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  1. Look at the eduard kit instructions for the gr.1, they will help. The kit plastic looks as if it is the revell gr.4 kit.
  2. Sorry about that, I followed the montex example and missed the mk 1 error
  3. There was also the Eduard vinyl mask set XF181
  4. The Barracudacast parts also have a panel line at this point
  5. That would be BS381C:626 Camouflage or Barley grey. Extracrylix X1017 works. Also see the various eurofighter posts as the RAF ones are the same colour.
  6. November SAMI (I think the fourth dispatched) arrived this morning.
  7. January issue of SAM arrived today, still no sign of (possibly!) three copies of Nov SAMI. Inquired today, another copy will be sent and Decembers apparently went out Monday. I'm not holding my breath.
  8. I still haven't received my subscriber copy of the November issue of SAMI. I've called twice and had another copy promised to be posted first class each time. That's supposedly three copies stuck in post office limbo. Radio Times, and two other magazines have arrived on time so I don't think its our local delivery team. I was told that the initial delay was that after the printer foul up on the October issue, they had to allow the trade 4 weeks sales on that issue before releasing the November one. At this rate I might get the November 2020 issue by November 2021 (at Telford!).
  9. Pilots notes for the Spitfire II and V (also the Hurricane II) require the radiator shutter to be open before start and at preparation for take off.
  10. Any one got a paint match for Saxe Blue?
  11. If you can get hold of the IPMS Evolution of the Red Arrows 'book'. This will answer most of your questions, at least up the the point at which it was written (published 2014).
  12. Stepan. is there any difference in the behaviour of the two decal sheets?
  13. scan on its way, If any one else has this issue let me know and I can sort something. I don't use a file sharing resource so can't post it here.
  14. Pm your email address and I'll email it.
  15. If you have the sheet with 49 I could scan the placement diagrams for the option you want to build and email them to you.
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