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  1. Hi All I quite like decals, something therapeutic about the process and the gradual transformation Hi Steve, I've been using a Pledge solution with mostly good results for a little while now. Occasionally I'll get ahead of myself and suffer user error, but it's certainly effective. While masking up the canopy, I popped the side window out again (the dots are to indicate which way round the pieces of tape go), and as if Tamiya had been forewarned of my tribulations, there is a substitute bulged pane included On it went, and the masking completed by covering in the gaps that are interior frame Attached with a mix of Kristal Klear and Pledge Underside also masked with a range of media I struggled getting Tamiya XF-81 Dark Green 2 (RAF) on, it didn't want to sit right or spread. Usually they're excellent, but as this was bought as part of a paint collection, it could be quite old. Do they go off? Anyhoo, some time with the worms And a session with Tamiya XF-82 Ocean Grey 2 (RAF) that went on just lovely, the worms came off again There were a couple of places where I must have pressed down a little firmly on the upper/lower demarcation worm But overall I'm happy with the scheme. The gun nose is just held on with Maskol. I'll give it a couple of days to harden fully, then get a protective Pledge coat on. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  2. Hi All All grubbied up, 'though not much will be seen as usual Wings and associated flappery go together simply And will end up something like this There are sturdy connections betwixt body and wing, no drooping here. As to the flaps, Eduard provide actuators that replace part of Revells supports. However, I'm not entirely convinced of their fit But as I intend to paint the moveable surfaces separately, I'll put off deciding their inclusion until later. Other parts that will be included now include these Klutz Magnets Let's see how long they remain. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  3. Hi Bertie, yes you're right, the interior framing is well outlined, and anyone with a modicum of patience should be able to mask it off and spray it. However, as I have an aversion to masking even the outside of a canopy, I figured there would be more tears if I tried to wrangle tiny bits of sticky static tape neatly round the inside of a ping-pong ball. I've the Eduard masks for the outside, and I suppose they could have been pressed into service at a push, perhaps next time. Cheers Steve
  4. Hi All Sides on and closed up She's going to be quite a size Included in the etch set are several details for the inside of the engine access etc plates. As they're there, they might as well go on Pledge is turning out to be a wonderful PE adhesive for surface details, and eventually they'll get some RLM and wash attention Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  5. Hi All Wings on without any drama As it happens, I'd left the cockpit assembly with the wing spars loose between the fuselage halves when I closed her up, so there was a teeny bit of wiggle room to get the wings on and lined up without gaps or need for filler. A coat of Tamiya XF-83 Medium Sea Grey 2 (RAF) followed with Pledge on the pertinent parts and she's ready for the top doing Ah, yes the top. As has been noted, the colour Tamiya chose for the interior framing decals bears scant resemblance to a cockpit colour So I decided on a plan. Score the sides of the decals, paint them in the cockpit colour of choice, stick them in paint side out, done. This is where reality decided to deviate from the plan. Much swearing was heard, many thin pieces of painted decal were ruined, and the optional side window was stove in whilst clenched. Add to this the window repair being botched with a TET incident, and you have a recipe for SOD. However, sessions on the other WIP 196 etch soon brought me back for a New Plan. 0,4mm strips of masking tape, again painted cockpit green, Pledge'd to the inside in lieu of decal A couple of nights later The Eagle eyes amongst you will see the far side canopy damage, but I'll endeavor to hide it in future pics. And no, I'm not going to try to remove the molded on windscreen wiper and replace it with the etch part. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  6. Hi All Milestone moment! No, not finding that one random placement of an ammo drum holder on the floor fouls the base of the rear gun chute Nor seeing how pants the supplied rear gun is (the Eduard etch has fixes for this, another reason to get it) And although the front gun is equally naff, and there is no help from Eduard, it doesn't really matter too much as this is all that will be seen anyway Pointy end drilled out Spoiler Alert! Starting to feel like it's coming together Radio bulkhead fits Seat attached with various CA, UV Glue and spare rod Seatbelts in their positions And together she goes I've only glued the base of the radio bulkhead, and up to the rear main wing spar, as some flexibility is needed to jiggle the frames into the fuselage halves and slot in the rear seat. All in position As the cockpit is so long and open, I think that HGW seat set really makes a worthwhile investment. The Eduard is also handy, although I'm slightly bemused as to why they've dome the printed parts in grey Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  7. Hi All Thanks for the info guys, I'll keep my fingers crossed Moving onto her legs, they're straight forward and clip together securely. I've assembled them with a loose side so I can get the wheel on Once painted Vallejo VA 71.082 Aluminium, given a light dirty wash, and a coat of W&N Matt they look the part The tanks on the forward strut were painted in Vallejo VA71.039 Hull Red that turned out more like Hull Brown, but with a couple of 0,5mm strips of tape they'll not be seen much anyway The housings are a good fit and sit neatly onto the lower wing half, the legs can be just squeezes in and secured with some deft glue placement once the underside has been painted. