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  1. Wow, that's a very generus offer. What a gentleman T'other Andy
  2. I'm in Crook, a small town between Durham and Darlington up in the North East. Andy
  3. Where did you get them? I'm still using hairy sticks so a one stop airbrush package sounds like a good thing. Andy
  4. It's an Andy thing - they wouldn't understand Andy The naughty one
  5. Sated my burning desire for new Tigers (and currently have 4 in progress and another 2 in the post), so been scratching another itch caused by reading build threads in this section. Got these two on the way now, so that is my fetish for Shermans taken care of - I can do US, Polish and Soviet 76mm armed tanks from what I have bought this week (oh lord, just this week? ) I made sure I had plenty of cat food before I did it though, so the important members of the household aren't going short. Andy Even skinter.
  6. Techmod do an interesting sheet for early Tiger's that includes two of Wittman's tanks (1331 at Kursk and S04 in winter camo apart from the barrel which shows the kill markings). Just don't take the colours as gospel, they're often as wrong as a wrong thing on National Not-right Day I'm ging to butcher the 1/48 version for my beaten up 1313. Andy
  7. I'd love to do something like that. I have decals for Wittmann's 1331 but no evidence his Tiger suffered that sort of damage. No reason I couldn't reverse the last two digits though and make it 1313, part of the same platoon as the tank above and then go to town on it. Phew, at last - I've gone through about a dozen potential schemes while I wasn't building anything. Andy
  8. Foxbat

    Sherman Kit Advice

    Two things I've learned from all the builds here on BM: 1) I'd love to build a couple of Shermans, and 2) Sherman details are an absolute minefield. The two I have in mind are an M4A2(76)W in Russian service and an M4A1(76)W/Sherman IIa as issued to Polish 1st Armoured Division to replace their losses in August and September 1944. I can get Dragon kits of both with the markings I want in the box. Is there any reason not to,and if so, what would I be better looking at? Andy
  9. Like this you mean? Full disclosure. These two fell into my basket recently too. I really must stop being so clumsy. Andy Skint
  10. I'm not saying there's a direct relationship, but I couldn't sleep last night and a Dragon early Tiger fell into my basket some time around 2am Andy
  11. I started my Tamiya Tiger today despite not being sure yet how it will be finished. Hit an unusual problem, the sprockets and idlers have soft plastic grommets that grip the axles. The instructions say use the big ones for the sprockets but all four were the same size so the sprockets are going to need the tracks to keep them in place As usual there were no screws to fasten the upper and lower hull together. Unusually, that's because they aren't needed for this kit Andy
  12. Ha, well not until payday anyway. Which is later this week. Andy
  13. Yes, it had two full sheets so you get Tiki from February and April 1943, plus a few other Das Reich Tigers including S33 'Dau Fu' with the Chinese character. Checking my bank records and order history I can't find the order, and it's now showing as out of stock. Might just bite the bullet and get it from Hannants now anyway. Worst case, I end up with two and have to do both schemes I wanted Found it. Got it from Hobby Search, not Hobby Link. Including postage from Japan it ended up being within a few pence of the price at Hannants, but at the time I ordered, it was
  14. Wasn't happy when I saw that, given i just ordered the 30th Anniversary kit from Japan earlier this month to get the same plastic and decals Andy
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