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  1. Hi All I cut a small piece of the decal surround and dipped it in water to see what they were all about. Turns out they're not cloth, but a flexible, rubber type plastic They went on easily, stayed in place, and gave no indication of splitting or cracking. A coat of matt varnish to seal them on in lieu of the white glue, and I like them very much indeed. The control column was retrieved from long term storage, and the seat just dropped straight in like it was designed that way And just like t
  2. Hi All With this being the Weekend Edition, your seat is limited to sixteen parts and some ?cloth decal? harness I would previously have considered this number excessive (I've built 1/72 Spitfires with a lower part count), but in this instance I can see where the full etch extravaganza would enhance it further The Mr Colour callout is for Neutral Grey (the darker shade) and Light Grey (the er, lighter shade), but having neither of these, I plumped for the nearest Vallejo Air I had A dark wash and a Matt coat and it's near
  3. Hi All Parts collected for the cockpit The IP ended up ok with the dial faces cut out and applied individually, then a blob of Kristal Klear The floats got some Lego Berna attention I can't stress highly enough the difference that those Lego side cheeks that I added have improved my attitude towards them Cockpit gubbins glued speculatively to one side The seat was positioned looking into the opening once the frame for it had secured Sides together fuss free, lower wing dry fitted to keep the opening s
  4. Hi All Ali dope on behind the seat, artistic licence applied to other areas More of a difference in the flesh, but close Sides buttoned leading to only light sanding and small PPP trails Wings on with varying amounts of persuasion Still undecided about the schemes, thanks again to @Troy Smith and @Andy G, though erring towards the dual kit supplied Mk.Ia DW*K, leave the 3-D for later Mk.IIa Thin pointy nosed supplied props just in case Comments and suggestions welcome
  5. Hi All All dry, and nicely matt too The Type D recce pod is a snug fit along the various contours of the belly, and her back legs have solid locating holes Main doors have actuating rams that need to be against the forward inner part of the well, but I had had put the yellow pipe too close on the Port side from right the way back on page 3 of the instructions The rest of the undercarriage are small kits in themselves, about ten parts per leg A couple of hours spent balancing, glueing,
  6. Hi All Hi Troy, yes they would be very helpful, thanks! I tried the original Vallejo DG and DE a while back that looked no-where near, and I must admit I'm not that impressed with their latest tries, hence a continuing search. Ah, yes, more of this below... Anyhoo, I got the respective interior offerings sprayed Mix'n'match! A better comparison AK, on the left, a distinct green with a touch of grey, sprayed nice from the bottle. Hataka, on the right, distinctly grey with a touch of gr
  7. Hi All The dash isn't too bad, even though the decals don't quite match the dails Trying a different approach to to my usual freehand frame painting, I masked off the interior panels, gave it a coat of Tamiya clear orange, and some grainy Burnt Umber These last two steps should really have been applied the other way round Regardless, as it will be mostly hidden, I unmasked Looks promising. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  8. Hi All The 1/72 Spitfire is probably so ubiquitous that it can be used as an SI Unit. This is the Airfix "Project" iteration, in a plastic pouch, no Flying Hours, and instructions (still in colour) conformed to a leaflet size. I've happened upon two of these, so I thought I'd try out a couple of takes on RAF camouflges In the Port corner, we have AK Interactive AK-2018 Aircraft Grey Green AK-2015 Raf Sky AK-2011 Raf Dark Green AK-2012 Raf Dark Earth In the Stbd corner we have Hataka HTK-A025 Interi
  9. Hi hendie, thank you for taking the time to approach this kit with good humor, good skills, an enlightening display of the 'quirks', and a determination to see how it goes together just because you want to. This build is a valuable resource, and should be up there with completed projects that fall together OOB. No doubt your pathfinding will prove invaluable to others who follow. Cheers Steve
  10. Hi All Starting with the traditional cockpit, there are a couple of decidedly untraditional ejector pin turrets on the interior I doubt they will be seen, but I reduced the front one just in case and gave it a blast of Vallejo VA71.704 Radome Tan The cockpit should be quite busy with the rest of these parts in The Tan got a dirty wash, then was masked for the VA71.062 Aluminium The front of the floats were weighted and set with PVA glue Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers
  11. Hi All Next up should be another fairly straight forward 1/48 build from Eduard (), the Weekend Edition Hanriot HD.2 floatplane As usual, the colour scheme has provoked discussions amongst those much more learned than I, so I will, as usual, just try to match the pretty pictures on the box In said box are a couple of dark grey sprues Instructions, and decals for two aircraft I'll be doing D30, N226, Centre d'Aviation Maritime, Dunkerque, France, October 1917 - May 1918 Comments
  12. Hi All I've waited until the last minute for these pointy out bits, and the clock is ticking down to me snapping them off again I remembered the teeny red dot on the end of the cone too Everything brought together for a final coat of W&N Matt, then into the Isolation Box to solidify It should all go together easy enough from this stage, just the seat to get together now. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  13. Thanks @303sqn, excellent background info. Cheers Steve
  14. Hi All Standard 1/48 Eduard Fokker D.VII, with MicroSculpt lozenge and Techmod decals for Fok.DVII.503/18, flown by Sgt. pilot Antoni Bartkowiak of 15th Fighting Squadron. WIP here I have some MicroSculpt lozenge and Techmod decals remaining, free to a good home as I doubt I'll be using them again. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  15. Hi All Well, the decals shrugged off a two hours soaking in a constant stream of Micro Sol, and only just flexed with the next days constant application of DACO Strong Most off-putting, they still have the sheen resilience of a Teflon pancake. Not to worry, I've been collecting the many parts for her legs Nearly thirty parts there, AK-2304 Cockpit Grey for the struts'n'stuff, AK-2302 Radome Green for the wheel hubs, XF-85 Rubber Black for the tyres, a dirty wash of Pledge, and a glass of Shiraz for my sanity. The body and
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