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  1. I like big trucks and I cannot lie. Found a site with a sale on, and saved enough that the MAZ-7313 was effectively free. Didn't really want the KZKT trailer, but couldn't get the tractor without it - life can be so cruel sometimes Where do I put the weights to stop them being nose sitters? Andy
  2. I used to have a WW2 computer game that featured that as one of the battles. Managed to get knocked out by an M3 Stuart once when I was playing the Tiger. Learnt how to avoid major losses playing the British, but the AI was very cautious which made it easy. Usually lost all the Tigers by the end of the game as the British relief column just swamped them and you always ended up side on to one Firefly whilst stalking another. Andy
  3. Paint. Love it or loathe it, you can't avoid it forever - unfortunately First coat of Xtracrylix Sea Blue Gloss. It's not very anything really; thin, streaky, runny and horrible. Nothing like your humble scribe then but nothing like the finish I would have expected from any other brand of paint in my stock either (and there are a few - including the Xtracrylix I used in the cockpit which was fine). The undersides took a couple of coats too, but they're getting there. Still need a least one more though. Tailplanes and gear doors probably need another two or three. Third coat and it's coming along, as long as you can ignore the bits where paint has pooled or run. I'm having to rub it down (sometimes back to plastic) between coats. I HATE gloss paint Fourth coat and that's me done for today. It's mostly blue, mostly covered and you can mostly still see Eduards lovely surface detail. Would have been a lot simpler if it was matt green though I'm scared to take the masking off now, I just know there's going to be a monumental ridge, plus bleeding through and bits where the tape didn't stick properly. How you airbrush users cope is beyond me. More next time. I hope it's more positive because this was a lovely kit and it deserves a good finish. Andy
  4. I needed to remove the gunsight from the top of the IP as the Uruguayan aircraft were delivered without them. The easiest way to hold it steady was to button the tub up in the fuselage (honest ) so that's what I did. There's a nice big aperture there so you can see lots of the lovely cockpit detail. I'm tempted to go with the open canopy option when the time comes which is a rarity for me. I stuck a coat f primer on to help with checking seams - there wasn't much in the way of work required but that applies to this kit generally, it is still being a joy to build. I did remove the forward light from the fuselage spine (thanks to dnl42 for mentioning that in the reference section ). Something to note - only the first batch of -5s had the windows behind the canopy. Luckily Eduard have this covered too as they give markingsand therefore parts for both versions. On the clear sprue, parts E1 and E2 have the windows, while E3 and E4 don't so it was a moments work to fit the right parts for my build. They just clicked into place too - almost didn't need glue. Finally for this installment, I glued the wing halves together minus the gun inserts and filled in the ports on the leading edge. I still need to decide what to do about the stubs for the rockets as I have a couple of photos that show them still in place even though all the other armament was removed. It'll be a chore snipping them off the rockets and gluing them in place but that may be the easiest option long term. In the meantime. here are the primed wings and cowling added to the fuselage. Cowling is just pressed on for now as I haven't started on the engine. More later. That's how time works I'm afraid. Andy
  5. Got mine too, similarly well packed. Haven't had more than a quick flick through so far, it needs to be savoured when I have the proper amount of free time Andy
  6. Yeah, sign me up for this one. Might even be something with wings Andy
  7. To be fair, I'd started painting the detailed IP before I stumbled on the other one while I was looking for something else. As you say, it's greyed out and never mentioned - maybe intended for the Profipack kit and the included PE? Andy
  8. There's 4 decals for the instrument panel too, and there are two panels on the sprure - one with moulded detail for the braver painters than me and one without for sticking decals/PE to. I love that kind of little detail and I'm really enjoying this build. I've remembered to remove the gunsight since I took those pictures too; the Uruguayan aircraft were delivered without them as they had no guns to aim Andy
  9. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. There is a scary level of detail in this kit. The cockpit tub has eight parts and as many decals. I've built entire tanks with less of each Fortunately Eduard's engineering is such that if you take you time and use just a modicum of common sense it all comes together beautifully. This is the cockpit mid build, after I'd painted everything on the sprue. The seatbelts and top switch panels are decals, everything else is me wafting paint at what came out of the box. The completed tub. Even the rudder pedals combine lovely detail with being dead easy to fit. And a reverse angle shot, just to try and show off the detail. Hard to believe this is 1/72. Harder still to believe some people look and think "It could be busier in there, where's me photo etch?". I take my hat off to them. I'm used to a floor, a seat and a stick if I'm lucky, now I'm looking and thinking I must go back and touch up the grip at the top of the control column - I've truly gone through the looking glass with this one and I'm loving it I've started on the next stage, but nothing worth pictures yet. Stay tuned though, there'll be more lyrical waxing soon Andy
  10. Ordered just now and got an email confirmation within two minutes, so may be worth another try? Been after this for a while to go with the Cold War volume I already have so was happy to stumble into this thread Andy
  11. Took a bit of finding, but this is lifted from a Uruguayan article on the history of the Hellcats: "As with the TBM, the acquisition of the F6F had been formalized by our government through the signing of a contract with the company "Cobell Industries Inc.". The reason why the purchase had not been made from government to government was because the sale of the same ├▒or part of the United States Navy to foreign governments was not authorized. Yes, on the other hand, without their weapons, to private companies within borders, which in turn, did it to third parties." So active USN equipment couldn't be sold toforeign governments, but decommisioned stuff sold on the civilian market was fine The article talks about gunnery and rocket practice later in their service life so it looks like the no gun thing was just a temporary nicety to comply with the letter of the law. Andy
  12. OK, I have confirmation that part of the contract for supplying these aircraft stipulated no armaments were to be fitted so the guns were removed and the wing leading edge faired over and the gun sight was taken out. That would suggest that whatever I can see under the wing isn't a rocket rail so I'm going to do mine completely clean which will be an interesting variation. Andy
  13. I've been poking around for references a bit more and it appears these aircraft were even more distinct than I thought. I was told they had the guns removed but it looks like they kept the rocket rails. This pic shows that rather well: Smooth leading edge but lumps and bumps below Note the total lack of visible gun barrels, or even openings for them, but the front of three somethings visible under the wing. Wonder what they were used for - a fighter without guns in the pre-missile age isn't really a fighter any more. Andy
  14. Postie's been, so some shots of everything pristine (Ahem, more on that later) before I dive in. We have sprues. There are enough spare parts to make sure I can get things wrong several times over (three engine cowls and two sets of tyres - and that's if I don't mix and match parts ). The detail is worlds away from the Matchbox kit that was my last Hellcat. Instructions and decal sheet are both comprehensive. I will use most of the former, and almost none of the latter (don't need the painting guide or US Navy markings). A quick look through the instructions show there is loads of detail in the cockpit even without PE or resin, so no fogging the canopy on this one. The front of the decal instructions artfully photographed to hide where I sliced through them opening the box from Hannants Fortunately I missed everything important including the decals but I really should have been more careful. And the reverse showing the colour call outs (note the underside is shown as white instead of light grey as they've used grey for the silver bits - another mystery solved). The scheme is interesting as the blue looks very like the Gloss Sea Blue the USN was using at the time BUT photos show it is only slightly shiny, not full gloss and the undersides are quite matt. I've got colours picked out, I'll worry about the final finish when I get there. I think I've about hit the limits of procrastination. Next post will have some building in it. Promise. Andy
  15. Not wanting to steal the Host's thunder, but in my experience you get a warm welcome in any GB right up until it closes, although the later you leave it the faster you have to build Andy
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