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  1. I think you could be right. Extensive Googling has failed to turn up any unit badge the right shape. There's an SS one that's close-ish, but they don't look like SS uniforms. Was an interesting diversion though, so nothing wasted Andy
  2. Today's work. The instructions with the decals show all four of this unit's tanks wit the hull sides (and only the sides) painted black. I've never seen that before and I haven't seen any photographs to support it, but it's there in all the illustrations, and the black is on their paint list so it isn't just a printing error. So, I added three brackets, sacrificed one to the carpet monster, stuck on the drive and idler wheel mounts and painted everything black. Then I added the the wheels to one side, which took long enough that that's me for tonight. I've a dinner date tomorrow, so see you all on Thursday for the next exciting installment. Andy Multitasking
  3. Only a little update tonight. I've done something with the engine grills, just so I felt I was still making progress. The magnified pictures don't half show up the gaps in the sand - an inevitable by product of using Tamiya acrylic paints directly onto unprimed plastic. It'll all come out in the wash, I'm sure. Still some tidying to do but I'll worry about that when I've got the camo on. Finally for tonight, since penny shots are becoming passe, here's a size comparison between 1/100 and 1/48 Tigers. And really, really finally, a very regional joke: what's the difference between Elefants and Mother's Pride? Different Breeds. Andy Very sorry
  4. The Tiger on the extreme left of your photo has what appears to be a unit shield on the right rear hull. By the time I'd got the picture big enough to see it was there though it was so pixellated as to be indecipherable. Perhaps someone with a better monitor/zoom set-up could help? Andy
  5. Bingo!! It's not a late model, but this is what I had in mind. Summer heat and dust rather than winter mud. The first few pictures at the top of this page: Dusty Tiger Andy
  6. I've followed Badder's builds and he's given me a lot of ideas. I think I'm just struggling for a final vision, especially as I like my tanks hot and dusty rather than cold and muddy. Maybe I just answered my own question? I'm off to follow your links for a while, see where I end up. Andy Research monkey
  7. There's now a brown and an 'oil' (actually more like petrol blue) was over the tracks. While I was painting the cubs, I also splashed a bit of Tamiya XF60 over everything on the sprue that isn't tracks and then gave that a sepia wash to bring out the detail. I'm not sure where to go next with the tracks now - in my usual scale what I've done to them so far would be plenty but these ones are crying out for... something. Any suggestions would be useful. Andy Flummoxed
  8. I love them. Got 28 of them now between the display shelf, workbench and stash. These two have the first coat of paint, and an ink wash over the running gear that isn't going to get any camo colours. Think the Ferdinand will be two tone with added green as at Kursk and the Jagdtiger will have something interesting from Austria 1945 Andy Making progress
  9. You know how it is, it gets to the end of the day and you're tidying up then your hand slips, there's knives and all of a sudden it's 2am and another model is well under way? Well that's what happened here. Zvezda's little kits are masterpieces of design more akin to clockwork or puzzle boxes than traditional kits which makes them a joy to build. For the Jagdtiger, you start by adding a frame to the hull floor (you can see at this magnification that I just hacked it off the sprue - all the important bits are untouched and in the right place). Why is that shape? Why all the little holes and pegs? What kind of mind thought "This is how we must do this"? Next we add the hull sides. Note that the back half is not attached to the hull floor,and the idler wheel axle is flying free. More on that later. Another odd frame covered in pegs. Use some of them to attach a couple of pieces... Flip it over, and just like that you have the superstructure completed. Those two holes at the back of the frame in the first picture are used to mount a second frame. Most of it will be hidden but note that the rear fenders are tight against the outside edge of that free flying end of the hull side locking it in place. Not also that the frame from the first pic and this new one both have oddly angled pegs. They're for the next stage. There's also a couple of cross pieces that slip in at this point too. Those angled pegs fit into sockets in the rear hull plate. The rear hull plate completes the sandwich that holds the hull sides in