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  1. She looks great, you can be very proud. All that stencilling really paid off, the little ones on the hinomaru especially take it to another level. Andy Impressed.
  2. I'd love to. I originally went looking for an Indian Jaguar so they were both strike aircraft but they're like hen's teeth, so the SHAR it was, made easier as the Italeri rebox of the highly thought of Esci mould has an Indian scheme in the box. The Q-5 has a lovely Pakistani 3 colour camo scheme included so that's a shoo in. All I need now is time.
  3. I held out for 24 hours, but that Su-7 tipped me over the edge. Got a Q-5C and a Sea Harrier in the post, both eligible for this GB. Made some more progress on the MiG to make room for them, pics to follow. Andy
  4. You are a very bad man. That sent me off looking, and there's F- and FT-6s plus a Q-5 out there just screaming to be built. I'll have to pass for just now though, way too many other builds going on and the GBs just keep piling up, Andy
  5. The poor thing is very tired, so Sshhhh, don't disturb it 13 years in the sun have obviously had an effect on the paintwork of what was already a distinctly second hand airframe on the day it was delivered. It's a tribute to how tough these little fighters are that it was still flying at all. I've fought the decals to a standstill and between us we have reached this point, just the wheels, under carriage doors, canopy and aerials needed to finish her. That should happen this week. Note on the right the shattered remains of the nose flash decals that didn't quite make it, and the drop tanks lurking somewhere in the background. You know, in a weird kind of way I'm still enjoying this - possibly because it's not a Tamigawa shake & bake. It takes me back to the old days when a model like this would have been produced by a company you'd never heard of and you'd have to lovingly carve it from a solid block of flash following black and white instructions with a choice of Czech, Polish or Russian text. The decals didn't break up, but then they were a couple of millimetres thick and yellowed as you opened the box on the bus home from the model shop. Don't know we're born these days really Andy
  6. Really, I've just got the port side of the nose to do (and two decals left to try it with) then the warning triangles which I can steal from the spares box. I'd like some decent serials, but I can put the patchy appearance and the holes in the fin flash down to weathering. I'm sure we can come to some arrangement where I ring the changes and keep my MiG madness to acceptable limits Andy
  7. I'll finish this one if it kills both of us I'll also be happy to use the rest of the sheet in any future GBs. That Cambodian one needs to be built for one. I've also got a dozen or so African schemes to be taken into consideration, even before the Airfix kit hits the shelves. Andy Bouncing back
  8. <sigh> This build appears to be cursed. Ordered this decal sheet from Hannants in the middle of the week: Some of the reds in the Sri Lankan markings are a bit washed out compared to the Carpena sheet but they looked usable, and if I replaced everything then the colour difference wouldn't matter. This is what actually arrived: Sometime since Hannants posted their picture Print Scale have updated their sheet and replaced the Sri Lankan markings I do need with a lovely set of stencils that I don't because the Zvezda sheet in the kit has them covered. So no steps forward and one step back. There are 4 other Asian air forces covered on the sheet, but they're all from the 60s and 70s - none of them late enough for this GB Andy
  9. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt yesterday but I'm done. If you can find the schemes you want to do from anyone else, anyone at all then that's the way to go. Andy
  10. Well, the tank decals mostly behaved - took all four to get something passable in place. The serials were a different matter - the good ones had to be put together like a jigsaw and look like they were drawn on by a drunk 3 year old using a crayon Print scale do a sheet with one of the other Sri Lankan machines on. Might have to cut my losses and invest, just for the serials, and add some of the other interesting schemes to my pile of potential Airfix builds - is 20 MiG-17s too many? Andy Struggling on
  11. New battery? I got one for mine and it's like having a new machine. Lot cheaper and less hassle than a whole new computer too. Andy
  12. Still working on it. All the national markings are on now - although we'll skip over how I managed to get the only complete decal onto the other side of the fin upside down, and how second attempt broke up a bit and had to be patched Just hope the red flashes for the nose and drop tanks behave. Andy For once my fists of ham aren't the limiting factor.
  13. It is Carpena. To be fair, the original sheet came with a resin nose and instructions for rescribing the air brake to back date the KP MiG-17PF kit to a Fresco A so it's entirely possible the entire run of this sheet is more than 20 years old and not a reflection of the current state of their art. I would find someone with a more recent sheet for an opinion before I bought any more of their stuff though. Andy
  14. I needed something to both tone down the bright silver of the paint so far and provide some subtle panel line colouring. I was using Vallejo gun metal for some detail painting so a wash with that seemed the obvious choice. It worked, at least to the naked eye - flash photography has bleached most of it back out which is a kind of tribute to it not being overdone. I fancied sticking some decals on next, just because I could. Oh dear. Oh very dear indeed. Don't you just hate it when your brand new after market decals do this on contact with water? Fortunately I'm really disorganised, and I discovered I had another copy of this decal sheet in the bottom of a draw. It's donkeys years old but behaved much better (still not perfect though ) so I managed to get most of the national markings on. Which means I'm now here: I'm leaving it there for tonight. More fun and games in the morning when I'm fresh. Andy
  15. This build is turning out to be incredibly rapid. I painted and decalled the cockpit and decided against adding seat belts as the entire seat is narrower than my Tamiya tape and yet is stall as wide as the cockpit opening so there will be close to nothing to see. That done, I installed the pit and closed up the forward fuselage. Couldn't see any reason not to keep going, so that's what I did. All flying surfaces are now attached too. I did wonder if I was going to need a little smear of filler at the wing roots so put a bit of paint on the check and that kind of got me to this point. It looks fairly complete but this is where the detail work that takes all the time kicks in. Still, I'm pleased with where I've got to. Had time left over to paint the dining room too. I'll put another coat on everything tomorrow, just have to remember silver for the MiG, red for the walls and I'll be fine Andy
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