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  8. Jeez, tough crowd Must admit I thought about that earlier but was counting on Airfix levels of canopy clarity to hide them Modesty reclaimed Thanks for the reminders, sometimes I slip into sloppy Thick? Non-conforming? Semi-opaque? Silvering? (Nothing that hasn't been said about me !) Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  9. Hi All I've just noticed that I've put on the Tamiya decal harnesses instead of the Eduard Zoom etch items I think I might have meant to save them for an open cockpit build later Anyhoo, on with the closing ceremony The bay cover and nose cannon pieces are ever so slightly wide, so if you glue the whole underside of the fuselage together there will be some detail blending going on. However, if you don't glue from the rear of the bay opening all the way to the nose, they can be fitted nicely with only a small gap in the halves between them I drilled out the barrels (mostly successfully) with a pin, a 0,3mm, then a 0,5mm pin drill They were then glued in That gap is an easier fix than going along the sides. While that sets, I put the landing lights in the wings, backed with a piece of silver foil As I had the clear sprue out, I had a quick look at the canopy What a fit, just like a bought one! That wiper may prove tricky to remove cleanly. Also on the wing, the kit radiator 'detail' was removed in readiness for the etch Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  10. Hi All There are a couple of ejector pin marks that might need to be filled... But they probably wouldn't be that noticeable with the etch on The whole innards were given some AK Interactive AK-2018 Aircraft Grey Green, details picked out, and a Matt coat And assembled on the main wing spar Not much of this will be seen But that doesn't matter as the fuselage closes neatly without gaps I'll get it glued and set, then move onto Section 1 of the instructions, the engine pods. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  11. Hi All Just a quick post to show the completed HGW belts They're just tacked in to get an idea of what they look like Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  12. Hi All Seat reduced to a discrete thickness, still plenty under there but it'll never be seen And so to the straps The single strap from the floor to the rear seat doesn't have a location point on the actual kit part So I may leave it off? The individual pieces are very well done, with nicely detailed stitching You'll notice the reinforcing on both ends of this, as an etch piece is attached to both ends Whereas this piece only has one etch end, so care was taken to ensure they were all the right way round They were given a spot of Tamiya brown panel line wash to bring the textures out The instructions give the appearance of complexity, but in the end they all went together fine with a touch of CA, just need to thread them through the buckles now Anyone know what that big piece of etch is for? Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  13. Hi All As a relief from 1/32 etch minutiae, I thought I'd have a go at something more visible to the naked eye. Enter the venerable 1/72 Tamiya Mosquito And, ahem, yes @Simon Cornes, it came with some basic Eduard etch Although the instructions start with assembling the full wings, I started with the IP. I didn't want to discard the Tamiya part, but chose to enhance it with the etch as it's quite nice The surface was removed from the kit part Everything was given a coat of anonymous Black, and the dial faces film were secured behind Wait, that's a windscreen wiper on there...? Going to be 1/32 fun again. Anyhoo, secured with a coat of Pledge, an overall film of W&N Matt, dials given the Kristal Kleer blob, and the accompanying radio boxes coloured in Not much will be seen once it's all closed up and covered in Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  14. Hi Simon, I'm hoping to remove as much as I dare with saws, files, and sandpaper. I've never done this fragile resin, so am slightly apprehensive that I'll crack the back while working on the seat (as the chiropractor said to the... oh never mind) A saving grace is that once installed, there's not much (if any) visible below the edges. And anyway, everyone's attention will be focused on the exquisite seat belts Cheers Steve
  15. Hi All Sorry about that (), it builds up into a really nice plane without all the extra bits'n'bobs, honest! On a retainer? I wish I've been dry fitting the side frames into the fuselage halves, working out an assembly sequence for the internals. Turns out much as you'd expect, just follow the instructions. With that out of the way, it's time to finally turn attention to the HGW resin seat It's thin, very thin. There is a sizeable block on its' underside that I'm presuming should be removed But, as you'll recall how thin it is, I'm in to minds as to its' future. There's no way I'd want to saw it off and break through into the seat pan, so I'm inclined to remove the outskirts, shape it to be hidden from view without removing it completely, and use it as a support for mounting it. At least there's the kit one if it all goes pear shaped Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
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