the painting guide which lists FS numbers for the main colours. Hope it gives you at least a point in the right direction. https://lagoonannex.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/isuzu-tx-40-oob-008.jpg Starter for 10 - body is Vallejo 70.977 Desert Yellow (not dessert yellow, that's custard ) and the tilt is 70.614 IDF Sand Grey This table may or may not be useful for converting to your favourite paint range: http://www.ak-masters.com/app/pdf/RCEquivalenceDIG.pdf
  9. Foxbat

    Horch Type 1a

    First eleven pieces stuck together. Typical Tamiya - everything just fits. Sensible parts breakdown, great engineering, even the plastic is nice to work with Wheels have to go on next. Time to decide on theatre and levels of weathering already. The inverted Y marking for 1st Panzer Division makes that easy - East Prussia 1940-41 or Northern Russia 1941 - 42. Russia it is then Andy
  10. In between worrying what version of Texan I should be building, I got on with building what I had. The engine and cowl went together with minimum fuss, although there was quite a step at the bottom. Filler, filingand an air intake will hide the worst of it. That done, I closed up the fuselage so I had somethin to stick it to. There was a little step along the bottom of the fuselage but again, I seem to have delat with the worst of it and not lost too much of the raised detail. The wings went together easily enough, but the upper wing to fuselage join took
  11. That figures Apart from the canopy are there many physical differences? I've had a quick Google but the results were a bit confusing (including one site which said the -6D and G were both SNJ-5s). I made a lot of progress yesterday so I'd rather not have to hack it around too much. More Googling and I'm even more confused. Wings Palette (not noted for absolute accuracy) have a profile of this aircraft wich is clearly an SNJ-5. The Aztec decals picture matches pretty well what I have on the bench which very much isn't. The Aztec sheet has photographs of the Honduran T
  12. Having had a quick look through my current options, a 1/35 Asuka M4A1(76)W Sherman belonging to the 1st Polish Armoured Division in Holland, late 1944 tops the list. I'm told it was quite a rare version in theatre but the Poles were re-equipped with them and their surviving mainstream Shermans were given to other British units to make good losses. That eased supply and maintenance as all the 'odd' ones were in one place Andy
  13. It gets better - when the US entered the war they had the M3 SMG (the 'Grease gun'), M3 half track, M3 light tank (Stuart) and M3 medium tank (Lee/Grant) all in service at the same time. No wonder when we got them we gave them names instead Andy
  14. Just checked the stash and I have 8 kits that would qualify for this GB. I need to build at least one of them that isn't a 1/100 wargames model and I can't think of a better place to do it. tl;dr - I'm in Andy
  15. Paint. US Tan for the main shade which was easy. The green took a lot of matching though. Settled on a Vallejo Game Colour, Yellow Olive in the end. Both colours look much darker than my reference photos but they have the same contrast so I'm putting it down to the difference in light between a room in NE England in ealry spring and the outdoors in Italy in high summer. First coat is a bit blotchy and has gaps. Second coat is much better, and includes the smoked panel down the middle of the canopy (again, not mentioned in the instructions or paint guide).
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