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  1. Yes.....the pylons are wrong....then I've rework them sanding more possible......here you are...for the position of tank I've considered the part out of the wing from trailing edge.....probably the eduard tanks are too short.....but here I can't fix nothing.....
  2. Hi.....1\48 AMK kit.....plus a resin seat.....500lt supersonic tanks from Eduard Mirage (with scratchbuilt fins ) and Aim 9D from an Hasegawa kit......all painted less the stencil....Ciao from Italy!
  3. .........every day something....
  4. The tedious work of grit,sand,fill & rescribe is started.....same hole and vents to close or eliminate for an A version...
  5. The fences in the HB kit are correct for an A type....are wrong for an E type:if you do an A model ok....instead for an E version you'ld move the fences
  6. Hi Jens....on HB kit should be at right place for an A-6A.....but a good check is a must!! http://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2015/09/grumman-6a-vs-6e-intruder.html
  7. Hi.....fuselage closed...fin tip cutted.....Ciao from Italy.
  8. Hi.....I'm starting a new project:an A-6A Intruder from Vietnam 1965 VA-85 Uss Kitty Hawk....1\48 Hobby Boss with GRU 5 resin seat ,exhaust and wheels...Fightertown decals.Painted the cockpit I've opened the gap for airbrake,eliminated the slime lime lights not present on early Intruder and opened the orange formation lights .Ciao from Italy.
  9. Thanks for your comments...here the wip link: @Hobo:in the wip you find the seat belts.... @Exdraken:These coloured planes belonged to Gruppo Radiomisure ,they assicured flight calibration service:"The purpose of flight calibration is that of ensuring the standard of technical services at airports, the radar systems en-route, including both surveillance and approach, the remote telecommunications centres and airport telecommunications, and the ILS, VOR, and DME navigation aids. For more than 30 years, this activity was the role of the Reparto Radiomisure of the AM. It subsequently passed to the 14° Stormo, based at Pratica di Mare. From 1973 the service utilised some civilian aircraft: ATI (Aerotrasporti Italiani) converted three F.27 of its fleet and, with mixed civilian and military personnel, operated in the role until 1984. In the same period, the G.222 entered the fleet, realised in a flight checking version, the “RM”(Radiomisure). With this aircraft, for the first time, the presence of a ground team became superfluous: a computer coupled to an inertial navigator ensured that external references were not necessary. After 1984, following a brief period of flight checking by the “Citation” of a civilian company, the service was once again returned to the military, being conducted by the AM, utilising a few PD 808 together with the G 222RM. Today, with the recent entry into service of the P 180 Avanti II, the Aeronautica Militare can guarantee the checking of the entire range of radio navaids approved by ICAO, NATO, and the Aeronautica Militare itself. " From this link:http://www.giorgiociarini.com/C 47 AM Radiomisure.htm Other planes in similar camo:
  10. Hi Malcom......I've used stencil and serial from gwh sheet , the 14-20 on the nose are black decal cutted by a plotter while the Stormo and gruppo badges are printed by Heroes Models company,a small but very interesting company from Italy (https://heroesmodels.it/).National insignia and walkaway are painted like all the black and grey areas. This plane is the one in the picture not so wethered...:
  11. Hi.....this is the last born.....1\48 Gwh T-33A in Italian colorfull dressing.....
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