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  1. Hi Lloyd, Boy, you've been busy!! I've just started the Revell Puma. Great example as always.
  2. Fantastic build Lloyd and a cracking colour scheme!!
  3. Roger, Following this one with interest. Tempted to get one of these. I can't help noticing that your profile picture is very "Irish Hussar"???
  4. A great CR2 with fantastic paint job, only one error though.....the MRS Shroud (on the end of the barrel) is the wrong way round
  5. Absolutely fantastic, those figures are amazing, tonnes of detail everywhere!
  6. Oh yeah, Ive just looked back on WiP and seen it. I managed to get a Mk11 at a decent price, not sure whether to build it yet or not. Ive just finished a Trumpeter BMP 3 Early. Looking to the next one I fancy something without tracks-Boxer, Dingo or Hummer, decisions decisions... Take care Nick
  7. Hi Lloyd, When did you sneak this little beauty in? Another cracking build.
  8. Thats very nice Steve, a clean build with subtle weathering. C Sqn 8th KRIH
  9. Hi Lloyd, You've been quiet on here, but I can see why now!!! Another outstanding build.
  10. Excellent Aus version, I fancy doing one of these, did you buy the conversion kit for it?
  11. Fantastic combo. I ve just finished the same Warrior, but i opted for the early European camouflage version, you cant beat the old days of BAOR!!
  12. Lloyd, I dont know how you churn out these spectacular models so quick!! Another classic build...brilliant!
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