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  1. Hi John, I might be able to help you out with a Dash 8, although not a 400 but a choice of a 200 or 300 perhaps? Eastern Express too. I have just taken on the colossal task of clearing my late brother's huge stash which includes so many civil aircraft its unbelievable. Let me know if you are interested.
  2. Keefr22, Yep he has some amazing examples on display, they even feature in the pics of his house on the estate agents website!!! Again thanks for the tips. Let's see what happens, perhaps there will a bunch on here soon, altnough I've always defaulted to ebay to sell and buy..
  3. Troy, thanks for the advice, I'm reluctant to throw things away too, so I'll definitely look into what you have suggested, thanks.
  4. Guys, thanks for the tips, I understand that I won't get what they are truly worth it's only plastic after all! I guess pints and stuff will go to the bin, there is an airbrush though, so I'll, keep that too. Thanks again Nick
  5. Good evening all, I don't usually post much on here but I guess this is the correct forum for what I need advice on. Sadly my brother passed away in the early stages of the pandemic last April, when it was still an unknown entity. He was a user of Britmodeller too (pinkycoffeeboat) and like myself was a keen collector and builder of models, which we used to do together as kids. Anyway, fast forward a year and a half and a whole load of probate later, the time has come to clear out his house. Having only visited him once at his house in Cornwall his passion for collecting and building models was still as strong as it was many years ago and a substantial amount of built, semi built and still boxed kits were present when I visited around 3 years ago. He has a variety of stashes dotted around my parents house and his former partners house too, but as his house is now on the market it is a priority to clear everything out before it sells. To cut to the chase, do any of my fellow Britmodellers know of anyone or are interested in acquiring a great deal of still boxed kits? He was a keen builder of civil airliners and aircraft but I do not have a clue until I go down as to how many or what type are actually there. He lived in the Helston area of Cornwall as he was serving at RNAS Culdrose at the time when he lost his life. I will be down at his house later this month, so if anyone can help me out with this It would be greatly appreciated. As a word to the wise, I am keen collector too and know when a kit is rare and worth some money, so there won't be a quick deal to clear the kits, I will take what I want and whatever is left will be sold at a realistic price. If you are genuinely interested or know of a model shop that buys stashes then please get in touch, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Nick
  6. Good answer. We won't change the spec, Rheinmetall have driven the development of what the British Army needs for a fire control system and have most likely priced it as affordable for the MOD, the cost would rocket if the "big brains at Bovington" were to ask for something that is outside the scope of a pre production turret and you must remember the AFV coffers are not as healthy as they were 30 years ago. You can guarantee that Rheinmetall have also factored in the latest must have for the battlefield: the Active Protection System. Its an interesting era we live in and as an former Armoured corps soldier who was taught gunnery on chieftain, went to war in Challenger and commanded a CR2 I find it fascinating. CR2 is a fantastic machine but suffered from the lack of spares and has become unreliable. It has aged prematurely, chieftain suffered this same fate but over quite a few decades, CR2 has managed to be in the same state over a shorter period of time. If I were to have a Armoured vehicle wishlist then here it is: Leopard 2 A7 CV-90 Boxer (the Australian version)with a 40mm turret. Oh and a handful of 432s, just for posterity! Each to their own!
  7. Its got a kettle already (BV, Boiling Vessel, a tank crew's lifesaver, trust me)
  8. It will be a Leopard 2 A6 (?) in a Challenger 2s skin! Turret at least
  9. The only civilian vehicle fitted with VRC 353s and a BATCO wallet!
  10. Bish, you are almost correct about the bivvy, however it is dependant on what formation the vehicles are, for example a box leaguer (so named as its a box shape) would have bivvies on either side of the vehicles depending on where it is in the leaguer, on the right or left, as long as they are inside the box formation. This would also be true in a troop hide. personally from experience and the tactical situation I always chose the side with the flattest ground!!!
  11. So, this is the D mount for the Loader's Machine gun. I believe there are still fitted on some CR2s but the majority have the pintle mount. The D mount is a bid of a dodgy mount as it is spring loaded and can release from its lock when knocked hard, which happens regularly when travelling at full tilt across rough ground. The result is that if the loader is not careful he will get a face full of L7. Another classic design fault.
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