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  1. Hi All Venturing outside my box for this, as I don't usually go for boring grey jets, but this one won't be It's a well known Eduard multi-version boxing, and by all accounts it's a straight forward build. I'm trying a new make of paint (for me, anyway) AK Interactive as I thought their cockpit turquoise was the closest. I'll be doing it as the boxart, Cuban Airforce from '68ish. Seems the trickiest part of this kit is matching the paint scheme. The instructions call for Mr Colour that I don't have, but I do have the respective Tamiya colours that t'Interweb suggests. MrC C323 Light Blue = Tamiya XF-23 Flat Light Blue MrC C303 Green = Tamiya XF-58 Flat Olive green Over MrC C324 Light Grey = Tamiya XF-20 Flat medium grey Being less than convinced, I had a look through some other Tamiya pots and found some that were a closer match between the printed colours and online photos Possibly the X-5 Green is a little green, and possibly the X-14 Blue is a little blue, but other similar Cuban camo aircraft at the Air Museum Havana are quite garish. Images found on http://www.sbap.be/museum/cuba/cuba.htm I know to never trust museum schemes, so I might go with XF-58 & X-14 over XF-23 or some variation thereof. Anyhoo, on to the parts. You get four IP choices (clear flat, clear raised detail, grey flat and grey raised detail), and decals for them You'll notice the decals are transparent, so you will have no problem matching your cockpit colour to them And also, this particular machine had a non standard Black IP Regardless, I started with the wheel wells This is the only ejector pin mark I've so far found that wasn't in a sealed cavity. Granted you'd have to be in an anatomically unlikely position to see it, but there it was. I would have taken more pics of the assembly process, but the darn thing just about fell together itself before I could stop it Have a look at this It's the nose gear doors on their sprue. They're attached to the sprue by gates that COME FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE LOCATING LUGS!!!! Was that so hard? Parts ready for paint And painted with AK-2303 Interior Green There was a choice between the Interior Green and the Interior Grey as both colours appeared on aircraft. I'll let these dry then Pledge them, more Soviet colours later. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  2. Hi All Canopy masked and fitted And the undersides given a coat of Ataka A034 Medium Sea Grey A couple of important points to note at this juncture. Firstly, this MSG seems to be slightly thicker than the Cockpit Green, and has dried slightly textured. A stickie on the bottle will remind me of this in future. And secondly, I have neglected to pre-paint the white areas for masking Anyhoo, back to square one and on with some white. I still seem to have difficulties with white, as neither Vallejo nor Stynylrez White Primer took with any conviction. Not to worry, onward. Ataka A026 Sky"Type S" fuselage band went on smooth and was masked Vallejo VA71.078 Yellow RLM04 on the leading edges All masked again and a second covering of A034 Still slightly lumpy, but that's just the previous layer . I'll give it a covering of Pledge before I mask for the upper colours. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  3. Hi All Time to move this one on a touch. Top fuselage section on Masking masking masking Wings and tail glued on, canopy and other clear parts held on with Maskol to remove them later The landing gear braces are oddly divided And they need to join the main legs at 58 degrees. However, I followed hobby Craft's lead and set them at a jaunty 60 degrees. They then joined the spray box for a blast of VA71.054 Dark Grey Blue to match the cockpit interior With any luck it will see paint later this week, and with any more luck it will be finished! Comments and suggestions welome Cheers Steve
  4. Hi All Well, this one 's been off the bench for a while, and it's mostly because I have to gird my loins to come anywhere near it. Previously, I'd been "fixing" the top wing on, or so it seemed at the time. However, the kit would have several rebellions to this process, and is now pouting at my attempts. The front cabane struts were on and off quite a few times too, and I eventually concluded that they were a couple of mm too long in the leg. Fearing that I would keep cutting them into oblivion, I managed to attach them at a slight angle. The more determined modelers among you may have trimmed and fitted them square, but the D.II light was fading from my eyes. Those cross bracing wires are on, but the gun fouls one side and it's lop sided. But anyhoo, on with the wing rigging. I want it out of my Lab, and I need to use the stout metal ruler that the lower wing is pegged to to keep it flat. What sticks to CA? The turnbuckle came adrift, the hole was drilled out again as far as I dared (the wing is perilously thin), it was CA'd in, but it popped out once I had the other end secured. You'll also notice the wing is clamped (again) as the outer strut came adrift. As this looks likely to be a recurring theme, and I still have the undercarriage to contend with, it has led me to going to box it up for a little while. Possibly not for forever, but my enthusiasm for it has waned somewhat. Thanks for your company and encouragement, see you soon. