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  1. Had a couple of these, word of warning both kits were smothered in mould release agent, worst I have ever seen, make sure you give the sprues a very good clean before you start your build. Selwyn
  2. Doesn't look very accurate, pilot doesn't have the helmet with the movement sensors on it for the helmet HMSS display. https://www.eurofighter.com/news-and-events/2010/07/eurofighter-typhoon-air-forces-take-delivery-of-a-latest-technology-helmet-mounted-symbology-system Selwyn
  3. Read this thread. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235037255-meteor-nf-engine-nacelle-size/ Selwyn
  4. If you are doing the airfix 1/72 kit be aware that the propeller is totally wrong and needs replacement, there is one available aftermarket. Selwyn
  5. OOH! you sound all bitter and twisted! Selwyn
  6. Might want to ask the mods to move this into cold war for some additional answers, the swift was definitely not a pre war aircraft! Selwyn
  7. Obviously didn't read the previous three posts! Selwyn
  8. The SMER kit was worth buying because the decal sheet was quite good. and better than the inpact sheet. You could get the kit for a few pounds which equated to the price of aftermarket decal sheet! Plastic was absolute rubbish, think the fuselage was very short as well. Most people got it for that reason. Selwyn
  9. Must have been late 81, as it was still on strength when I left 233 OCU in October of that year. Selwyn
  10. You seem to have missed out all the rotary wing aircraft! Selwyn
  11. Are you fitting any weaponry to this build? if so don't use the kit supplied stuff which is badly out of scale, I think the bombs supplied are closer to 1/32 than 1/48. Selwyn
  12. Reminds me of the Lavochkin LA 15 as well Selwyn
  13. put the lower fuselage up against the light, you should see the thinned holes as translucent points. Selwyn
  14. Just found this .some interesting information! Selwyn
  15. Get your wallet out Duncan, just what you need for your old Capri or Escort! PX32 Selwyn
  16. I think most of the valley hunters were the F6A's by that time, they probably used the fairings as they didn't have to keep changing it with the flat panel when the pylon was removed. they would just be empty with no ERU in them. you might find this thread useful. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235053600-airfix-148-hunter-f6-inboard-pylon-shape/ Selwyn
  17. Whatever happens, extension or otherwise, I think we can say this has been a pretty successful group build! Selwyn
  18. They were not "overwing " release units, they were pylon mounted but as they were tall they projected through and over the top surface of the wing hence the need for a fairing. They were not a feature of F6 hunters, they did not use outboard pylons, only the F6A had them. The fairings were only fitted when the pylon was fitted on the F6A and FGA9. No pylon no fairing. Selwyn
  19. Yes, all the different wingtip parts fairings and light transparency , and FB5 long stroke undercarriage legs are included in the kit. They are not in the instructions, but on the sprues. The only bits missing are the 3" rockets and rails commonly seen on the FB5. Selwyn
  20. Check out the pictures here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/70835-hawker-siddeley-harrier-single-seater/#comment-880293 Selwyn
  21. Could be this one? Vulcan B1 Selwyn
  22. Purple! No its black really, Colour blindness being my defence! Selwyn.
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