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  1. Stunningly built model and exquisitely atmospheric images too boot Moa-superb work! I remember a few years ago attempting to beat the Mach2 kit into submission, and failing miserably-needless to say it ended up in the bin. Although most would consider the Seabee an odd looking aircraft, I find the quirkiness of it to be really endearing-definitely in my top 5 list of favourite aircraft. One of the best scenes in ‘The man with the Golden Gun’ is a Seabee putting in a very spirited and sporty performance as it tries to evade Chinese radar on the way to Scaramanga’s private island-only for it to end up as toast courtesy of Mr Scaramanga’s high energy beam!!
  2. Hi Ian, Thanks for the tip re the paint stripper, I’ll certainly keep an eye open for it. I used oven cleaner on this occasion which worked fine in the past on plastic kits, but clearly didn’t like resin! For the engines I used Humbrol Chrome Silver (191) directly from the spray can. It’s really good stuff, is easy to apply, dries quickly, and is very forgiving. However the best bit is that it can be either left very bright or polished with cotton wool to what ever shade of aluminium you want-the more you polish it, the darker it goes. I also used it for the leading and trailing edges on the DC-10’s wings. I also like the fact that when it is sealed with varnish it looses none of its shine. Looking forward to seeing your next build. Rgds, Nick.
  3. Hi Dave Yes it’s always good when we have a few civvies on posted in RFI-but they do seem to come along like buses To be honest it was seeing some of the great builds that have been posted on here that spurred me on to finish this old diesel10 Rgds, Nick.
  4. Hi Challenger350PILOT, It’s the Authentic Airliners DC-10, the PE parts I used were the ones supplied with the model in the form of undercarriage parts and aerials-albeit I didn’t add the 3 nose mounted pitot tubes as they were minuscule in size and I have fat fingers Rgds, Nick.
  5. Hi Abandoned Project- yes it’s completely OOB, it’s the resin Authentic Airliners DC-10-30 with the earlier style GE CF6-50 engines. Rgds-Nick
  6. What an absolute stunner Dave! The finish is superb as are your photographic skills. Wonderful!!
  7. After a long hiatus I’m back. In fairness I started this model well over 12 months ago but due to a recurring loss of mojo, it kept returning to the shelf of doom for what seemed like an eternity! When I did eventually go back to it in earnest I intended to finish it in the PIA delivery scheme, however this scheme proved to be particularly challenging! Unhappy with my efforts I ended up completely stripping the paint off it, not very successfully I may add. I briefly toyed with an doing an Air Florida machine, but quickly moved onto something a little simpler as by this point I just wanted it finished. Anyhow here is the eventual end result, Iberia’s second DC-10 - christened ‘Costa Dorada’ after the north eastern Catalonian costal region. The decals are by 26 decals, with the Authentic Airliner Decals providing the flight deck and cabin windows. The obligatory Halfords Appliance white, and Racking grey were used straight out of the rattle can for the airframe. As a interesting footnote the real aircraft featured paintings by the Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali in the passenger cabin!
  8. Wow that’s lovely Ian-beautifully photographed too. A real touch of nostalgia-when I started work in aviation back in the mid 80’s 757’s were the go to aircraft for expanding operators. Nowadays they’ve all but disappeared from the U.K. aviation scene.
  9. For a 1/72 model-this is off the scale! The NMF is ultra realistic, and beautifully photographed too-sublime!!
  10. Absolutely brilliant Ian. Beautifully finished, you smashed it out of the ball park with this one!! Seems some good things do actually come out of this whole sorry lockdown business!
  11. What an absolute beauty Ian. A truly stunning build, you’ve done the old girl proud!
  12. Beautifully executed Skyhawks-a real stunner!
  13. Cracking build, and beautifully finished-captures the majesty of this aircraft perfectly. Inspiring stuff!
  14. Wow-you’re attention to detail and modelling skills are off the scale!! This is going to be a superb C-17, can’t wait to see it finished.
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