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  5. Hi All This Hataka could be good stuff! Shook ATK-A025 Interior Green (there's something in the bottle that rattles to shake it from the inside too) and sprayed with my usual 0,4mm 18psi, smooth, no problem As a colour match it's right in the ballpark of my other usual Vallejo Model Air. Slightly darker than VA71.305 Int Grey Green, and slightly greyer than VA71.126 IDF/IAF Green. A quick wash with watery black picks out the detail nicely Cockpit walls, seatbelts supplied as decals And buttoned up Hi Sturmovik, I guess I was lucky as mine had no major warps. There are 4 or 5 short runs of fuselage seam that I did one by one to try to get them as close as possible Good wheel well details (although I've already lost one of the door actuators ) Scoops and upper nose cowling are supplied as full parts And all in all it's going together without hassle Hi Greg, duly noted and acted upon, thanks! Looking forward to having it mostly together ready for paint Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  6. Hi All I recently acquired a set of Hataka Royal Air Force paints, and have been looking for something to try them on. Enter the venerable Revell (nee ICM) P-51 mustang Mk.III Dark Green and Ocean Grey over Medium Sea Grey. Classic. The size of the box is perhaps making up for a personal shortfall? Over twenty paints to memorize! One of the schemes is 315sqn FB145, but as the 'Sky' looks a little greenish to me, I'm going to us a sheet from Xtradecal that has FB166 It's also on the back of the Hataka packet, so it must be right Alas, I have read through threads discussing the application of the Invasion Stripes or not to this aircraft, and mixing it up with Horbaczewski other Mustangs coded PK*G (FB382 and FB387), and am unconvinced on the time, the stripes, and their position. So, to sidestep the stripe calamity, I'm going to do her as the only photo shows of her (May 4th 1944) without stripes (except for the single white wing ones shown here). https://www.super-hobby.com/products/North-American-P-51-Mustang-III-606365.html#gallery_start And https://www.super-hobby.com/products/North-American-P-51-Mustang-III-606172.html#gallery_start Would this be a plausible finish? Anyhoo, on to the parts! The 'clear' parts include the standard and 'Malcolm' canopies, and, oddly, a couple of IP (more of which later...) Some nice surface detail (and thankfully no sprue gates on the fuselage upper seam line, gets my vote every time) A single piece nose cowling and decent UC bay A choice of loaded and unloaded tyres (pity about the flash on the tread) Shrouded or unshrouded exhausts, two styles of prop, etc etc. First up, there are a couple of filler pieces that are sides to the radiator exit, no definite locating in general A touch of filler , but not much will be seen once the door is on Inside, the seat bulkhead fits under the Port sidewall detail But needs to be trimmed round the details on the Stbd sidewall to get it to sit straight You can just make out in those photos the braces I added to stop the rear of the cockpit floor (acting as the roof of the rear radiator vent) from falling in. Back to the clear IP, it's too tall to fit And is not the same as the decal (it's quite close, though) I'll paint it black and stick the decal on top. Bingo bongo. Thso, OOB with some assumed licence. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  7. Hi All Guess how long that plan lasted? Nope, not even that long. Working from the outside in, one side at a time, the top of the struts were glued into the top wing Then the wing was taken off to repair the damage caused to the fuselage You'll notice the sight from the gun has had enough and is MIA I'll try to clamp the top wing back on and see where we are from there, this is it's last chance of not being used for a Gravity Test Scenario. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  8. Hi All Returning from the Box Of Isolation, much fun was had trimming and fitting the turnbuckle ends Must admit that I do like the affect that Flory Sand wash has on the lower surfaces I put the gun on as I doubt it would survive fitting later Let's see how long it lasts anyway... I had planned on Maskolling the struts lower end into the lower wing while I fitted and glued the upper end into the upper wing, but there was a certain amount of twist and flex that made even my third hand insufficient So out they came again, and the top wing has been glued onto the cabane struts as a datum Once she's settled down I'll try to introduce the struts again. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  9. Thanks troy, that's the one I was going for as it's on my DK decals sheet, although the artwork shows it as a smooth finish I notice there's no shielding between the exhausts and the canopy, were they fitted later or removed at pilots request? Also the exhausts are light coloured, what would be your thoughts on that? The thread you've linked to, @gingerbob quotes on #42 (I don't know where it's from) "For the rest of the evening [18th Aug] there were hasty preparations, studying of maps, pictures, etc. Among other things all the Squadron aircraft had to be re-camouflaged in day colouring in a few hours. All hands got down to this and it was completed by nightfall." I would take this to mean more than a couple of erks with paintbrushes going at it mob handed? Cheers Steve
