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  1. Deacalling is finished, and currently basking under another heavy coat of Decalfix. Once everything is dry, I'll make good a couple of spots, matt varnish, add a Flory wash (my new favourite thing), then it's add the sticky out bits & bobs and she's done. Port side, I've straightened the anchor and D.520 title since I took the picture And the completed starboard side with the rudder titles and fin number added since last time. I've never yet found a rudder marking that is exactly the size of the rudder - there's al
  2. Please do. I'll try and make the build as informative as possible so you know what you're getting into if you decide to take the plunge Andy
  3. The green is as green as it's going to get so time to start with the decals. I've done the big ones down one side, plus the top wing roundels. Everything is now doused in Decalfix then it will get a little varnish before I start the next round. There's a couple of little markings that go on top of the rudder stripes plus a numeral for the fin so I need what is there to be very stuck down before I try laying anything on top. The long arrow/roundel up the fuselage comes as a single decal but I cit it between the roundel and the 2AC which made getting it on easier but getting it lined
  4. I enjoyed the two D.520s immensely, so I was lookng for another similar project. I discovered Hobby 2000 have reboxed another of Hasegawa's early war French fighters, so it was a no brainer really. As a bonus, it uses the Khaki green that I have but haven't found a use for yet (although it may yet find a home on my Heller AMX-13 VCI as nothing else I've used looks even vaguely right). This is the box. As ever, sprue shots &c will have to wait until the poor postie has been. A little background: the box art depicts an aircraft of GC I/7 which was stationed in
  5. Got some camo on this lunchtime. Think these bottles need a lot more shoogling before the second coat - the chocolate is 90% there but the green is rather anaemic and much more pea coloured than I was expecting. Still, it's all good fun Andy Anywhere, so long as it be forward
  6. I've been suffering builder's block for a couple of weeks now. I've started my first Heller build for that GB but can't find the right paint, and also started my build for the Panther GB, but brush painting a 1/35 tank in a single colour is a bit of a chore so that hasn't got very far. I needed a quick win to get back on track, so D.520 part the second hit the bench. No sprue pics as they're identical to the ones posted on September 20th (I would have referred to the post number, but I can't see them any more). At lunchtime I painted all the dark blue interior bits on the sprue, th
  7. I'd go with the box art. Be a nice change to see a sun bleached and dusty Panther in Italy. Andy
  8. I was away over the weekend, but I got your message Werner, and the decals you wanted went into the post today. The instructions say it is an Ausf G captured in September 1944 and it doesn't have zimm. At least one of the other schemes clearly does so the comparison is easy. Guess that means it went from factory to front line to capture in a matter of days in the back half of the month. Andy
  9. By a strange coincidence I just got them today. Which scheme would you like to do? Drop me a message with your address and I'll get them in the post Andy
  10. Cheers Pete, I'll go with the closest match I have to that in the paint stash - although it feels wrong not to be buying another paint set just for the one kit :D Andy
  11. Not much of an update, but I've started. This is steps 1 and 3 of the instructions (2 and 4 are the same but the other side). Everything has gone together well so far, fit is good and the plasticis easy to work with. Colour call out is overall Humbrol 86 which is Light Olive. I'm a wee bit dubious so I'm off to do a little research before I get to bits where I can't reach to paint. Andy
  12. OK, now I'm VERY impressed. I'll be keeping a keen eye on this one, it really is next level stuff Andy
  13. In amongst all that detail do they have the little return roller that goes between the drive sprocket and the first road wheel? I only discovered they exist last week and I've never seen them represented in a kit. Andy
  14. I'm closing this one down and combining it with Robert's potential Armoured Car GB. Please sign up there if you are still interested. Andy
  15. I think a combined GB is a great idea, so happy to shut mine down and advise people who were interested to sign up here. Andy
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