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  1. Absolutely fantastic Ian I’ve really been looking forward to seeing this beauty finished! You really can’t go wrong with the AA 757. Bit of a ‘lump to the throat’ moment as I have many happy memories attached to both the airline and this particular aircraft. 10 out of 10 from me!!
  2. That looks amazing, it certainly does ‘scrub up’ well! Kicking myself that I didn’t get hold of one when you were selling them earlier this year
  3. Elegance personified! Such a beautiful clean build-she looks marvellous.
  4. Wow! What an amazing ‘clean’ build. Beautifully finished-I love it!!
  5. This looks lovely, Belkits certainly present more than their fair share of challenges. Hats off to you for the paint job, it’s a very neat finish. I’m in the middle of doing the 2017 Ott Tanak Fiesta RS-certainly not for the faint hearted. Not sure I’ll brave enough to post the end result in the RFI !?!
  6. Hi Ian-great to see you back on BM, and true to form another beauty emerges from your hangar! Seriously well done with the SP it’s sensational. I keep checking the AA website to see if it’s back in stock, as I really want to have a crack at a Saudia RR bird. cheers, Nick.
  7. What an absolute stunner Dave-you’ve done her proud! The 60’s and 70’s really were the golden age of the British independents. I think this bird ended up with Monarch after the demise of Invicta. A sister ship to my rendition of ‘kilo mike’ Nick.
  8. That’s an absolutely wonderful ‘whistling wheelbarrow’ there Viking! I’ve been dying to see the Air Anglia decals applied to an Argosy, and you’ve certainly done it justice I’m really loving the nostalgic element to all the civvies that being posted in the RFI recently. Nick.
  9. Stunningly finished Caravelle-well done on getting it over the line. There’s nothing worse than battling with a model, though some would say it’s all part of the fun!?! I really rate Classic-Airlines decals as they have a really diverse range of decals for both 1/200 and 1/144.
  10. Beautifully executed 321 Michael. You’ve lost none of the delicately engraved panel lines in the painting process, and the photorealistic flight deck windows look superb-brilliant work! Sad to see how many great U.K. airlines have disappeared, or been gobbled up by the ‘big boys’ over the years
  11. Incredible Moa. The floats and beaching gear are a work of art in their own right. Beautifully captured too!
  12. Ahhh the joys of staff travel-not for the faint hearted !!
  13. Here is my latest, and possibly the last of my lockdown builds for a while (?) Monarch Airlines operated a fleet of 7 Boeing 720B’s through the 70’s and into the early 80‘s, forming the backbone of their fleet. Operating from many U.K. airports on inclusive tour flights mainly to the ‘Med’, Canaries, and on a short and not very successful Caribbean programme. This particular example started life on lease from Northwest Airlines to TWA in 1961, before going back to its original operator in 1962. Monarch acquired ‘Kilo Mike’ in January 1972 and operated it for approximately 11 years until replaced by new technology Boeing 757’s! KM ended it’s days at Davis-Monthan AFB, as part of the U.S Airforce’s programme to re-engine it’s KC-135A’s. The model is the exquisite Authentic Airliners example which comes with a choice of either turbojet P&W JT3-C’s, or turbofan JT3-D’s. As Monarch operated turbofan examples I’ll be able to use the spares on my Roden B720 that is currently a in my stash. The decals are from 26 Decals screen printed range, and although beautifully printed, proved a little problematic in that as soon as they were placed on the model they immediately bedded down onto it and stubbornly refused to move. Sadly this resulted in some of the smaller decals tearing, and the model being a little devoid of detail. Despite the aforementioned problems I’m pleased with the end result. Once again thanks for taking the time to look, and as always all comments and feedback is gratefully received. Cheers, Nick.
  14. What a magnificent beast! A very impressive and beautifully finished model. You should be justifiably proud of that big Tupolev. Like you, I swear by the Humbrol Metalcote range for a good NMF.
  15. Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement guys-very much appreciated. Nick.
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