  10. Hi All, how would the field applied Day Fighter Scheme be actually physically painted on? Would it be a couple of guys with a bucket of one colour paint each, then the other colour, starting at either end, or a squad with both colours going at it from all directions? I'd like to do a Night Intruder in Day Fighter Scheme colours, but as has been said, it could just end up like a bad paint job, so I was planning a small scene showing it in progress. Hopefully @Troy Smith will have a sheaf of photos of this happening, tucked away in his Tardis knowledge banks. Cheers Steve
  11. Hi All The tyres were painted in an out of focus Vallejo grey that the number had worn off from And I had a look at the 'running legs' decals Although the carrier film is wonderfully thin, they're all in one piece, so out with a careful blade They're also slightly too long But that will all be covered by this Flory Sand wash I've got handy Splosh! A couple of days to dry off, then a slow rub down with a dry kitchen cloth gives a nicely grubby upper And a doped linen type underside That shows the extent of the carrier on the wing marking, but once it's had a Matt coat I'm confident it will blend in See, the wash hasn't even picked up on the outline Anyhoo, off to the spray box for a Matt Overcoat, then into the Isolation Box for it to all get real, then the wing assembly and rigging fun begins. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  12. Hi All Time to get dirty! A liberal application of Flory Grey Wiped down with a bit of rag Brings 'em out nicely! A coat of W&N Matt to even things off and into the Isolation Box to dry A couple of days later... The landing gear is attached and aligned The fuel tanks fitted And the engine attached The exhaust cutouts must have been aligned with a different body But they're mostly hidden by the exhausts Mostly. Anyhoo, the canopy is also less than a good fit, but I neglected to suss that out previously, so it is as it is The wash brought out the rivet detail well And with the aerial on I'm calling it done (don't look at the canopy fit) I'll get some RFI pics when it stops raining. Thanks for the company, see you on the next one! Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  13. Hi All Hi Jeff, must admit I'm a little surprised and a little disappointed too. Surprised that they were so neat to cut, easy to apply, left a clean edge, and came away without lifting any paint, and disappointed that they came away without lifting any paint. I was hoping for some random chipping affect from cheap stickies on unprotected fresh paint, but it looks mint. Typical, innit? Anyhoo, on with the final painting stretch. Anti glare and cockpit needs to extend rearwards to the canopy open position Put on some Tamiya masking tape, draw round the canopy, cut it out I used Vallejo VA71.251 NATO Black as it has a slight blueish tint to it Wing leading edges done in Vallejo VA71.078 Yellow RLM04 The engine got a not-quite-dry brush with Aluminium then a wash of Tamiya brown panel line wash, the prop got Tamiya XF-79 Linoleum Deck Brown (possibly should be slightly more reddish hue?), and both the tail stickers were applied I was going to leave it at that, but thought I'd experiment with the Aotake finish. It's 50/50 Tamiya X-23 Clear Blue / X-25 Clear Green, a couple of drops of X-20A, brushed on Slightly too blue perhaps? but close enough for a base to work from (and yes I know I should have sprayed it first then masked ) Hey ho. It's all had a coat of Pledge and is in line for some Flory action. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  14. Hi All The eyes and teeth went on easy enough Although it looks odd in this photo, the eye surround is actually the same red as the teeth gums! I've drilled out the rigging holes at the base of the cabane struts, fed a length of thin fishing line through, and taped both ends on the engine bulkhead, so when the top wing is on I can attach the line to the top wing and pull them taught through the engine mounting hole. It's not that I distrust the Special Hobby structural integrity, but I don't. Anyhoo, everything is currently drying from a coat of Pledge in preparation for the onset of Flory. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  15. Hi All Going Left Field, I found some sticky labels that were near enough the same width as the white backgrounds to the Hinomaru Using one of those beautifully engineered, stepless, circle cutters, I got these Stuck straight on to the Tamiya XF-1 White A quick blast of Tamiya X-7 Red The final masking An overcoat of Vallejo VA71.082 Aluminium Aaannnndddddd......... I'm happy with that No paint has lifted, must try harder. Bit of anti glare and wing walkway, leading edge yellow, then we're nearly there. Comments and suggestions welcome Chers Steve
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