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  1. I don't think anyone could envisage what a huge task moderating this GB would become. Well done Derek
  2. cracked on with getting this finished, gloss coat, decals, light weathering, wheels, improvised front landing bay doors....none with kit, wing stabilisers very short... was going to remedy but this is a low detail kit so not relly worth it, Then accidently got superglue on canopy while working on another project.... Here it is FWIW
  3. Some more assembly and a couple of coats of paint. Usual problems with trying to get an even coat of white and the Mr Hobby Extra DSG just looks too dark. Still seamlines showing so some filler needed. After 24 hours another coat of white and some white added to the EDSG. The white looks very white!!
  4. No carpet expected Pat. With so many builds happening you guys are really stretched. Derek
  5. I just opened a topic for the PK-37 Sea Harrier. I'm currently building it for a Falklands 40th GB on the IPMS Ireland forum and will simulcast here. Derek
  6. Its a pretty straight forward kit of few parts. As normal per early Matchbox, there's no trace of a cockpit. The canopy is fairly thick so Ill fancy up the seat a bit, apart from that its onward as Matchbox intended. parts together and a quick basecoat as I was spraying another kit and had some left over in the colour cup.
  7. Having already completed 4 builds for this GB I'm throwing this one in as I am also doing it for a Falklands 40th GB on the IPMS Ireland Forum. It will be a a quick straight forward out of the box build.
  8. as a person who only builds winged things I think this is an incredible looking build and an amazing finish.... Looks better than any diecast, superbly done Derek
  9. There's something about the razorback P47 that makes it a really attractive kit... Fantastic build and finish.... I'm inspired to seek out the Tamiya kit which i think is the only 1/72 razorback currently available, build it again. Derek
  10. PK-46 BAe Hawk 200 A very straight forward not very exiting kit. Quick build to help contribute towards completeness of the range.
  11. again, not the weekend build I expected. A strange subject for Matchbox, especially in hindsight when you look at the lack of commercial success of the real thing. It is a boring subject and the kit itself isn't much more exiting. Would never have built it outside the GB and don't even know why I bought it, probably a cheap pick up in the late 80s. I would love to know who printed the Decals for Matchbox, out of 5 kits built for this GB, 3 behaved very well, 1 was OK and 1 failed. This despite being stored in my attic for at least 25 years, more likely closer to 30. Finished with a Satin Coat after Decals set. Due to self imposed time pressure (travelling to other side of the world tomorrow, supervised antigen test permitting) I omitted the drop tanks. Undignified pose!!!
  12. I have the Dauphin and Lynx unmade, a nearly finished BK-117 on the shelf of doom and a Wessex, 3/4 finished in its box 30 years with a bad enamel job, missing one rotor blade but probably recoverable. I just need to re-mortgage to buy the Chinook to complete the 1/72 set derek
  13. K-43 Bell OH-58D AeroScout (or Kiowa) A quick build build of the original Matchbox kit. Build link
  14. The P47 Razorback looks so much better than the bubbletop. Not too many currently available choices in 1/72, mainly the overpriced Tamiya. Would love to get hold of this kit myself. I've a bunch of 4th FG Debden Eagles decals waiting to be used. They flew the P47 for a short time between the Mk5 Spitfire and the Mustang. Good luck with this.. derek
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