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  1. Hi All Exhausts and top plates assembled. Those five little legs sometimes felt like they needed five little hands to get them straight, but as the cement dried they fell into shape. They'll be quite shrouded from view anyway And so onto the intake side of things, the air pre-cleaner pipework. There's a length of woven tubing that has to be cut to length, but as it's prone to fraying at the ends, I put a couple of drops of UV resin at where the cuts would be. Once soaked in, and after a couple of seconds purple light, it was easy enough to snip through. Another bead of UV treatment on the cut surfaces meant they slipped onto their connections without coming apart I removed the locating lugs from the rear plate as the filters were sitting just above their locating bosses And that's basically the body and associated bits ready for paint Onto the turret next Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  2. You could try ready mixed brown wood filler instead of tile grout?
  3. "Non est sicut antea omnes emptiones aedificavi." - The modellers motto
  4. Hi All Looking good there @glibble, camo spot on Thanks for the jack tip, how was your upper deck fit? I got the suspension arms on There's a locating dimple to set them all at neutral, but that can be removed and the suspension articulated if wanted. I started from the front with the clacis, but with everything snug and square I still got a small gap round the rear plate Not unusual for me, but not something I was expecting. Anyhoo, as I'm prone to knocking off little sticky-out details (and sometimes big details too), I figured I could add the front machine gun at a later stage by poking it in through the turret ring after painting, it just needed a handle, so half a cocktail stick was UV resin'd to it. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  5. Hi Thanks, I don't think this was a group build, although sometimes it felt like one! And there are no shadows on BM Hi, no base planned. Things I build go on the shelf until there's no more room, then it's off to the great big eBay in the sky. Cheers Steve
  6. Hi All I'm calling this one done. Not a bad kit, just slightly variable. The tracks were a bit of a pain, but eventually came out ok. Thanks to all who tagged along, see you on the next one! Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  7. Hi All First round involved some diluted Army Painter Tanned Flesh and Flory Sand Then their uniforms got that MiG Wash for Green Vehicles and their skin got some, er, Light Rust (I'm from Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East England. Everyone up here has a Light Rust wash ) Then they were sat on their mount awaiting a sealing matt coat to finish them off Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  8. Hi All My first 1/35 Tiger! The parts are quite chunky, with some flat etch thrown in A nice touch is that the road wheels are numbered I'm presuming, as the ejector pin marks are on the same face, they won't be seen, and looking at other builds not much can be seen inside the tracks. Plenty of wheels But at least they're big enough to hold while doing the minimal cleanup The very first step is to assemble the drive sprocket depending on the version you are going to make. After some surfing through tiger1.info (https://tiger1.info/models/products-page/TAM35216 I decided on Not many pics of S45 out there, so I'll build it how Tamiya has it, mostly the "late" options. Unless, of course, you know different... Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  9. Hi All I do have some, to be used as a last resort, but the matt and a coat of Tamiya XF-65 Field Grey seems to have sorted them out Black boots 'n' belts, then masked up for hand spraying That was a surprising wrestle, but I got some XF-93 Light Brown (DAK 1942) on regardless Their heads are quite nicely detailed, and a bit of touching up on their sleeves should be a decent start for some skin tone washes. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  10. Hi All Yup, they were a nightmare that kept on giving; from cutting them off the sprue without breaking, to cleaning up the sprue gates without breaking (I neatly sidestepped this step by not doing that), to gluing them and their supporting tendrils without reaching for your Vogon iron mallet, to holding them without crushing in at least one dimension. Oh what fun we had. Anyhoo, I put some PVA in the headlamp Sacrificing a couple of small PE parts to the Carpet Gods in the hope that it will dry clear, I started on the final lap, the FK288(r) The sprue was in a different plastic, slightly soapy and sparkly, no part numbers, almost like it was from an alternative manufacturer. However, you could still tell it was from MiniArt The sub assemblies went together without any major mishaps, and everything was ready for paint. I used Vallejo VA71.017 Russian Green 4BO, to give the impression of a new gun being towed behind a non-combat time served T-70 reduced to tractor duties Mmm, shiny... A daub of Flory to take the edges off, a Matt coat for the lot of you, and I think I'll call it quits. For those who haven't forgotten about Tick, Trick und Track, they were patched up a la Frankenstein And given a coat of Vallejo green. I can't remember exactly which green, but I can remember it was slightly lively, so I put on some newly won Humbrol Dark Brown Wash. That was a mistake. A Big Mistake. After a couple of weeks it was still tacky and slimy. I know! How can it be tacky and slimy at the same time?! Panicking, I soused them in Pledge. Apparently to no avail. I'll put them under the Matt coat to see if that does anything remedial Or I may just do this without them. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  11. Hi All Avoiding the next phase of Flory for a bit, I set about the limber. This is quite a kit in itself, but goes together well as long as you follow the instructions. Mostly disregarding that advice to myself, I eventually came to this point after what seemed like 200 parts An executive decision was made here: either try to clean up the frame and risk snapping most of the bars (I'm actually astounded that I managed to remove them from the sprue intact!), or clag them together 'as is' and disguise them with rust, stowage, a camo net, photoshop, or all of the above. Clag 'em and be dammed Anyhoo, with that mostly out of the way, it's the turn of the gun bit. Later. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  12. Hi All I've been a touch lax with updates on this, even though things have advanced, so here's a roundup... PE bent, lost, found, lost again, put somewhere safe, and eventually fitted. You'll notice the forward stowage box fouls the ?spotlight? thingie? Off it comes then The box will hide the scar. HOWEVER, checking pics on t'Interweb, this was rarely carried stowage (only found one pic of it in place), so check your references. Disgruntled, I had a look at the included 5 man crew Some seams, but the plastic is compliant and easily cleaned. Looks like this machine was manned with 4 7/8 men Don't worry 'bout 'im, 'e's 'armless Back in the paint shop, the Four Horsemen Of The MiG did their thang, followed by washing with The Fifth Horseman Tracks were fitted round the wheels, mostly without breaking apart Then, I thought I'd try out some recently acquired random effects The Powdered Smoke (would that be soot?) went on the engine grilles, but too much oil? I've a plan for that, but first a look round so far She still needs a Flory wash to bring the cleanliness down a notch, and a Matt finish. The gang were mix 'n' matched, and placed about something like this I may put one on the limber, or discard them all, depends on the paint finish they get. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  13. Hi All With @Troy Smith and @vytautas in mind about tracks, I gave them a coat of MiG Gun Metal (BIG fan of their paints now ), a light pass over with Tamiya XF-80 Royal Light Grey, then a wash with Brown Panel Line Accent They came out slightly metallic, slightly oxided, and slightly high-manganese steel-ish. To my eye at least... Anyhoo, fitting them was another episode. I'd left the road wheels split, but drive sprocket and return roller were double layered. Some track snapping was involved, but with these single links they went back together without a noticeable join. Tow cables and stowage boxes Exhausts The remaining wheels and machine guns went on no bother, so I poppet her hat on to see how she looked I'll leave her like this while I ponder a light Flory wash to blend in the clean tracks. And also some better photos. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
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