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  1. Good to see you back again, and I know exactly what you mean!!
  2. Looking good Lloyd, as normal!!
  3. Widow 65

    Berlin Brigade Chieftain Mk.10

    Thats very nice, Fantastic attention to detail and colour scheme.. PS, Tracks could do with a couple of turns to tighten them, or "dropping a link"
  4. Widow 65

    Meng Merkava Mk. 3D Late LIC

    Great work Lloyd, boy do you knock them out quick!!!
  5. Widow 65

    Meng Merkava MK III D (Late) LIC

    Fantastic work Lloyd, as always
  6. Widow 65

    IDF Collection so far

    Thanks Lloyd, always helpful. Been busy lately and just watching what has been going on on here. The "season" at Suffield has started, but its not much of a season anymore, coplared with the early days.... we have some guys out supporting the TES phase, wish I was there too....
  7. Widow 65

    IDF Collection so far

    Hi Lloyd, Fantastic collection. What colour are you using, is it Sinai Grey? I almost started my Mk III at the weekend but got all confused when I looked up the colour for it, soooooo many different opinions on which one to use....
  8. Widow 65

    Meng Merkava MK III D (Late) LIC

    Another exciting build Lloyd.
  9. Great pictures Dan. DPM...classic
  10. Fantastic build Dan!!
  11. Widow 65

    British Challenger 1 (mk3)

    Nice mate, camouflage colours are spot on.
  12. Hi Dan, Great to see you back again and an interesting nostalgic model to return with. I always remember the "excitement" of getting a base overhauled vehicle back again, as you say so clean and new looking but........refurbished parts (indicated by a coloured dot, green if my memory serves me right) sometimes meant that it still came back knackered!! Watching with interest as always Nick
  13. Widow 65

    Sea King HU 5

    Well well well, seems your model making skills are transferable, Good to see you back Dan, with an outstanding reintroduction! Excellent work Dan, as per...... Nick
  14. Widow 65

    Tiger 1 of Das Reich

    Top marks for this one, absolutely outstanding, weathering is the real thing!!!
  15. Widow 65

    AFV Club RAAC Centurion Mk 5.1

    Fantastic Cent!