place. Everything for a reason, everything interlocking with and strengthening what's gone before. All done without a drop of glue at this stage too. This thing is an engineering delight, it really is. A big leap forward here, this should maybe have been two pictures but never mind. The hull top and glacis are one big part. It snaps onto those cross members and the little peg at the front of the hull floor, then the superstructure drops into sockets on the top giving you this; I would have liked to leave the tracks off until everything else was painted, but you can't fit them after the hull sides because they're too big to slide between the track guards and axles so they go on next. Note how all the mating surfaces are chamfered and the pegs set at just the right angle to make everything as easy as possible for the builder. It takes a lot of effort to make a hash of these kits. The main gun. This consists of three pieces; the barrel, mantlet and a peg that clips into something inside and allows the gun to move. I can't see the join either I skipped ahead again. Gun mounted, sides on and the hull MG fitted. That's construction done. There's a couple of gaps that are much less obvious in real life, and it was 2am so I wasn't much inclined to try fixing them at that point. I'll have a fettle before paint goes on. Maybe. And the obligatory penny shot. A brace of baby Tigers ready for paint. Andy Ready for bed
  10. First off, a view of what's in the box - lots of lovely Caramac coloured plastic plus 4 poly caps (can you still get Caramacs? Job for tomorrow, to find out and hunt one down). There are two identical sprues of running gear and tracks, so I started with them and gave them an initial coat of thinned paint. I've read a few threads on BM recently on the metallurgy of tracks, and how the particular alloy of steel used is basically brown - shiny where it gets worn, dull where it doesn't but brown none the less - never silver. So I used Vallejo Game Colour 72060 Tinny Tin as my base. It'll get washes and drybrushes galore before its done, but it gives a good base. That's where I'm leaving it for tonight. Unless I get a sudden urge to build that Jagdtiger between now and bed time Andy
  11. The build started with a slightly odd bit - a suspension unit that goes along each side of the hull. Fit wasn't the best, but a bit og Extra Thin and some carefully applied pressure and it's close enough. Some nice detail on the suspension arm mounts, but it will never be seen. I wouldn't have minded if they'd dropped the parts count and just moulded a couple of pegs to mount the track units direct to the hull. The armour plate on the front of the driving compartment is also a separate piece. At least you can see it. You can also see that mould line that runs round the hull but isn't so obvious in real life. I'll scrape it off before I start with paint. It's got a big gun, with a big chunk of sprue gate still attached - remedied since the photo was taken. Gun meets hull. And the superstructure is added. That's construction essentially complete. Tea break, then cleaning up ready for paint. Andy No Elefants in this room thank you
  12. That looks like fun. He gets around a bit that knight - he's also included in my Tamiya kit and I'm sure I've seen him in another thread in this GB too. Andy
  13. Think I picked them up in a sale so paid a bit less than the ticket price for them too. They have some lovely detail for the size, snap together and take paint well which makes them even better than PSC ones I've tried for a mojo restorer or paint mule between serious builds. I've just had a quick tot up and I've now got 28 of them between the display shelf, the production line and the stash. I hope I do them enough justice to keep your interest Andy Neither small nor perfectly formed
  14. I've got a fair bit of aftermarket stuff in the post for my main build so I need something to tinker with while I'm waiting for that,and also something to slap paint on and keep the mojo running in between sessions on my main build (which will be slow out of necessity - I start a new job on day three of the GB and there's a house move pending too. Talk about making it easy for myself), so the two Zvezda 1/100 'baby' Tigers that I initially discounted will make this GB after all. Here are the boxes. Two different Tiger based tank destroyers so I'm definitely ringing the changes through the GB: The Jagdtiger consists of an impressive 23 parts with some nice detail: Whilst the Ferdinand harks back to a simpler time, making do with just 10: I feel much better now I'm totally over committed. Andy
  15. Another vote here for the Ferdinand. It will be good for my baby one to have company. Andy
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