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  1. Good work, nice looking model. I'm building Mk 1F now and wondering about assembling the engines - did you assemble them first and painted after along with the aircraft or did you paint engine cowlings separately and assembled after?
  2. I've got tired of Japanese airplanes in the same color schema (dark green/IJN grey) so decided to do something different. This is old kit from the 80s. Kit was ok, panel lines were lightly recessed - should've probably rescribe them but I didn't want to put much accent on it anyway. I thought it would look better in plain orange color. First time I've tried to use pre-shading on a model - I thought it would look nice with orange color. Also first time I painted anything orange. I used black color for pre-shading but probably would have needed to use grey - it took me 6-7 coats of orange paint to make it look ok. And after all of that you can't really see much of pre-shading on the photos - trust me it looks better in real life I also think I went too much on exhaust stains.
  3. P-38 looks really good. Great work - 4 in one month! I've only done one
  4. 1/72, the same Hasegawa kit. I have no idea how I'm gonna do that look though. All chipping techniques I've tried none of them produced satisfactory results.
  5. Great job. I'm building exactly same kit right now. Although I'm planning to do much more weathering - as per this picture:
  6. Aside from minor fit issue and missing pylons it was great. They also missed a step in manual but I figured it out. I was also surprised by the way they did the canopy - rather than making it oval shape at the back they included parts of the fuselage. I guess that makes production easier. Also I think every other A/B/C kit done it that way except for Frog one. I've built Frog Mustang before so it was totally unexpected. This was my first KP kit. Will I buy another one? Definitely I will.
  7. Hi Here is my latest build - P-51B by KP. Flown by John T. Godfrey This is OOB build so you would probably notice a few things - a big one is missing pylons. All Mustangs are suppose to have 'em but KP for some reason decided to not include it in this kit but sell separately. Well, not a nice move, KP. Paint - Tamiya acrylic
  8. Yes it stands out from the rest - Zero, George, Oscar, .... I like its plumpness. Panel lines are all engraved and it's a nice kit to build
  9. J2M3 Raiden, 1/72 by Hasegawa. Painted with Tamiya acrylics. 302nd Kokutai Pretty much OOB, just added a few things to the cockpit.
  10. Great work! Extra credit for rivets - I believe those were not part of the kit.
  11. There is something about un-weathered models that makes them look great. Nice job!
  12. I'm building Valom kit right now and yes those are not easy kits to work with. That makes this model even more outstanding! Fuad, did you have to re-scribe panel lines? In my kit those are quite inconsistent. I wonder if that was the case for you as well.
  13. +1 on weathering. Really nice job. Those HGW rivets - is that a decal or they are actually raised?
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