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  1. Stefaan

    D.T.D 360

    Hi Rossm. It is stefaan@surgeon.co.za Thx a mil Stefaan
  2. Stefaan

    D.T.D 360

    Hi Guys. I am trying to find reliable data on D.T.D. 360, or Technical order 360 produced later.(1943) In a post in 2015 There was a discussion where Edgar kindly sent some guys copies that he found in a file in the Archives. Being in South Africa I have no means of getting to said files. Does anybody have copies of those documents they are willing to share?? Any other place I can get hold of those orders if nobody has them?? Thx a mil. Stefaan
  3. Hi. I was told that that was the cause of different colour spinners by the pilots interviewed. Three Flights, and there may have been an HQ Flight. It was not uncommon in the SAAF as our 2 Sqdn Mustangs showed the same variable colours in Korea. The HQ A/c then had all the colours on the spinners. Which Flight had which colour I cannot tell you. I have never researched 60 sqdn in depth so cannot tell you if it is lurking somewhere in the WD. Sorry I cannot be more helpfull. That is why I say you have to look at a photo of each Mossie to work out what that a/c markings and colours look like. Stefaan
  4. Hi Dave. Sorry, finger trouble. Only the rudder in barber stripes for 680 RAF. I am sure those Mossies in D-Day stripes were received soon zfter D-Day, and astime progresed the later ones were delivered with modified stfipes or no stripes at all.
  5. Hi Guys. There are numerous misconceptions re the colours of 60 sqdn Mossies. Lets start at the beginning. 60 SAAF sqdn, 680 RAF and a unit(I think detachment of USAAF 325 Photographic Wing, formed MAPRW. (Mediteranean Allied Photographic Recce Wing). I have interviewed Charles Barry, N Rodseth, Mcknight etc. They all said that 60 Sqdn got the Barber stripes early 1944, the reasons were discussed. To identify which a/c belonged to who, and help with ID 60 sqdn had the whole fin in barber stripes, and 680 only the fin. The yanks had the full fin in red. The colours of spinners had nothing to do with which sqdn but each Flight had a different colour spinner. Those profiles in the Osprey and other books showing full fins as 680 sqdn RAF are wrong. Why some Mosssies had D-day stripes and others not has nothing to do with MAPRW orders to apply. Most of these Mossies were received with either stripes or not, and kept as they were received. The Mediteranean a/c did not apply D-Day stripes. (Note 205 BG and 3 Wing a/c never had stripes, and they also operated over Italy and southern Austria.) A/C G as discussed was 60 sqdn SAAF and its regular pilot N Rodseth. (Tony O Toole check SAAF at War) Hope it helps Stefaan
  6. Hi. Be aware that not all 60 sqdn Mossies had D-Day stripes, and some only the lower half. You really have to see a photo of that Mossie to work out if it had D-Day stripes. For instance, the photo shows that Pi Pienaar, that had the 262 encounter had stripes but on the photos it showed his a/c did not have them. Stefaan
  7. Hi Niels. Thx a mil. You are a Star. Stefaan
  8. Hi. I am interested. Does it have a cost. My email is stefaan@surgeon.co.za Thx Stefaan
  9. Stefaan

    SAAF Furies

    Hi Charlie. Looked to see if they look like Hartbees, but the site and shape still look like Furies. Furies went to 43 sqdn later and used as armed recce/co op with Hartbees. I could be wrong, but they were with Fury photos from albums working on Furies. Stefaan
  10. Stefaan

    SAAF Furies

    Hi Guys. Piet van Schalkwyk is joining Britmodeller and waiting in the waiting room. He has sent this as evidence From the 2 Squadron War Diary (Detachment based at Nanyuki) the following is noted on the Fury overheating problems: 16-1-1941 The Furies at Lokitang are boiling before they reach 3000 ft (The outside temperature reached as high as 130°/ 54,4 °C). 17-1-1941 All Furies grounded except in an emergency. They will be brought in from the outstations in two’s for a modification that may keep the temp a bit lower. 20-1-1941 Capt Colenbrander’s Fury modified by adding two extra elements on the oil cooler. The Fury was test flown and overheated beautifully, the engineers were disgusted. 21-1-1941 The Fury was taken to East Leigh. They are going to put eleven elements in the cooler, this mean seven extra elements. They have also cut holes in the cowling and fitted cups over them to catch air to cool the engine. 25-1-1941 Capt Colenbrander returned to the squadron from East Leigh. The new element seem to be working fairly satisfactory. -- Piet van Schalkwyk Golden Eagle Productions piet@goldeneagle.co.za
  11. Stefaan

    SAAF Furies

    Hi Guys. Had a quick look at my Fury gen, not much of help except for one photo showing the front of a cooler that appears to have been modified. Can not find any fuselage shots that has any other vents, cut aways. Also no documents showing a maintenance report that suggest any modifications. Two photos uploaded, one with a standard cooler, and one with a modified inlet taken straight from the front. Both the photos surroundings suggest that they were taken up North. Hope it helps.
  12. Stefaan

    SAAF Furies

    Hi Guys. I will go and see if I can dig up close ups of the Fury radiator up North. I have never seen any reference to formal mods to radiators/fuselages in any research documents I came across. May still be there in archives waiting to be discovered. Will get back when I went through my data. Stefaan
  13. Hi Steve. Yes, but the document is not visible. Adding it via FliKR
  14. Hi. The document I am referring to is under the discussion LT and early RAF Colours. To Edgar/Nick. Do you know what colours or chips/Standards are referred to when colours are mentioned as L.T. 2 or 3 or 4?? The date on the document is 1937?? Thx Stefaan. Posted 02 January 2013 - 05:25 PM. Try and find that thread. Graham, it was from RAF HQ to East Africa, so not a SAAF order. I have never seen any referral to 'SAAF Blue or SAAF Light Blue ' pertaining to WWII in all my years of research. Nor any order to paint any SAAF a/c in any other colour than RAF specs or USA colours for our American derived colours. If that order told them to paint the a/c Light Blue underside, it would have been a RAF variant and not a SAAF variant. The Sky was same as Duck Egg Blue as seen in the British Aviation Colours of WW 2 colour chips--- a more green yellow version as compared to Sky Blue. Stefaan
  15. Hi. Sorry I am only replying now. The Hurricane MK I's and erly MK II in east Africa were delivered with white/black undersides. The Furies came in RAF Sky. A document dated 25 Aug 1940(Graham, I posted that document many years ago, you have copies) to East Africa HQ from RAF HQ stated that the Fighter undersides were in the process of being painted from white/black to Light Middle East Blue, which SAAF would have had as Sky Blue. The SAAF Sky I understand to be same as Duck Egg Blue, as I have seen documents explaining to the squadrons that Sky is the same as Duck Egg Blue. Now, what colour was Light Middle east Blue?? In RAF chips of that time there was no specific Light Middle east Blue, as far as I have ever seen. Lewis and Berger, the paint producer in South Africa, also does not ever show that colour in their inventories, but Sky Blue. Also, Lewis and Berger supplied the Far East RAF squadrons, as well as the Middle East, so the colours must be the same as the SAAF . So, safe to say Hurricanes Sky Blue and the Furies Sky(Duck Egg Blue) undersides Hope it helps Stefaan
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