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  1. I've only recently come back to armour modelling generally, and British AFVs are a whole new world so I need to have a go at this. Already got enough in the stash to keep me going plus another few projects I'd love an excuse to start. Andy
  2. Inspired by Big X's Kubelwagen build, and my idea to mix up the decals, I've put my money where my mouth is and I have a build of my own on a similar theme. In my case it is a Kubelwagen and Schwimmwagen captured and given new markings by my pet unit, Polish 1st Armoured Division in NW Europe 1944/45. I've gone with Tamiya 1/48 because I've already got a few in the cabinet and they suit me the way 1/35 never really has. The kits: European Kubel, there's an Afrika Korps version too, which may or may not have the balloon tyres. Decals are irrelevant here as I won't be using any. Sprue shot. Some nice detail and nothing too taxing. The figures will go straight in the spares box - maybe that map was upside down The Schwimmwagen has much better box art, shame mine won't finish up looking anything like that. Again, there's some lovely detail. Hope I can do it justice. Finally (for now) the decals and their instructions. It's quite hard to see anything there as the instructions are in black and white and the actual decal sheet is mostly white on pale blue backing. Fortunately Toro do everything in full colour on their website - see here Toro Decals. I've got an AB41 on the shelf that could stand a refurb, an Sd.Kfz 250 on back order to do that option and I could always find room for a Greyhound, so quite a useful sheet That's me for now. Construction to start over the weekend. Andy
  3. Think I've seen them all up here in Durham, and they were well worth seeing Andy
  4. Not in this case. I found a couple of period photos and Tamiya have matched the original. A bit more digging revealed this excerpt from a previous discussion on Missing Lynx (the link is broken so I can't access the full post): "They have the difference in some character notation, and one of that is word "tsu / tu". ... Anyway, the spelling "Komatu" is correct considering historical fact." So there you go. I can rest easy now and just enjoy Antoine's build Andy
  5. Lovely build. I noticed that the company name on the front grill and on the transfers is missing the S from Komatsu, but the period photographs I can find shows this is correct. I wonder why they did that? Andy
  6. You're a bad man Steve (in the best possible way). Since I don't have any current GBs to keep me out of trouble I've got a set of those decals I mentioned on the way from Poland and three kits coming to stick them on (All 1/48, so they can sit alongside my AA Crusader). I'll be taking notes as you progress in the hope I can scale your tips and tricks down. No pressure Andy
  7. I'm thoroughly enjoying this thread, you're both doing sterling work and it's a joy seeing a family working together. Being greedy, I hope you have something else in the pipeline when this one's done. I've shown a few posts to the cat to try and spark his interest but he says modelling isn't really his thing. Philistine Andy
  8. I'm full of daft modelling ideas like that, it's the making them where I fall down I know you're an 11th Armoured devotee. My own pet unit is Polish 1st Armoured, and these Decals include a Kubelwagen they captured in Holland. It was a short leap from there to the Luftwaffe idea. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with now Andy
  9. Another Big X build to look forward too. I note the instructions show three colour schemes, but the decal sheet has 5 with one of the 'spares' being a Luftwaffe vehicle. If it was me, I'd do a fairly clean grey one with the Luftwaffe plates, maybe splash a little green or sand paint over where unit markings might have been and add the divisional signs to match your King Tiger. Voila, a car 'liberated' from an airfield where the flying staff were strategically relocating back behind the front line and impressed into service with minimal signs of new ownership. Andy Overthinking again
  10. Foxbat

    Ethiopian T-55A

    Sorry Stix, had the best of intentions but all my mojo for this one just upped and left. It's not a hard kit, but all that mucking around at the start sucked all the joy out of it. I'll switch it to the armour forum and finish it eventually Andy
  11. Looks like the website needs updating again - they have the same info panel on both versions which lists them both as skill level 1 with 31 parts. Nice markings on both, I could be tempted to a couple to go with the Beaufort I've already ordered. Andy
  12. Looks like TSS over black on my big screen computer. The images are quite pale though - that DG/DE isn't very, but it does look very smart. Andy
  13. Lovely. You've managed the two hardest parts for me, natural looking shading and a colour palette that's interesting without looking like a 70s disco. Andy
  14. They certainly appeared to on Monday, but I was looking at colour schemes for the Fireflies this afternoon and both the standard and beginners set versions are listed as having 31 parts. On that basis, who knows? Not me but they all look great so I might have to get three whatever. Andy
  15. Looking at the release date and knowing that IBG have just announced both kits, could they be planned reboxes for this time next year, and so on the 2021 web page? Andy Playing detective
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