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  1. Very nice build. I agree, the wing fit issue is all in the spar fit. I trimmed mine down until I had a good fit. The left wing side is trimmed, the right is yet to be. None of this trimming is visible after assembly.
  2. Quite the piece of work! Too bad Curtiss didn't put as much quality into the airplane as you did!
  3. Adam, thank you for making and posting the Vulcan spreadsheet. I have a few pictures inside and out of the Vulcan at the Castle Air Force Base museum but they were taken in 2003 and I'm not that proud of them. I'm going to build the old Vulcan as a warm up, have the Wolfpack sets to spruce it up.
  4. Nice job. I did a lot of work on R/C drawings and a friend has an R/C underway. I'll bet a lot of us have this one in the stash, I do and also built one long ago.
  5. It's a beauty, C. I'm going to do the one I have like that now that you have done the research! I landed on Hearst's runway once, bringing some people there for a fund raiser of some kind. The instructions were to call ahead so they could clear the cows away before I landed. The hangar where Hearst parked his airplanes was still there.
  6. Well done, a great black finish. I like the look of the B-45 too.
  7. Very well done, Chris. One of my favorite airplanes from my flying days.
  8. Nice, Russ. I did the same markings some years ago, I think the name is most appropriate to the Skyraider.
  9. Nice work! I worked on these in the California Army National Guard from 66 to 72, although in 71 we started getting CH-47's. They didn't seem underpowered to me, but maybe it was just the ungodly noise two R-2800's made going full tilt in a hover. Here's a picture I took of one in the hover, I was standing behind a parade stand because there were lots of rocks flying. And yes, of course I've built one of the SH kits. I thought the engine nacelles were difficult, like putting an egg shell back together again.
  10. Excellent and very interesting, Bjorn.
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