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  1. Looks nice, you fixed any finish issues rather well. I built one of these a month ago and the landing gear was very fragile.
  2. Nice work! Very dedicated man. The Tamiya Lanc was enough for me.
  3. Here is the last of Jiro Horikoshi's designs. Only a few prototype A7M1's and one production A7M2 were built, due to the 1944 Nagoya earthquake and some persistent bombing by B-29's. None saw service. Reppu is the Japanese name, Hurricane in English, but the code name was just Sam. What with the J2M Raiden being a Thunderbolt, seems like the Zero at least could have been called a Thunderstorm! Typhoon? This is a very nice kit by Fine Molds. I did have some issues with the forward fuselage and cowl as they come in 4 parts with minimal areas to glue in addition to the main fuselage, and the alignment of the cowl is very dependant on how straight the engine is mounted. I'll get it perfect next time if I ever find tha A7M2 kit. THe fit of the upper wings was also a little loose as you move back from the leading edge. A little Epoxysculpt and a wet finger fixed it right up. I painted all the markings and the wing no step lines, and went without the no step text because all I could see of the black text against the dark green was the presence of decal film. I did put decals on the fuel tank caps, the prop, and the gear doors. Tamiya IJN green on top, Alclad Duralumin under, Mitsubishi interior green inside with details in Nakajima interior green. Gunze propeller color. The kit decal was used on the instrument panel, subdued nicely with Mr. Mark Softer, Eduard seat belts. With the Prototype Zero: The Zero, Jack, and Reppu: And with the P-47N and F4U-4 added. The Reppu would have been one nasty customer with the engine from the F4U-4.
  4. Well, I am very slow to say thank you for all the kind comments. Thank you all!
  5. Not many of us will ever have one of these in our collection, great job!
  6. Very nice. I did the plans and a magazine article for an R/C version years ago on this one and interviewed a fellow who built one,. He flew cropdusters for a day job. Very heavy on the aileron feel. I think he used a Chevy Vega engine.
  7. One Drive seems to work. Nice work, I built this not not long ago, just using the kit interior. I hardly ever look in there. Nice canopy painting!
  8. Finished this one this week. Nice easy build, but of course I broke off the antenna during decaling. It's the J2M6 version, some say only one was built so I don't really know about the markings Hasegawa provided. There is no option for a closed canopy on the Hasegawa or Tamiya kits, I wish there was. The last pictures are posed with a Hasegawa A6M2b in Pearl Harbor markings.
  9. I think this is one of your best, C. Amazing rigging, and it must have been a real challenge to keep everything straight. Next a Curtiss F Boat?
  10. Awesome! But now I will never be satisfied if I try to build the one I have!
  11. An alternative to the black chipping on the boots is maybe they were painted white instead of masked off and the white paint is failing. The Liberator's Davis wing suffered badly in performance when icing accumulated and the North Atlantic provided plenty of icing. It would seem likely that the boots were still on the wing.
  12. That's a real beauty of a model, even if she does have a big butt.
  13. There's a panel in my Heller P-39 but it sure doesn't look like that! Nice!
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