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  1. Another update. Decals on on the final lap to fit the undercarriage and a few touch ups and we will be there!
  2. Don't know which mark of Meteor NF you are doing but the instructions you posted above are very wrong relating to the nose. The NF 11 and 13 Have the same length nose and the NF12 and 14 have the same length nose. the NF 14 did not have "a even Longer Nose" as stated, so Check your dimensions, the nose of this kit as originally molded as a NF 14 may because of this have too long a nose. Selwyn
  3. It would never happen. Afterburner is used to produce more thrust; i.e. make the aircraft go faster. Thrust reverser buckets are deployed to make the aircraft slow down (on landing). Two completely opposite conditions, There would be no occasion you would need to use both together. Selwyn
  4. Eduard 49007 Seat belts RAF Late. Selwyn
  5. Just picked up the AZ Martlet 1 kit, looks quite nice, but the Decal sheet looks to be an absolute dogs breakfast. It would have you modelling BJ 561 S7L with grey codes on one side and red on the other, not that it matters as the decal sheet presents the "Grey" S7L side in white decals anyway! The other two schemes for 802 and 804 NAS show them having white code letters "Q" and "A" respectively in white, again not sure about this, should surely be in grey? can anyone confirm as i am finding online profiles in both colours. Selwyn
  6. The T shaped antennas are Rad Alt found on lots of RAF aircraft Such as Meteor Nightfighters. Selwyn
  7. Guys you might find this interesting? American fighters for the RAF 1941 Selwyn
  8. Finally got time for a quick in progress! After sanding and priming managed to get the top coat on and things are looking OK. This Weekend job is to get the decals on and a varnish topcoat. The finishing line is looming! Selwyn
  9. Yes these were delivered post war, but the question is about Possible operation of RAF operated canberras from Chile during the war. Selwyn
  10. Looks great! But for me you could take it to the next level by some detail work on the Sparrow missiles. Those fins must be about 3 scale inches thick! Selwyn
  11. Been looking at the ex French contract Martlet 1 images from the FAA museum exhibit and the unusual "FAA equivalent" camouflage colour scheme. I then saw this image posted on the web and something occurred to me. so this is my question, is it actually a FAA equivalent Scheme, or is it the colour scheme originally specified by the French? Taking into account it still has the modified French style tail stripes although with French roundels painted over with British markings could this be possible? As stated in the thread above Grumman's Equivalent colours were reputed very good matches to the FAA colours, but strangely not so in this case. Selwyn
  12. There was not a defect in the fuzes, The fuzes were set with too short arming times in mission requirements by aircrew. They were made aware of the danger by the armourers but chose to ignore the advice, it resulted in the loss of an aircraft, as a bomb after release when it armed, its proximity sensor detected the next bomb in the stick in front of it instead of the ground and detonated behind the aircraft. Selwyn
  13. Surprisingly enough I have no products in my inventory to deal with conventional decals, no setting solutions or whatever. never had a use for them. I'd suggest that you quit thinking of them as decals? Why? They are marketed as 3D decals. Ergo they must be decals! Or should we invoke the trade descriptions act 1968? Selwyn
  14. I would argue if you have to use CA to glue it down, its not a decal. Selwyn
  15. The pod you are looking for is the US LAU3A. Selwyn
  16. They wouldn't stay where they were placed, initially and after a lot of fiddling and when they were finally on they didn't look good to my eyes. Before they dried so I could varnish them over to seal them they all fell off. Selwyn
  17. I got the Kitsworld 3D decals for the Airfix Vampire. They were the first 3D decals I had ever purchased, and will also be the last! Selwyn
  18. On Saturday Sept. 25th 1915 at Loos, in Picardy, the 2nd Infantry Brigade consisting of Gordon Highlanders, the Devon Regiment and the Borderers, was ordered to break into the German trench system near the village of Hulloch and then to seize the crossings of the La Basee canal beyond the German reserve line. According to the Border Regiment's battalion diary, the attackers assembled in the trenches opposite their objectives during the night of September 24th - 25th. At 5.50 am the British bombardment began with gas and shortly afterwards the first wave of infantry went forward, masked and helmeted against the poisonous fumes. But despite the heaviest shelling of the war so far, the enemy was present in strength. The Gordons and the Devons reached the German trenches but could get no further. The Borderers were counter shelled from the moment the attack began and took heavy casualties. At no point were the German defences seriously weakened and the Borderers fell in hundreds. By mid day it was clear the attack had failed. The British infantry were ordered to dig-in where they were and sappers put up barbed wire before them. At midnight, in heavy rain, the Germans counter attacked and regained the lost ground. Robert was killed early in the action He was thirty-three and left a wife and three young daughters. Robert was my great grandfather. He was buried on the battlefield in a marked grave, with the location being recorded. But unfortunately another three years of war led to the grave markers being lost. so the family knows which field he is in, but not where his grave actually is. His middle daughter Emily was my grandmother. She died aged 99 in 2012. 11977 Private Robert Richardson killed in action Saturday Sept. 25th 1915, commemorated at Loos memorial, Loos-en-Gohelle, panel 68 & 69, on the road between Lens and Bethune. Selwyn
  19. FAB 500 are: Length: 2,470mm, 400 mm diameter, which in 1/72 is 34.3mm x 5.56mm FAB 250 are: Length: 1690mm, 325 mm diameter, which in 1/72 is 23.47mm x 4.51mm. Have a measure up! Selwyn
  20. If you are in UK (Your location says cambridge) you are bound by National legislation i.e. The Official Secrets Act. Selwyn
  21. Take care on getting one of these. The Mk1 Gunpack was different to the Mk IV pack being shallower and having a blast plate fitted below the cockpit. The Respective airfix fighter kits have examples of both IIRC. Selwyn
  22. Thats lovely. OMG , I'm having a Hart attack! Selwyn
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