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  1. Thank you, both for the kind words and the constructive suggestions. He's my first large scale figure so I'm still finding out what works and how to translate what I'm used to into the bigger scale. These guys are more my usual thing: Andy
  2. This is what was in the latest box. The Airfix MiG-17 isn't a bad kit by all accounts, good enough that there were a flood of them in the Africa GB not so long back. Although it has flaws, it's a better attempt than their MiG-15 retool was. The Zeroes are nice kits, acceptably accurate (apart from the colour scheme, but as you can see I'm not using the kit decals so don't care) and having already done one I know it's a nice build. The M3 scout car continues my love in with Zvezda 1/100 armour. It's intended for wargaming, but they actually make decent display models so I have quite a collection. The lower scheme is one of the ones I'll be doing with the Airfix kits. H-Model Decals also do it in 1/72 and 1/48 but they would have you mask and paint the fuselage and tail stripes yourself. Not on my watch matey - I don't buy decals to make life harder. Andy I thought Typos was a Greek island until I tried posting on public forums
  3. Would have saved time trying to find the skull of an enemy Andy
  4. Foxbat

    Brazilian P-47s?

    I only found out about the Mexican war time P-47s when I was looking for info on the Brzilian ones two days ago. I know Mexico used them in NMF post war because I have an Aztec decal sheet with them on, but I didn't know they started in the Pacific theatre. Andy
  5. Foxbat

    Brazilian P-47s?

    Have a look at the first post in this thread: More Info Lots of background and some colour photos from a Brazilian. Andy
  6. Foxbat

    Brazilian P-47s?

    From Wikipedia: During the Italian campaign the "1º Grupo de Caça da Força Aérea Brasileira" (Brazilian Air Force 1st Fighter Squadron) flew a total of 48 P-47Ds in combat (of a total of 67 received, 19 of which were backup aircraft). This unit flew a total of 445 missions from November 1944 to May 1945 over northern Italy and Central Europe, with 15 P-47s lost to German flak and five pilots being killed in action. As to the aircraft, they were P-47D-25s and given how shabby they look and the fact they're Olive Drab over Neutral Grey in contemporary photos I suspect they were used ex-USAAF rather than new builds. This photo is great: Brazilian P-47D as it gives a good impression of the weathering and the load out. Trickyrich built one in the Thunderbolt STGB a couple of years back, so should be able to fill in some of the huge gaps I've left. Andy
  7. Cheers Rich, I had a blast taking part. Kind of got the taste for big figures now, got three very different WW2 ones in the post. None of them qualify for this GB, but they'll be around somewhere soon Andy
  8. I did this one for the Ragnar's Return Nordic GB, and to dip a toe into larger figures having seen some fantastic ones here. This is how he finished up. Figure was built from the box then painted using Vallejo, Tamiya, Akan and Citadel paints, inks and varnish. Base is decorated with Woodland Scenics and Javis Scenics model railway accessories and a stone from my back yard Build thread is here: Build Thread Andy
  9. ICM 1/16 IX Century Viking Figure built from the box using Vallejo, Tamiya, Akan and Citadel paints, inks and varnish. Base decorated with Woodland Senics and Javis Scenics model railway accessories. Build thread is here: Build Thread Andy
  10. Calling him done. Some quick and dirtty pictures for now. Once he's set enough that I can move him I'll dust down the base and take some gallery shots that don't have my desk clutter as a background. That was a fun build, might be tempted to another one. Off to explore the rest of the GB in the meantime though Andy
  11. Thank you. I had help choosing colours from a friend who does re-enactment and who kept me right as I was working on him. I used photos of her group for reference and all the bits of historical info I dropped in are from her too - my knowledge of Vikings was very limited before I started this project. There are three secrets to layering Tamiya paints: 1. Sheer bloody minded perseverance 2. Leaving enough time for the paint that's already on to fully cure before the next coat 3. Don't take pictures of the bits that go horribly wrong Andy
  12. Thank you. Yes, you really should try a figure. Lots of using brushes for slopping paint about, no decals and no masking means it like a modelling holiday Andy
  13. His base needs tarting up still, but he's essentially done. Historical note: he is carrying a sword as well as his axe which marks him out as a Jarl or similar. Swords were expensive and not everyone could afford one, so they became a badge of rank and status. Similarly, his shield is blue. Like purple in Rome (and later in England), blue colouring was hard and expensive to make so was reserved for the aristocracy/elites. The design I went for in the end is a well known Viking representation of one of Odin's ravens - Huginn (Thought) and Muninn (Memory). It's a bit crude, but I think we can all agree it's adequate for a working shield. Nuff waffle. Some pics - that's what we're here for right? For some reason while he was rock solid on his base for the first three pics, he would NOT stand up for this shot, so he's leant against the paint pots Next pics will be in the gallery sometime over the weekend. Andy
  14. Thank you Yes, the top layer is quilted leather. Cheaper and lighter than mail (I've held a mail tunic, it weighed a ton. You'd have to be extremely fit to fight in it for very long). Everything else is wool or linen. Interestingly (or not, your choice) although the Vikings could make black paint, and blackened the iron they used for nails and shield bosses they didn't have a black leather dye - all their leather was shades of brown. My historical advisor was very firm on that: NO BLACK LEATHER!! And no gold Andy
  15. OK, another quick history lesson To give the maximum utility as a defense, a weapon and something that wasn't too heavy to actually lug around the place, the Viking shield had roughly the same radius as your forearm. The box art has it right. Note also the planks of the shield are at a fairly random angle, not nicely horizontal which is an open invitation for someone to split the joints: The circumference was covered in a couple of layers of leather, or sometimes rawhide. This meant that if Johnny Saxon hit it and knocked the bottom edge into Erik's thigh, it hurt but didn't cause any damage. In return, when Erik knocked said Saxon down, the shield edge was still blunt enough and the shield just heavy enough that he could use it to crack Johnny's skull. All good clean fun, yes? Having got the box art right, the shield as moulded is too big, but it would be a world of bother to modify it, so I'll live with it. I've modified the handle and painted the back so I can glue it into his hand and glue his fingers back on round the handle. I also added a some highlights then a wash of XF-15 over his arms to blend everything together a bit more. Thorsson has got his hat on, hip, hip, hip hooray All his bits and bobs are painted now, and his axe hand has been finished so it looks like a hand and not a bloody steak which it did yesterday. His fingernails are maybe a bit overdone, but just go with me on this one. Just the front of the shield to do now. At this point I have no idea what to put on there. I'd like to get creative, but in reality fighting shields didn't get all that much time and effort - disposable, remember? Something geometric seems in order, and a chance to add a little colour. I've stuck the base together and started something scenic. I need a trip to the LMS for some grassy stuff to finish it. Hopefully that will happen on Saturday and I can get him finished this weekend. Andy
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