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  1. Foxbat

    Ethiopian T-55A

    Splashed the first bit of paint around. Following Stix technique I painted the lower hull and wheels in a random Vallejo dark green - not too dark but also not too olive. It was barely dry before I had at it with some very watery black ink, used because I had it and didn't have any anthracite. The pictures were taken when it was still wet, the effect should be less stark when everything is dry and should look really good with a bit of dry brushing then weathering. On to the pictures: Wheels - I did say they were removable for painting, and 12 out of 14 heard me. That's close enough The hull from the rear And the front, just for completeness Finally, I couldn't resist a little play, just to see if the new track fit the existing sprockets. It does, and very well so I'm chuffed Andy
  2. I've done an image search without getting a definitive answer so thought I'd ask here; what is the base colour for T-55 tracks and were all track versions that colour? I'm not going to be hiding them under loads of mud so I'd like to be in the right area. Thanks in advance. Andy
  3. Looking good, and in my current favourite armour scale. I'm wracking my brains trying to think of other 1/48 Russian tanks you could steal the gun from. It's a 12.7mm DShK you're looking for, used from late WW2 on IS tanks plus the ISU-122 and 152 so somebody might have a spare Andy
  4. Foxbat


    There's one at the bottom of this thread, and apparently there are decals for a Syrian version in the Trumpeter 1/35 kit so there may be pics in a review of that. Syrian MAZ Andy
  5. Foxbat

    Ethiopian T-55A

    Phew, saved. Managed to get the wheels I'd already built apart and inserted the missing poly caps. Built up the rest and push fitted them to the hull to check the suspension was all square (it should be, Tamiya put a flat on the mounting pegs to help because they know idiots like me will be at the bench). All looks good, so on to the next stage. Andy Relieved
  6. Foxbat

    Ethiopian T-55A

    Last night I was building wheels. "Oh bother," I thought, "the previous owner has lost the little rubber grommets. No worries, I'll just keep going as I don't need my wheels to move". Test fitting wheels to axles showed those grommets were really necessary for a tight fit - Tamiya may not put as many bits in the box as more modern kits, but you do need everything that's in there. Now imagine how hard I kicked myself this morning when I moved the box and found the bag with the bits of rubber and the string for the tow cables. Andy Wondering how easily those wheels are going to come apart
  7. Foxbat

    Ethiopian T-55A

    Yep, still making progress. Nothing very photogenic yet though but it'll happen soon. Andy
  8. Foxbat


    I think you're being way too modest, that looks great. Don't know if it's just me but I find the smaller scales suit my painting technique better and scaling up is harder than down. Does that match your experience? Andy
  9. Foxbat

    Ethiopian T-55A

    Heh, what you can't see in the photo is all the swearing, dropped links and broken lengths it took to get those two done. A sprue a day still means 10 days before I even get to the point of trying to make two tracks out of it all. That promises to be 'fun' Andy
  10. Foxbat

    Ethiopian T-55A

    Time to get this road on the show. I've mithered long and hard. The MiniArt kit will be for sale any day now - it will never get started let alone finished so it's just dead space. I have a couple of 1/72 options, but I'll save them for another day which means I'm going to do what I intended somewhere at the top of the page and just build the first kit I bought. This is the box, looking all mean, moody and magnificent. Inside are some sprues, two big old hull pieces and a couple of rubber band tracks that wouldn't have looked out of place in a 70s vintage kit. These are the decals I'm using - mine is the stripy fella towards the bottom left. Creative's eBay store came to the rescue again. I picked up some replacement tracks for many cheapness. They will be only replacement - no PE or metal barrels for me. Even though there are 4 attachment points per link they actually clean up quite quickly so I've thrown the first two sprues worth together already. They just clip together, but I think I'll run some extra this over them once it comes time to permanently attach them. So there we go, another build underway Andy
  11. Count me in. There's an -18F VFA-11 CAG bird out there with my name on it. Andy
  12. Foxbat


    Been a while so a little bump. Come on in, we're lovely and we have cake Andy Half way to a one track mind
  13. Not many photos, but I know I'm going to keep coming back to this page for colour scheme inspiration, so it makes sense to reference it. http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/coldwar/USSR/soviet_T-55.php Andy
  14. My understanding has always been that Mod followed by a year refers to the year of manufacture so you can pin down slight changes between vehicles with the same designation (think e.g. F-16 where they have a version suffix and a block number). Have a look at the bottom of here for some inspiration - lots of interesting schemes with almost no need for decals T-55s Andy
  15. I have made some decisions and some purchases. Nothing much will happen until next weekend, but expect a sudden burst of activity as I have something planned that I hope will be quite interesting. Apropos of nothing, I've had a look on Scalemates without finding an answer, so maybe someone here will know; do any of the available Tiran 4 or 5 boxings come with Uruguayan markings in the box? Andy
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