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  1. Dear Wulf,neither did i,it is (barely) supported by the rear ladder...
  2. Can you see it now Baldy?All the best,Marcus. Tks Kap! Looking forward to seeing it!
  3. Rich, glad to hear your remembrances,similar to mine.I saw when 10yr-old this very box art and that of the Stirling in a shop but had no money to get them... Thanks for sharing and all the best for you. You bet Vulc!Best regards!
  4. Thanks Todders,I will try more vehicles for sure!
  5. Thanks for each of you for the kind comments,all the best!!! Let´s enjoy the oldies,for they are fun,too!
  6. No top gun modelller,but surely the bomber is,with 5 Mig´s credited!!! Thanks for visiting!
  7. Thank you Giampiero,best regards! Glad you liked Wulf,all the best! Thanks!
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