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  1. because alley cat have stopped direct sales selwyn
  2. contact me off board I have a spare one somewhere. Selwyn
  3. F 1 3 pc canopy tail unit with squared off fins. Round wingtips. F3 tail unit with rounded fins. Round wingtips. FB5 tail unit with rounded fins. squared off wingtips. some had extended port intake fairing FB9 tail unit with rounded fins. squared off wingtips. extended port intake fairing. FB6 export FB5 swiss with extended nose. Selwyn
  4. Just find one of these for the tamiya F3 f4 wing conversion Selwyn
  5. And just how many aircraft did get exchanged? enough to equip a flight? Selwyn
  6. Just saw this, the vulcan used the Type "O" bomb trolley not the Cosford type "SA" Type O Selwyn
  7. They probably would not have had either, as there would be no feasable way to get the aircraft across the South Atlantic to Argentina in that time period. Selwyn
  8. Early 80's 4lb and 28lb practice bombs. Late 80's 3kg and 14kg practice bombs. No such thing as a paint bomb. Dropping anything on an Airfield is Court Martial territory! Selwyn
  9. Watch out Heather! Someone in your home is eating your chips when you are not looking! Selwyn But chips for breakfast? now there is an idea!
  10. Tried them, and as you said little or no adhesive on them so i used gloss acrylic varnish to set them in place. Overall a PITA to fit , they are not a great advance on the kit decals, and I am still not 100% on the seat belt placement, and they are too rigid and would need decal setter, but the kits world website says don't use decal setter! Won't be buying kits world belts and IP's again, will probably go with tried and tested eduard ahu stuff in the future. Selwyn
  11. Building my Airfix 1/48 Vampire. Can anyone tell me how these kits World bits work? are they water slide or peel off self adhesive? Also what is the arrangement of the straps on the seat? I would have looked at the instructions but Kits World have not bothered to put any in the pack. Bit shabby really! Selwyn
  12. I think the Australian Venoms had a different radar display as well. Selwyn
  13. Always remember seeing two totally unconnected business vans stopped next to each other at traffic lights. one was marked "Mossleys of Oldham." The other "Oldhams of Mossley" Selwyn
  14. Anyone know what a Hamden is? Selwyn
  15. Yes green hazard bands on swedish weapons indicate practice, but this was an overall green colour (different shade of green to that used to indicate practice) to match the green camoflage on the Viggens. I think they were repinted grey when the viggen fleet went overall grey coloured Selwyn
  16. IIRC the Swedish Skyflash were painted green and had a black radome. Selwyn
  17. its an antenna that recieves course corrections from the aircraft radar system after firing. Selwyn
  18. In fact this "Skyflash" missile image is actually a hybrid for display use. The RAF did not buy training Skyflash they just repainted the Sparrow Practice rounds Gloss Light aircraft grey. The live skyflash was matt Light aircraft grey. this picture is rear end gloss LA Grey painted sparrow, and live LA Grey (matt) forebody. The proximity sensors are missing off this forebody. You can see the four flat plain surfaces where they were fitted. superTEMP Skyflash Selwyn
  19. It depends on the time period. First Skyflash was used only on Phantom. The Tornado Embodied Modification Package (TEMP) missiles were used on Phantom/Tornado F2/3, main visual difference on TEMP was cut outs on the missile forebody and warhead so the missile would fit the Tornado Frazer Nash launchers. Super TEMP was a much improved missile used first in Gulf war 1 in 1991. First major difference is the colour. AIM7E was always painted white, Skyflash was always Light aircraft grey. The Skyflash forebody had four longtitudinal proximity sensor strips just behind the radome. Early Skyflash used the same motor, warhead and wings /fins as the Aim7E. Later super TEMP Skyflash had a improved motor, and can be differentiated by the fin mounts at the rear, AIM7E had mounting blocks for the fins, the super TEMPS had aerodynamic blending around the mounts, and around the rear of the side wiring ducts. The superTEMPS had thinner wings and the wing base was painted white to differentiate. Selwyn
  20. There was certainly armour fittted in May 1940. Billy drake of 1 Sqn was shot down by BF110's 13/5/40 and although wounded his life was saved by the armour behind his seat. This featured in a TV programme when they excavated his hurricane and found the plate. He had been wounded by fragments in the upper back , the plate showed that the a bullet had struck the armour near the slot where the harness passed through, the bullet had shattered when hitting the plate and it was fragments from this that had caused the wounds. Without the armour the bullet would have passed through his seat and killed him. Selwyn
  21. BS 381C Light Admiralty Grey 697 Selwyn
  22. Yes thats the colour! They brought grey and camo aircraft to Gut, but i thought the grey looked the business! Selwyn
  23. Got the new 1/48 ICM kit of the Bronco that i am building sa a overall grey Bronco of the 601st Tactical Control Wing, Sembach 1980, they occasionally came up to RAF Gutersloh to exercise with the Harrier squadrons there. can anyone tell me the FS number of the grey colour? Selwyn
  24. Bit late seen this a few years ago. How about a bit more modern Bombhead porn? South african Umbani /Al Tariq gps guided glide bomb Dropped from a Hawk and the aircraft follows it to the target, about 50 miles! Selwyn.
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