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  1. Thanks everybody for the comments and likes. Airfix kit has more details especially in the cockpit. I decided to keep it closed as I'm too lazy I wanted to get to weathering step as soon as possible.
  2. Hasegawa B5N2 Kate, OOB. With this one I've tried new weathering techniques. I think I like the result and going to work on mastering these.
  3. I'd like to share my good ol' friend's build of Westland Lysander, Novo/Frog kit. He made a video about the whole process. Music in the video is written and recorded by me.
  4. @Plastimic I used super glue that I applied with sharpened toothpick. Tried to keep amount of glue to a minimum. I applied to a model first, then attach one side of ez-line. Then cut ez-line shorter that I need and attach the other end same way - little drop of super glue, then ez-line. It stretches very well so no need to worry about exact length. I thought dried glue would be more visible but it turned out ok, better than I'd expected. For struts that have 3 touch points (like ones on the tail) I used one line - glued 2 end points first, then stretched and glued the middle. For that one I used dull knife to keep contact point smaller and not to make a mess. I hope I've answered your question.
  5. @Spitfire31 Images should be ok now. Thanks for pointing that out.
  6. That's strange - I can see images on a computer but not on my phone. And I'm not using Google, hosting images on my own site. How about this one?
  7. Gloster Gladiator Mk.I from Airfix, Belgian Air Force, 1938. My last build of 2020. My first biplane build. Used EZ Line for struts. I know they are supposed to be silver or at least grey however EZ Line doesn't make that color and I didn't want to wait to get another product as I wanted to finish it in 2020. Plastic sprue was not an option as I can't make it that thin. I didn't try to paint EZ Line - I thought that wouldn't look good. Tamiya Acrylic paints. I don't like how Aluminium turned out - too grainy, I should work more on that one. Used Matt Olive Drab as per instructions as top color - doesn't look exactly as in the manual however close to Belgian Air Force Gladiators built by fellow modellers. Happy New Year everyone!
  8. Great build! It sure looks like a real thing. First picture is a like a shot from a movie. I like the backdrop. I would've never thought dark gradient background will result in a such a result. It really creates a dramatic effect.
  9. Great build! What color EZLine did you use? As far as I know they don't have grey or silver.
  10. Looks great! Could you pls add more pictures or link to the build if you have one. Getting ready to build my own Hurricane - interested to see what other modelers are doing.
  11. Great work!!! I have the same kit - was it easy to work on?
  12. Bristol Beaufighter TF.X flown by Flying Officer Maurice Exton DFC, 144 Sq., Royal Air Force Banff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, October 9th, 1944 The story of what happened that day could be found here - https://issuu.com/spinkandson/docs/12044/81 (I couldn't figure out how to copy-paste from there) Compared to Airfix's Blenheim this model was an absolute pleasure to work with. No fit issues at all. Used Tamiya acrylic. Weathering is done with Prismacolor pencil and pigments made out of polychromos pastels.
  13. Nice looking model! Stew, could you please post the link to the build thread. I can't find it for some reason. I'm thinking to start on the same model (from Fujimi) and not sure about paint mixes. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the reply however I don't think that's the case. I never got such ridges when spraying with Tamiya Acrylic. I'll use blue-tak for masking next time - wanted to try that anyway. I think it'll look better on a model.
  15. Hi All I'm having issue with Vallejo Model Air when using masks. There is visible "step" between two colors where the edge of the mask was Here is the picture: I'm using Vallejo Model Air, spraying at 15-18 PSI, straight from the bottle, Tamiya masking tape. I've used Vallejo on 3 models and got this "step" issue on 2 of them. The only difference was the paint - the one where I didn't get step was IJN Dark Green (AV71310) and Aluminium (AV71062). Picture above uses Dark Earth (AV71323) and Dark Green (AV71324). That makes me wonder it's gotta be a paint issue - maybe some of the paints are thicker? Maybe I didn't mix it enough? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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